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What Is September 27 Zodiac Sign Compatibility?

What Is September 27 Zodiac Sign Compatibility?

People born on September 27th are Libra signs.  Libras tend to bond well with air signs.  This zodiac sign happens to love the arts.  You will find that many Libra zodiac signs are fond of music and often take up an instrument in high school and college.  Libras tend to stay focused on what they are doing at the time.  They do not look at other things outside of their interests. 

Libras are also peacekeepers in a relationship.  They like to keep the peace and therefore, will often avoid saying what is on their mind. If they feel unhappy about something, you may never know it. They can be a lot like Virgos in many ways.  They tend to be more introverted than Scorpios and Taurus signs.  They love the fact that they can communicate with their own body language. 

September 27 zodiac signs often want to let their lover know that they wish to not offend them in love.  They will often try to avoid arguments in fear that an argument might arise. A Libra would much rather try to talk something out peacefully than having something erupt into an argument. 

Libras find that having a companion makes them happier in life. They seldom like living alone.  As a Libra man or woman ages, they desire the companionship of others even more.

It is important for the Libra to feel a sense of security with the person that intrigues them the most. It is important for the Libra to feel connected with someone that is going to help them to grow as a person.

True compatibility for a Libra means seeing things clearly.  Libras want to know what you are thinking. It is important for you to let a Libra man or woman know what is on your mind.  Talking out problems almost ensures success in the relationship for a long time to come.

Life is never easy when it comes to compatibility.  As much as you try to please a Libra, you may not be their soulmate or twin flame.  It can be hard to change a Libras mind once they feel that they are not longer into you.  Libras may become quiet when they are not into you. 

They often do not want to hurt your feelings. Libras tend to hold a lot inside of themselves and can be sensitive at times.  They are the opposite of a Scorpio, Leo, and Taurus. Air signs often have the habit of holding back instead of saying what they feel.

Who Is The Best Compatibility Matches For Libra Signs?

  • Aquarius
  • Sagittarius
  • Gemini

Who Is The Worst Compatibility Matches For A Libra Sign?

Aquarius and September 27 Zodiac Signs – Aquarians and Libras tend to get along well because they enjoy conversation.  Both zodiac signs have a passion for learning and getting along well. 

They talk about topics that are having to do with hobbies, the arts, work, school and making the world a better place.  Being an Aquarius is an Air sign, they get along great with Libras because they are an air sign as well.  Since they are similar, they tend to be soulmates most of the time.  They often want to have their feelings heard and their love understood. 

Gemini and September 27 Zodiac Signs – Gemini is also an air sign that bonds well with Libra. The two of you can get along well for hours.  They both have a deep longing for physical intimacy.  They enjoy talking about what pleases them in the bedroom. 

Geminis go after the luxuries of life and try to get as much time off from work as they possibly can.  When alone, Gemini men and women like to explore their options in their living situations. They often choose to either live together or marry early in their relationship. Since their soulmate connection is so strong, they often find that it is pointless to wait. 

Sagittarius and September 27 Zodiac Signs – Not an air sign.  Sagittarius is a fire sign.  Fire signs create a good balance for the relationship.  They are not calm like air signs. However, they give an excellent love emotion for those that are in their life. Libras and Sagittarius signs get along well because Libra is often to reserved and Sagittarius is often to extroverted. 

The two can often find a balance in their relationship.  Since they are more opposite in their expression of emotion, they will often get along better.  Sagittarius and Libra hardly ever fight. These zodiac signs will often present themselves to be easy going and rather lucky to be around someone that does care for them.  It is important for these zodiac signs to see a future in love, money, and career. 

Taurus and September 27 Zodiac Signs – Taurus is an earth sign. They are not a good match for Libra because you will clash to much. The problem with Taurus is that they are very set in their ways.  When they have their mind set on something, they tend to believe it.

They often try to force their views on other people and even demand answers right away. They are highly extroverted and often stubborn.  Libras do not like connecting with Taurus for these reasons.  They are not soulmates or twin flames.

Pisces and September 27 Zodiac Signs – Pisces is a water sign.  A little bit better of a match than Taurus, but still not good. Pisces like to feel that they can say and do whatever they want. They are freer spirited. 

They do care about what others think of them, but rarely take time to think about ways in which they can better a relationship with someone else that they are in love with.  Libras like to check their relationship status often. They often want to hear, “I love you”.

It is hard for a Libra to go without hearing those words for long.  Pisces tend to not say so much about what they feel. Instead, they like to show it with action.  Libras need both to make the relationship more balanced and acceptable.  It is clearly not a soulmate connection.

Cancer and September 27 Zodiac Signs – Cancer is also a water sign. Cancer signs are needy.  They want constant attention and often want to keep people out of their relationship. If Cancer signs see that they do not have your undivided attention a lot of the time, they will throw a bit of a tantrum.  This can be hard for the relationship to come together. 

Libras are freer spirited and love talking with friends and family.  They do not like to feel smothered. Cancer signs on the other hand do not mind having you all to themselves.  They often feel like they are going to be rejected or left behind.  This means that your relationship will suffer a lot of sorrow when it comes to bonding.  Therefore, the two of you are not soulmates.

What Is September 27 Zodiac Sign Cusp?

Your cusp is Virgo Libra.

What Is September 27 Zodiac Sign Element?


What Is September 27 Zodiac Sign Personality Like?

Did you know that in Latin, the word Libra means scales?  People born on September 27 should know that they have a ruling house of 7.  Libras are all about stability. If you want to be compatible with a Libra sign, you are going to have to demonstrate that you are a well-balanced person with a lot of love to give. 

You need to make sure that you are not a different person every day.  If you are bi-polar, you may find that bonding with a Libra is difficult because they are the same every day.  They are emotionally and spiritually stable on a regular basis. 

Libras are known for setting the stage in their relationships.  They often dictate what is going to happen in the relationship.  Libras are great at making schedules for people and do not tolerate negativity.  Libras are not stuck up. They share whatever is in their possession.  They like to make their friends and family feel at home when they are together. 

Libras are honest and truthful human beings.  They know how important it is to have: integrity, love, compatibility, peace and understanding.  Libras are more laid back. If someone makes a mistake, they will not ponder them and be unforgiving.  It can be hard for Libra signs to not forgive someone. They are forgiving and give people second chances all the time. 

Libras prefer being around their own people. That is the air signs of Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra.  Libras often enjoy their own element because they find that it is easier to discuss topics.  They are often soulmates with air signs.

Libras are romantic and love romancing their partner in the bedroom.  They like relaxation and will often tell their lover to join them for a swim or perhaps laying out in the sun.  It is important for Libras to explore their intimate moments with their partners. You can always have room for improvement.

If a Libra signs feels that their compatibility with their partner is no longer working, they are often the first one to say it.  They will say it with love and kindness since they do not want to hurt anyone’s feelings.