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What Is The Moon Tarot Card Meaning?

Depending on the question that you are asking, the moon tarot card can be interpreted in different ways. 

Here Are Some Meanings Of The Card:

  • Instinct
  • Ambitions
  • Ambiguity
  • Unstable
  • Deceit
  • Unease
  • Worry
  • Misunderstanding
  • Hidden
  • Insecurity

Upright Moon Card – Have you ever heard the expression, “things are not always as they seem”.  This is what the moon card meaning represents. Often, what we think something is, it is not.  Have you ever looked at someone and thought that they were wealthy because they were wearing nice clothing and drove a sports car? However, you come to find out later that they are preparing for bankruptcy.  This is surely something that is not what it seems to be from outward appearance.

Instinct – This moon card is in the major arcana and stands for instinct.  If you get this card during a tarot reading, it is trying to tell you that its important to trust your own intuition over what appears on the outside.  Let us say that you are trying to find love with someone. Perhaps they have told you that they are not cheating on you. However, your gut instinct is telling you that they are. The moon card is letting you know that you are right about your instincts and should trust that over what someone else is telling you. 

Dreams – This moon card meaning is also letting you know that when you dream, pay close attention to what you are dreaming about. The moon is trying to communicate to you that its time for you to trust in what you are dreaming about.  Perhaps you are dreaming that you are going to hit the lottery. Have faith that this is going to happen. When you do, good things begin to occur.

Worry – The moon card is also letting you know that you have excessive worry right now.  Perhaps you have been thinking about something negative and you need to stop.  You may be feeling that your life is garbage. These kinds of negative thoughts can only bring you down. Instead of thinking about the negative things in your life, try focusing on what you want to have happen.  Think about what is positive and then go with the flow.

After all, bad thoughts can make us do bad things. We can also fall into depression or feel like nobody cares about us. Our minds can become so in tune with negativity that we forget about our reality.

The moon card meaning is also letting you know that you are in or will become involved in a negative deal.  Perhaps you are about to buy a used car and your gut instinct is telling you to be careful. Maybe you think that something is wrong with the engine even though it sounds so perfect. Follow your gut instinct and get it checked out.  You may be shocked to bind out that you knew something about the car that the dealer did not. 

Reversed Moon Card – You have negative energy that must be addressed.  You need to think about your fears and let go of them. Stop holding onto something that is only holding you back in life. 

This card may also signify that people are talking about you behind your back. Be careful of who you associate yourself with and learn facts.

If you are generally a nervous person, the moon card is trying to tell you that you will be calm soon. Do not worry or fear the future.  Learn from the past. 

This card also tries to let you know that your imagination is trying to run away from you. Perhaps your thoughts are not always true.  Try to get the facts.

Whatever problem you have been having will soon be lifted off your shoulders. If you have been feeling anxious about something, this card is letting you know that everything is soon going to be okay.  Do not worry.

What Is The Moon Tarot Card Meaning In Love?

Upright Position – This card is trying to tell you that you are not so sure about the relationship.  You are feeling a bit uneasy about your love life. Perhaps you think that he/she may not be as into you as you are into them.  Maybe you feel upset by the fact that you are not compatible as you thought you were. Perhaps you are not communicating well with your partner. Perhaps he/she likes to talk about their job, and you hate hearing about it. 

Maybe you are in a situation in which your friends are trying to tell you that you are with your soulmate. However, you feel that your lover is the farthest thing from what a soulmate should be.  Things are not always as they seem.

If you are not in love with anyone and started to date someone, the moon card is telling you to be careful of deception. Perhaps the person that you are into you is only out to use you for money or perhaps some type of gain. They only want what is best for themselves and really do not want to have anything to do with you.  The tarot card is telling you to be careful and to watch your back.

Reversed – Your lover will soon reveal the truth of the lies that they have been telling you.  Perhaps you have suspected of them lying or cheating you in some way. The truth is about to come out.

Your relationship has been up and down for a while.  The moon card is trying to tell you that clarity is about to happen for you. What a relief!

If you think that your partner is not a love match for you, let them go. There is no use in holding onto someone that only brings you down.

What Is The Moon Tarot Card Meaning In Career?

Upright Position – You are not sure which direction to take or life path to be on. Maybe one day you want to be a mechanic and the next day a beautician.  At work, you often feel misunderstood. Perhaps you do not like your boss, or they do not like you.  Are there problems in communication? Can your problem be solved?  What do you have to do to better things at work?

When it comes to making an investment in something, the moon card is telling you to use caution. Do not invest in anything that you do not know anything about. If you feel that investing in something will make you lose money, you are most likely right. 

Reversed – Your career will start to get better. The problems that you have been experiencing with work or with your co-workers will start to get better. The worst is over and now its time to see things passing by more positively. 

If you are thinking about going back to school to better your career, the moon card is trying to tell you that now is the time to do it. 

What Is The Moon Tarot Card Meaning In Health?

Upright Position – The moon card is telling you that your health may not be up to par as you would have hoped.   It is time for you to check in with your doctor and ask them questions about your health. You may want to get a physical. 

You may be suffering from fear, anger issues or anxiety.  You need to examine yourself and see if you need professional health.  The card is also trying to tell you that you should trust your instincts with suspected ailments. Perhaps you think that you might have cancer. You do not know why, but something is telling you to get checked out. It is important to let your doctor know how you feel. 

You may be shocked to learn that many people find out that they have cancer based on their instincts of just feeling that something is not right.  When they go to their doctor and get tested, the doctor often will tell them that their instincts were right. Sometimes, you must trust what your instincts are saying to you. 

Reversed – Its time to think more about your reality and leave fantasy behind.  Perhaps your anxiety and depression are coming from you believing that you must be the next billionaire. However, you only earn $500.00 a week. It is okay to dream but be more realistic about your goals and expectations. 

You are about to learn more about any physical ailments that have been bothering you. The moon card is trying to let you know that your doctor may be calling you with some news about an appointment that you recently had with them.

What Is The Moon Tarot Card Meaning In Spirituality?

Upright Position – This card talks about intuition as it relates to your spiritual gifts.  If you have a love for astrology or psychic readings, the moon card is trying to steer you in a direction to make you do this. Perhaps you feel that you have a calling in your life to give readings to people. Maybe you never knew that it was possible. However, the moon card is trying to tell you that it is time to start exploring.  See what it takes for you to become a reader.

If you meditate, it means that you are supposed to pay close attention to any warnings that you might be getting from within.  Perhaps your spirit guides are trying to let you know that life is about to get better or worse for you. You may get visions of losing or gaining money. Maybe your spirit guides will tell you that its important to pray more because you need more relaxation time. 

Reversed – You are ignoring the message from the spirit word.  You are not giving enough focus to what you know is right.  You need to focus on what your spirit guides are trying to say to you.

You may not be using your psychic gifts as you should. Perhaps you are afraid to use them and yet know that you can help a lot of people.  Its time to put your fears behind and use what you know you are capable of.

What Does The Moon Tarot Card Represent?

  • Everything is not as it seems.
  • Trust your instincts.
  • Learn from your dreams.
  • Pay attention to your fears and anxiety.
  • You may be insecure with yourself.
  • Watch out for bad people/poor business dealings.

What Does The Moon Tarot Card Symbolize?

It symbolizes enlightenment.

What Does The Moon Tarot Card Stand For?

It stands for not everything being as it seems.