What Does My Astro Chart Mean?

Explaining and astro chart

What Does My Astro Chart Mean?

The astral chart is a diagram that represents the position of each of the planets in the different zodiacal signs and astrological houses, according to the exact time and place of birth of an individual.

The goal of this astrological diagram is that the individual knows himself in depth and also understands better the environment around him. The astro chart also has a predictive function, since this diagram reveals the behavioral tendencies that an individual will manifest throughout his life.

These tendencies will cause certain events to occur. As can be seen, the astro chart is a powerful tool of self-knowledge that facilitates the individual’s development in diverse areas.

What Is The most important Aspect Of An Astro Chart?

The astro chart is composed of the zodiacal signs, the astrological houses, the planets and the planetary aspects. Although, in general lines, the three most important areas of an astro chart are the following: the position of the Sun, the Moon and the Ascendant Sign.

  • The Sun: the Sun is determined by each individual’s date of birth. The position of this star is our zodiacal sign. For example, if we are a Virgo, it is because we have the Sun in Virgo in our astro chart. The Sun represents the essence of our personality, our consciousness and our uniqueness as individuals, that which makes us different from others. This star is the most powerful source of energy, from which we draw inspiration to carry out our goals. The Sun reaffirms masculinity in a man’s birth chart. As for women, this star indicates how she perceives masculinity.
  • The Moon: the Moon symbolizes the feminine energy of each individual, both men and women. This star represents each person’s emotional world, relationship with mother, home, family, childhood, fertility and nutrition. The Moon also reveals the way each individual handles emotions, mood swings and the way they express affection. In adulthood, the Moon indicates how the individual will develop parenthood, relationship with children. This star also governs the unconscious mind, intuition, the oniric world and extrasensory perception. The lunar phases: new, growing, full and waning are also very important. These are different ways in which this star manifests itself.
  • Ascendant Sign:the Ascendant Sign is determined by the exact time of our birth, in a given geographical place. This aspect of the birth chart indicates the outer personality, temperament, physical appearance, what others see in us and the image we show to the world. The Ascendant sign also informs us about the family where we are born, the environment around us and the type of bond we will establish with others. The energy that the Ascendant Sign prints is what we will use to face our goals. That’s why the more we know about it and apply it in our daily lives, the greater the chances of success.

The three most important aspects of an astro chart: Sun, Moon and Ascendant Sign allow us to know ourselves well and to know others. The harmonious interaction between these three elements promotes a harmonious and fulfilling life.


The planets in an astro chart encompass all existential areas in an individual’s life. Each Planet has its own meaning and affects the individual in a particular way. Knowing this information allows us to discover our abilities, limitations, tendencies, impediments, facilities, etc. Then we have the power to strengthen the positive tendencies of a birth chart or reverse the negative tendencies that harm us.

Next, What Is The Meaning Of Each Planet?

  • Mercury: this planet represents intelligence, rational mind and communication. Mercury indicates how we analyze our surroundings, how we solve problems, and how we communicate with others. It represents the media and the disclosure of events. This planet is directly related to commerce, business and smart marketing.
  • Venus: this planet represents love, beauty, femininity and aesthetics. Venus, in women reveals the way they seduce and how they show themselves aesthetically. In men, it indicates what kind of woman they like.
  • This planet governs the love relationships of each individual. Venus is related to art and harmony in all its forms.
  • Mars: this planet represents masculinity, courage, action, initiative, aggressiveness, war and sexual desire. Mars strengthens men’s masculine identity. In the case of women, this planet reveals what kind of men they are attracted to. The energy of Mars is what drives us to go after our goals, overcoming all obstacles that appear.
  • Jupiter: this planet indicates expansion, joy and good luck. Jupiter seeks to grow in every way: spiritual, financial, intellectual, etc. This planet seeks to obtain wisdom to find the truth of life. Jupiter is an optimist par excellence, always believing that everything will get better. This planet governs travel and adventure. Jupiter learns through other cultures and ways of looking at life. This planet gives great self-esteem for the individual to develop in whatever aspect they desire.
  • Saturn: this planet represents limitations, restrictions, the passage of time, laws, responsibility, parenthood, old age, etc. Saturn indicates the obstacles that we must overcome in life and that we must be responsible in front of our obligations. This planet offers us virtues such as patience, perseverance and discipline to achieve our goals.
  • Uranus: This planet represents rebellion and revolution against everything that is already established. Uranus favors the independence of each individual, so that he can develop in solitude. This planet defends originality and our essence as human beings. Uranus defends ideals such as freedom and justice, so that everyone can be happy in their own way.
  • Neptune: this planet represents spirituality, emotional sensitivity, intuition, imagination, the unconscious and the oniric world. Neptune favors the development of all arts, creativity and aesthetic sense. This planet allows us to access the interior of ourselves, to the mysteries that we are unable to decipher. If Neptune is badly aspected, it can lead to isolation, rejection of the real world and the exacerbation of fantasies.
  • Pluto: this planet represents the deep transformation, extreme changes and regeneration of an individual in all aspects. It also governs secrets, death, confinement, and loss. Pluto urges us to eliminate everything that does not serve in our lives, to be reborn strengthened and with hope. The transformation is always born within us, so that later it manifests itself externally.

What Are The Planetary Aspects?

The planetary aspects are the angular distances between them, which are presented in these main variants: conjunction, opposition, trigon and quadrature.

  • Conjunction: the virtues of each planet come together and are enhanced.
  • Opposition: we must balance two aspects of our lives that are opposite each other.
  • Trigon: the planets are in harmony between them, which manifests positively in our lives.
  • Quadrature: this planetary aspect indicates that there is tension in one aspect of our lives. We must work to correct it, harmonizing aspects that appear to be in discordance.

What Are The 12 Astrological Houses?

The 12 Astrological Houses represent each area of life and the specific place where a particular planetary energy is manifested. Next, the general meaning of each astrological house.

  • House 1: External personality, physical appearance.
  • House 2: money, wealth, possessions
  • House3: mental world, communication, friends, siblings.
  • House 4: mother, home, family.
  • House 5. children, games, fun, creative expression.
  • House 6: service, work, health, neatness.
  • House 7: loving relationships, beauty, statistics, associations, justice.
  • House 8: death, inheritances, sucetions, mysteries.
  • House 9: travel, religion, philosophy.
  • House 10: career, success, social status
  • House 11: friends, social projects
  • House 12: mysticism, karma, everything that’s hidden.

How Can An Astro Chart Help You?

If at any point in your life you are confused in some aspect of your life, an astro chart can help you a lot to solve your problems. First of all this diagram will help you get to know yourself better, how you relate to others and what your behavioral trends are according to the context.

When you access that information you will understand the reasons why you are who you are. The astro chart guides you to enhance your virtues and correct your flaws. The most important thing to know is that you always have control over yourself, so you can improve any aspect of yourself.

What Is The Astro Chart And The Future?

An astro chart can predict your future. this diagram describes the predominant trends in your life and tells you what’s going to happen. However, free will exists and you can change your future as you please.

The birth chart sets trends but doesn’t determine anything. You can change everything bad in your life and reverse it at your convenience. You can also enhance the positive aspects of your astro chart, and then succeed in whatever you set your mind to.

You should know that you can take control of your life whenever you want. If there’s one thing you don’t like, it’s because maybe you haven’t worked on it properly. An astro chart guides you to act for your own benefit.

What Is The Conclusion?

An astro chart guides you to know the positive and negative aspects of your personality. Then you can work on the most important aspects of your personality so that you have the life you want to live.

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