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Venus In Capricorn Compatibility Meaning

Venus In Capricorn Compatibility Meaning

What Is Your Venus In Capricorn Meaning?

The birth chart is a diagram that represents the position of the planets and the astrological houses, based on the place and time of birth of an individual. The birth chart is a powerful tool for self-knowledge and of course for knowing others.

A fundamental element of the birth chart is the position of Venus. This planet determines how an individual develops in the area of love. That means that Venus determines how we seduce, how we express the affection we feel and how we approach a person we like. This planet also determines interpersonal relations in general, our artistic abilities and our sense of aesthetics.

 Venus expresses itself in a different way, according to the sign in which it is located in the birth chart. Below we will analyze specifically Venus in Capricorn.

Venus In Capricorn: Earthly Energy

Those who have Venus in Capricorn express what they feel through affective trust. They are attracted to people who are confident, who know what they want in life and who have realistic goals to achieve.

Venus In Capricorn: How It Interacts With People

Those who have Venus in Capricorn are serious and prudent individuals. They prefer to relate to people who behave in the same way. To begin with, they are not very sociable, as they tend to be hermits. They prefer to work on their goals rather than go out and have fun.

They take their time to get to know people; they have a hard time expressing their feelings. Once they feel safe, they open up to others and show unwavering loyalty. They are always available to help their friends and allies with anything they need. Their interpersonal relationships have goals that relate to various aspects of life: work, money, study, projects. That means that their relationships are substantial, since they always seek to evolve in all areas.

Venus in Capricorn: This Is How They Behave In The Area Of Love

Regarding love, Venus behaves in a mysterious way which generates a great attraction in others. They do not pretend to hide anything, but behave in this way because they find it difficult to show themselves as they are. They are slow to reveal all aspects of their personality, as they prefer to be prudent.

Those who have Venus in Capricorn like to show themselves as very valuable people: they love to exhibit financial power and material achievements. The great ultimate goal of Venus in Capricornis emotional stability. They think in the long term and want their potential partner to want the same as them.

Once they are paired with the person they are in love with, they are faithful and loyal. They demonstrate their love in a concrete way: they do everything possible to make their partner happy. They are not usually romantic, but in the privacy of their home they are warm with their partner.

Those who have Venus in Capricorn believe that both members of a couple should retain individuality, even though they may have projects in common. They believe that individuality favors the relationship, since it makes each member of the couple more interesting. As you can see, they have a mature vision of love that allows for personal development within a stable bond.

Venus In Capricorn: Love Destiny

The loving destiny of those who were born with Venus in Capricorn is extremely interesting. To begin with, they love to be alone. They enjoy whole afternoons of reading, home peace and living in an orderly environment.

For that reason, those born with that planetary position remain single for many years, by choice. They are usually attracted to people with whom they have a big age difference: they are quite old or the opposite can happen: they fall in love with people much younger than them.

 When they truly fall in love with someone, they are encouraged to get married and start a family. They marry with the goal of lasting a lifetime. They usually marry after the age of 35, after they have finished a college degree and stabilized in the working world. They will marry someone they deeply admire, because they like to be proud of their partner.

Venus In Capricorn: Artistic Talent

Those who were born with Venus in Capricorn have a natural artistic talent inclined towards architecture. They love to build architectural works (houses, buildings) that are imposing, beautiful and functional for those who live in them. They have a refined aesthetic taste, but they also want everything to work perfectly, besides being beautiful.

This planetary position favors the development of high quality creative writing. Those who have Venus in Capricorn have a powerful imagination. They are able to create an exciting novel or entertaining short stories. Whatever artistic activity they choose, they will develop it through intense work, where they can give the best of themselves.

Venus In Capricorn: Aesthetic Sense

Men and women who have Venus in Capricorn have a sophisticated aesthetic taste. They are elegant, austere and clean. They prefer to wear classic clothes rather than follow the dictates of current fashion. They like to wear dark colored clothes: black, gray and blue.

They do not want to draw attention to themselves, they prefer to be unnoticed. These individuals do not usually wear too many accessories: they only dare to wear a good watch or a good quality bag. As for fashion, for them the most important thing is elegance and good taste.

Women with Venus in Capricorn use little makeup, preferring to have dark hair. They don’t usually dye their hair blond because they don’t like to draw attention to themselves. They do not usually wear sexy clothes, as they prefer a sophisticated outfit, with which they feel comfortable.

Men who have this astrological position like to look elegant and professional at the same time. They want to project a reliable image in the working world.

Venus In Capricorn: Women

Women who were born with Venus in Capricorn are ambitious, tenacious and cautious. They have goals that are difficult to achieve, so they strive to do whatever it takes to get what they want. They are very patient and do not mind that a goal takes a long time.

These women are demanding with themselves and are also demanding with others. They aspire to get the best in every area of life, they won’t settle for anything less. For that reason they are hardworking, committed, serious and overcome all obstacles that may appear. They like to be in control of all situations and do not tolerate the unexpected.

Women who were born under the influence of this planetary position are also ambitious in the area of love. They fall in love with a man they can admire. The libido of women with Venus in Capricorn is awakened when the man they love has a high social status, is powerful and has a lot of money.

When they are in a couple they demand seriousness, reliability and absolute commitment. They, on the other hand, are excellent wives, good companions and know how to support their partners in any circumstance. They have as a goal a marriage for life and have the patience necessary to wait for the ideal man.

Venus In Capricorn: Men

Men who were born under the influence of Venus in Capricorn feel realized as human beings through work. They impose themselves high goals and do not stop until they achieve them. The center of their lives is work and nothing will change his mind.

They get everything they want through a professional activity: power, money, prestige. They build a solid legacy in any activity that develops. They want to positively influence the next generations and that’s why they are fully engaged in work. They want to reach the top in the area they have chosen and will work tirelessly until they achieve it.

As for love, they are attracted to serious, mature, hard-working women. They yearn for their partner to look dignified and elegant in public. Instead, in the privacy of the home they want their girlfriend/wife to be sensual and daring.

Men who have this planetary position are shy and have a hard time expressing what they feel. When they really fall in love, they choose a woman who inspires them with confidence, with whom they can build a solid relationship.

They aspire to have a lifelong marriage and form a family to which they can leave a legacy. For that reason, they will take all the time necessary to choose the right woman.

What Is The Conclusion?

People who were born under the influence of Venus in Capricorn are hardworking, ambitious and have great goals to achieve in life. They fight for what they want and don’t stop until they get it.

Those who have this planetary position also have lofty goals in love: they want a strong and solid relationship. The ultimate goal is marriage and starting a family. To achieve this they want to be next to a serious, mature and trustworthy person, with whom they can build a stable bond.