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What Is The Life Line In Hand Meaning?

What Is The Lifeline In Hand Meaning?

The lifeline in hand starts from the edge of your palm between the thumb and forefinger extending to the base of the thumb.

The length of the lifeline doesn’t necessarily mean that when you have a long line, you will have a long life, and if there is a short line, you will also have a short life span. It just reflects a person’s vitality and life energy. It shows important happenings in one’s life, like the possibility of getting sick or being in an accident.

Those who don’t have a lifeline show possibility of a short life span or poor health. You get sick easily, or you are often involved in accidents.

When you have a long and deep life lie shows, you don’t get sick easily, and you have energetic health.

A short lifeline, on the other hand, doesn’t mean that you will die early, but rather, you tend to get sick. You have integrity, timid, and a very humble person. You let other people control you at times.

A thick and defined lifeline shows a person more suited to physical labor, and you are a sports-minded person.

While a shallow and unclear lifeline also indicates easy to get ill. When a female has this sign, they are prone to gynecological problems, while a male may also suffer from reproductive imbalance.

A circular lifeline shows a person’s love for life, enthusiasm, vigor, and is full of energy. These people are positive in life and are optimistic, mostly.

A straight lifeline that is closer to the thumb shows less life energy, and you tend to get tired easily. You also do not get involved in the opposite sex cause you are wary of having a relationship without thinking things through, you always thread lightly.

A double lifeline or a secondary line running parallel with your lifeline shows a physically fit body, less prone to illness, strong physique, if taken ill, you can recover fast.

What Is The Lifeline In Hand Goind To Do For You?

There are different interpretation for a lifeline in hand and include the following :

Chain lifeline shows you are born weak and have poor health. This may be your issue during your lifetime and mostly involves the digestive system.

The island along the lifeline shows illness during your lifetime that may come later in life, it can also mean an accident that will happen to you sometime, or you will be hospitalized due to certain illnesses. The severity of the illness or the accident will depend on how big is the island on your lifeline.

A broken lifeline shows danger and accident as well. It can also mean illness or a disaster that will happen later on during your lifetime.

If there are two broken parts, overlap it would mean you will get ill, but you will also recover from it.

If a short line that is parallel to the lifeline will appear below or underneath the lifeline, it would mean you can change the course, or if you are met with illness or accident, you will be saved and recovered.

An upward branch appearing above the lifeline shows you are a positive person, you are also hardworking, and you have a thirst for knowledge. There is also a possibility of being famous during your lifetime. Numerous upward branches, however, show your highly ambitious nature. If there are just too many branches above the lifeline may mean that you cannot finish or get to reach your goal.

A downward branch at the end of the lifeline shows health is declining, and your strength is not usual, as you always feel overworked, fatigue, and also feel alone.

Diagonals crossing the end of your lifeline indicate a disease that you will have during your later years.

A branch that split downward from your lifeline indicates you are easy to leave your family, you may at some point leave marriage as well.

A fork ending of a lifeline shows you’re too engrossed in what is happening around you and may become too busy to think about family or even yourself. You may reach your goal during your mid-life or at a later year.

Trident appearing at the end of the lifeline shows a person who loves to travel and have a wandering soul.

Tassels show loneliness during your later years because you don’t have children with you anymore.

Cross or short lines that cut through the lifeline are not good and indicate you’re suffering from illness, dangers, or accidents. The more defined the cross or the short lines, there is also a worse situation waiting for you.

Short lines that cut through the lifelines shows you are a worry wart. You may have poor health that causes you to worry a lot, or you may have a tough life.

Star with three short lines shows illness as well.

How To Interpret The Lifeline In Hand For Males

In men, the left hand should be used as this is what they are born with and the right is what they’ve accumulated during their lifetime. They can also choose which is the dominant hand as it is the present life, and the non-dominant will be the future life.

A lifeline that swoops down about an inch above the base of the palm shows a life expectancy between 60 to 65 for men.

The line begins at the edge of the palm between the index finger and thumb. Special marking found on this line shows events that will occur in their life. We can divide the lines into when it may happen where there is youth, adulthood, and during old age.

The palm of men differs from women because they work hard. There are different shapes and meaning, including

Earth for broad, short fingers and square palm.

Water for long or oval palm including long fingers.

Fire for short fingers and long palm.

Air for long fingers and square-shaped palm.

Its Meaning;

Earth is more about being practical, humble, and grounded.

Water is sensitive and is empathetic and receptive. They have a high reception of what others are feeling around them. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they have to be close to the person, but because of their sensitive nature, they feel if something is wrong with the person or with what the person is feeling.

Fire usually is those who are anxious and restless, always thinking and stressing themselves. Fearing about something when there is nothing to be afraid of.

Air shows an adaptable nature and intelligence. They can adapt to many situations, and they are highly intellectual, using their brain when they decide and will not decide on a whim.

How To Interpret The Lifeline in Hand For Females

For females, they should use the right hand as it is what they are born with, while the left hand is what they have accumulated in their lifetime.

A lifeline that runs close to thumb indicates a woman who is often tired and can no longer enjoy their day to day living.

A curvy life line indicates a woman, full of energy and can enjoy life to the fullest. They always have time to enjoy what they have and to make their lives better.

A long, deep, defined lifeline shows a woman that is full of energy, enthusiasm, and wants to be always on the go. Have a zest in life, wanting to enjoy what life has to offer. They can also live alone or with a companion.

A short and shallow lifeline shows a female who is always manipulated by other people. Doing what they don’t want, but to please others, they will do it grudgingly.

They are easily controlled and may have a hard time being happy with their decisions in life.

Swoops around in semicircle shows a woman with a forceful personality. They have a character that is not easily swayed by anyone. They can stand on their own, and they also look forward to living their life cause they are full of enthusiasm and energy.

Straight and close to the edge of the palm indicates a female who is always cautious about having a relationship with the opposite sex. They do not get involved half-heartedly, but they will think a hundred times before getting involved with anyone.

A multiple lifelines mean a healthy sign. Those who have this lifeline indicate extra vitality and a type of woman that does not easily get sick nor get in danger.

Circle in life shows the woman may get hospitalized or injured. She may also face illness for which she needs treatment.

A break in her lifeline shows that there is a sudden change in her lifestyle. It may have been brought about by just herself or another person. It may be the outcome of a previous relationship that has gone sour, a family issue that can’t get resolved, or even a marriage that did not work out where she needs to leave the relationship and her present life to start anew.