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How To Force A Guy To Date You

How To Force A Guy To Date You

Have you ever met a guy that you wanted so badly and yet it seemed as though he did not know that you existed? That has happened to almost all women at one point in time. It may seem like you should have him because you want to see the two of you bonding and learning how to love one another.  It is not easy to find a guy that you find to be sexy and have him want you back the same.

If this sounds like your situation, here are a few steps that you can take to win his heart.  You should never try force a guy to want you. In fact, you probably will not get extremely far if you do.  He will most likely see you as being a stalker or weirdo. It is important to only talk to him and see what he is all about. 

Should You Get a Love Spell?

Sometimes, a thought may run through your mind to get a love spell done by a psychic to make him want you. However, this seldom works. Do not get me wrong.  It is possible that you can find an amazing spell caster and they can work a miracle for you. However, this is often not the realistic outcome. Most women that spend money on love spells do not see any results.  Psychics may charge you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. However, there is no magic that can bring him closer to you.

The only way to get a man to really want you is by asking him if he feels that you are both meant to be together. It is important to have a guy in your life that you want to be together with. If you think about it, love happens when you least expect. You often must go after specific goals and get the kind of love that you desire. 

What Can You Do To Make Him Feel Attracted To You?

If you normally see this guy flirting with model type looking girls, can you guess what you must do to win him over?  If you have a little bit too much junk in your trunk, you may have to start losing weight and working out.  It is important for you to take a hard look at yourself and see what you are all about when you investigate the mirror. I know that it is not “politically correct” to say something like that. After all, we live in a world that wants to only accept false realities.  However, you know what he likes. 

Watch Our Video On How Not To Try To Force Him To Want You

You may be shocked to learn that this hot guy looks at a woman’s looks first. If you really want him, you know now what you are going to have to do. Not all guys look at the heart first. 

Most men look at your appearance.  If they do not like the way that you look, they will often move on to the next woman.  Yes, welcome to the real world.  It can be hard to imagine someone wanting you for how you look.  However, men are often very visual beings. They know what they want and often go after it. If it does not appeal to them, they often kick it to the curb.

You can be like Lizzo and just hand toss, but that will not necessarily get you the guy that you want so badly. If you notice that this guy is not even giving you the time or day to talk to you, its because he does not see you as being worth his time.  You need to find an angle that he feels is worth his time.

Most of your friends will tell you to forget him because he is a narcissistic jerk. However, you feel differently. You have tried dating other guys.  However, there is something about this guy that is a lot different. He may be the kind of guy that makes you feel like you want to marry him.

You may like him just because he is “super cute”. Perhaps you might be a little bit superficial yourself. After all, if he is not paying you much mind, then why do you really want him?  It is certainly not because of his personality. It is often because you feel lust and passion for him. That is only a normal part of life. 

Is It Possible That He Will Always Want You?

It is possible that in the future, you will have a guy that will give more to you emotionally.  It is important to let this guy know how you feel and that you want to become much closer in time. Love is more about learning and growing as a person. Everything in life must happen on a step by step basis.

You can see for yourself that your relationship is going to become a lot easier to understand as time moves on. It is important to see for yourself that you can have what you want in life if you put your mind to it. 

You can have him if you want him. However, it is important to always look at yourself and realize that you may not always get everything that you are looking for. In my opinion, love does move forward, and we need to always look at it as being something that we may or may not be able to deal with.

I think that in life, you must feel connected to someone that you feel a soulmate energy to. You will be able to see for yourself that you can have what you want if you look at it with more intent. I think that the power of intention teaches us more about love and who we are as a person. 

Remember, getting a guy to like you takes more of a natural approach. Allow him to come to you and show you interest.  When you do that, you will be able to see for yourself that the care that he has for you is powerful.