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What Are The Twin Flame Tarot Cards?

What Are The Twin Flame Tarot Cards?

Do you believe in a twin flame or a soulmate? Do you want to know what a twin flame is? Do you want to know who your twin flame is and when you will meet him or her? Tarot cards will help you to find your twin flame and its journey through a tarot reading.

The cards will evaluate the two energies of people in a relationship. A twin flame reading is a tarot reading of energy healing of two persons involved in a relationship. It will help you to understand the other person’s lookout and promote understanding of the two.

By an in-depth analysis of the two people involved, it will give you the relationship forecast and the remedies to overcome their differences.

What are Tarot cards? Tarot cards have a historical foundation and have a provenance. Tarot cards are used for personal insight and growth. It guides you through healing and growing through intuitive guidance.

It is very structured with 22 Major event/Arcana cards and the remaining 56 Minor event/Arcana cards and King, Knight, and Queen card.

Are They My Twin Flame Tarot Spread?

A Twin Flame Tarot Spread is a sequence of Tarot that cannot be overlooked. This is a 5-card tarot spread that tunes into the current moment and understands its dynamics. A Tarot reader uses a twin flame spread based on the user’s queries about twin flame.

What Does Each Tarot Card Of The Spread Depict?

First card- This card represents the current time for you. It reflects your alignment emotionally and spiritually at this moment.

Second card- This is the Twin Flame Tarot of the current time. This reflects your Twin Flame and where he or she is currently emotionally and spiritually.

Third Card- This is a tarot card that is a representation of the core issue. This tarot card reflects the problems that need healing. It represents the side that shadows you together.

Fourth Card-This tarot card is a representation of the solution or advice. This tarot will assist in both of your healing in the primary issue.

Fifth Card-This tarot represents the progress that is due or the outcome that lies in probability in the future.

In Summary:

  • You currently
  • Current Twin Flame
  • Shadow- core issue of you both
  • Advice that will heal you both
  • Progress or the outcome

A Twin Flame Tarot spread can be drawn from more than a deck. The spread is made through intuitive energy or a guiding energy source such as a pendulum to choose cards.

A Twin Flame spread is used respectfully and intentionally. It guides higher power or Spirit guide for precision and clarity.

Are We Twin Flame Tarot?

A twin flame shares certain attributes. One may encounter more than a soul mate in the form of a family member, romantic partner, or a friend. It’s a powerful relationship that encompasses spirit, mind, and body. It can shift with time as the soul evolves. It can part once the learning or healing is finished.

However, a twin flame is a relationship that has spanned over lifetimes. It is the other part of the soul, and it’s is only one. Your consciousness is shared in a twin flame. It is generally a romantic partner, but the core focus is not it. It is deep in spirit, body, and mind, but another additional angle is associated with a twin flame. This is a celestial bond that is tethered to one another, just like gravity. This is a deep longing to be with one another and remains even after the unity.

A twin flame also undergoes different phases of evolution. There can be conflict or no response in the beginning. But once their connection is acknowledged, there is a sense of totality, unity, and safety unmatched. They are at ease and homely with each other. It is a soul bond that is very intense. They are lost in friendship, intimacy, and love.

They come together for a greater purpose. The relationship is based on acceptance and wholeness. Their love transcends time and has transcended space. This comes with responsibility towards one another’s alignment to reunite as divine love. They have come together to develop together on a personal and emotional level. They are together for spiritual awakening.

They are power couples. They come together to do something more significant to the universe like a charity, helping the needy, fostering parents, religiously active roles, or anything more significant than themselves. They come together with a shared passion and may or may not be involved as a couple. Most of the time they are couples, but their physical relationship is a minor part of the bond.

Who Is My Twin Flame Tarot?

How to identify Twin Flame Tarot? It is said that soul mates have been forever, but it can be put as soul mates, heal each other and come together for spiritual growth. Again, a soul mate can be more than one. They come and go from our lives, making us better. Soul mates can be platonic or romantic. However, Twin flames are different from soulmates.

Twin flames are considered to be two halves of a soul split to two in different bodies. Each of the halves is complete on their own, but these souls reunite for a bigger purpose. The relationship of twin flames can alter the planet’s overall consciousness.

Their reunion is to become a balancing and whole soul. Their male and female side are enlightened to make them complete.

They incarnate for energetic support, enhancing consciousness and ascend. They are mirrors of each other. This includes the positives and negatives of each other. Twin flames are purely to heal each other and the world.

What Is The Twin Flame Tarot Card?

A Twin Flame Tarot Card represents a soul connection or mirror soul. A soul that split after ascending to an elevated frequency into two bodies. Their reunion marks ecstasy, eternal bond, and intense love. He or she is a carrier of the other half of you, your energy, goal, and life.

Your connection with the other half is very intense as they mirror each other. The relationship will be happiness and conflict too. The only criteria are that you need to turn inward and love yourself.

This will eventually turn into a healthy bond as your twin flame is another aspect of you. Unconditional love and the honest relationship have to be developed with your twin flame, or some part of you would eventually keep rejecting the other half.

What Does Twin Flame Mean in Tarot?

As per Greek mythology, all humans were created with four legs, four arms, and a head bearing two faces. The soul was split into two by Zeus, fearing their extreme power.

They are twins who search for each other to become whole. Each of them is half of himself. When they meet, they develop intense love and intimacy. They come together to heal each other’s baggage of negativities. The internal layer is a mirror image of one another. The energy flow is in sync with each other, and together they form a powerful aura.

According to Hindu mythology, the twin flame is similar to Ardhnareshwar. The soul of lord Shiva is split into god and goddess Parvati.

How To Know If It’s My Twin Flame Tarot?

The initial step is to turn inward in discovering your twin flame. Accepting yourself and unconditional love will lead to an in-depth spiritual work. As you embody your divinity and love, it is released into the world. It draws your flame like a magnet. When you are more natural, nurturing, and loving, you and your twin flame will discover each other to fulfill a mission together.

Once you reclaim your sincere effort and divine nature, a sense of who is your twin flame will be felt. By going inward, you will not mistake this nature from what you are looking for in a partner. He or she will come together to make this world better. Your twin flame will mirror quality like commitment, love, and care.

Your meet with your twin flame will explode your heart with love and oneness. You will be pulled together through the mission or lending support to the mission for greater love and truth.

Twin Flames Are Manifested At The Following Stages:

Search- An intense longing and awareness of lack of your life. This creates a belief in the existence of a twin flame. This is the pre-preparation phase of welcoming your twin flame.

Awakening- Noting the change when you meet someone special and unique happening due to them. You will feel an intense bond, the intoxication of the person, and thoughts of the person.

The Test- Establishing limitations and testing them before getting into the relationship. This will determine whether you stay or move away from together.

Crisis- This phase establishes long term and stable bonds with the other. It involves worries, anxiety, and challenges of self- love.

The running phase-You or your twin flame moves back and forth from running to the chasing phase. When both of them stop running or chasing, this phase ends.

Surrender-Accepting your twin flame and stopping to escape from your destiny. Solving the crisis and running/chasing phase will result in surrender.

Reunion-This phase brings you relief and balance in the bond. The stability and trust are restored, paving a way to unique love.


Everyone may not have a twin flame. The majority of individuals are happy having their soul mates. A more profound desire beyond a physical attraction, personal development, security, or a yearning to meet an immense passion together indicates the existence of a twin flame. The twin flame comes together to mark a more significant change in the planet.