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What If We Are Soulmates But Can’t Be Together?

What If We Are Soulmates But Can’t Be Together?

There is nothing worse than knowing who your soulmate is, but you cannot be together with them.  You may be asking yourself why? Why does this happen and how can you make it right? 

Often, we meet our soulmate when we least expect. Perhaps you met your soulmate when you were a teenager in high school.  When you graduated, you both had to go off to college or move to another state to live your life.  You could not help being separated from one another. This is painful and often this is how we lose our soulmate. 

When we get separated from our soulmate, we often catch up with them years later. This often happens and it can be hurtful.  You may find that when you are finally caught up with your soulmate, they are either married or with another person in a long term and committed relationship. 

Perhaps this is the situation that you are in right now. It can be difficult to have a soulmate tell you that they want to be together with you, but they have fallen in love with someone else. However, they still tell you that you are always on their mind and they envision a future with you still.  What are you to do?

What If You Are In A Long Term And Committed Relationship?

Perhaps you are the one that is in another relationship.  Even though you are involved with someone, you still believe that your soulmate is another person. This often happens when soulmates separate and never forget about one another. 

It is common to hear about stories in which a man or woman fell for someone in high school.  Their first love is often the person that they should have married. However, over time, the couple separated and perhaps slept around with other people and had multiple relationships.  They never seemed to work out. However, your soulmate always comes back into your mind. 

It may be the way that they kiss you or touched you. Perhaps they always made you feel happy and free as a person. Your soulmate makes you feel alive and like you matter. 

If you are in a relationship with someone that is not your soulmate, it will be awful.  You feel that they do fulfill some needs for you, but not all. There is something missing.

It can be hard to build a future with them if your heart is not into it 100%.  If you believe that your soulmate wants to be together with you and you have talked to them about it, it may be time to get out of your present romantic relationship and go be with your soulmate.

If you stay in your present relationship, you will only grow in misery. It is because you know that your soulmate is with another person.  We often go after our soulmate because that kind of love is impossible to find. Our soulmate gives us a satisfaction in life that nobody else could.  It is amazing to feel like someone can understand us so well.

What If You Are Not Ready To Leave Your Present Romantic Relationship?

Perhaps you feel that you love two people at the same time. Maybe you love your romantic partner that you are currently with and yet still have love for your soulmate. You know that you cannot have them both.

You do not want to hurt your present lover.  After all, you love them two.  However, you still feel like your soulmate is out there and you know who they are.  It is a challenge to walk through life not knowing what tomorrow is going to bring.

It is important for you to look at your life and try to understand what you want to have happen next.  What will make you the happiest?

If you are not ready to leave your present relationship, it is important to let your soulmate know why.  You need to tell them that you love them and the person that you are with as well.  They will understand that your heart is torn. Of course, they will want you to swing more their way.

However, you need to let them know that you must be your own person and do things that make you feel happy.  You need to stay focused on what you believe is right and not make any fast decisions. You will only regret that later.

What If Your Soulmate Gives You An Ultimatum?

Your soulmate may tell you that if you are not together by a certain date, they will have to move on from you.  This is only fair since your soulmate has needs that need to be fulfilled as well.  They cannot go for long without intimacy or companionship.  Human beings are made to be relational and to bond.  You cannot expect your soulmate to wait years for you.  

If your soulmate is telling you that time is running out, its important that you decide that you will be comfortable with.  Often, we lose our soulmates because we choose not to be with them at a specific point in our life. There are many reasons as to why we do this. It is important for you to see that you can do what is right if you think about it long and hard enough. 

Should You Cheat With Your Soulmate?

The laws of karma teach us that cheating will only come back to haunt you later.  After all, you would not like it if you were being cheated on by your soulmate or another romantic partner. It is just not right.

As much as you want to be with your soulmate, you must do it the right way. Either you are going to have to leave your soulmate behind you or be with them. It is important for you to not cheat on your current partner because you will have to live with the guilt of knowing what you are doing behind the scenes.

Also, your soulmate will know what you are doing.  If you decide to be with them later down the road, they will remember that you are a cheater.  You cheated with them behind your partners back.  They will not forget that. 

It is important to show integrity and honesty all the time. The more that you live by that rule, the better your dating life will be.  It is important that you treat others in the way that you wish to be treated.

Is It Possible That You Will Never Be Together?

Yes, it is possible that you will never be together.  This often happens with soulmates.  Sometimes, life circumstances draw us away from our soulmate for various reasons. Millions of people alive today know that they are missing out on being with the one person that they always felt called to be together with.  It is often hard for people to chase after their dreams. 

It is often hard to be without your soulmate when all the roads seem to be leading the two of you away from one another. Often, when we reach our senior years in life, we look back on our actions.  We often have regrets. There is a good chance that you will regret never being together with your soulmate.

It is common to see soulmates together in assisted living facilities when they become to old to take care of themselves.  Sometimes that is the only time in life where the couple can be together.  Perhaps they are all alone now and they no longer have the worries of working and being with another person. Perhaps their spouse died. 

We tend to become freer when we gain our financial independence.  This allows us to be with a soulmate because we have less things holding us back.  If you feel that your soulmate should be together with you now, it is understandable.  You need to do your own self discovery and learn what you can do to make a loving partnership with someone that wants to be together with you. 

It is important to look at your life and feel like you can take on new challenges and learn from your past mistakes.  If you have let your soulmate slip by too much, it may be time right now to get your connection going again.  Think of ways in which you can still connect with your soulmate.  Try to discover how you can bond with a person that you find to be most appealing.  In life, you must take control over your own life and who you are as a person. 

If you feel that your soulmate is ready to go down this road with you, its important to let them know that.  Come up with a plan and the two of you should be on the “same page” together.  Ask your soulmate what they think should happen and then go after the bond easier.  Life is what you make it by the choices that you create today.