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Palmistry Fate Lines: Beginners Guide

Palmistry Fate Lines: Beginners Guide

What Is Palmistry Fate Line?

The most important lines on our hand in palmistry are fate lines. Fate lines focus on a persons future, prosperity, and career. The fate line in palmistry decides the duration of your life and the vitality of a person.

Saturnian line – The lifeline is an important line of a person that is easily detected and it helps to recognize other lines too. The other name for the fate line is the Saturnian line, The fate line tells about the person’s life fortune whether he will get profit or losses in his life.

Life Growth And Career

It gives an idea about the person’s life growth with a lot of ups and downs. The career growth of the person is predicted by this fate line. This line starts from the wrist part and proceeds towards the bottom part of the middle finger. This line would also tell about the decline part of the humans. The material achievement of a person is predicted by the fate line.

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A palmist tells about the person’s future life whether he will earn much, business profit and gain, life career, his achievements in terms of prosperity based on the fate line.

Career change and earning graph of a person are analyzed based on the fate line. The fate line decides the volume of luck of a person in a long run.

What Are The Different Types Of Palmistry Fate Lines?

First of all, let me tell you the exact meaning of palm reading. The palm reading is done by a palm reader who predicts a person’s life based on the lines of the palm. The palm line study is based on astrology predictions. The different types of palmistry fate lines are:

Doube fate line -The people who are said to have double fate lines will have two lines on the palm of their hand. The two fate lines give the person a greater amount of luck and prosperity. The individuals who are said to have a double fate line would be very clever in both arts and crafts.

They are said to be a lucky person who can earn from different sources. They do not depend upon a single source for survival. Even they have the luck of winning the lottery. They might earn a lot from other people through both hard work and luck sources.

 Chained line – The individuals who have a chained line would be suffering a lot from misfortunes and unhappiness. The man who has the chained fate line would not live happily for a long time and his life would have many twists with issues. He might not able to score good marks in the examinations and would not concentrate on studies.

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Broken fate line– People who have broken lines will not be usually fine after forty years old. This person might suffer a lot after forty years and even worse. However, their life would have a major change after fifty-five years.

As far as females are concerned, the broken line indicates that her life would be leading a housekeeper job. She might have good skills in housekeeping work. This individual will have many changes in his life due to changes in his professional life.

Island fate line-This line indicates that the person will be affected a lot because of wrong decisions. No permanent job and his decisions are not good at times leading to disastrous results. This individual is mostly controlled by emotional always.

Forked fate line – The individuals who have forked fate line would have a successful life with a lot of power. These individuals exercise authoritative power on others.

The line might end in trident on the palm. Professionally, these individuals would have excellent power on the whole. The person who has forked line would have a gratifying career. This individual will be closely associated with the public always.

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What Is The Palmistry Fate Line Meaning?

The exact meaning of the palmistry fate line is the astrology prediction of a persons career and growth. The person’s life, luck, career growth, ups and downs in business and earning, and overall success are predicted by the fate line.

The palmist would tell about the person’s life based on the fate lines present on the palm. Where does it start and end. There are different types of fate lines on the palm that have different meanings.

The palmists alone predicts the fate of the line of the individual based on the positions of the line. This fate line starts from the base or wrist part of the palm and ends at the base of the middle finger of the person. The person’s career is narrated based on this line by the palmist.

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How Can You Get A Palmistry Fate line Reading?

The palmistry fate line reading is done by an experienced palmist. You can also have some basic ideas about the fate line reading on the palms. The fate line usually runs from the bottom part of the hand or at the top part of the wrist which runs to the top portion of the second finger of the person.

This part of the palm is referred to as the Saturn part. The palmistry fate line reading is based on five years of study at the base of the palm.

What Is Your Palmistry Fate Line In Age?

Usually, five years of status is taken on the bottom of the hand for analyzing the fate line agewise. The study involves when your fate line crosses the headline then it is assumed by the palmistry or by yourself as the thirty-fifth year of age.

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Heart line – In the case of the heart line of the palm, the age is reckoned as 55 by you or the palmist. The 75th age of the person is taken at the end of the fate line that ends at the Saturn phase which we mean at the bottom of the middle finger. hence, the total year duration taken is five years for your palmistry fate line in age reading.

The timing of the fate line gives you a understanding about the life of the person. The career and growth of the person are analysed based on the fate line in age.

What If Your Palmistry Fate Line Is Absent?

You need not worry a lot about your life or future if the palmistry fate line is absent on your palm. It denotes several meanings in your life and the major one is that your professional career will not be consistent.

You will be jumping from one job to another. You might not have a secure place in your life due to the fate line. In other words, you will have a bitter life than others when compared to job security.

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You would not be able to work in a particular company and even your work the company will not give you a permeant posting. The absence of the fate line does not indicate that your future will collapse but staggering a lot.

Ups and downs – You do not have much luck like others and hence you need to work hard to achieve the goals. If you do not have the fate line on the palm, it does not mean that you do not have future. The fate line absence indicates the meaning that you will many ups and downs in your career.

Moreover, the absence of the fate line indicates that the person does not have a complete career with excellent growth. Hence, the person is not able to achieve many heights at any age. You will have to suffer a lot in terms of money earning and positions.

Career Growth – Your career growth will have a lot of ups and downs if indicated in a graph. The whole life would have many turns and twists so that you could not lead a smooth life for a long time. You can lose some important opportunities in life even it knocks your door.

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Hoping in your job is the common feature of the person who does not have a fate line or absent on the palm. Your focus and concentration are not consistent even you try. Your dream job is not at all possible to achieve.

What If Your Palmistry Fate Line Is Touching Your Life Line?

Sometimes, the fate line of an individual might touch the lifeline at any point. This means that the individuals would have to involve in many give and take up policies. The individuals have to sacrifices a lot for others who have helped him during the critical times of life.

The individuals would have to work for others definitely because he might have got help from the others. When those people who have helped him many a time in life need your sacrifices so that they can lead a normal life. A little concession of you would make others happy.

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Hence, give and take policy in your life would be highly appreciated by many. Your life will become happy only if you obey and adjust with others.

A palmist who is professional and well versed alone predicts the future of the person based on the lines of the palm.

Which Fate Line is Good?

There are some signs that indicate a positive destiny. Having a single dot on your fate line may point to a life of adventure and discovery. If the fate line is made up of a triangle, you may be interested in psychic pursuits. You may have a triangular hand. This means you have a strong desire to acquire things. A square hand indicates that you are a natural teacher and will be a great help to others.

Your Fate Line can tell you about your potential for career success or a general outlook on work. A long Fate Line can make you a workaholic and make it difficult to get a break from the grind. Whether they are busy or unemployed, they will always find something to do. If they have a long Fate Line on their right hand, it may be a blessing in terms of success in your career, but it can also lead to health problems. The good news is that you can always make your own decision.

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Plain of Mars

Wavy line – If you have a Fate Line that starts on the Plain of Mars and ends on the Mount of Saturn, you should take note of that. A wavy line will indicate that you will face hardship in the wavy years. These years are difficult times for your career. You may experience health concerns or even financial issues during this time. A wavy line should be avoided. If you do have a wavy line, your career will progress and your income will increase.

If you have a career path that includes a lateral change, you will likely have a palmistry fate line that is good for you in the future. If you do not have a destiny line, you should focus on finding a suitable job or career.


Energy – If your fate line is starting from your lifeline, you are likely to be full of energy and are a good worker. If you have a long, horizontal line, you may have problems with relationships. If your fate line is on the headline, you are more likely to fall in love with people who have already committed to you. So, if you’re thinking about your future, make sure it’s good for your career.

When you have a long Fate Line, you are likely to be a workaholic. Your fate line is a good indication that you enjoy socializing with people. If you have a long one, you are likely to be a free spirit. Those who have a short one will tend to be workaholics, while those with a long line will be focused on their career. If your Fate Line is too short, it means you are more likely to spend your time on projects or careers that are unrelated to your career.

Financial Success

Your fate line is your main determinant of financial success. This line is your life path, and will be important throughout your life. You should not neglect it, but you should make sure it’s positive for your career and life. Then, you will be able to find the happiness that you need. If you have a long and narrow fate line, it can be a good indication that you will need to work hard to find the happiness you are seeking.

Is it Possible to Have 2 Fate Lines on Your Palm?

It is possible to have two fate lines, but not everyone does. Those who are self-employed may not have a clear fate line. However, some do, and their destiny is outlined in their palms. This may make it difficult to choose a career path, and a double fate line can signify that. If you have a double fate line, you may have more choices than if you have only one.

Deep brown color – Your fate line is an expression of how you view your career, and it influences your general outlook on work. If yours is a deep brown color, your fate line is likely connected to money. Your luck line is a symbol of your ability to earn a high income and have good luck. The other lines on your palms are related to your career. If you have a good Fate Line, you will have many options available to you.

Sun Line

Your fate line is a symbol of your future success. Having two lines indicates that you are more likely to make money than others. In addition, a bright Sun line represents success and independence, while a weaker Sun line is associated with failure. Both types of lines affect your career, and it is important to know what each one means to you. You should consult a fortune teller to learn how to read your horoscope and determine what your destiny has in store.

If your fate line crosses the sun line, this is not necessarily a bad thing. It can be a sign that you are not happy with the way your career has turned out. If your fate line does not intersect with the head, you should take action. If you have two fate lines, it is essential to choose a job that suits you. Choosing the right career will determine your future happiness. A prestigious job will increase your chances of success.

Y Shaped

If you have two fate lines on your palm, you are likely to have good luck. You can be very successful at work and improve your craft. You may have two fate lines if you have a Y-shaped fortune line on the mount of saturn. You may also have a fish tail on your fate line if you have a pious nature. If you want to become a religious leader, you should work hard at it.

Divided Fate Line

A fate line in palmistry with a divided fate line indicates that you are confused and indecisive. You may have two fortune lines that are interpreted differently by astrologers. Depending on the placement of your two fate lines, it is important to understand your astrological chart for better understanding your destiny. There are several types of fate lines, but you can choose between them. A Y-shaped fate line represents the Y-shaped path that you take.


Your fate line in palmistry can intersect with another fate line. The intersection of your fate lines will happen at a specific age. A solitary path may be better suited for someone who has a fate line that starts in the middle of their hand. For example, a light-colored fate line is indicative of a lack of ambition. A strong Sun line is a sign of success. A continuation of a path may be a sign of a temporary hitch in your career.

What is Low and Short Fate Line in Palmistry?

A low fate-line means you’re well-balanced and mature. A high-powered fate-line means you’ll have an early sense of self-confidence and success. People with short-lined fate-lines are most likely to be creative and work with the public. However, people with long fate lines have a strong sense of destiny. Having a short fate line means you’ll have a successful career.

A short fate-line indicates that you are well-balanced, and may feel like a dreamer. People with long lines are considered successful and well-balanced. But if your fate-line is short, you’re not. Your future is uncertain, and you may be disappointed. A long-line means you’re a hard-working, ambitious person who has a great sense of destiny.

No Fate Line

If you do not have a fate-line, you are more likely to have trouble concentrating and achieving your dreams. You are more likely to struggle with giving up on goals and achieving success in your career. If your fate-line is long, you are prone to a give-and-take attitude and to be too demanding. A short fate-line, on the other hand, shows a lack of self-confidence, which is common amongst people with a short-lined fate-line.

In palmistry, the fate-line is the most important astrological line in the palm. This line is about 15% of the entire palm and can be a great indicator of your future. This line is located on the base of the hand. If you have a fate-line in your hand, you have a heart-line that is shorter than the head-line. You should pay close attention to this line because it may indicate your career goals.

Deep Fate Line

A deep fate-line will indicate problems and impediments in your life. A deep fate-line will point to the middle finger. This marking indicates that you’ll have a successful career. A short fate-line, however, shows that you will enjoy retirement. A high-line will indicate you’ll become rich. But the absence of a fate-line will only affect your career. A bad fate-line is an indication that you will face many challenges.

A good fate-line will have branches. A branch in the middle of a palm is a good sign. A branch that reaches the heart line is a negative sign. It will indicate a lack of happiness and a lack of success in work. If the fate line is a negative branch, it is a bad sign. It shows that a person has lost their identity. But a positive branch of the fate-line indicates that he or she is trying to discover his or her true self.

Faint Fate Line in Palmistry

Having a faint fate line means that your life is full of ups and downs, and you will need to make sure you are happy and fulfilled. Having a short fate line may also indicate that you will lose your identity. You will be eager to complete tasks, but it is possible that your life will have no purpose. You should know yourself more to find your destiny. If you have a long and faint fate line, it may be because you are destined to find a purpose in your life.

A faint fate line indicates a person who is very superstitious and dislikes sports. This type of person can be hardworking and may be a good employee. In general, they will be hard working and responsible. If they have a long fate line, they are probably a good candidate for a job in a secret organization. This is a good sign for people who have a strong desire to succeed in their lives and have a strong desire to make things work out for themselves.

A faint fate line may also mean that you are cynical, or that you lack the willpower to change your life. In this case, you are likely to be a workaholic, and will keep looking for new jobs and roles until you’re exhausted. It’s important to take care of your health and remember to take a break every once in a while. Otherwise, your life will feel like a drag.


If the faint fate line is a sign of superstition, it indicates that you are superstitious. Those with strong fate lines usually spend money on lottery tickets and scratch cards. They also have trouble pronouncing ‘th’ and may struggle to read certain words. Some people with a faint fateline might be cynical and hate sports. However, if they have a faint fate line, they may become famous.

A faint fate line on the palm can indicate that your life has a very strong fate force. It is important to understand that you cannot control everything in your life, and that there will be times when you have no control over the outcome. If your fate line is weak, you need to learn to roll with the punches and act accordingly. This way, you will be able to enjoy your good fortune. There are many other facets to your palm.

A faint fate line does not necessarily mean that you are unlucky. In fact, your fate line can be very strong, and you should take advantage of this! If you have a strong fateline, it means that you are not superstitious and you should avoid gambling and buying lottery tickets. You might even be a cynical person, and you should avoid sports. A strong fateline is a sign that you are a responsible person.

Powerful Force In Your Life

A faint fate line in the palm is the sign of a powerful fate force in your life. You’ll be unable to control many things in life, and it’s important to learn how to roll with the punches. Learning to accept unpleasantness is the best way to find a sense of balance in your life. If your palm has a faint fate line, you should be aware that it represents the power of fate.