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What Is The Year Of The Monkey Meaning?

What Is The Year Of The Monkey Meaning? 

Did you know that people born in the year of the monkey rank 9 in a 12-year calendar cycle according to Chinese astrology?  Monkeys are a different type based on the year that they were born.  Monkeys can be water, wood, fire, earth, and gold.

Gold Monkeys – You have good intelligence.  You think fast and people know that you want something done fast and in good spirits. You display a great deal of self-assurance and can be persistent at times.

Fire Monkeys – You love to try out new things.  You are not afraid of failure.  You get agitated by people easily.  If someone is not making you happy, you often leave the situation to avoid conflict. Perhaps you will “ghost” someone.

Water Monkeys – You are proud of who you are, and you are not afraid to show it. People may see you as being conceited.  You crave and desire attention. If you have a good idea, you want people to know that you thought about it and nobody else did. You want to receive credit when it is due.

Earth Monkeys – You will do anything without thinking about the consequences.  You do not care if you will fail. Your main objective is to just do what you set out to do.  You also have a great outlook on life and seldom entertain negative thoughts. You try to think positive. 

Wood Monkeys – You have a great love for your fellow man.   You enjoy helping those that are less fortunate than you.  You would give someone the shirt off your back if you had to.  You are set in your ways and often do not want to change. You think that you always have the right answer. 

The Animals In the Calendar Are:

  • Pig
  • Tiger
  • Ox
  • Dog
  • Horse
  • Rat
  • Rooster
  • Ox
  • Rabbit
  • Snake
  • Dragon
  • Goat

Years That Are Monkeys:

  • 1932
  • 1944
  • 1956
  • 1968
  • 1980
  • 1992
  • 2004
  • 2016
  • 2028

What Years Are Water Monkeys?

  • 1932
  • 1992

What Years Are Wood Monkeys?



What Years Are Fire Monkeys?

  • 1956
  • 2016

What Years Are Earth Monkeys?



What Year Is A Gold Monkey?


Are There Year Of The Monkey Traits?

People born in the year of the monkey are intelligent, hardworking, and not always playing fair.  Monkeys are curious by nature and will often involve themselves in activities that are questionable.  Monkeys often do not care what other people think.  They tend to excel well in life because they usually only listen to their own advice. They do take other people’s opinions into consideration, but often feel that they function best when they do what they feel is right inside of their heart.

Monkey Chinese zodiac signs have a funny sense of humor.  They will make you laugh.  Perhaps therefore they do well in comedy roles and why people enjoy being around them.

Monkey signs would rather play instead of work. They are hard workers but know when it is time to call it quits.  Monkeys enjoy taking time off to spend with family and friends.  They often do not want to be friends with people that do not understand where they are coming from emotionally.

Monkey signs are quick minded.  They often do well in school and on their jobs because they retain information rather easily.  Monkeys tend to absorb well what they are being taught. If you teach a monkey something, they understand it well first time out. 

Monkeys give off the impression that they may not be easily trusted.  If you have ever met a monkey sign, you may have felt that maybe you could not trust them because they were more into themselves.  Their self-love often causes them to be selfish and therefore, people often wonder if they can trust them over their own feelings and thoughts.

Monkeys love to live in the city.  They enjoy fast paced lives and often enjoy commuting to work easier. Therefore, the city is so appealing to them.  As a second home, monkeys often have a home away from the city where they can relax.

What Are Monkeys Favorite Colors?

  • Gold
  • Blue
  • White

What Are The Lucky Numbers For Monkey Signs?

  • 9
  • 4

What Flowers Bring Good Luck For Monkey Signs?

  • Crape-Myrtle
  • Chrysanthemum

What Are Monkeys Lucky Directions?

  • West
  • Northwest
  • North

What Numbers Are Unlucky For A Monkey Chinese Zodiac Sign?

  • 7
  • 2

What Colors Should Monkeys Stay Away From?

  • Pink
  • Red

What Directions Should Monkeys Not Take?

  • Southeast
  • South

What Is The Year Of The Monkey Compatibility?

Monkeys bond well with Ox and Rabbit.  This is their best match.  They should avoid dating a pig or ox Chinese sign.  Other zodiac signs can get away with dating different animal signs. However, monkeys are different. They are more particular. Most other Chinese zodiac signs get on their nerves. 

If you plan on dating or marrying a monkey sign, it is important to know that they do not like to move in together or marry quickly. Monkey signs always take their time in love and rush into nothing. 

Monkey signs get tired of something rather easily.  Therefore, seeing the same person day in and day out may get frustrating and tired.  Monkeys do like long term commitments and even marriage. Once they feel the soulmate connection, they are more prone to settling down for life. However, they want to feel that special connection first.  It is best to not push a monkey into marriage to fast. Let them bring up to you what they want. 

Monkeys enjoy intellectual conversation.  If you want to keep a monkey motivated for love, you will have to give them a reason for wanting to talk to you. Try to find fun things to do. Perhaps playing video games together or talking about what you did at work.  You can even talk about how their day was. The less bored a monkey sign is, the better the outcome is going to be. 

Monkeys enjoy physical fitness.  They often want their partner to be worked out as well.  Monkey signs do not like laziness and companions that want to sit around watching movies all day.  They will become to bored. 

If you see your monkey lover shaking their leg a lot or twitching, it means that they have to much nervous energy inside of them and must do something. It means that they are bored and caught up in their thoughts. They need to do something to release emotion.  Try to think of something that the two of you can do to change the mood. 

Who Was Born In The Year Of The Monkey?

  • Will Smith
  • Celine Dion
  • Kim Kardashian
  • Nick Cannon
  • Billy LeBlanc
  • Selena Gomez
  • Miley Cyrus
  • Demi Lovato
  • Noah Schnapp

When Is The Next Year Of The Monkey?


When Was The Last Year Of The Monkey?


When Did Monkey Years Begin And End?

  • February 6, 1932 to January 25, 1933 – 1932
  • January 24, 1944 to February 12, 1945- 1944
  • February 12, 1956 to January 30, 1957- 1956
  • January 30, 1968 to February 16, 1969- 1968
  • February 16, 1980 to February 4, 1981- 1980
  • February 4, 1992 to January 22, 1993 – 1992  
  • January 22, 2004 to February 8, 2005 – 2004  
  • February 8, 2016 to January 27, 2017 – 2016  
  • January 26, 2028 to February 12, 2029- 2028

You should now have a good idea behind the meaning of monkey Chinese astrology.  If you plan on making friends with a monkey sign, you may want to check out other compatibility charts online to find out which monkey year you would do best with. 

As you can see, monkey signs are honest, fun loving people that enjoy activity.  If you plan on connecting with a monkey, make sure that you have something planned so that you will not bore them. They are not like other signs. Monkey signs constantly want to learn and look at life differently then they did before they met you.

Connecting with a monkey sign will also allow you to learn more about yourself. You can learn what your likes and dislikes are. You will have fun learning new activities as well. 

You must make sure that you do not become bored either. You do not want to partake in an activity that would put you to sleep. It is important for you to talk about what your ambitions are in life.  You may be shocked to learn that the two of you have a lot of good things to talk about. 

Chinese astrology is set up in a way that puts you in control of the future.  It allows you to see that you may not be a companion for someone based on your animal sign and that is okay.

You need to realize that you are not meant to connect with every person.  By nature, you will just clash with certain people because of the year that you were born in.

It can be fun to connect with your zodiac sign that is destined to build a future with you.  You will often come to see that you learn about other animal sighs and they learn about you to.  Listen to your heart and follow what destiny is trying to teach you.