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True Or False Horoscope Signs Article

True Or False Horoscope Signs Article

Are Horoscopes True Or False?

Millions of people a day research their horoscope.  A horoscope is supposed to tell you about your success in love, money, career, and other areas of your life.  There are 12 zodiac signs in a calendar.  Every month represents a different zodiac sign.  It also goes by your specific birthday.  For instance, if you are born on September 8, your zodiac sign would be a Virgo. When you research your horoscope, you would look for horoscopes written about Virgos. 

Here is a list of the different zodiac signs:

  1. Aries – March 21st to April 19th
  2. Taurus – April 20th to May 20th
  3. Gemini – May 21st to June 20th
  4. Cancer – June 21st to July 22nd
  5. Leo – July 23rd to August 22nd
  6. Virgo – August 23rd to September 22nd
  7. Libra – September 23rd to October 22nd
  8. Scorpio – October 23rd to November 21st
  9. Sagittarius – November 22nd to December 21st
  10. Capricorn – December 22nd to January 19th
  11. Aquarius – January 20th to February 18th
  12. Pisces – February 19th to March 20th

Not all horoscopes will be true for you personally.  In fact, many people read their daily horoscope and wonder if the astrologer got it right. Perhaps the astrologer wrote down that you will be finding a new romantic partner in May.  However, June comes around and you are still single. Perhaps the horoscope was correct for someone else in the same month, but not for you. This often happens in astrology.

It is possible that you need a horoscope specifically geared towards your exact birthdate and time that you were born.  When a general horoscope does not work for you, its time to look for a horoscope that will work for you.

Many astrologers frown upon giving a generalized birthday horoscope to an entire group of people.  It is because the horoscope will be to general.  Generalizing anything usually does not work.  It is the same thing as saying that if you are an American, you love hamburgers. This may be true for a certain portion of US population. However, as a whole, a lot of people may not like eating hamburgers. 

Are Horoscopes Accurate?

As stated above, general horoscopes that you read in celebrity tabloids can be accurate for some people. However, most of the population will not benefit from them.

If you visit an astrologer online or in person, you can have your horoscope professionally detailed. That will allow you to see what specifically will happen to you on certain days and times of the year.  You may find that some astrologers are better than others.

Learning astrology takes time. It is a skill. It is a lot like a Christian studying to be pastor.  You need to know a lot about stars, planets, and people.  Historical astrologers like Nostradamus and Jeanne Dixon made some astonishing astrological predictions in their time.  They predicted events that took place in world history. They got their prophecies through the power of astrology. 

The reason why astrology has been around for over ten thousand years is because it is accurate.  It is a pseudoscience. It will not always be 100%, but there are some scientific elements to it. 

Are Horoscopes Real?

Yes, horoscopes are real.  The astrologer that writes a horoscope believes that what they are writing has astrological elements to it. It is understandable that a lot of people think that horoscopes are fake. They are often put into the category of, “I see dead people”. 

If you pinpoint exact details about your birthdate and the time that you were born, you may be shocked to learn that your astrological chart has already predicted things that have happened to you before in the past. You may be shocked to learn that astrology is going to give you a head up as to what may be coming ahead for you in time. 

The reason why millions of people around the world read horoscope columns is because of the many facts that it represents for most people.  Most people are intrigued by the accuracy of it and the way that it predicts certain events for people.  Many men and women see astrology as a religion or a spiritual practice.

Are Horoscopes Sin?

In many religions around the world, reading your daily horoscope is a sin.  The reason is because many religious texts say that you should not associate yourself with anything having to do with astrology, witchcraft, mediums, or fortune telling. Some of these religions include, but are not limited to Christianity, Judaism, Islam.

You need to decide on whether it is sinful for you to be reading.  For some people, it is a way in which they live their lives on a day to day basis.  If their horoscope tells them to do something, they will often do it.

Are Horoscopes Astrology?

Horoscopes and astrology are the same. Today, most people are reading general horoscopes on the internet or in celebrity tabloids.  They often do not give a person accurate information about their own personal life. It is because they are written for the general population.  As a rule, you should always get your astrology chart professionally written.  At least once a year.  This will allow you to have a specific horoscope designed for you. 

As you do this, you will come to see that astrology is specific and accurate. Today, you can often find astrology software on the market. Most people like astrology software because it can save you both time and money. You can use it to make predictions about your own life and the lives of your friends and family.

To put together a specific horoscope based on time and dates; you must be skilled.  There are online schools in which you can take courses in astrology.  One well known website is called  They offer courses in astrology and help you to understand it. 

It is important that you get information about this subject before attempting to build your own horoscope. As you can see, there is a lot to learn about horoscopes.

Are Horoscopes In The Bible?

Horoscopes are not written in the Bible. However, in Deuteronomy 18:10-14, the Holy Bible teaches Israelites to not have any association with astrology, fortune telling, sorcery, divination, interpreting omens, mediums, and charmer. If you do associate yourself with these things, it is a sin.

Since the Holy Bible speaks out against the practice of horoscopes, they would not be in the Holy Bible.  The Holy Bible speaks out against the practice of astrology and things that are associated with witchcraft.

Are Horoscopes Bad?

Horoscopes are not bad if you benefit from them.  Millions of people find that it helps them to cope with their everyday life. If you have had a streak of bad luck, you may read in a horoscope that you are about to come into some money. In this way, your horoscope can help you to have hope again. I personally think that it is a good thing to feel like you have something ahead for you in your life. 

It is important for you to learn more about horoscopes and the future.  You will personally see that you can take on new challenges that come to you. It is important for you to learn how to look at yourself and feel like you can benefit from something that you believe in.

There is nothing worse than walking through life feeling like you have nothing to look forward to. It becomes hard to cope with living. It is important to feel at peace with what your tomorrow will bring. 

Should You Learn About Horoscopes?

Learning horoscopes is a progress. Most people do not understand or even know what the future is going to hold for them.  Everyday people are starting to practice astrology.  It is usually do to the fact that they see a benefit in practicing astrology and learning about what the future is going to bring to them.

It is important for you to keep notes on your findings. When you discover something new about astrology, you can simply write it down and wait for it to come to pass in your life.

Getting psychic readings by professional astrologers will also help you to discover a future with your astrological signs.  It is often hard to see the “light” in all that you do.  You need guidance and format that will lead you closer to understanding the spirit world and what to expect out of life.  It is important to see that you can have what you want if you chase after it. 

Your horoscope will speak volumes to you when you find something that pertains to your life. If it tells you that you are going to have 2 marriages in your life, you may already feel that you have had 2 marriages already. This may strike a nerve in you because you will be shocked that your horoscope knew this about you. 

Horoscopes are shocking pieces of information that most people are puzzled about. It is important to find your truth.