What Is The Scorpio Star Sign Personality Like?

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What Is The Scorpio Star Sign Personality Like?

Most of the zodiac signs hold onto the belief that Scorpio likes to “sting”.  However, how much truth is there really to this?  Are Scorpio star signs out to get you? 

Believe it or not, their personality is a lot different than what you may think. Scorpios happen to be hard workers, go getters and love romance. They are into making good friendships and having regular get togethers with their families. 

Scorpios enjoy hosting parties and events in which they can let their true qualities come together.  Scorpios want to let the world know where they stand when it comes to taking a point of view on something. 

Overall, Scorpios are often friendly and easy to get along with. They are not very opinionated, even though they do voice what they see and feel. Scorpios like to let the world know what is on their mind day in and day out. They want the world to know that they have what it takes to build trust and a future with someone that they admire.

Scorpios are not perfect and do have a temper when they do not get their way. They are known to also calm down relatively quick after yelling or making someone feel that they should be treated with more respect. 

It is important for the Scorpio man or woman to always stand up for what they believe in.  Scorpios have the tendency of being a bit outspoken when they feel that they are on to something important. If you disagree with them, they may put up a fight. Scorpios like getting their point across and will take any challenge that they get in terms of seeing a different point of view. 

Scorpio Star Sign want to experience joy
Scorpio Star Signs Seek Lifelong Compatibility

Scorpios can sting if they feel that you are lying to them or showing dishonesty.  After all, who likes to have someone around them that is dishonest? It is important to let Scorpio know when you are having a hard time with them. If you feel that they are saying something that is causing you to lie to them, let them know. Scorpios would rather have honesty than dishonesty. 

What Are The Scorpio Star Sign Dates?

Scorpios are born between October 23rd and November 21st

What Are The Scorpio Star Sign Traits?

Scorpios are known to be great speakers.  At work, they tend to lead and be in charge. You can often find them taking on jobs as managers and business owners.  They like to be fair with everyone that is around them. If the see someone being mistreated, they are often the first to stand up and say that its not right. They want everyone to know that when they say something, they mean it. They do not want to have anyone around them thinking that they are better than anyone else. 

Some traits are:

  • Caring
  • Good Attention To Detail
  • A Knowledge of Good and Bad
  • Wanting Everyone To Get Along
  • Not Caring What Others Say To them
  • Accepting Reality
  • Not Chasing A Lover That Does Not Want Them
  • Trustworthy
  • Easy to Commit To
  • Strong Willed

What Are The Scorpio Star Sign Compatibility?

Scorpios tend to bond well with certain zodiac signs.  You will now see who the best companions are for Scorpio. 

Scorpio Star Sign going after love
A Scorpio Star Sign Predicts the Future

Leo Zodiac Signs – They know how to turn a Scorpio on when it comes to romance and love. Leo signs have that rather aggressive nature about themselves.  They want to show the world that they can go after what appeals to them.  Scorpios love this passionate side of Scorpio.

It makes Leo feel more secure in love and like they can have what they want in life as well.  It is important for Leo zodiac signs to feel secure as well. Therefore, they make a good match.  This match would be considered a 10 in terms of companionship and dedication to love. 

Aries Zodiac Signs – Another important match for Scorpio.  Aries are strong willed.  They are not as tough as the other zodiac signs want to make them out to be. The planet Venus tells us that they are romantic and enjoy spending quality time alone in bed at night. 

Aries men and women are often wanting to talk to one another about staring over again.  They will often talk about their ex-lovers that have hurt them before in the past.

Aries men and women enjoy talking about past romances to get a reaction out of Scorpio. They want to see if you have been through something similar. Scorpio signs are often impressed by Aries strong work ethics. They often like to work to have more.

Aries men and women like the “finer” things in life. They often like to have expensive clothes, jewelry, homes, and cars. They have expensive taste and often want others to see that they have achieved all their dreams in some fashion. 

Capricorn Zodiac Signs – This match would be more of an 8 out of 10.  Capricorns are stubborn if they do not get what they want.   They can be challenging when discussing an important topic.  They may tell you that they do not want you to be around them for some reason or another.

It is important for Capricorns to lay out what they see their future becoming in love. It is up to the Scorpio man or woman to portray what they want to get out of life. 

It is important for the Capricorn man or woman to understand that they cannot control the relationship. You will but heads with Scorpio if you do that. However, Scorpios do like to see a strong lover in the bedroom.

Therefore, you stand out for them so well. Your romantic chemistry is going to be worth it in the long run. It is going to make you feel like you can have a relationship with the person that is most important to you.

Aquarius Zodiac Signs – Aquarius and Scorpio do have their share of problems in romance. Aquarius are often controlling. They like having their way and often combat anyone that does not see something their way.

They are often known for ignoring you after an argument.  They will often give silent treatment when they do not get their way. Aquarius signs are often the first person in the relationship to admit when something is wrong.

They tend to ask a lot of questions. This often gets on Scorpios nerves.  Scorpios often have the tendency of saying only what they feel at the time. If you ask them to many questions, they often feel that you have secret agenda.  It is important to not let the Scorpio sign think that you have something “up your sleeve”.

awsome scorpio sign to see
A Scorpio Sign Can See The Future Just Fine

If Aquarius wants to stay in a relationship with the Scorpio, they are going to have to find a way in which they can ask less questions and see something at more face value.

When it comes to love, the two of you make a great pair. In the bedroom, the two of you are all about sharing and exploring. You both like to cuddle and to feel a sensual power from the other person. You can both see the light in what you both feels. It is important for you to open and feel like someone is going to give you what you need as well. 

It is important for Scorpio to see that Aquarius is only trying to make the relationship better by finding out more about them. Sometimes, the Scorpio man or woman can be private with their cell phone. They will often hide their cell phone from plain view.

They often do not want you snooping through their phone. It is best to not try and control Scorpio. They do not like to be told who they can and cannot speak to. If you have a problem with them speaking to their ex, it is better to not say anything.

What Is The Scorpio Star Sign Meaning?

Scorpio is a water sign.  Cancer and Pisces are in the same family.  The Scorpio star sign tells us what a Scorpio wants to get out of love, friendship, and family life.  They tend to make everyone around them know what their expectations are. 

Do not think of the Scorpio as a venomous scorpion. In fact, Scorpios are mostly gentle and caring.  Pluto is the ruling planet over Scorpio.  Scorpios have a rather adventurous spirit that enjoys getting up and just doing something. 

You may never fully understand what a Scorpio is going to do next. You may be shocked to hear them say that they would like to take a vacation with you or work somewhere with you that will make you feel more connected to them. It is important to work towards an understanding of what they want to get out of a relationship with you.

Scorpios happen to be very sexual as well. When it comes to love, they want to make sure that you like to “get it on” as much as they do. When it comes to discussion, they are often the first to discuss something that may be happening in the news. They are well cultured and enjoy taking a stand.

What Are The Scorpio Star Symbol?

The Scorpio Star Symbol is the scorpion.

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