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Who Are Gemini And Pisces Soulmates?

Who Are Gemini And Pisces Soulmates?
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Who Are Gemini And Pisces Soulmates?

Gemini and Pisces are relatively different from each other on the astrological chart. This is even more evident when a comparison between the two is observed through the lens of a Gemini man, and a Pisces woman. When placed close to each other, the contrast between these two show, though they can have some similarities in unlikely places.

This is also the case for their love life. Gemini men could easily breeze through partners like a transient wind. While the Pisces woman are likely to forge deeper and more long lasting bonds. That’s not to say that a Pisces woman having multiple partners throughout their life, or even all at once, is something completely unheard of. Pisces women are just generally more emphatic, with their emotions running deeper than the most ancient of wells.

The term ‘Soulmate’ depending on how it’s interpreted, can possess a variety of varying definitions. All of them have a very strong meaning though, so it’s a word that’s not to be thrown around so flippantly and lightly.

A soulmate is a person so absolutely perfect for someone to be with, to the point that neither soulmates can imagine life without the other. Being a soulmate is a two-way street after all!

They feel as if their very souls, the essence of who they are, thrive and surge in harmonious synchronicity. They understand each other deeper than anyone else can, behaving like puzzle pieces that fit snugly together.

Who Are The Best Candidates For Gemini And Pisces Soulmates?

With the above being stated, most people conflate soulmates as becoming facsimiles of each other. Same hobbies, same interests, same passions, same morals. Those who have been blessed with the privilege of finding their soulmates can attest to the fact that this is plainly not, or completely far from the case.

Possessing an enlightened understanding with each other, soulmates know the other’s boundaries, triggers, and pet peeves well. Although they share an unbreakable bond, they are still their own independent people with lives to lead. They are certainly not copies of each other. Each soulmate’s traits and quirks should complement the other. Their strengths supporting and improving the other’s flaws, picking up each other’s slack.

Now, Gemini and Pisces soulmates have to hit all of their checklists. Neither of these signs put too much stock into a potential partner’s physical attractiveness, though it certainly doesn’t hurt to have them easy on the eyes! What’s more important for these two is how much someone can mentally stimulate them. For Gemini, they want their partners to be willing to adapt and go along with their sometimes whirlwind pace through life. While also appreciating ho multifaceted a Gemini’s personality can be.

Pisces women can have great and exciting adventures as well, but what matters most to them is having their loved one by their side. Emotional intelligence is paramount for a Pisces’ lover. They prefer and love someone they can get lost into deep conversations with, learning more and more about each other as their bond continues to strengthen.

A Pisces soulmate also has to be a good person at heart, one who will not be tempted to take advantage of Pisces’ vulnerable inner self. They know that a Pisces are controlled by their emotions and how they feel about others, thus making them rather easy to manipulate into doing the bidding of others.

For The Gemini Man

Most Geminis are very intellectually inclined and have a witty slant to them. They live by making informed decisions, so don’t be surprised to discover that they’ve most likely done their research on potential partners!

As mentioned before, Geminis love to flit between different part of their lives like a prevailing gale through tropical islands. They can be sort of frazzled and discombobulated juggling so many things at once, but that’s exactly how they like to live their life.

Always constantly busy, not wasting valuable time doing trivial or meaningless tasks. They are cognizant of this rather blatant aspect of themselves, and understand that it may be too much to handle for some. That’s why they come to appreciate the ones who are not only able to endure, but partake in their less than orderly lifestyle.

As such, Libra may not completely hit all of these criteria, but there will certainly be a great spark of love that will transpire when these two air signs mingle. Geminis often become fixated upon, drawing in the attention of others just like how tornadoes tend to suck those around them in. Although this is natural seeing as Geminis are whip smart and often crack clever witticisms, only their soulmate knows and sees the Gemini’s inner self, no matter how many people they draw in.

Libras are wonderful at making these connections and understanding others. They often put their own worries aside to help their partners through their worries and struggles. This selflessness is what allows Libra to see into the real Gemini like nobody else can, as they’re unclouded by their own motives and biases.

The thing about Gemini and Libra soulmates, is that they can really come from anywhere. You’d be really surprised at the hidden gems the world often obscures. Love is an omnipresent and resilient thing. It can sprout in the most unlikely places, but they’re going to take lots of work and effort to bloom into the most beautiful garden of passion. A Gemini man might not click with a Libra right away, but give it time, and if Gemini is patient enough, these two will be able to satisfy each other intimately and emotionally.

Libra will also be very supportive of Gemini’s many endeavors and projects. They have faith that Gemini will be able to see it all through to the end. This will mean a lot to Gemini, as they may face times when nobody else will believe in what he’s attempting to pursue.

They will take heart in the fact that Libra will always be in their corner during their time of need. The projects that Gemini undertake aren’t purely for selfish reasons or just to stroke their ego. It may not always be apparent, but they strive for goals that can make life better for their partners and loved ones, so it’s definitely worth it to help Gemini along the way, especially emotionally. Which Libra excels at doing.

For The Pisces Woman

The typical Pisces will be kind to everyone. Their love and compassion is not only limited to their partner, as they share their love with the world and whoever needs it most. Naturally being so self sacrificing, a great match for the Pisces woman is someone who looks out for and tends to their emotional state.

Nobody can know the inner heartstrings of a water sign than another water sign themselves. They almost always act with their heart, and sometimes forget to use their head in the process. More intellectually inclined signs like Gemini may offend Pisces when state how they see their surroundings in a matter of fact way, when to Pisces everything goes so much deeper than what Gemini may see as face value.

Going back to the kind of person most likely to be a soulmate for Pisces, water signs and earth signs jump out as the most likely candidates. Earth signs can do a great job of stabilizing and grounding Pisces when they may let their deep emotions overwhelm them.

Earth signs naturally give off a stabilizing aura that lets their partners feel secure and safe. Though some may see this as them being clingy or controlling, Pisces will appreciate that their partner looks out for them and has their best interest in mind. This will affect their mental and emotional state in a positive way, even if they don;t take immediate notice.

Sparks will certainly fly when a Pisces woman gets together will a Taurus. There may be some initial clashing between the two lovers, as Pisces generally favors using their intuition to see through situations and problems.

For a good reason, as their intuition is usually very accurate, and at the very least somewhat correct. Taurus’ intuition may be a little more dull compared to Pisces, that’s why they prefer to see problems in the relationship through with reasoning and compromise.

This is only in the early stages of their relationship however, probably during it’s infancy. Even when these two have conflicting ideas and strategies, they are both mature enough to sort out a problem without intentionally hurting each other. They’ll eventually fall into a groove when their communication improves. Not exactly living a conflict free life, but they know that they’ll still love each other through thick and thin.

Many things work in favor for these two. Pisces ants to feel loved and valued, same as how they treat everyone else. A deep desire they possess is a partner they can put all of their faith and trust in. There will be virtually no chance of Taurus being unfaithful to Pisces.

These two believe in being faithful to their partners until the very end. Taurus can become a very jealous and possessive sign, which will absolutely tickle Pisces to their core, yet also enforce the boundless trust and love they have in abundance for each other.