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1992 Chinese Zodiac Compatibility Online Guide

1992 Chinese Zodiac Compatibility Online Guide

The Year of the Monkey: Representing 1992 with Ease

It’s the year 1992, things are poppin’ and people are feeling luckier by the second when trying to find love. Boyz II Men topped the charts with “End of the Road” at number one, buying gas wasn’t more than $1.20 per gallon, and Bill Clinton was elected President.

To some, the year 1992 meant something more than just existing in the 90’s. In 1992, the Chinese zodiac became popular in the Western culture.

The Chinese zodiac, also known as Sheng Xiao, presents 12 key animals from ancient Chinese culture. In order, it starts with the Rat, then Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and finally Pig.

In ancient Chinese folklore, these 12 animals were chosen to protect the Jade Emperor palace, each animal representing unique personality traits. In addition to imaginary belief, the traditional Chinese zodiac focused on philosophy, religion, astrology, and numerology. This helped shape people’s destiny and influence fortune of the whole nation.

Being listed as the ninth astrological sign of the 1992 Chinese zodiac, the Year of the Monkey symbolizes intelligence, adaptability, eloquence, and flexibility. People who were born between February 4, 1992 to January 22, 1993, were considered Yang Water Monkeys. In the 1992 Chinese zodiac, each animal are broken down by trait, religious belief, element, and compatibility (love, career, family, friends, finance, etc).

This particular year symbolizes a water element, along with the Monkey zodiac. The Monkey is also considered Yang, being masculine and positive. Keep in mind, to have a great force, you must balance both positive and negative vibes or auras.

What is the 1992 Chinese Zodiac, the Yang Water Monkey?

The Yang Water Monkey is multi-talented, determined, and observant. Men and women born in this year are most likely to become natural born leaders, smart, and enjoy having a lot of attention.

While being more disciplined than the other elemental Monkeys, the Water Monkey struggles with arrogance, medium setbacks in their career and personal life, and suppress their feelings from those who care.

Describe the Differences Between the Male and Female Monkey Zodiac

Generally, the Monkey has a keen talent for detecting events before they happen. Men that are born as the Water Monkey are responsible and very enthusiastic. Their personality is also humorous, being able to make anyone laugh.

Although these men are hilarious and charming, they can also be pretty stubborn and immature. Their tolerant nature deters away from the immaturity, especially since they enjoy making people smile. However, there is also a tendency with being problematic, which can be challenging with focusing on their careers, maintaining long-term relationships, and financial stability (not necessarily a gambling problem, but more of not focused on priorities).

Women on the other hand are wonderful, social butterflies that connect well with others. It cannot be helped if people are drawn to her beauty, wits, and warm personality. The drawback for the Monkey women is being overly optimistic and stubborn. All in all, through responsibility, flexibility, and able to adapt to unique changes, the female Monkey zodiac are natural idealists and competitive. It’s a joy to befriend them, and have a lucrative relationship/partnership with them.

Understanding the Compatibility of the Monkey Zodiac

On the topic of compatibility, the traditional Chinese astrology focuses on the elements that are compatible and the origin of each animal. In this situation, the 1992 Chinese zodiac Monkey is compatible with the Snake, Rat, and Dragon.

The relationship between Monkey and Rat brings tons of laughter, fun, life, and energy. The two zodiac signs piggy back on each other energies, establishing a bountiful connection. For example, a Monkey Man and a Rat Woman go hand-in-hand. The Rat Woman helps the Monkey Man stay grounded by taking care of the home, keeping a budget, and uses her keen intuition to help guide the Monkey Man.

The Rat and Money in particular feed off each other energies, wanting to reach higher accomplishments. There are moments where the Rat becomes overwhelmed with negative vibes. With the help of the Monkey and their optimism, the Rat’s negativity will become balanced out with the good. The slight drawback between the two is the need to always compete and lack of focus sometimes. The idea of competition is great between the two, however, it can be overwhelming, especially if their focuses become disarray.

Another compatible duo with the Monkey is, believe it or not, the Dragon. The pair is a powerful force, love adventures, and want to be with each other at the end of the day. There’s a wonderful need of balance in their lives, from the Dragon needing her Monkey when she has a nasty temper or emotional support, or the Monkey needing his Dragon when he becomes distracted or full of tricks and schemes.

Throughout life, every Monkey do not run across a Rat, a Dragon, or a Snake mate. There are a couple of signs that are deemed as being the least compatible with the Monkey. Don’t get it twisted! At the end of the day, every person deserves to find their one true love, or that perfect friendship, partnership, or emotional support.

For starters, the Pig and Monkey relationship is quite tough. The Pig woman will need consistent reassurance and affection. Pig woman can be very sensitive about their appearance or feminine qualities, and being easily taken advantage of. The Pig, in general, are more concerned with family and friends, and being highly giving when in love. If the Pig falls into harmful hands (or should I say claws or paws), then their partner will be able to boss them around due to the Pig’s agreeable nature.

Although the Pig have a few flaws, the pair are similar. Both are known of being upbeat, optimistic, and sweet. They both also enjoy doing things that make them happy together while focusing on each other’s positive qualities.

Another least compatible pair is the Monkey and the Tiger. The Tiger has a strong, magnetic personality. The Monkey also love being the center of attention. Between the two, both may compete over dominance, and the arguments might become quite nasty. The Tiger favors control almost (if not) 24/7, whereas the Monkey has a curious nature while wanting to have mischievous fun. Overall, they may work out together, however, their personalities are polar opposite, they may balance out better as friends.

Zodiac Questions and Answers

  1. What makes the Chinese Zodiac unique?
  2. Originally, the Chinese Zodiac was used to help tell stories and folklore by using key animals.To some, the belief of the Chinese Zodiac is part of their religious practice, becoming superstitious of the descriptions of each animal and the interaction with other signs.
  3. Paying attention closely, each zodiac year has a respective element that revolves around one of the five elements, water, fire, wood, earth, and metal or gold).
  4. The Chinese Zodiac occurs every 12 years. It is also believed that they base this time-frame on Jupiter’s orbit, also known as the “God of Age”.
  5. It is used to guide people to their respective spouse and have the type of family they were destined to have. Many people who enjoy numerology or astronomy would typically aim for the appropriate alignment of the stars and sequential numerical order throughout their lives. Even today, people use the Chinese Zodiac to find the more appropriate match for them, like the Monkey and the Rat compatibility.
  6. Which career choices do 1992 Chinese Zodiac Monkeys go for?
  7. Since Monkeys are filled with bursts of high energy, jobs like public relations, advertising, film director, or musician would benefit the Monkey. These particular jobs are high in demand for energetic individuals, always challenging the inquisitive mind, and never slow. This will be a nice bouncy fit for the Monkey, or job occupation that are filled with inconsistency and change.
  8. Which Chinese Zodiac signs work best as friends?
  9. The two signs that primarily work well together as it pertains to friendship is the Monkey and Monkey, and Snake to Monkey. Both are primarily action oriented, and enjoy intellectual time with each other and themselves. In addition, they can come as deep thinkers and exquisite problem solvers, goal setters, and natural go-getters.
  10. Another powerful duo is the Monkey and Rat pair. Again, the Rat is excellent with multi-tasking, as well as prioritizing the needs and wants of each goal set. Both energies are set very high and love to compete. The friendship between the two is impeccable, creating significant amount of progress instead of delay. If the Monkey decides to begin a business, automatically the Rat is right next to them every step of the way (and probably working on the details while the Monkey focuses on the big picture at hand, making them an unstoppable duo).
  11. What does the 1992 Chinese Zodiac Monkey symbolizes?
  12. It symbolizes fun, prosperity, and promising fun. The year of the Monkey displays joy and hard work, along with good psychological endurance and determination. Living in and through the year of the Monkey can be a huge blessing to those who are highly compatible with the Monkey. Those who aren’t compatible still benefit with high chances of being successful in their careers and financially. Still, if push comes to shove, it is best to wear red for good luck and waning away bad, unlucky spirits.