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What Is The August 29 Zodiac Sign?

The August 29 zodiac sign is a Virgo.

What Is August 29 Zodiac Sign Compatibility?

Virgos are extremely picky when it comes to choosing their soulmate.  Virgo signs happen to be some of the most loving and caring people on the planet. They are mostly known for giving love to those that need it and asking back nothing in return. 

All the zodiac signs look to Virgo for answers when it comes to love. There are certain zodiac signs that bond better with Virgo than others. It is important to look at your personal characteristics and ask yourself if you are ready to fit in well with a Virgo sign. 

Aries are romantic by nature.  They enjoy talking for long hours about work and their hobbies.  They often want to have everyone around them learning more about life.  Aries zodiac signs often will tell you that they do not want to have any kind of drama put out there into the universe. 

Aries go right to the point when they want something. They are not known for beating around the bush.  If they want to accomplish something, they do it. This is a personality trait that August 29 zodiac signs have in love. 

Passive – Virgos can be more passive.  They are often looking around in the background. They try to have a silent view on life.  They are often shyer about expressing how they feel.  Their natural nature is to keep their feelings inside.  However, the Aries man and woman brings this out of them. 

Aries are known to be more of the aggressors in the relationship. They will often make the first initial introduction since Virgos are often shy and keep to themselves. 

Virgo and Taurus Compatibility – Taurus signs often feel a sense of frustration with Virgo.  Virgos tend to hold back with expressing their emotions verbally. Taurus are the complete opposite. Taurus men and women like to feel that they can say whatever is on their mind. 

August 29 zodiac signs love the aggressive nature of the Taurus.  Taurus men and women tend to lead the relationship into greatness. They offer a sound reason for wanting to give more of themselves.  They are often the person in the relationship doing the planning. Virgo is often the follower. 

Virgos tend to like the hugs and kisses that they get from Taurus. Taurus men and women happen to be more affectionate than most people on earth.  They like to spend quality time alone with their partner.  When they feel love for someone, they will often let the other person know that they can spend time together and learn from one another as well. 

Taurus men and women enjoy games as well.  They are often found playing video games or a board game. They like to bring their lover in closer to themselves by doing this.  Taurus believe that you can find out a lot about a person through asking questions and seeing their fun side. 

August 29 and Gemini Compatibility – This can be a problem. Virgos tend to see Gemini as being sneaky. Geminis are known for having two faces. One minute they are your friend and the next minute they are talking behind your back. Virgos do not like this kind of behavior.

Virgos are often turned off by Geminis because of their poor ways of handling problems.  Geminis will often say one thing and do another.  This can be hard for the Virgo.  Virgo men and women often like to feel their partner beside them. They do not expect their romantic partner to start gossiping about their situation to the whole world.  Geminis tend to have a lose tongue when they have something on their mind. 

August 29 zodiac signs need more patience.  They often are impatient with the inconsistencies of the Gemini.  You never know what a Gemini is going to do.  All it takes is an argument for them to run off and start gossiping about you behind your back.  Therefore, the Gemini is represented by two faces as their symbol. 

Virgo and Cancer Compatibility – Cancer signs are more neutral.  Virgos find them easy to get along with.  Virgos tend to offer their loving support and have a gift for talking. The two of you make a great team because you are both into health and nutrition.  You both like to take good care of your bodies and are into nature as well. 

Cancer signs like talking about topics that have a specific meaning.  It can be politics or something that they learned on the Discovery channel.  Having good conversation will make you feel that you are both meant to be together to make the relationship flourish.

Cancers have more of a passive side. They will often put their emotions out there and not say all that much about what they are wanting in return. They can be open minded when it comes to love. They often want to let everyone else around them know where they stand in life decisions. 

Cancer signs like taking on new challenges in work, love, and health.  They often want to let their partner know that they can be trusted and given an opportunity to prove themselves. 

August 29 and Leo Compatibility – Not a bad combination considering how tough Leo can be in love.  The Leo is often dominating in the relationship. They often prefer to lead discussions with Virgo. This is not a bad combination if the two of you can see to it that your relationship is growing with time and patience. It is important for the two of you to sit down and discuss any kind of controlling behaviors that can be offensive. 

Leos are also somewhat controlling and domineering with Virgos.  Many August 29 zodiac signs do not mind the Leo leading the relationship. However, they will often want to show you that they can take charge as well.  It is important for your relationship to have a healthy balance of love, patience, and consideration for each other’s feelings.  In time, you will both come to realize that you can make the relationship work if you are both willing to compromise.  I think that the main takeaway for your love is balance.

Virgo and Virgo Compatibility – August 29 signs tend to clash with their own zodiac sign.  Mainly because their conversations together will be somewhat dull.  Virgos are often quiet by nature. It takes a strong zodiac sign to get them out of their shell.  Therefore, a Leo would be a better fit. 

However, Virgos do like their relaxation time.  Virgos know that it takes a lot for them to open and to show their more loving side. 

Two Virgos can only make it if one learns to talk more about their emotions. You cannot have a successful relationship without good communication.  With good communication comes a whole new set of rules. 

Virgo and Libra Compatibility – The two of you have knack for understanding one another. You have a good balance for love and or wanting to make something happen that is right for yourselves.  You both have a rather warm side to your personality, and you want to give each other a sense of warm love and careful good surroundings. It is important for the two of you to discuss how you want to see your future. Will it be marriage or living together.  The planet Venus tells us that your zodiac signs are going to stay together.

Libras are great listeners and often give focused advice. They want to let everyone else around them know that they have what it takes to bring a relationship together for all the right reasons.  They have a lot of love to give and often want to let everyone else around them know that they can give and receiving love effectively. 

Virgo and Scorpio Compatibility – You are with each other for the right reasons. Your zodiac signs are calling to one another. Scorpios are often looking over their shoulder to see if they can trust.  August 29 however tend to trust to easily. It is important for Virgo and Scorpio to treat one another with the respect that will bring them to another level.  It is important for the both of you to feel like you can make something happen even when it does not look so good. Learn to be honest with one another. 

Scorpios tend to like the more passive side of the Virgo.  Virgos are hardworking, but not forceful when it comes to getting their way.  Virgos like to show that they are fair.

What Is The August 29 Zodiac Cusp?

The Cusp is Leo-Virgo.

What Is The August 29 Zodiac Element?

Your Element is earth.

What Is The August 29 Zodiac Personality?

  • Friendly
  • Outgoing
  • Intelligent
  • Caring
  • Nurturing
  • Easy Going
  • Adventurous
  • Loving
  • Considerate
  • Happy Go Lucky

What Is The August 29 Zodiac Symbol?

You are a Virgo.  Your symbol is the maiden.

What Celebrities Are Born On August 29th?

  • Michael Jackson
  • John McCain

What Sign is August 29 Compatible With?

The signs Virgo and Leo are very compatible, but a Virgo born on August 29 may not be the ideal partner. The assertive nature of Leo might turn Virgo off, and they may eventually walk away. Although August 29 and Leo have some similarities, they may not be able to get along. The two zodiac signs tend to be very stubborn, and they could never settle their differences. This is one of the reasons that pairing these two zodiac signs is not recommended.

Virgo is the best compatibility for Leo and August. Leos are very loving and loyal. The the sign of August 29 is very difficult to resist. Virgos are also very demanding, so they should be careful in choosing a soulmate. A Leo zodiac sign is passionate about love, but can also be overbearing and arrogant. A Virgo born on August 29 should avoid sex with an overly dramatic partner, and should avoid unhealthy foods and excessive nutrition.

Leo and August 29 are the two zodiac signs associated with the month of August. They are both fire signs, so they are compatible with each other. But this does not mean that these two are necessarily destined to be together. If you want to have a happy and fulfilling relationship, then you should make sure that you are a Leo. Virgos are also very particular about the people they choose as their soulmate.

Leo and August 29 are the perfect zodiac signs for a romantic partnership. This pair is very demanding when it comes to love and companionship. They are passionate about their work and are extremely affectionate. While the relationship between Leo may be wonderful, it is not a perfect match. They should be careful with drugs, excessive nutrition, and other unhealthy habits. If you are a Leo, be careful.

The Leo is the best sign for August lovers. The Leo is the fire sign, and Leos are very passionate. A Leo should be a Leo in love. A Leo’s personality is very strong, so this is a good sign to date. A Virgo will be your best friend because both of you are very similar. They will complement each other very well.

Virgo is a fire sign. They are both highly ambitious and highly affectionate. Virgos are often the most romantic sign, and are also very picky when it comes to choosing a partner. But, Leos are generally more independent and are not compatible with other signs. The Leos are also the most ideal companions for a Virgo. A Virgo has a unique way of communicating and relating with others.

Aries and August 29 people are very compatible. They have dominant personalities and are quick to kiss and make up. They will have many happy and long-lasting relationships. Aries and August 18th people are very similar in some ways. Aries is a fire sign. In addition, the signs of Virgo and Leo are highly compatible. Those born on this day are honest, hardworking and dependable. Aries is a very hard-working sign.