What Does My Scorpio Soulmate Zodiac Sign Say About Love?

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What Does My Scorpio Soulmate Zodiac Sign Say About Love?

Few signs can rival the deep emotional energy that grows abundant in a Scorpio. On the outside, they may seem very nonchalant, even aloof. However, when you get to know them more and prove that you are trustworthy, you’ll begin to see the real Scorpio.

Slowly but surely, the rough layers of their heart will peel back and reveal a most wondrous, loving, and deep person. All traits that Scorpios hold within them, but are selective to whom they share this delicate side with.

Scorpios may seem stoic and tough, but what seems like throwaway comments or meaningless quips to you, could hold a world of value to them. This very potent and deft sign has powerful emotion coursing through their veins. They feel extremely deeply, so this sign has a tendency to overthink certain things. Less with their minds, but with their hearts.

It would indeed take a very persistent and particular type of person to break down these walls that Scorpio took years to put up. Anyone can attest to the fact that Scorpios like to shut their inner selves away from the world.

love takes time for a Scorpio
Scorpio Men And Women Want Love To Work For Their Soulmate

Only the most patient and trustworthy individuals have the privilege of even getting a glimpse of it. To be good friends with a Scorpio, and even further, lovers, one must understand that the process of getting to know one can at times seem never ending.

You could have known a Scorpio for years upon years yet you still find yourself surprised by all the tricks up their sleeve you haven’t seen before. Just when someone might think they have seen all that Scorpio has to offer, an entire new level of them emerges.

Who Are The Best Candidates To Be Scorpio’s Soulmate?

Soulmates are two (in rare cases, more!) people who are absolute perfect matches for each other, either in a platonic way, or most often romantically. Everything about these two just scream for each other, their hobbies, interests, ideals, morals, are on the same wavelength.

That’s not to say that two soulmates will become exactly alike, being someone’s soulmate would mean that an individual is the perfect match for THEM. So if this person values their personal space, then their soulmate will respect this boundary they’ve set, and will assuredly almost never cross it.

Now Scorpio’s best matches are two earth signs, and two water signs. They are Capricorn, Virgo, Cancer, and Pisces.

Scorpio & Earth Sign Soulmates

If Scorpio’s soulmate is an earth sign, this will bring some much needed balance to their sometimes turbulent lives. It’s easy for a Scorpio to get completely lost or totally consumed in an influx of emotion they could experience from unfortunate events (loved ones passing away or getting hurt are a few examples).

The more practical ones may bury themselves in a mountain of work, channeling their sorrow and frustration into something productive. This gives them an outlet for their thoughts and feelings, though it may prevent them from properly processing what they experienced.

Granted, there are some more unstable Scorpios who will allow the tides of their heart to sway their lives into stormy seas. It’s very important for a person to do what they must in order to heal from the emotional wound the bear, but a Scorpio who is less stable could allow their negative emotions to manifest in less than healthy ways.

Not only for themselves affecting themselves, but others in their life. An Earth sign being their soulmate would be a great help to Scorpio, a guiding light to see them through dark times they may find themselves in.

Of course, nobody should have to depend on solely on other people to recover, but the stabilizing energy of an Earth sign will soothe the Scorpio’s deluge of feelings.

For example, a Taurus can be mistaken for being tone deaf when it comes to the feelings of others, but they almost always come through in this case. They can assist the workaholic Scorpios to process everything that happened to them in a healthy and vital way. While guiding the wayward Scorpios with a gentle yet firm hand.

Scorpio & Water Sign soulmates

On the other hand, a Pisces and a Cancer would be great matches for a Scorpio as well. The other elements don’t feel as deeply as water signs. And when Scorpio acts from their hearts and not necessarily their minds, a Pisces and Cancer can truly relate to that. An amazing thing about soulmates is that they know and understand each other on an almost metaphysical level.

Scorpios tend to put forth 100% effort
Scorpios Often Find Their Soulmate When Least Expected

The bond they share transcends the physical and scientific laws that we are all subject to. Allowing them to become even more intimate and closer than anyone else could in their lives. A link such as this is even more apparent and strengthened when it’s between a Scorpio and for example, a Pisces.

Scorpio may seem like the more ‘mature’ one when paired with these two. This may of course be the case, but most of the time, it only appears that way to outsiders because Cancer and Pisces are less afraid to wear their heart on their sleeve. Scorpios aren’t afraid to lay their feelings bare: around the right people however.

When venturing out into the world around strangers, they prefer to have a more reserved demeanor. Behind the scenes, Cancer or Pisces are probably the ones taking on some of Scorpio’s emotional baggage, as these two signs can be dangerously self sacrificing, always lending an ear for the people they live.

Of course Scorpio will always do this for their partners as well, though they may always try to jump into a solution, not realizing that they’ve already done their job by just listening.

Many people can easily shun Cancer because they dismiss their strong love as simply being clingy. Although clingy Cancers are certainly common, Scorpios will just eat this up. They love the feeling of having a loved one relying on them.

It tickles their ego when Cancer displays how much they need each other in their lives. On the other hand, Scorpio can be so wrapped up in caring for their family and partner and friends that they may become actually rude or inconsiderate to others. Pisces will breathe some kindness and consideration into Scorpio’s sometimes brash demeanor. Being with each other is already likely going to put Scorpio in a good mood most of the time.

Scorpio Soulmate Compatibility

Love is a resilient and omnipresent force, No matter where you look, even in this hate filled world, there will be small glimmers of love permeating everyone you meet. That being said, Soulmates are a different caliber of love altogether.

Scorpio will be extra picky with whom they associate, let alone offer their heart to. Someone who wants to win their affection must be careful as to not squander their chance. Scorpios are willing to forgive, but forgetting, is another matter for them all together.

Many Scorpios are introverts. Oftentimes they don;t need parties or a barrage of people to interact with to be entertained. And they often have a very tight knit yet small group of friends, and they wouldn’t have it any other way!

A Scorpio’s potent drive isn’t just for their personal life with friends and partners however. Within them is a burning passion for the things and people they love and believe in. Thus, this can even turn them into workaholics, as these passionate scorpions are often workaholics.

Scorpio’s soulmate would be understanding when their partners stays overtime at work or constantly hustles for that better position they’ve been talking about. A Scorpio will definitely appreciate it when their partners are also career driven and willing to be industrious workers. They view being ambitious as an incredibly attractive trait.

It takes a very particular kind of person to be Scorpio’s soulmate. They don’t have to mimic their every move or become replicas of each other, but Scorpio would require that certain unwavering aspects of themselves align.

talk to a scorpio about love
Scorpios Like To Express Love Regularly To Their Zodiac Soulmate

Scorpio unconsciously tend to draw people in with their enigmatic yet alluring charm. Upon first meeting them, people tend to experience streaks of them being standoffish among their magnetic demeanor.

This could lead to people thinking that the Scorpio just plainly dislikes them or is a rude, snobby person. This is almost never the case, seeing as Scorpio is quite down to Earth and remembers to always stay humble.

Except for a few common cases, which they will always promise to work on. The truth is these deep feeling water signs prefer to keep people at arms length, afraid of letting them get too close, as Scorpio has trouble transitioning from friendship into an intimate love.

It will take many years of building trust, proving oneself to be a good person, and aligning with the beliefs of a Scorpio to fully win their hearts. This can be a long and arduous journey, but very few people will regret getting to know them, as it is indeed a ride filled with mystery and wonder, much like the Scorpios themselves. Once won over, they will definitely become an indispensable part of one’s life. A powerful ally, a passionate lover, and a true friend.

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