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Where Did Witch Doctors Originate?

Where Did Witch Doctors Originate?

If you have ever heard of someone talking about a witch doctor, you may not know exactly where it originated from.  The word “witchdoctor” originally started in England.  This was during the 18th century.  Others call which doctors a shaman or medicine man. 

A witchdoctor is not like a traditional doctor that has been trained in medicine.  He/she is in fact known to be a healer of the soul.  Witchdoctors believe that ailments are caused by witchcraft. 

Over the years, people have often found that the use of the word “witchdoctor” is not really what describes the work of the healer. In today’s 21st century world, most people will often call them a healer, shaman, or medicine man/woman. 

Witchdoctors do not consider themselves to be “witches”.  In fact, most do not practice sorcery or other types of witchcraft. Witchdoctors believe that they are the healers of the soul when it comes to removing witchcraft from a person. 

Perhaps someone feels that there is a curse on them or some type of a spell.  A lot of bad luck often happens to a person and they will often wonder why.  Why do I have so many bad things happening to me all the time?   The person will often go to the witchdoctor for help because it is said that they can remove this negativity from your life. 

In today’s modern world, witchdoctors still practice in many parts of Northern England.  Traditional doctors that practice modern day science often refer to them as being “quacks”.  Modern day doctors often write off witchdoctors to be nothing more than people that pretend to cure illnesses. 

The witch doctor will often put together some type of “potion” in which they believe can heal someone from an ailment such as sinus infection or another pain within the body.

Each witchdoctor does their healing differently.  They will often let you know that when they are healing you, it is because they believe in their spell work and what they do for a living.  Many witchdoctors today believe that they have the power to help you.

What Are Witch Doctors In Africa?

Witchdoctors in Africa are often refereed to as Sangomas. Shockingly, the term witchdoctor was not a term that Africans used to describe this type of healer.  A man by the name of Robert Montgomery started calling Sangomas witchdoctors in 1836.  He used this term in a book.  Africans called them Sangomas, shamans and medicine men/women. 

Today, this practice is still being carried out. However, in many places like Tanzania, witchdoctors are being arrested because they are often causing physical pain and even death to people.  You may have seen on the BBC news network that in 2015, around 200 witchdoctors were arrested because they were murdering and even using the limbs of people that were albino. 

Many witchdoctors use albino people for their healing potions to drive evil away in other people.  This practice has been going on for centuries.  It is a way for the government to show that it is not okay for this type of practice to continue.  In many parts of Africa, witchdoctors will pay close to $75,000 for body parts of an albino person. 

When you first visit a witchdoctor, they will often ask you questions as to why you are coming to them. They will often want to know if you are coming to them because of a physical ailment or because of a spiritual problem.  They will often ask you if someone has done something to you?  Many witchdoctors have their own healing remedies for the flu, colds, and bodily ailments.

People often mistaken a witchdoctor for someone that puts a curse on people. Witchdoctors do the opposite. They often consider themselves to practice white magic and believe that they can help people. Their idea is not to harm someone else because their client wants them to cast evil on someone.

In Tanzania, there are around 75,000+ witchdoctors. Witchdoctors often do not live amongst their people. Instead, they often live apart from them, but close enough where they come to them for help. Witchdoctors often live in hut style homes in Africa. 

Many men and women will seek out a witchdoctor first before trying traditional medicine.  This is often because of family tradition, spiritual beliefs and because everyone else in their community is doing it. 

The witchdoctor has an in-depth knowledge of herbs, plants, and healing potions that they put together to help someone. 

In many families, the witchdoctor is trained from another family member.  It is a tradition that is passed down from generation to generation.  In every generation, there are some witchdoctors that get their ideas for potions from dreams.  They may dream of putting together certain herbs to cure an ailment.  This happens often and if the potion proves to be right, they believe that it helps a lot of people.

Herbs often are used for healing purposes and the witchdoctor tries to use it with their own spiritual practices as well.  They are said to be experts in the field of herbal remedies.

A lot of Africans use witchdoctors because it is cheaper than going to a traditional doctor.  In many African cultures, food and water is often scarce. To think of hiring a doctor to help you is often impossible for many poor Africans.  The witchdoctor is often the best alternative for them in today’s modern-day world.

If you look on, you will often find testimonies of people visiting witchdoctors for help because traditional doctors could not help them. Sometimes, they do report that the witchdoctors remedies did make a difference for them.  They found that combining the witchdoctor’s potions with spirituality that they were able to experience some type of help that they were looking for. 

What Is Another Name For Which Doctor?

In India, witchdoctors are called Jhakri.  This word is Nepali.  Indians will often call witchdoctors shamans as well.  This practice is often found in Tamang and Magar people.  It is also a practice in the states of Bengal and Sikkim. 

Where Can I Find A Witchdoctor?

If you live in the United States, Australia, or England, you will find witchdoctors on psychic and astrology websites. You will often see that witchdoctors in the united states often call themselves: spell casters, healers, shamans, psychics. The term witchdoctor is rarely used, unless the healer specifies that they are a witchdoctor. 

If you live in other parts of the world, it is important to Google which word is used for that healing based on the culture.  As you can see above, the word witchdoctor is described in many ways.  You will find what you are looking for when you know what the people refer to them as. 

In third world countries, witchdoctors are often known by the people by word of mouth.  Since many in the population cannot afford computers and may not have internet access, they often live in villages and small towns.  The people often communicate through word of mouth and gatherings. 

What Function Or Purpose Did The Witch Doctor Have In The Tribe?

Tribes will depend on the witchdoctor for healing of anything from a cut to a curse. Witchdoctors are often not trained in scientific medicine, but their practice has been around for centuries as helping people that often cannot afford to go to a traditional doctor.

Perhaps a tribe member has already tried a traditional doctor and it did not help them. Therefore, they turn to the witchdoctor for help. Perhaps a man or woman is diagnosed with cancer and cannot find a cure. 

They know that they are dying, and their traditional doctor has told them that they only have a few months to live.  They will often turn to the witchdoctor for help in hopes that they can remove the negative energy from them or remove the spell that is making them feel ill. 

What Is The Definition Of A Witch Doctor?

It is believed that witchdoctors use their own magic potions and healing remedies to cause evil to leave your life.  Sometimes, a person may feel that their love life always falls apart and they never have anyone in their life that wants to be with them for long.

They may turn to a witchdoctor to get help. They may feel that they are never going to get any help traditionally. They hope that the witchdoctor’s remedies will “ward off” the evil that is coming to them. 

Witch doctors are known for wanting to help people because they feel that it is a calling for them to do so.  They believe that they have a responsibility to mankind to help those that need to connect with them for many different reasons.

As more governments crack down on the practice of the witchdoctor, it will become harder for people to find them.  Today, many witchdoctors choose to live in secret and only have clients that they can trust. They often want to feel as though they are living a more secretive life.