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What Is The 1988 Chinese Zodiac Compatibility?

1988 Chinese zodiac compatibility is similar to astrological matching in terms of marriage and romantic relationships. Twelve animal signs make up the Chinese zodiac.

The year of your birth is how you determine which animal you are, which then tells you what attributes and characteristics you possess and which other signs you are most compatible with.

The twelve animals of the Chinese zodiac were selected deliberately. The signs either represent ancient Chinese people’s daily lives or have luck meanings.

What Are The Chinese Zodiac Signs?

Each year of birth is associated with a different animal of the Chinese zodiac. The twelve signs are as follows.

–       Rat: Quick-witted and kind

–       Ox: Diligent and determined

–       Tiger: Brave and confident

–       Rabbit: Quiet and responsible

–       Dragon: Confident and enthusiastic

–       Snake: Enigmatic and wise

–       Horse: Animated and energetic

–       Goat: Calm and sympathetic

–       Monkey: Sharp and curious

–       Rooster: Observant and courageous

–       Dog: Honest and prudent

–       Pig: Compassionate and generous

Every birth year is connected to one of each of the twelve Chinese zodiacs. Those who were born in the year 1988 are connected to the Dragon sign. The Dragon is the fifth of the Chinese zodiac.

What Is The 1988 Chinese Zodiac Element?

Each dragon year has one of five elements associated with it. The five different elements include:

–       Gold

–       Water

–       Wood

–       Fire

–       Earth

The 1988 Chinese dragon zodiac is related to the Earth, making it an Earth-Dragon.

What Is The 1988 Chinese Zodiac Earth Dragon?

People considered to be Earth dragons, like those born in 1988, are considered smart, ambitious, and hardworking. As long as they work hard, people of the earth dragon will accomplish great things. However, earth dragons tend to do only half of the work that is required of them. Earth dragons have loving hearts and often become philanthropists.

Compared to other dragons, the earth dragon is quiet and aware of what is going on around them. They are quick to criticize and often come across as blunt and straight to the point. The earth dragon usually takes a long time to overcome feelings of hurt or being insulted. They take a long time to trust again after their trust is broken as they aren’t easy to forget things.

When the Earth Dragon comes up with a new idea, they often have no problem getting people to join their way of thinking. The earth dragon can invoke change in the world when they feel inspired to do so.

What Is The 1988 Chinese Zodiac Compatibility?

Those born in the 1988 Dragon sign are likely to get married late in life and enjoy a smooth and harmonious married life. The Dragon’s compatibility with other signs can be broken down into five different categories. Perfect matches, good friends, complimentary, acceptable matches, and worst match.

Perfect Matches

If a 1988 dragon chooses to spend his or her life with one of the following signs, they will likely find themselves in a long, happy marriage.

–       Rooster: Both the rooster and the Dragon are independent and willing to help one another in their endeavors. They are both ready to strive to have a great life and will build an enviable relationship.

–       Rat: The rat and the Dragon have a lot in common. They know each other very well and trust one another completely. They will always encourage one another to be their best.

–       Monkey: The cooperation and compatibility of these two signs lead to a happy ending. The monkey and the Dragon are both romantic and complement one another perfectly.

Good Friends

If a 1988 dragon finds him or herself in a relationship with one of these signs, they are likely to find great friends but not compatible as lovers.

–       Pig: The Pig and the Dragon make great business partners as they both have a mutual love of money. They are both too egotistical to have a romantic relationship.

–       Dragon: A dragon and dragon match doesn’t work in a romantic relationship as they are prone to quarreling with one another. they will overcome their quarrels and fight side by side.

Complimentary Matches

Relationships with these signs are often significant in the business world and can work in a marriage. However, the union would not be as passionate or happy as it could be with a perfect match.

–       Tiger: The Tiger and the dragon experience no communication struggles as they seem to understand what the other is trying to say naturally. The tiger and the Dragon work great together in the business world but are both usually left feeling unfulfilled in a marriage.

–       Snake: The snake and the Dragon have a genuine understanding of one another, leading to a happy marriage, though not overly passionate.

Acceptable Matches

A marriage with one of these Chinese compatibility signs will leave a dragon feeling in a constant position of making compromises. If the 1988 Dragon can work through the challenges with their partner, they will find themselves stable.

–       Rabbit: Without the Dragon making compromises and taking on the relationship’s responsibility, the relationship will not be peaceful.

–       Horse: If the horse and Dragon always remember to be respectful towards one another, they can have a happy relationship. However, this relationship will be challenging.

Worst Matches

1988 Dragons and these signs are not meant to be together. Any relationship with these signs is destined to be riddled with problems.

–       Ox: The Ox and the Dragon cannot work towards the same goals. Both signs are stubborn and unwilling to compromise.

–       Sheep: The relationship between a sheep and a dragon cannot work as they will not marry for love and cannot appreciate one another’s good qualities. The only reason these two signs are likely to be together is for money.

–       Dog: The dog and the Dragon cannot work together as they both want to be the dominant person. They are not able to be their authentic selves with one another.

The Male Dragon in Love

When the male 1988 Dragon is in love, they tend to be quite nervous and anxious. They are afraid of behaving improperly towards their partner. The male Dragon is exceptionally caring and considerate of their partner, though they may seem to be easily disgruntled due to their sensitive nature. Many male dragons often confuse the love they feel, believing they have found a romantic love, when in fact they love their partner the way a child loves their mother.

The Female Dragon in Love

When the female 1988 Dragon falls in love, she is always conscious of dressing in a way it comes off as pleasing to their partner. While the female Dragon shows her love ardently, she strives to earn more love as a reward. Incredibly prudent in her selection of a partner, the female Dragon doesn’t typically have many relationships. In a marriage, the female Dragon is willing to be a hardworking housewife.

What Is The 1988 Chinese Zodiac Characteristics?

Of the twelve signs, only the 1988 Dragon is a mythical creature. The dragon sign combines the features of other animals. Many legends around the Dragon and those of the dragon sign are considered mysterious, imaginative, and noble.

According to myth, the Jade Emperor said that the order of the Chinese signs would be determined by the order they arrived at his party. The mighty Dragon was expected to arrive early, but the Rat, Ox, Tiger, and Rabbit appeared before him. When he was asked why he wasn’t there sooner, the Dragon said that he came across a village that was suffering from drought on his way. When he seen this, he felt compelled to stop and create rain for them. The Jade Emperor was happy to hear of this noble deed, and the Dragon was given the fifth position.


People of the 1988 Dragon zodiac are leaders who can get people to listen to them because they are ambitious and have a strong drive. Their charm and glamour attract others to them. They are both eloquent and passionate, making their speech authoritative. The dragons are energetic and ambitious. Rarely do they feel exhausted.

Dragons tend to be prone to good luck, which they use to their business life advantage. Office work is not suitable to the Dragon, as it leaves them feeling stifled. They are full of imagination, making them perfect for jobs such as politicians, economists, writers, actors, and artists.


The 1988 Dragon can be very accomplished in life, leaving them appearing arrogant and keeping people away from them. While the Dragon is eager to succeed, they are easily frustrated by things that set them back, leading them to give up halfway through a project. While the Dragon can be successful enough to make money, they are often not particularly good with their money. Because money isn’t overly important to the Dragon, as long as they have enough to live, they don’t tend to have a good understanding of financial management.

Dragons are strong and independent figures who yearn for support and love. The Dragon of 1988 is unique and will accomplish great things, as long as they know their weaknesses and how those weaknesses affect their lives.

What is the Best Match For a 1988 Dragon?

A 1988 Dragon and a Rooster make an excellent match. A rooster is very conservative and will appreciate the Dragon’s steady income. However, the Dragon will appreciate the Rooster’s generosity and will want to provide a beautiful home for him.

A 1988 dragon and a dog are not a perfect match. The Dragon male is a very independent man who will want his lover to be independent and self-sufficient. A Rooster can never outsmart a Dragon. A dragon and a fox are not the right match unless they share similar traits and values. A wolf can be a great match for a fox, but not a lion.

If you want to find a dragon match, you should look at the personality traits of both partners. A dragon can be quite aggressive and can easily become overly dramatic. If you want a relationship that will last, you should go with a rat. A fox will be much easier to control than a dragon. Both zodiac signs are naturally competitive, so choosing a wolf or a fox may be difficult.

1988 Dragons are very passionate about love, but they are also fierce and independent. A lion needs someone tough and strong. A dragon woman, on the other hand, needs a partner who has the same values as him. This combination of qualities can make a perfect match for a dragon. If both partners share these traits, then they can be an excellent match. If you’re looking for a companion with whom you can communicate easily and have a fun time together, you’ll probably be successful.

The best match for a Dragon is a zodiac sign that shares your values. A zodiac sign who shares these traits is the perfect partner for a dragon.

A 1988 dragon is a great match for a Rooster. This combination is very similar to the zodiac sign of the Rooster. The best mate for a Dragon is a dragon who shares the same passion and ideals as he. Their love-making skills are complementary to one another, so they will be well matched.