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What Are Some Gemini Woman Traits And Characteristicts?

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

If you were born between the 21st of May and the 21st of June your zodiac sign is Gemini, your symbol is twin and your element is air.

You’re most likely to get along with signs such as: Aries, Leo, Libra and Aquarius and not so much with signs such as: Virgo and Pisces.

You’re known for being adaptable, outgoing and intelligent but you can also be indecisive, unreliable and nosy.

What Are Some Gemini Woman Traits And Characteristics?

Now that we know a majority of the general facts about the zodiac sign: Gemini, let’s go a little deeper and discuss

the traits and characteristics that a Gemini woman possess and how they may change in different areas of life.

What Is The Difference Between Gemini Men And Women?

Gemini men and women are actually very similar to one another, this is because they both share the same personality traits. However, these traits can sometimes be portrayed differently at times but this necessarily only happen between Gemini men and women.

This happens between Geminis in general. The symbol for the Gemini sign is twin, which means that a Gemini has two sides to them, one side is known for being their good side which is very outgoing and friendly while the other is known for being their ‘dark’ side which will usually come out when they’re under stress, anxious about something or depressed.

The dark side of a Gemini is the opposite of their good side, which can cause a Gemini to feel restless.

Do Geminis Get Along With Each Other?

Some signs in the zodiac chart are literally the perfect match for each other, while other will constantly clash. This is because some signs carry traits that are very dominant and therefore will cause one another to fight for control, for example Leos love being the centre attention and when two Leos are together they are very likely to fight for that spotlight.

Fortunately, that’s not the case for Geminis. Geminis are a perfect match for each other both as friends and as a couple.

As friends Geminis will quickly become very close with one another and form a strong bond that is very similar to a bond between siblings and they will never get bored of each other, as a couple the bond is just as strong but may take slightly longer to build since Geminis take their time to commit to a relationship.

Despite this Geminis are a perfect match, however, this doesn’t mean they will get along 24/7. Due to having more than one side to them there will be times where the other doesn’t understand this new side of them, but since they both experience this they’ll most likely not mind.

What Are The Traits Of A Gemini Woman?

Due to their social nature, charms and humour Gemini is definitely one of the best signs there is and they possess many positive traits that confirms this, but like every other sign they also possess some negative traits that isn’t only hard for those around them but themselves, too. Here are some of Geminis traits:

  • Adaptable; they’re are very versatile, which means that ‘different’ never bothers them
  • Intelligent; Geminis have a habit of learning everything about many things simply out of curiosity, however due to being so intelligent Geminis tend to be more analytical than emotional and if they see you cry they’ll most likely hide instead of try to comfort you
  • Youthful; known for being the ‘Peter Pan’ of the zodiac chart, Geminis don’t seem to age physically but there are times where they don’t seem to age mentally either as they can be a little childish and unreliable at times
  • Fast; Geminis are fast at everything they do, which can cause them to feel restless but you can guarantee that they will never keep you waiting
  • Outgoing; they love to go out and celebrate life, this is mostly due to the need for constantly being around others and meeting new people
  • Impulsive; although Geminis usually think long and hard about the decisions they make, they have a side of them that is very impulsive and doesn’t usually put much though before doing something which makes them very unpredictable
  • Indecisive; due to their intelligence and struggle to commitment, making hard life decisions can be a struggle

What is the personality of a Gemini woman?

When it comes to life, Geminis love to have fun. They are very passionate, generous, lively and generous and they have multiple passions, talents and hobbies, which means you will always have a great time whenever you’re with them.

They have many friends and they love making new ones which is incredibly easy for them since they will literally talk to anyone about anything at anytime. They are the social butterflies of the zodiac chart.

Things Geminis Love:

  • Reading and writing; it’s their guilty pleasure that allows them to express their creative side
  • Travelling; Geminis love adventurous because they offer new experiences which is great for them because Geminis hate staying in the same place and doing the same thing for too long
  • Partying; Geminis love to celebrate life, they want to have fun, be free and meet new people and partying allows them to do just that
  • Making friends; Since they love to learn new things and be constantly around people, making new friends is something a Gemini will always do
  • Gossip; Talking about everything and everyone is one thing that Geminis just love to do

Things Geminis Hate:

  • Being alone; Geminis love to be around people, so when they’re home alone they feel very empty
  • Being confined; Geminis must have their freedom, being confined will just make them unhappy
  • Having a daily routine; Experiencing new things is the best part of life for a Gemini, they’re spontaneous and having a routine doesn’t give them the space for freedom that they love to have
  • Sensitive people; Geminis aren’t very emotional people, they’re more analytical and they love to have fun so having to worry about whether or not someone is constantly upset doesn’t make them want to be around them

When it comes to working, jobs that include long-term projects such as accountant or banker are not good for a Gemini since they are very impulsive and don’t like to do the same thing for too long, jobs that allows them to express their creativity and allows them to work on various different projects are a much better choice. Jobs that are perfect for Geminis include:

  • Journalist; they’re smart, passionate, confident and they love to talk about pretty much everything which would make them perfect for this job
  • Teacher; since they’re so smart and love to be around people, having a job where they teach others would be perfect for a Gemini
  • Artist; there are many singers out there that are Geminis such as Kanye West, Idina Menzel, Lucy Hale and even Marilyn Monroe

What Are Gemini Traits In Love?

Geminis are very open to trying new things, they’re also extremely passionate and very fun, which makes them very adventurous and exciting lovers. Expect to be surprised with romantic getaways and new adventures, because they love to do that! Since a Gemini woman loves try new things, if she seems to want to be always around you chances are she’s into you, but if you’re unsure just ask because Geminis are very honest.

You should keep in mind that just because she agreed on a date doesn’t mean she will actually show up. When dating a Gemini woman, be cautious because you may just get your heart broken. This is because Geminis struggle with commitment as they prefer to explore their options and as mentioned above they’re also quite indecisive, however, if you aren’t looking for anything serious expect for some fun, than a Gemini may just be perfect for you.

Geminis will experience a number of relationships due to their need for exploring their options before settling down with the one for them, they want a partner that is just as smart as they are but also just as fun. When you date a Gemini, just know that they will never cheat since they are very faithful.

What are Gemini Traits in Bed?

When it comes to the bedroom Gemini women are very confident and wild. They are thrill-seekers and love to try new things which means that you will never experience boredom in the bedroom with her.

She won’t be scared to be loud and will have no problem in telling you what exactly she wants you to do and how she wants you to do it, Gemini women also have a number of fetishes and can be very kinky.

They have a way with their words which can actually feel just as good as their physical touch and having two sides to them means that you will never really know who you’re going to be dealing with in the bedroom when it comes to a Gemini woman which will always make things interesting, she will either be vulnerable and let you take the lead or be dominant and extremely demanding, which will keep things interesting.

Due to all of this it has been noticed by many that Gemini women rarely get cheated on.