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What Is A Karmic Flame?

What Is A Karmic Twin Flame?

Karma can be either good or bad.  You may not know it now, but everything that you have done now or in a past life is the reason why your relationships may or may not be working for you.  As hard as it is to say, karmic relationships are often due our own life choices. 

Perhaps you are stuck with someone in your life romantically that you do not like.  You may be asking yourself, “Why does love never work out for me?”  This is a question that is often asked by millions of men and women daily.  Love can work for you if you realign your karma through meditation and prayer. 

Often, we are dating someone or married to a person that we feel is not our twin flame.  We may ask ourselves why.  Why has this person come into my life? Why did I not see that they were going to hurt me when I first me them? 

Perhaps this is not the first time that this has happened to you.  You may feel that you are stuck in an infinite loop of deception. Perhaps you feel that there is some evil energy or a curse over you that is causing this. If this thought has entered your mind, you are onto something. 

Your psychic inner voice will often tell you when something is not right. If you are constantly getting bad luck, it is possible that you have caused this at some point in your life. It is not unheard of to see this kind of negativity.  It is not even bad anymore because it is your present fate. 

Your karmic flame is in your life because whatever you have done in your life or past life has caused this.  You may be asking yourself, “Can I stop it?”  The answer to this question is Yes! 

Bad karmic flame cycles can be stopped if you learn how to rebalance your seven chakras. It is necessary to rebalance yourself so that you will not have to fall into this deceptive trap any longer. I highly encourage you to read books on how to balance out your chakras.  As you do this, you will come to see many of the mistakes that you have made in your present life and possibly your past life. 

It is a good idea to be real with yourself.  Can you think of any person that you may have screwed over in high school, college or when you were older? I have heard stories in which boys and girls would date someone at the age of 12 and the “relationship” was full of a lot of drama. 

Yes, as young as twelve. You may think to yourself, “What can someone so young possibly do to deserve this kind of karma?”  We all have a conscience from the day that we are born.  We all know when we have done wrong. Whether we disobeyed our parents or hurt someone else by calling them names.  We all have this kind of karma that we build for ourselves.

Do you ever sit back and think on your childhood?  Do you ever wonder why people may have called you names or were mean to you? Perhaps you were mean as well. 

Society often writes this meanness off as kids being kids. However, your conscience will bother you if you have done something wrong at any age.  It will also bother the person that offended you as well.  God built us with an internal guilt system that will inform us that we have done wrong and we must make it right. 

However, many people just write off this as being early childhood memories and leave it at that.  However, the laws of karma will follow you if you do not apologize for something that you did. It does not matter if you were a child or an adult. It will follow you.  Karma can be both good and bad.

Sandra’s Story:

Sandra was a girl that I knew in elementary school.  I was in the sixth grade when I first met her.  I was 12 years old at the time and so was she. I can remember her walking into the classroom and the other boys in my class would always talk about her as being “hot”. 

Sandra however was not a nice person.  She was the girl that every other girl wanted to be. She had lots of friends and everyone seemed to look up to her.  Even at this young age, I can remember her being the center of attention. 

Sandra would often talk out loud in the classroom about other boys in the class that she thought was cute and ugly.  She did not care if they overheard her. I can remember some of the boys in my class looking sad and embarrassed as she called them fat, stupid, ugly, and retarded. 

I saw Sandra once again in high school a few years later.  She was around 16 at the time.  I overheard her speaking once again. I can see that she still not changes her ways. She was in the hallway screaming at her boyfriend and calling him a loser. He looked like he was being emotionally abused by her.  She did not even say hello to me. Perhaps she forgot who I even was. 

I saw that she was having love problems now and I began to think about karma and how it follows you by the actions that you do when you are older and throughout the course of your life.

Fate allowed me to bump into Sandra once again at the age of 30.  I saw her on a subway train. I noticed that she was still a negative person.  I was able to hear her once again talking to a man on the phone and yelling at him. I overheard her speaking to him on the cell phone.  I saw that this mean child was now a mean adult.  She appeared to be unhappy in her love life and she was someone that I looked upon with pity. 

Fast tracking again to the age of 45, I saw her once again.  This time I was in a café.  Fate allowed me to see her once again. She was with a woman this time.  It was not a romantic connection. However, I overheard her talking about a guy that she was dating and that he was not texting her or calling. She was saying that she wanted to give up on love altogether.  The spirit world allowed me to overhear that she was married twice and had nobody in her life that she saw as a twin flame. 

I finally had a light bulb moment.  Sandra created her own negativity, and she had no idea that she had to start apologizing to those that she offended. However, she was so mean that I highly doubt she would ever do that out of her pride. 

I realized then and there that some people cannot be helped because they do not want to do the hard work of repairing the damage that they did throughout the course of their life.

What Is A Karmic Relationship?

We get into a relationship with a person based on what we did in our lives or past lives.  Whether it is good or bad depends on the karma that you created for yourself in life.  A karmic relationship is basically whatever you did to bring it upon yourself.

You may not recall anything that you have ever done wrong to deserve the kind of partner that you have now. However, it is important that you start asking people that you may have known in your life if they can remember anything that you did wrong to someone else.  Often, we want to avoid looking at anything negative in our lives. However, we must do this to free our soul. 

Karma will not change for you until you go deep into your soul through meditation and ask spirit to show you anything that is preventing you from getting the romantic partner that you deserve in your life.

Sometimes, we can become forgetful over the years.  We often cannot remember what we did 10 years ago entirely. We may only recall certain memories.  However, you must try to repair anything that you have done wrong. You must also forgive anyone that has offended you.  Yes, we can have bad karma if we do not forgive. 

Can Karmic Relationships Last?

A karmic relationship will last if we stay in it.  If the person that you are with romantically leaves you for someone else or you leave them depends on how long the relationship will survive.  If you are in a good romantic relationship, it can last a lifetime if the both of you feel that it is meant to be and that you are twin flames.  We often choose our relationship partner based on our physical and emotional connection to the. 

It is important to stay in a relationship that you feel is worthy of your time.  If you feel that you are into your lover and they are not into you, this could be karma speaking loud and clear to you.  Your lover has either lost feelings for you or feels that the connection is no longer there. 

Whether you want to heart it or not, its because of the karma that you got.  Did you hurt someone else that once wanted you? Did you reject that person?  Did you make a boy/girl in your class feel bad for feeling attracted to you?  Did you dump someone in college in a hurtful way because you no longer felt anything for them?

Karma will always pay you back for what you have done. Good or bad, it keeps on revisiting you until you have dealt with it or said sorry to the person that you have hurt.

As you can see, karma is a real energy that follows us. It lets us get away with nothing.

How Do You Know If You are In A Karmic Relationship?

Everyone is in a karmic relationship when they date/marry someone. That person was brought into your life due to karma. Whether it works out or not has a lot to do with what you have done in the past and in a past life.

How Long Is A Karmic Cycle?

Karmic cycles last if we have not owned up to the bad that we have done.  It is there as a cycle if we do not forgive someone that has wronged us as well. It keeps on going around in a circle until we have dealt with our conscience. Therefore, meditation is so important. You must meditate to get to the root of why something has happened to you. 

Are All Karmic Relationships Bad?

If you have dealt with your bad karma, the universe often rewards you with a twin flame that will love you forever. These connections are rare now a days. However, there are millions of happy couples in the world that have been together for 30+ years.  Perhaps you have grandparents that just celebrated their 50th year wedding anniversary. 

Once you get rid of your bad karma, you can step into the good karma that will bring you a relationship that will be strong for you.  It can happen as you truly clear out your conscience. 

Learn to forgive those that have hurt you.  Always say sorry to someone that you think that you have hurt. Even if you think it was all just “kid stuff”, I can almost guarantee you that the person that you offended is still sad because of what you said or did to them.  Once you say sorry, this bad karma gets released from you. 

Can Karmic Relationships Become Soulmates?

Yes, millions of karmic relationships turn into soulmate connections.  Soulmate connections stay with one another in this life and beyond.  They never die down and are always there. 

If you are romantically involved with someone, the relationship can last a lifetime. The two of you will call one another soulmates and share a love for one another that nobody else understands.  Your connection is true, and your happiness brings a bright smile to your face. 

Why Do Karmic Relationships Happen?

Karmic relationships happen because it is the universes way of saying that it is in control. You have no power to dictate how someone should feel or how you should feel. It is a force letting us know that we get away with nothing.  The person that offends us does not either. 

The worse that you do in life, the worse outcome you will have as well.  Karma will dictate the kind of person that we get involved with based on the good and bad that we have done. 

If you feel that you do not deserve someone that is to good, you may realize that you must have done something good to deserve them.  If you get an abusive life partner, you may need to look at your life for ways in which you need to either forgive or be forgiven by someone that you hurt.  If it is in your conscience, you must deal with it. There is no other way. 

What Are Karmic Lessons?

Karmic lessons are there to teach us to do what is right. You may notice that as you get older, the universe will continue to give you similar situations in which you can avoid making the same mistakes twice. 

The universe will allow you to see that you must own up to the wrongs that you have done.  You need to always learn from something that you did prior.  Perhaps you know that you have done wrong and now must correct yourself with doing right. 

Do men/women keep on breaking up with you because you have a bad habit of texting them to much?  Do you keep on hearing the same thing repeatedly? 

You have not learned your life lesson and therefore, the universe will keep on sending you someone that will break up with you for that same reason.  It will keep happening until you stop and have learned your life lesson.  Some people take years to learn a life lesson. Others take only one time.  Ultimately, we control our own actions. 

Can You Be Friends With A Karmic Partner?

Karmic friendships are fantastic. The best relationships are those that involve romantic love and friendship.  Have you ever heard someone say that they are together with their best friend and lover?  This may be something that you want as well. 

This happens when two people have dealt with their bad karma and now are with someone that will always be together with them in life.  This is often a relationship that grows with time.  If you have been awarded this kind of relationship, consider the universe telling you that you have done the work that they wanted you to do and now you have been given a reward. 

As you can see, good and bad karma has a lot to do with who we are as a person and how we have dealt with our own actions in life.