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Aries: What Zodiac Signs Are Compatible With You

Aries: What Zodiac Signs Are Compatible With You

What Zodiac Signs Are Compatible With Aries?

When you think of an Aries zodiac sign, you get thoughts of someone that is a natural born leader.  Aries often knows how to make their lover feel secure.  They want to let their boyfriend or girlfriend know that they will be taken care of and loved forever.  Aries zodiac signs allow people to make informed decisions about their lives and which way to go in them.  It can be hard to imagine an Aries being weak.

Mars Leads Aries 

Since Mars leads Aries, it is important to know that their personality will be a lot more friendlier than other zodiac signs.  Mars allows Aries signs to be free spirited.  Aries signs love to come and go as they please.  They do not like answering to anyone because they often like being in control of situations.  However, they are respectful to their lover. 

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Aries Men Tend To Take Charge Of Their Love Lives In October

Aries Do Not Like Lies

Aries signs do not like lies.  They prefer to have friends, family and co-workers getting along with one another. When there is a disagreement, Aries signs tend to come in and help put the situation as best as they can.  They want everyone to know that it will be okay. 

Aries compatibility is good for most zodiac signs that want to bond together with them in a romantic relationship.  Aries believes in giving people multiple chances to prove themselves. 

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Stupidity – Aries do not have the best tolerance for stupidity.  They expect their compatible partner to know how to do the right thing.  If you are supposed to text or call them at a certain time, they expect that to happen.  If you are into game playing, Aries is not the one to play with. Aries men and women are looking for compatibility with zodiac signs that understand their nature. 

One of the qualities that I like about Aries signs is that they absolve their troubles easily.  If you cross them in some sort of way, they would find it in their heart to forgive you.  They are not known for holding grudges or making you pay for the mistakes that they feel you have done.

Aries and Leo – Aries gets along well with Leo because they are both fire elements. Fire elements understand one another and what their needs are.  They personally enjoy straight forward conversations. They enjoy talking about whatever is on their mind.  They let everyone around them know that they want compatibility. They want love.  This may be the perfect match for an Aries sign. It is close to 100% matched.

Aries men in October
Scorpio And Aries Women Will Bond Best With Aries Men In October

Aries and Gemini – The love bond between Gemini and Aries is good because both signs see family and friends as most important in their lives.  Geminis are known for having two faces. One minute they are your friend and the next minute they can be talking behind your back.  However, Gemini knows that Aries signs do not play this game.  Therefore, the respect between the two of you is often a lot higher than with other zodiac signs. 

Geminis and Aries have a certain level of respect for one another because they tend to feel as though they can discuss their deepest thoughts with one another.  Gemini and Aries have a lot of intimate moments with one another that make them feel as though they were going to be together for the rest of their lives.  The soulmate connection is there, and these two zodiac signs often know right from the start is they are going to be a perfect match.

Aries and Sagittarius –   Another fire sign that loves to keep the attention and bond with an Aries.  Sagittarius have a good way of working with words. When they speak, it is with clarity.  They want to let their Aries lover know where they stand on topics such as: bonding, loving, togetherness and having no fear. 

Sagittarius makes the Aries man or woman feel like they belong to a society that is full of grace, peace and understanding.  The Sagittarian will cause the Aries to feel secure when they are together.  They will often spend long days and nights talking to one another about their future dreams and ambitions.  These two zodiac signs do not want anyone around them to think of them as weak. They want to let others know that they can trust and confide in them if necessary. 

Aries Man and Capricorn Woman Work Out
Aries Man and Capricorn Woman Enjoy Physical Fitness

It is important for Sagittarius signs to look at the facts when it comes to compatibility and love.  They want the world to know that they can see something before others can. You can say that they are a bit “psychic” when it comes to seeing into the future of their lives. 

Who Should Aries Marry?

An Aries should marry a Leo. Astrologers will often tell you that when these two zodiac signs marry, they stay together. It is not unheard of to see these zodiac signs married for 30+ years.  When a problem arises, they do not run away from it. They tend to stick with the problem and work with their issues. It is important to establish clear connection with the person that you want as your soulmate. 

The love bond between Aries and Leo works because both signs will put 100% into the relationship. They will not try and breakup with one another because of a simple misunderstanding. Today many couples of other zodiac signs will break up with one another simply because they are not texting one another enough or because someone did not throw out the garbage.  Silly arguments often lead to breakups and the relationship could have been saved. 

talk to an Aries soulmate right now
Your Aries Soulmate Will Often Want To Spend Quality Time With You

Leo and Gemini see themselves as moving along in life and helping their fellow man.  It is hard to imagine life without one another.  Gemini and Leo astrological signs tend to be more outdoors kinds of people.  On vacation, they will often choose to go o warm climates.  They often enjoy laying out on the beach or talking a walk in a nature forest. 

These zodiac signs will often feel a sense of closeness when talking about their childhood years.  These two zodiac signs have a life that is similar in the way that their parents raised them.  Fire signs often have parents that teach them early on in life that the world is a place where you must fight for what you want.  You need to “take the bull by the horns” and go after what works best for you.  This tough love often causes the Aries and Gemini child to grow up strong. It will reflect in their personality and compatibility with other people. 

What Is The Soulmate For Aries?

The soulmate for Aries are Leo, Gemini, and Sagittarius.  A soulmate is someone that comes into your life and you never forget them.  The intense emotion that you feel for them is amazing and soulmates often make one another believe that they may have known one another from a previous life.  It is more of a love at first sight encounter.

online aries
Your Aries Soulmate Wants To Feel Connected To You

When you have two people believing the same things about one another, it is a connection that goes far beyond what we could imagine in this world.  When we meet someone, we get a certain vibe about them.  We either see them as being good or bad.  We may feel a love connection with them or nothing at all. 

Gemini, Leo, and Sagittarius all have amazing sexual chemistry.  Their romance in the bedroom is powerful and it causes them to feel like they can be around one another all the time.  Gemini and Sagittarius want to let the Aries man or woman know that they will never have to feel unloved again. 

Who Should Aries Not Marry?

  • Taurus – This earth sign would only but heads with fire sign Aries.  This connection cannot make it because Taurus is to control and would drive Aries “up the wall” in love.  These two zodiac signs tend to fight one another.  Taurus the bull will often make their Taurus lover feel like they are to jealous and it will drive the relationship apart.  Taurus tend to be jealous with Aries. Aries do not like being controlled and therefore will only argue with Taurus 75% of the time in the relationship. They are only compatible around 25%.
  • Cancer – A water sign that has no business dating an Aries man or woman. Water and fire signs tend to clash a lot because they often feel like they do not understand one another well.  They often want to bring love to each other, but then something always goes wrong.  For the most part, they are not compatible in the bedroom.  Cancer men and women will often feel like their needs are not being met. Cancer signs want to let you know when something is going wrong. When they speak, Aries hears them, but often does not agree with what they are saying.  Communication will be your #1 problem. 
  • Capricorn – This is an earth sign that clashes with Aries as well.  Only compatible 20% of the time.  It can be hard to date one another because of your clashing energy. When the two of you are around one another, you will often feel as though you do not belong.  Capricorn will often feel like they are being pushed aside by Aries.  Capricorns need a lot of attention and Aries is freer spirited. 
  • Scorpio – Water is Scorpios element.  They have a powerful way with words.  Scorpios tend to draw conclusions without getting all the facts first.  It can be hard for a Scorpio to give Aries what they need entirely.  The reason for this is because Aries needs their space in a relationship.  Scorpios tend to be clingier and often drive Aries away because of that. They only have around a 22.5% chance of making it in a relationship.  The only way that love can work between these two zodiac signs is if one of them decides to change.  This means that they cannot allow their own natural desires to come out.  Sometimes, taking a training course in counseling can help.

What Are Aries Weaknesses?

Aries signs like giving to many chances to people that they know are bad for them.  Since their zodiac sign is often forgiving and loving, they do not want to make anyone feel like they do not belong.  They want to let others know that they can trust in them as well.

Aries Man and Capricorn Woman Give Of Self
Aries Man and Capricorn Woman Build Trust Over Time

Aries men and women have the habit of getting into compatible relationships with other zodiac signs that they battle with from the beginning. They often let others know that when they are in pain, negative things begin to happen to them.  It is hard to imagine an Aries zodiac sign feeling any kind of pain because they are often positive. 

However, Aries signs often take a lot of “garbage” from their lovers because they fear being alone.  They want to be around someone a lot of the time. They often are their own worst enemy.  Aries signs have the habit of trying to see if their life partner will change.  They know in their heart already that they are not with someone that is compatible to them. However, they will try to force the relationship to see if they can change something in the relationship.  This is probably the worst weakness of the Aries’ sign. 

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What Is Aries Spirit Animal?

The spirit animal of an Aries is the Cheetah.

What Is Aries Favorite Color?

Aries zodiac signs tend to love the color red. 

What Crystal Should Aries Wear?

Aries signs should wear either Jasper or Sapphire.

Are Aries Good Kissers?

When Aries men and women are matched right with a zodiac sign, they are awesome kissers.  They enjoy French kissing and pecking throughout the day. Aries men and women want to receive the same in return. They want to know that when they are being kissed, they are being loved at the same time.  They are being put into a situation that makes sense to them. If you want to get kissing going with an Aries, kiss them first and watch them soar like an eagle afterwards.

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Why Aries End Up Alone?

Aries ends up alone when they choose the wrong zodiac sign to be together with. When they choose a zodiac sign that has poor compatibility with them, they will end up alone.  Many Aries men and women are alone today because they are trying to make love work with signs that are not compatible with them.  This is often devastating and hard to deal with.  However, it is important for the Aries to understand their life lessons early in life. You cannot change people. 

Aries often run towards someone because they feel attracted to them.  They will often give that person a chance because of lust. When they talk to them, they often will recognize no true compatibility.

It is important for the Aries man/woman to understand how astrology works and to study it to the letter. If not, you will end up in an endless cycle of being alone and living life by yourself. Friends will not be enough for you. You will passionately desire a romantic partner in life. 

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What Is Aries Worst Match?

Taurus is the worst match for an Aries.  Your compatibility is low, and you clash when you talk about topics.  You are also not compatible in the bedroom. The two of you want to feel loved, but often feel like you are not good for one another because of obstacles that enter your relationship from time to time. It is important for you to look at one another and feel a love connection that will always be there.  Learn how to listen to your own heart and go after what you believe to be true. 

Aries and Taurus need to see that they can have an acquaintance with one another.  This means that they are cordial to one another when they see each other face to face. However, the relationship turns sour when they date or marry.

Your compatibility is so bad that if you were to date, you would probably spend most of the time arguing about things that are not important. You will argue over who was supposed to wash the dishes last night or who was supposed to text first.  You will find that your relationship turns sour quickly.

Aries Man and Capricorn Woman Fun Everywhere
Aries Man and Capricorn Woman Have Fun Together

It is a shame that not all zodiac signs are compatible.  In fact, most zodiac signs are not compatible with one another because of the dates and times that they were born.  If you study astrology, you will know that certain elements should not bond with others for specific reasons.  As you can see, there is a lot here to think about. 

Taurus men and women deserve to be loved by someone that is going to be compatible with them as well.  There is no such thing as a good or bad person. Only good and bad choices that we make in life.  We are all built a certain way and have different personalities. It is better for you to be with someone that is mean to always be connected to you for various reason. 

Love compatibility is best when you have two zodiac signs bonding based on astrological predictions.  Astrology is a spiritual belief system that has studied which signs work out best with and for one another.  It can be easy to find a lover that is going to be right for you if you are compatible with them from the start.  Never try to hard to make a relationship work.