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What Does The Sun Tarot Card Mean?

What Does The Sun Tarot Card Mean?

Tarot cards are not only entertaining, but spiritual as well.  The meaning of the sun tarot card depends on if it is laid reversed or upright. When the card is laid upright, it is seen as being positive, successful, and friendly.  If it is reversed, the card is seen as feeling a sense of sadness and exploring your inner child. 

“Fact – Every Tarot Card Has A Different Meaning”

When you look at the sun card, you will see that there is a picture of a bright burning sun.  This stands for positive energy.  Since all living things need the sun, it gives life to the entire earth. Without it, life could not exist. 

The 4 Sunflowers On The Card Represent:

  • The four elements. 
  • The major arcana.

There is a child that sits on the horse. The child represents that you can connect with your inner child. The child sits on a white horse. The child on the horse has no clothes on because it represents that he has nothing to hide. He is an innocent child that is innocent. When we are children, we are pure beings of light.

What Does The Sun Tarot Card Mean In Love?

Upright Position – Your love life is going to see positive results.  Your mind needs to understand that you can have problems in your love life, but there is always a clear solution.  Your lover does want to be with you, but at times, there will be troubles that come under way. 

Your lover wants to be together with you because they see you as being someone that is worthy of their time. They know that you give love purely from your heart.  They take your love and do something with it in a positive way.

Since you love so purely, your lover wants to be around you.  If you are having a disagreement or pain, you can talk it out and mend the heart.  Your lover sees you as an overall warm and friendly person. 

The sun card communicates that you should always let your lover see your positive light within you.  You need to always look at what your lover’s needs are and fulfill them.  You can ask for the same in return.

Your faith and confidence are bright like the sun.  Your lover sees you as being the person that holds the relationship together.  You do not walk in fear when it comes to love.  You are not afraid of putting your heart on the line because you see love as being something radiant.

You do believe that true love can last forever. This card will let you know that the person that you are with is your soulmate.  All that you must do is bring out more positive things within one another to make it more obvious.

When it comes to love, both of you are passionate about what you want. You both tend to go after what you feel is right for yourselves. You take pride and joy in giving of yourself and learning more about your past mistakes.

The sun card is allowing you to see that you have light within you to take to a whole new level. You can be trusted and deemed worthy of your partners love. You may not know it now, but your lover does want to be together with you and show you that you have a future with them.

If you believe that your lover is trying to tell you something, it is necessary for you to let them know where your heart stands with them. In this way, they will learn how to appreciate you and to take on new challenges that come along with loving relationships

You should ask your lover what they think of you. Do they think that you need to make some changes in your life to bond the two of you closer together?  Are you aware of the fact that most people that draw this card are already in a productive relationship? Perhaps your relationship needs some tweaking.  However, once it is perfected, you can both share in a life that is full of happiness.

You may be shocked to learn that your lover wants to be together with you in a more well-mannered way. You need to tell your lover what you see as being more positive. What can you do to build love and trust?

How can you look at life and see that you can evolve and grow as a person as well? You should know by now that you have made it this far in your relationship.

It is only a matter of time before you can discuss what is on your mind with your lover. Always leave your mind open for what could be.  Try to not make false accusations against your lover.  You need proof to what you are saying. 

Reversed Position – Your relationship is lacking in entertainment and recreational activity. Perhaps you are sitting around bored and arguing a lot because of it.  You may be entertaining activities that are not productive. 

The reversed position is telling you that its time to bring fun into your relationship again. Think of activities that you can do with your lover.  Perhaps playing board games together or reading books.  Maybe taking a nature hike or bowling.  There are many activities that you can do to “spice up” your romance.

The reversed position is trying to let you see that your relationship has become a bit dull and you need to let your inner child come out and have some fun. Your relationship is often full of problems or situations in which you may feel are to hard to deal with. By allowing yourself to have fun, you improve your relationship. 

Instead of worrying so much about your love life and what your lover may be doing behind your back, you allow yourself to stop worrying. Instead, you enjoy having fun with the person that you love. You forget about the past and decide to live for the moment. The past is the past and now you can make your present life a lot happier. 

The reversed position is also letting you know that you have failed to see hope in your relationship. There is a part of you that may have given up on your lover. Perhaps they are not what you hoped they would be.  It is time to see the positive things that lead you to them to begin with.  Perhaps they make you laugh or give you a sense of purpose. 

You are seeing your relationship as a possible dead-end street.  You may feel that you have tried everything to make it better and yet there does not seem to be any positive changes happening. 

This card does not mean death to your relationship. Instead, it is just the opposite. The sun card is here to let you know that your relationship does have hope. However, you must put positive action behind your relationship and work on changes to make it better.  It is a card that allows you to see that you must do the work that is needed to bring the relationship back on course again. 

The sun tarot card is also letting you know that you may have become to “touchy” for your lover. Perhaps they feel that they do not want to text or call you as much because every time that they talk to you, they are getting bombarded with questions. 

They may feel that you do not trust them or perhaps they feel that you are not fun to be around anymore. Your worry and negativity have affected them.  It is time for you to look inward and see how you may be coming across. 

Are you acting more like a police officer with your lover than a loving companion? Are your questions more of an interrogation with a secret agenda to why you are asking these questions to begin with? Examine your heart and see what you can come up with. If necessary, ask your lover what you are doing that is annoying.

What Does The Sun Tarot Card Represent?

  • Love
  • Purity
  • Positive Energy
  • Examination Of The Heart
  • Innocence
  • Joy
  • Happiness
  • Warmth
  • Power
  • Cleansing

Is The Sun Tarot Card A Yes Or No?

Yes, the tarot card can be either a yes or no card.  You can ask the card if you should pursue this relationship.  An upright sun card will tell you that you should pursue the relationship. 

A reversed sun card will let you know that you can make the relationship better. You will only lose your relationship if you do not put into practice some positive things to make your relationship better.  Ultimately, it will be up to you to bring more positive energy into the relationship. 

What Zodiac Signs Is The Sun Tarot Card?

The sun card is a Leo sign.  The reason for this is because the sun rules over Leo.