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What Is My Taurus Love Horoscope?

What Is My Taurus Love Horoscope?

Taurus the bull is the second sign of the Zodiac and infamous for being stubborn, although any self-respecting bull will tell you that they are just persistent. Steady and reliable, they are generally trustworthy, loyal, affectionate, patient, and powerfully resistant to change. So what can a Taurus Zodiac sign expect from love?

When it comes to romance Taurus is a traditional, some would say, old-fashioned sort who tends to play their cards close to the vest. A complicated mixture of strength and gentleness. You may present an outer appearance of being calm and sensible, in no hurry to have a relationship, but deep inside, you’re a true romantic looking for true and lasting love.

Your needs are simple and straightforward. All you want is a steady, loyal partner who loves you, shows you affection, and likes to have some fun too. Unfortunately, there are times when you think that’s an impossible dream. So what’s a Taurus to do?

What Type of Mate Best Suits a Taurus?

Taureans are normally cautious. Once they’ve been hurt in a relationship they never forget it. And while they might appear casual on the surface, able to go with the flow, in reality Taureans loathe change. That is the reason they don’t just latch onto someone and form a relationship It takes a while for the trust to build, but once they’re committed, it’s permanent.

While Taurus intensely dislikes drama of any kind, meaning theatrics for their own sake, they aren’t looking for a mate who’s a carbon copy of themselves. They want someone who has spirit and flair to spice things up a bit in life. However, beware, Taurus can sometimes be possessive.

They don’t play around and they expect their partner not to as well. That includes flirting or any type of pushing the limits. For the Taurus Zodiac sign playing games is not an option. So if you hope to have a lasting relationship with a Taurus, remember that honesty and openness are the key words, and that it’s important to make them feel like you are sincere, and truly care about them.


Generally, while they won’t be lining up in droves, Taurus will have plenty of dates and Taurean women will receive lots of admiring looks and compliments. Since the planet of beauty, Venus is the ruler of the sign of Taurus, both men and women under this sign will have handsome and attractive qualities, so there should be no worries there.

And female Tauruses have a liking for the finer things in life, such as elegant restaurants, expensive chocolates, jewelry, and flowers, but their pleasure in these indulgences doesn’t mean that they have fallen. With both the male and female under the Taurus Zodiac sign it usually takes a long time for them to trust their emotions and allow themselves to fall in love. So you must be patient if you give your heart to a Taurus.


Tauruses don’t rush into relationships, but instead learn to wait patiently for just the right mate to come along. For them, that means someone who offers challenge, but doesn’t resort to all out war, someone with grace, sophistication, politeness, who won’t mind a good argument every now and then. Although you hate drama and crave stability, this doesn’t mean that you’re not interesting or don’t enjoy excitement. The ideal person for you will understand this.


Maintaining the right public image is vital to all Tauruses, so your partner must be careful to never embarrass or shame you socially. An accident is one thing, and while embarrassing and uncomfortable you’ll usually respond in a sympathetic and understanding manner. But deliberate carelessness, such as public drunkenness, a nasty argument, a physical confrontation with someone, that’s another issue altogther, and may cause you to end the relationship at once.

Furthermore, while Taurus can be a very generous sign, you’ve got your limits. Just let someone take your kindness for granted or cross that line you’ve drawn in the sand, and you will turn from loving and nurturing to a raging bull in a heartbeat. Your mate will swiftly learn that gentleness doesn’t mean the same thing as weakness. Underneath that mild exterior you’re a person of steel.

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Central Force

For a Taurus the central force of your sign is reliability, loyalty, security, comfort, and determination. To you a relationship with someone you love is of the utmost importance, and you’ll shower your partner with love and affection.

You don’t mind having to make sacrifices for the relationship to work, and you’ll remain understanding and compassionate throughout. However, there’s also a remarkable stubborn streak, and when you decide you want something, there’s no stopping you from getting it.

Being accommodating is part of your nature, and you’re always ready to help when your partner needs a helping hand or some sound advice. Take care, however, not to constantly bend over backwards to be of assistance, because you can then end up being taken for granted. You don’t want your mate to automatically assume that you’ll be there for every little thing they need. After all, you need to have your own life too.

Taureans have a deeply ingrained fear of abandonment and this may prompt you to go to extremes when it comes to helping out. No one appreciates a doormat, and there are times when it’s ok to say no. If you sincerely worry that your mate will leave you if you don’t always go the extra mile to fulfill their wishes, then you need to examine the relationship.

See if there is really any reason for you to feel this way, and you’ll probably find out that you’ve been worrying for nothing. If that’s not the case, keep in mind that anyone who can be that demanding is probably not the right person for you to consider spending the rest of your life with.

As a Taurus Zodiac sign, you have a strong domestic instinct, and you dream of having a lovely, comfortable home with your chosen partner, complete with yellow roses and that white picket fence we’ve all heard so much about.

Ultimately, that’s what any Taurus wants from a relationship. Love, stability, comfort, affection, and security. They’re willing to work hard to cultivate it too. So when you take a chance on a Taurus, you’ll probably never have reason to regret it.