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Is There A 1986 Chinese Zodiac Compatibility?

Is There A 1986 Chinese Zodiac Compatibility?

If you were born in the year 1986, this makes you a tiger sign according to Chinese astrology.  Tigers come third in the 12-year calendar cycle.  We are going to talk about your compatibility with other zodiac signs.  Which animal signs do you bond best with?  What zodiac signs should you stay away from.  These questions and much more will be talked about. 

When it comes to love, tigers bond best with pigs, dragons, and horses.  Tigers will find that bonding with any of these three animal signs will almost ensure that you are going to be with a lifelong partner.  Love can happen for you.

Pigs – Career driven.  High positive energy towards life.  Pigs want to be compatible with the person that they are with.  Therefore, they enjoy the company of a tiger.  They want the tiger to know that their love for them will never die down. Pigs like security and tigers embrace that. 

Dragons – High integrity.  Dragons love honesty and have a rather peaceful look on their faces when they are happy. They love the tiger’s passionate side to life. They seldom ask for help and tigers are very much the same way.

Horses – Horses are adventurous beings as well.  They want to take good care of their mind, body, and soul.  You will often find them hanging out with a tiger sign to get their outlook on life.  Tigers and horses end up getting married almost 99% of the time because they have like personalities.  Their compatibility makes them realize that they are soulmates. 

Worst Compatibility Matches For A Tiger:

  • Monkey
  • Ox
  • Snake
  • Tiger

If you are dating a tiger and wondering if you still have hope regardless of your animal sign, the answer is yes. The reason for this is because tigers like to give their lovers multiple chances to prove themselves.  If you believe that you can still win the heart of a tiger sign, I encourage you to go for it. You can always try to prove yourself. If you mess up, tell the tiger that you are sorry and that you will try better next time. Nobody is perfect and life and we all make mistakes. 

Sometimes, you can teach the tiger zodiac sign how to be patient. Even though tiger signs do not want to be patient, you can teach them how to be. This will help them in all aspects of life. You have power to change a situation to make it better.  You never have to believe that anything is set in stone. 

When dating, it is important to know that a tiger likes to bond well with their lover while working out and playing.  If you want your companionship to grow, it is important to do fun activities with your tiger. Whatever you do, do not be lazy around a tiger zodiac sign.

Best Jobs For Tigers:

Cop – Tigers love taking control and telling others what to do.

Financial Analyst – Tigers want everyone to be balanced in budget. They like taking care of people and watching out for their money so that they do not end up without nothing.

Health Care – Tigers want to help those that are sick and have trouble in life.  They love to feel like they are the hero.  Tiger zodiac signs make excellent nurses, doctors, and veterinarians. 

Attorney – Tigers want to stand up for people that are not being treated fairly. Tiger signs will fight tooth and nail to see that you get justice. They are all about people feeling like they have justice in life.

Your compatibility with a tiger depends solely and you and how you handle your connection.  Do not be afraid to speak your mind to a tiger. However, also know that tigers will not always agree with you. If you disagree with them, make sure that you have facts to back up what you are saying.  This will avoid arguments.

Tigers will give you a fair platform to let you know what means a lot to you.  You have knowledge to learn more about the future and what happens with it.  Learn how to own up to what you want to achieve in life.

Learning more about tigers will help you to grow your compatibility with them.  Please read below to find out more information about tigers.

What Years Are Tiger Chinese Zodiac Signs?

  • 1914
  • 1926
  • 1938
  • 1950
  • 1962
  • 1974
  • 1986
  • 1998
  • 2010
  • 2022
  • 2034

What Is The 1986 Chinese Zodiac Element?

You may not know that your earthly branch is a Yin.  You are also a wood element.  This is also refereed to as Mu in Chinese culture.  In terms of Yin and Yang, tigers are a Yang.

What Is The 1986 Chinese Zodiac Animal?


What Is The 1986 Chinese Zodiac Personality Like?

Tiger personalities come with great courage.  They can be mean at times when they do not get their way.  If you cross a tiger, you may get yourself into some trouble. Tigers do not take betrayal lightly.

Tigers also have control issues. They like to make people do what they want. Even if you are against something, a tiger sign will often try to make you do things there way.  They do not take well to be told what to do. 

Other Chinese zodiac signs see the tiger as a leader. They often want them to be their manager or business owner. They possess excellent leadership and tend to take care of their whole team.

Tigers are known for wanting to run around and do sightseeing.  They are often prone to letting people see what they are all about. Tiger signs want to let the world know where they stand on issues of politics and religion. 

This zodiac sign also enjoys working towards a specific goal. If they have their heart on doing a certain occupation, they will often go out there and do it. They will not let money or other obstacles stop them.  They want to succeed in life.

Other zodiac signs see the tiger as being haughty as well. Tiger signs want everyone to know where they stand. However, this can come across as being “Mr./Mrs. Know it all”. 

Tigers are also known to be giving. They enjoy handing out presents to people.  They want to always make sure that everyone in their circle has enough food and love.  If a tiger sign sees that something is lacking, they will often step in to help. 

Tiger signs stand up for what is right. You may see their sign standing up for equality and protest. They often make excellent politicians because they care about the poor and those that are less fortunate.  It is possible for a tiger sign to never give up on something that they believe in. 

Tiger signs are not shy about telling someone when they are wrong.  They are great at putting bullies in their place.  If someone thinks that they can do wrong around a tiger and get away with it, think again!

Tigers do have a courageous side to them.  They do not fear the impossible. They are most likely to try out new things that may scare other people. This may be jumping out of an airplane or attempting to jump off a high cliff into water. 

As children, tigers can be unruly.  If you tell them not to eat their cookie before dinner, they will often do it anyways.  They like having a mind of their own from an early age. 

Tiger men and women are honest. If they tell you that they are going to do something, they will do it.  You will learn that a tiger is trustworthy and well balanced. 

A tiger sign loves to hang outside. If they live in a warm climate, they are often found on beaches and parks. They enjoy recreation.  A tiger is known to enjoy celebrating birthdays and other occasions. 

Which Personality Describes Each Tiger By Their Element?

1914 and 1974 – This makes you a wood tiger.  You are a person that likes coming to a friend’s aid when they are in need.  You do not want to see people around you are being picked on, lied to, or bullied. 

You are not one to be controlled. Your parents may describe you as being someone that is more on their own and set in their ways.  Perhaps your mother told you that you were hard to control as a child.

You have sadness in your soul when you see someone else hurting.  If you see a person crying, you will often cry with them. 

1926 and 1986 – This makes you a Fire element.  You are extremely outgoing and have a positive attitude on life.  You like doing things on your own. You do not need a group of people with you to enjoy something in life. You do not mind sitting down at a table all by yourself in a restaurant and eating. 

1938 and 1998 – You want to get the job done.  You will work all day if you must. You make something happen when you feel that it is the right thing to do. 

1950 and 2010 – Your element is metal.  You have a deep desire to know that your family and friends are okay. When you hear that someone in your circle is having a problem, you often run to their aid to help.  You do not want to see anyone suffering.  You are always doing something new. Your friends and family may tell you that you are always up to something.  Perhaps you enjoy sports and recreation. You often try out new things to learn. 

1962 and 2022 – Your element is water.  You have so much confidence in yourself.  Zodiac signs see you as being sure of yourself all the time.  People may even see you as being “stuck up”.  You have a great way of learning information. You absorb everything that you see and hear. You believe in yourself and feel like you have what it takes to make it in love, money, and career. You have great faith in who you are as a person. 

What Is My Element Based On The Year That I Was Born?

  • 1926 – Fire
  • 1938 – Earth
  • 1950 – Metal
  • 1962 – Water
  • 1974 – Wood
  • 1986 – Fire
  • 1998 – Earth
  • 2010 – Metal
  • 2022 – Water
  • 2034 – Wood

When Does My Tiger Year Start And End?

  • 1926 Feb.13,1926  to Feb.1,1927 
  • 1938 Jan.31,1938 to Feb.18,1939
  • 1950 Feb.17,1950  to Feb.5,1951 
  • 1962 Feb.5,1962    to Jan.24,1963
  • 1974 Jan.23,1974  to Feb.10,1975
  • 1986 Feb.9,1986    to Jan.28,1987
  • 1998 Jan.28,1998  to Feb.15,1999
  • 2010 Feb.14,2010  to Feb.2,2011 
  • 2022 Feb.1,2022 to Jan.21,2023
  • 2034 Jan.19,2034  to Feb.7,2035 

What Are The Lucky Numbers For Tiger Signs?

  • 4
  • 1
  • 3

What Are Lucky Colors For Tiger Signs?

  • Orange
  • Blue
  • Gray
  • White

What Are The Lucky Flowers For Tiger Signs?

  • Anthurium
  • Cineraria

What Are The Unlucky Numbers For Tiger Signs?

  • 8
  • 6
  • 7

What Are Unlucky Colors For Tiger Chinese Zodiac Signs?

  • Black
  • Silver
  • Brown
  • Gold

Do Tiger Zodiac Signs Have An Unlucky Direction?

Yes, the unlucky direction for a tiger sign is northwest.