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How To Get A Palm Reading Love Line

What Does the Love Line Mean In Palm Reading?

The love line is often referred to as the “heart line” in palmistry.  The love line is one of the three main lines in palm readings.  It is located just above the headline.  If you look on your hand, you should go from the edge of your palm and under the pinky.  It runs through your palm and stops below the middle finger. 

People will often want to know about their love line if they want answers to their romantic life.  The love line can communicate a lot to you about the kind of person you are when it comes to romance.  Are you the kind of man or woman that wants affection?  Do you enjoy intimacy and candlelight dinners? 

Love is not always simple for every person.  Sometimes, love is not easy to explain.  Sometimes, men and women have multiple lovers in their life.  They do not want just one. Your heart line will communicate how you want to live the rest of your life in relation to romance.

If you get a palm reading and the psychic tells you that your heart line is curved, this means that you have a good attitude and desire for love.  Not everyone will have a curve. 

Therefore, they may be more into money and other pleasures of life.  The heart line does not always show consistency in men.  Many men do not desire love first in their lives. Instead, they prefer to spend their time working on their careers.

Many men like relationships, but often feel that intimacy is enough, and they do not need all the hugging and kissing that comes along with a romantic relationship. 

If you are a woman with a strong curve, you will probably not find much romance with a man that has little passion for love. 

Your Love Line Is Good If It Is:

  • Obvious
  • Continuous
  • Stretches to the forefinger and middle finger.
  • Two splits at the end.
  • If it has three splits at the end.

What Does A Good Heart Line Tell You?

  • You have a loving heart.
  • You make friends rather easily.
  • You are well liked by people.

What Happens If Your Love Line Is Short?

If you have a short love line, this means that your love line goes to the middle finger.  Your love line can also be lacking.

What Does A Short Heart Line Say About You?

  • You are selfish
  • Heartless
  • You do things to please yourself without thinking about other people’s feelings.
  • You will be lonesome because you often only care about yourself.
  • You will find that love is more difficult for you in your lifetime.

What Does A Long Love Line Represent?

  • You do not “beat around the bush”.  You say what is on your mind.
  • You can be stubborn at times.
  • Your occupation will not be an easy road for you.  You will have complications with it from time to time.
  • You will find that your lovers often desert you or breakups happen frequently.

Where Is The Mount Of Jupiter Located?

This is positioned underneath the forefinger.  The mount of Jupiter communicates deep love, passion for goals in your life and an expectance of your future.  

Where Is The Mount Of Saturn Located?

It is located underneath the middle finger.  The mount of Saturn indicates real love.

What Does It Mean If Your heart line stops Beneath the Mount of Jupiter and comes together with the Mount of Saturn?

This means that love is going to happen to you in the purest form. You will have nothing to worry about when it comes to finding a life partner.

What If Your Love Line is Curved?

Upward Curve – You know how to communicate well.  You tend to set the mood for romance and your lover feels that you take care of them romantically.

Downward Curve – You are not strong enough to handle love.  You do not know who you are.  You cause your lovers to leave you because they see you as being someone that does not know themselves well.  You leave your lover feeling uncertain about what will happen with you in a loving relationship. 

Straight Curve – You have strong stability in your life.  You want one lover and are easy to communicate with. Your lover feels that they can talk to you about anything.  You most likely are destined to have a family of your own someday. 

Does Your Love Line Have An Age?

Yes, it does.  You should take a pen and draw straight up lines from the middle to the bottom of every finger (do not include your thumb).   Draw them to the heart line. 

When the fate line and heart line intersect, they come to the age of fifty-five.  Unfortunately, the age is not always 100% accurate. In fact, they often give an estimated age. 

How To Get A Palm Reading Love Line

It is easy to get a palm reading love line done.  All that you must do is go to a video chat psychic website or visit a palm reader in person. Palm readers are best done in person. However, thanks to video chat technology, you can often find that a palm reader can read your palms in the comfort of your own home.  Websites like have an awesome and easy to use video chat system in which you can communicate with a clairvoyant using your video camera.  It feels a lot like being in person with a psychic reader.

You do not even have to show your face if you do not want to. However, having a psychic read your palms without showing them will be almost impossible to do. 

Where Can You Get A Paid Palm Reading Online?

  • Video chat websites.
  • In person

What Does Your Palm Love Line Say About You?

We all want to know who we are as a person.  What is our purpose when it comes to love? Are we meant to be alone?  Many people turn to palmistry to get the answers that they have been searching for. 

You can get good relationship answers through a palm reading. You can find out if you are ready for love or perhaps need some time to heal from a previous relationship that you were involved in. 

Palmistry is often called chiromancy by many cultures around the world.  It allows you to look at the lines on the palms of your hands and make sense of them.

The Three Main Lines In Palmistry Are:

  • Headline
  • Fate Line
  • Heart Line (love line)

The lines on your hand are going to be straight, extended or curved.  You will find as we stated above that you may not always understand your lines because of one reason or another. Studying the palms of your hands take time. Therefore, people often turn to a palm reader for answers. You will often find that when you get a palm reading, it helps you to understand and to see that you are not alone in the world.  You have a lover that can be together with you.

If you are a difficult person and your love line is showing that, it does not mean that it is impossible for you to have or find love. It simply means that you need to change some things about yourself to have love.  Sometimes, we can walk through life feeling alone. We often do not know why our relationships fail us.  The love line in the palm of your hand will let you know that changes must happen within you if you are to find love. 

Sometimes, people are born to be better in money and business. They may not be good at love. This kind of person needs to stay more focused on love and try to step away from always obsessing about money all the time. This can easily happen if they are not careful. 

In today’s world, relationships tend to come and go in people’s lives for one reason or another. It is important for you to look at your life and sense something about someone. You need to look at someone and imagine yourself learning how to give.  The more giving you are in a relationship, the better turnout it will be for you. 

Palm readings communicate what we are going to experience in life. It also tells you about what has happened to you already.  Palm readers believe that the fate of your future has a lot to do with the way that your lines run in your hands.  You may not fully understand love and that is why a palm reading will help you to realize that you can have a sense of love, happiness, and success in your life.

As you can see, palm readings will help you to understand fate and how it works.  Some people believe in destiny and others do not.  When it comes to your love line, it means that you have a lot of opportunity to figure this all out. 

As the saying goes, you may not fully understand everything about love, but you certainly can try.  Palm readings are just another avenue into the future of your life and what will happen to it along the way.