What Is The Year Of The Pig Meaning?

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What Is The Year Of The Pig Meaning?

Do not be insulted if someone calls you a pig.  You may be a pig and not even know it.  The pig is the 12th of the zodiac animals.  Apparently, there was a Jade emperor at the time in which the pig lived.  Emperor Jade assigned each animal a place in the zodiac based on its arrival to the kingdom. The pig arrives last because he had overslept. 

The Pig Is Also Associated With:

  • Earthly Branch
  • The Hours of Nine And Eleven O’clock P.M.
  • The Pig is a Yin (Yin And Yang).
  • If You Are a Pig, Then You Symbolize Wealth.

In What Years Are Pigs Born?

  • 1935
  • 1947
  • 1959
  • 1971
  • 1983
  • 1995
  • 2007
  • 2019

What Elements Match Each Year?

  • 1935 – Wood
  • 1947 – Fire
  • 1959 – Earth
  • 1971 – Metal
  • 1983 – Water
  • 1995 – Wood
  • 2007 – Fire
  • 2019 – Earth
  • 2031 – Metal

“Each of these years is also a ying.  There is no yang in these years.”

What Is The Year Of The Pigs True Personality And Characteristics?

Pig personalities are outgoing and will often give you a piece of their mind if they need to. You can say that they are straight forward and to the point. Pigs do not let you say whatever comes out of your mouth. They like you to take a stand for what you are saying and even believe in. A pig is someone with a more outgoing personality.  They are more extroverted.

learning the meaning of pigs
Do Not Be Insulted If Someone Calls You A Pig. Pigs Are Hard Working.

Pigs are average spenders. They do like luxury in life, but do not overspend.  They like to feel that they can have a savings and a healthy retirement account. It is hard to imagine your life without it.

A pig will work hard for what they want. They will work long hours to let the world know that they will not be a slacker in life. They often motivate other zodiac signs to do the same. 

Pigs enjoy working hard and will often do a job that they hate to earn money. They will do it with pride, joy, and happiness. They like to accomplish the goals that they set out to do. Pigs almost always look after themselves to find their own inner peace. 

When a pig becomes a manager, CEO, or supervisor, they do the right to the best of their ability.  Pigs believe that the person in charge should be respected.  Even if you do not like your boss, they believe that the leadership position should be respected.  Pigs do not like disrespect and will put another worker in place if they cross the line with their manager. They are all about fairness. 

What Is The Fortune Of Each Pig Year?

If you are born in the dates of 1971 and 2031:

Your fortune is/will be that you own a business or oversee an operation.  You can be a manager, CEO, or boss in some capacity.  At home, they often dislike cooking and picking up around the house. They would rather come home and relax. This means that they may sit down and watch television when coming home from work.

Pigs born in 1971 and 2031 will be saving their money for the most part.  Pigs born in these years will feel that they have a lot of success and will work hard to maintain their position in life. 

Unfortunately, pigs born in these years will lose their wealth if they get lazy.  At times, they work so hard that they need a vacation. However, in this day in age, its hard to get away.  If the pig decides to slack off, it could get rough for them financially. Therefore, take your breaks when you need to. Learn how to rest and to have fun on your days off.  This is the only way for success in the future. 

Pigs Born In the Years 1983 and 2043:

People born in this year are bright creative thinkers.  They are known for inventions and for thinking in depth about a particular topic. They are known for creating things that the world has never seen before. 

These creative minds want to make the world a better place. However, if someone criticizes their idea, they may go against their own idea and follow the lead of the individual that they trust more. They can easily be swayed.

Pigs born in 1983 and 2043 will be great listeners.  They will listen to what someone is saying and will let you know how they feel as well.  These pigs will also be great communicators. They will speak their mind and let you know what they are thinking and visualizing. 

pigs have good luck in money
Pigs Have Good Luck In Money

Their zodiac sign tells us that they will always have money in some way, shape or form.  They will always let someone know how they feel and what they are experiencing.  Pigs will always let someone know what they are experiencing based on what they are seeing and doing in life.

Pigs Born In The Years 1935 and 1995:

You are caring and eager to make something happen.  You possess great determination and want everyone around you to know that everything is going to be okay.  You are a motivator.  People are often drawn to you because of how loveable you are. 

These pigs are known for leading simple lives.  They often have good relationships with people because they put family, love, and friendships before money.  They tend to go after their emotions first. In this way, they will always have balance with money.  People will always be willing to lend you a helping hand. 

Pigs Born In 1947 and 2007:

You like to depend on other people for what you need.  You are often raised with parents that give to you and therefore, when you are older, you expect this to continue by getting what you can from other people. 

In work, they make great team players. They are often not good leaders. Appointing a pig to a CEO position is often not a good idea.  They do much better work hard amongst their fellow co-workers. 

Pigs often make friends easily. They are known to be people that everyone feels drawn to. They are often known for their good looks and calming personality. They like to make others in the room feel more balanced, happy, and connected to a world that they enjoy being in. 

Pigs born in 1947 and 2007 will often tell you that they are willing to save their money for a rainy day.  They often enjoy feeling that they can have money to take care of themselves and family if need be.

Pigs Born In The Years 1959 and 2019:

You enjoy talking to your friends and family.  Pigs born in 1959 and 2019 will often enjoy hosting parties and letting everyone around them feel welcome.  They often receive a lot of emotional support when they are feeling down. They often want to have everyone around them to feel a sense of happiness and care.  They often feel happy about their life and want to understand people well. 

They will have financial success when they are in their 20’s and 40’s. It will often be hard for them to gain wealth in their 20’s. However, if they are born into a wealthy family, they can gain wealth faster due to their family’s intervention.

When it comes to romance, they are not so “touchy feely”.  Pigs will often push affection back. They often prefer making love at night, but not getting the hugs and kisses during the day. This is an area of their life that needs work if they are ever going to please their partner.

How Are Men Zodiac Signs Born In The Pig Year?

If you are a man born in a pig year, then your personality is going to be a kind, generous and you will have a good outlook on life.  When you put your mind to something, you will accomplish what is before you.  You do not give up easily and tend to make everyone around you feel that they can rely on you. Your focused mind makes everyone else see that they can be there with you as well.

When it comes to money, you often spend without thinking. You tend to buy what you want and do not worry about other bills that may have to be paid first. If you have had your eyes on a new shirt, you may buy that before paying your water bill. This can get you into trouble.  Male pigs need to learn balance with money. 

Male pigs are also known to fall for financial gimmicks. They are often drawn to gambling and games of chance involving money.  Men pigs can often lose their money due to their own negligence.  Male pigs often lose their wealth at certain points in their lives and may even go bankrupt.  It is important for them to learn a healthy balance of spending money.

Anyone can learn about pig signs
Pigs Get Along Well With Some Animal Signs And Not Others

Women will often see men pigs quiet. They like to keep to themselves. They often do not tell you everything that they are thinking. In social settings, they will often not say much.  They will often shut down emotionally and not involve themselves in anything other than what they are feeling.

Male pigs will show everyone that they are welcome. They are not rude by any means.  They often trust friends and family easily. This can get them hurt at times. However, because they trust so easily, people often like them because of it. They will often stand up for them if they run into trouble. Male pigs often have friends that want to be there for them and will stand by their side. 

What Can You Expect From A Woman Pig?

Women pigs are exciting to be around. They make everyone around them feel welcome, happy, free, and exited.  They are often the “life of the party”.  They have a more laid-back personality. They want to let everyone know and feel that they can have love in life. 

Female pigs will gain everyone’s trust around them.  They are best known for their honesty and integrity. Women pigs want everyone to feel equal. They want everyone around them to feel sad.

Women pigs often love attention. Therefore, they may text or call someone excessively. She will often let others know that she is there loud and clear. However, not every other animal sign will be comfortable with this.  Women pigs need to learn balance.  If someone is not responding back to them, they are trying to send a clear message to leave them alone. They do not want to be bothered right now. Sometimes, female pigs are known to be pushy and somewhat problematic.

With money, women pigs will do well. They tend to earn good money and often have people around them saying that the want them to have great wealth.  They will often want good money flowing in and do not allow things to happen that would put them in a bad financial position. 

Women pigs tend to be hard workers. They will never be without money.  People often enjoy being around them because they are generous and known for helping friends and family with money.

Female pigs are also not messy.  They organize everything that comes into their existence.  Female pigs often put everything in its proper place.  They want their kids and family members to know that being organized is feng shui. Everything has a place and it should be respected. 

As moms, they rule.  They love to see their children laughing and having a good time.  They want their children to know that they can be there for them.  Whatever their kids need, women pigs provide.     

Who Are Pig Animal Signs Compatible With?

Pig zodiac signs are compatible with goats, tigers, and rabbits.  If you are a pig sign and already dating a tiger, you probably are already connecting with your best match.  Tigers are playful and courageous.  They let everyone around them know how they feel and what they are capable of. This often makes the pig feel a sense of trust.  Tigers will often lead the relationship, and this often makes pig signs feel like they do not have to do much work in the relationship to keep it going. 

Rabbit signs will often let the pig know how smart they are.   Rabbit signs want the world to know where they stand.  Rabbits are known for making someone feel good about themselves. 

Goat animal signs will have a lot in common with pig signs. They will often let the pig know that they can talk about similar topics of interest.  Most goat and pig signs feel like they might have had a past life together because they are so compatible. When the two of you first meet, you will feel that you have found our soulmate.

Who Is The Least Compatible With Pig Signs?

Monkey and snake signs should not be around pig signs.  These animal signs often do not get along well with pigs.  These zodiac signs will often feel a lot of arguing happening amongst them. 

When pigs, monkeys and snakes get together, they often feel a sense of happiness gone downhill. It is often hard for them to look at life and feel a sense of balance and change.  It is important for the pig sign to look at their own inner happiness and see change.  Pigs tend to like peace and monkey signs tend to like a lot of up and downs.  They are “jumpier” in love and friendship.  Pigs like more stability. 

being a fat pig means that you are full of wealth
If Someone Calls You A Fat Pig, Then You Have Lots of Financial Fortune Coming Your Way

What Is Pig Favorite Colors?

The favorite colors for pig signs are brow, yellow and gray.  If you ever want to get clothes for a pig, try buying it in one of these colors. You may be shocked to find out that its their favorite color. 

What Are Pig Years Lucky Numbers?

The lucky numbers for pig years are eight, two and five.  It is possible that these numbers will bring them luck in life. 

What Is The Mineral Associated With Pig Years?


What Is The Direction Of Wealth For A Pig?

Your direction points northeast.

Is There A Direction Of Love For a Pig?

Yes, this direction always points north.

What Is Unlucky For A Pig?

Pigs should stay away from the colors green and blue. Being around these colors can often make them feel a sense of unhappiness, not belonging and sadness.  They will often feel like they do not belong. 

They also need to stay away from the numbers nine, one and seven. This is mainly because they will have bad luck with these numbers.  Try to avoid anything having to do with these numbers. 

What Are The Best Career Choices For Pig Animal Signs?

Pig signs have a rather calm way about themselves.  They tend to make great pastors, life coaches, therapists, health care workers and leaders.  They should go after jobs in which they can show their hard work and good ethics.  Even though not all pig years will be CEO’s, they still loyalty and easy-going personalities.  You can take on jobs that would normally make people upset and show that the job could be done with love.

They also make great teachers.  If another animal sign runs into a problem or makes an error, pig signs will help that zodiac sign to correct the mistake. They want to be known as the helping sign.  They often enjoy helping people to learn more about themselves through their strong work ethics and talents.  Pig signs can generally help someone to understand their life situation a little bit easier. 

Pigs have a great way of expressing and explaining. They know how to reach a person to their core.

If the pig is a business owner, they will often take a gamble on something that they believe in.  Perhaps they want to invent a new product for the company.  They will often put all their efforts into something that others may not know anything about.  They love to take a risk.

How Are Pigs With Health and Wellness?

Pig animal signs love working out. They are known for taking good care of their bodies and letting everyone else around them know where they stand.  Pigs like to eat well and have energy that makes others feel drawn to them.

Pigs often have a more natural approach to eating. They are more health conscious and often avoid eating foods that are not good for you.  Pigs want everyone around them to know where they stand on health. At parties, they will often point out what is healthy to eat and unhealthy as well. 

Pigs work hard at their jobs and often have a lot of stress. Pig signs need to take breaks and often do not. Pig signs will often work towards a specific goal.  They often like feeling that they can take on new challenges and work towards something specific.  Pigs often enjoy putting their full efforts into something that works out well.

Pigs need to be watchful for overworking themselves. This can cause problems for them later in life.  Stress is known for leading up to heart problems, cholesterol issues and even strokes.  It is important for pig signs to learn when to take a vacation and time off from work.

Pigs will not always do what they should for their health to be at a maximum potential. As they age, it is important for pig signs to sit down and learn what they should do to have their own inner happiness. 

Do Pig Signs Like Education?

Pig signs often enjoy learning. Pigs often graduate from high school and go on to college/university.  You will often do well in subjects that interest you. You will often work hard to get an A.  you are an overachiever when it comes to subjects that you want to learn more about.

Pigs are often driven to finish what they start.  However, when a pig sign does not like what they are learning, they often want to flee it quickly. Make sure to check with your teacher to ensure that you will not get a bad grade by dropping out of the course. Always be responsible with your education.  There is nothing worse than working hard towards a specific goal and not knowing where you are going to go afterwards. 

Will Pig Signs Find Meaning In Soulmate Love?

When a pig sign finds their true love, they will find happiness forever. In todays world, everyone seems to be after their soulmate/twin flame. It is not uncommon to hear about pig signs finding love easily. Pigs are easy to get along with. 

If you are a pig and trying to find meaning in your soulmate connection, it is important to write down why you love your partner so much. The main reason here is because you need to tell your partner how you feel about them. Let them know that when they are around you, you feel that they are special. You like to feel that you can open and discuss whatever comes to mind. 

The energy here is that you are going to continue to make the connection become alive. You will eventually see that the two of you can make this connection become impactful over time.

It is important for pig signs to say what they feel.  If they do not say what is on their mind in love, then they will not find much meaning.  They need to speak their mind freely. No matter how your life partner responds to you, its important for pig signs to say whatever they are going through and experiencing in life.  It is up to the pig to lead the relationship as best as they can.  You will find that gaining love with a pig sign is easy as well. 

Pigs Are:

  • Loyal
  • Independent
  • Courteous
  • Interesting
  • Easy to Talk to
  • Hard Working
  • True Leaders
  • Ambitious
  • Promising
  • Smart

As you can see, pigs will find true meaning in what they are doing if they can put their minds to it.  In this way, they can easily take on task that will bring them to a whole new level within. Pigs tend to make everyone around them know that they care about them and that they are there to make everyone’s life a bit easier.

When it comes to love, pig signs know how to make romance in the bedroom happen as well. They tend to feel good around their soulmate when they are snuggled up next to them alone at night. Pigs need that special one on one attention with their lovers.  They want their lover to know the deep and passionate meaning they have in their relationship with one another. 

Pig signs must begin showing what their true character is like with their lover. Pigs will always have a sense of knowing. They like to feel that they can overcome difficult challenges in a relationship.

Pigs should never fight about money with their lover. Pigs need to be serious and let their lover know when they have messed up. If a pig has done something wrong financially, own up to it. Lovers should always know that pigs make mistakes like anyone else. 

A pig animal sign can be sensitive at times. If they feel like you are trying to come down on them, they can take offense to that. They do not like to make people feel like they must do something to win their heart and love. Pigs need to always feel that they can take control over something.  Pigs like to feel that they are the ones that will always look at something and make sense of it. 

If you plan on being with a pig as your soulmate, you must let them know it when you first meet.  Pigs like to feel an instant “love at first sight” connection. If you are a pig, you know how you are when it comes to love. You like honesty, trust, and loyalty. If someone is not being honest with you, it can mean an end to the relationship forever. 

As you can see, pigs are romance lovers at heart. They find nothing more appealing then being with their soulmate.  They are searching for their soulmate from the day that they are born. They want everyone around them to know that they cherish love. 

Soulmates are often there for you when you need them. They encourage you to do what you feel is right in your life. They tend to make everyone around them happy and they know that they are there for you in life as well. 

As you can see, pig signs have a lot of character, good work ethics and love guiding them along in their life path.  You should be happy to know that when you put forth full effort, you can accomplish anything that you want to in life. Pigs have a great way of making people feel like anything is possible. They have a certain way about themselves that makes everyone else around them feel safe.

Pigs are going to lead many of the animal’s signs into the new year. They are going to let other zodiac signs know that when you put your mind to something, you will accomplish what is necessary. 

As you can see, pig signs are here to stay. They will allow people to know and understand their own life path a lot better. They are even more “psychic” than other zodiac signs.

We are living in a changing world. Many people are beginning to take an interest in astrology.  It is important for pig signs to express what they know about this topic to other animal signs when the time is right.  Pigs are highly intuitive and want to tell you everything that they believe to be true. 

Now that you have learned the true meaning of what it is to be a pig, you can really learn more about yourself.  It is important for you to learn more about this sign by reading books and articles on the topic. 

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