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What Are The Benefits Of A Monogamous Relationship?

What Are The Benefits Of A Monogamous Relationship?

Is it possible to have a monogamous relationship today?  Men and women today are often calling psychics and astrologers to ask them questions about their love life.

Most people want to know who their soulmate or twin flame is.  Is it possible to have one partner for the rest of your life?  This is a question that is more open today because millions of people in the world today feel lonely.

One of the benefits of having a monogamous relationship is that you will have someone to grow old with.  The #1 fear that most people have is that they will be alone when they are old. 

Nobody wants to think of themselves as being the cat lady/man.  The fear of not having your soulmate with you at 80 is scary.  The search for love seems to be on the hearts of most people that are in the dating range.

A monogamous relationship means that someone loves you enough to want to stay committed to you only. However, temptation is everywhere.  Many men and women find that it is hard to resist temptations from dating apps and websites. Every time that you turn on your computer, images are everywhere. The temptation to cheat is there. 

It is easy to go on a social media website like Facebook and find someone to connect with.  If you find them attractive, it makes perfect sense to talk to them.  However, how can you have a monogamous relationship when beautiful people are constantly in your face 24/7? 

Being monogamous takes discipline.  Human beings were built have the desire for beauty.  When we see something beautiful, we want to have it.  Often, human beings are not looking for just one beautiful person or item in their life. Both men and women are tempted everyday by whatever comes in front of them. Will you take the bait or not? 

If it were easy to be monogamous, we would not need the Holy Bible telling us to not fornicate or commit adultery.  The fact is that when we are tempted, our desires often cause us to do what we know is going to hurt us or another person.

What Does Monogamous Mean?

Being monogamous means that we are choosing one person to be romantically committed to.  It means that you will not sleep around with someone else because you want to.  It is a way of showing your lover that you want only them and nobody else.

When a couple decides to be monogamous with each other, they will often make rules in the relationship. Perhaps they will both agree that dating other people is off the table. They may say that you cannot talk to any of your exes that you have dated before in the past. 

When a couple decides to be monogamous, they are choosing to live a life dedicated to one another. They are going to choose to never again sleep around with someone else.  It must be a decision that the couple makes together for it to work. 

What’s Another Word For Monogamous?

  • Married
  • Faithful
  • Exclusive
  • Committed
  • Steady

Are Humans Monogamous?

By nature, humans are not monogamous.  Therefore, we see men and women often cheating on one another. Even in the Holy Bible, we read stories about King David cheating on his wife with a woman by the name of Bathsheba. 

Perhaps in your own life, you have been cheated on by someone else.  They told you that they wanted to have a monogamous relationship and yet you found out that they were sleeping around with someone else.  That can be rather devastating to watch and see. 

Human beings must discipline themselves not to cheat. When people see another beautiful person, it is often a temptation to sleep with them. The thought of having a sexual encounter may seem appealing. However, when one person in the relationship cheats, it breaks trust, and the relationship is no longer considered monogamous. 

Can A Woman Be Monogamous?

A woman can be monogamous if she disciplines herself.  Women and men both get tempted.  It takes discipline to say no, I will not sleep around with someone else. Lust seems to be a part of every soul in humans.  It is not easy to discipline yourself when you have easy access to pornography and flirtatious people that cross your path every day. 

Why Is Monogamy Better Than Polygamy?

In my opinion, monogamy is better than polygamy because you have someone to spend time with you when you are old. Polygamy often seems great for people that want a large family.  Some polygamy families have 20 plus children.  Usually the man will take on more than one wife.

However, polygamists’ relationships often see the trouble in their relationship when they age. Usually, the man in the relationship will often spend one or two nights a week with one woman and then spend another night with another. It is often for companionship and intimacy. 

These women are often occupied during the week with taking care of the children.  This often helps to relieve some of the loneliness of their male partner not being around for most of the week. 

However, as the children age and move out of the home, the woman is often left feeling alone.  When a woman reaches the age of 50+, they often feel like they are spending most of their time alone.  It can be hard not having your lover there for you daily as monogamous couples experience.

Often, polygamist relationships fail in mid life because of the loneliness and having to share the man with multiple women.  It can be extremely lonely for someone that does not have this kind of relationship as they grow older in life.

Most polygamists agree that it gets harder as you get older because you have already raised your children and now want to share more of your time with your life partner.

However, every person in the relationship needs their needs met and therefore, you may only get one or two days a week to spend with the person that a monogamous person would spend their daily life with. 

Can A Promiscuous Woman Be Faithful?

It is possible that a promiscuous woman can be faithful if she chooses to go against her natural desire to cheat.  With discipline, all things are possible. If a promiscuous woman can stop herself from cheating, even though she has a desire to cheat, she can become faithful.

This of course happens with a great deal of discipline.  Often, turning to one’s faith instill discipline in you.  If you choose to read the Holy Bible, you can learn ways in which you can rely on God for strength against temptation when it comes.

Can A Polyamorous Person Be Monogamous?

Many polygamous men and women choose monogamy over polygamy for many different reasons.  Often, people feel lonelier in a polygamist relationship because you cannot get adequate time to spend with your lover. Often, the person that is the head of the relationship must share their time with multiple people.  This leaves a lot of time apart from your lover.

Often, monogamous relationships are better because they provide more time together.  A person’s day is often split between work and taking care of their family.  Many couples complain that they do not have enough time to spend time with one another.  Imagine yourself having to split your time with others in the relationship besides yourself. 

Some polygamists have 4 or more wives.  This means that each wife would have around 1.5 days a week to spend with their husband.  That could get lonely.  Most people that stay in polygamous relationships do so because of their religious beliefs.  Polygamy is most popular in Utah in the United States. 

Is A Monogamous Relationship Natural?

It is both natural and unnatural to want a monogamous relationship.  Every human being desire to have someone in their life that they can be intimate and romantic with.  It is a natural desire to have lust for another person and to feel that you can relate to someone as a soulmate.  However, monogamous relationships take discipline.  As stated above, lust will always come in some way, shape or form. 

It is unnatural to think that your partner will never have temptations to be with someone else sexually.  You cannot help who you are attracted to.  It takes discipline to not act out romantically with another person.  Many lovers have shocked their partners with one-night stands.  Often, the lover is sad about their choice in sleeping around behind their partners back. 

Can A Man Be Faithful To One Woman Forever?

Yes, a man can be faithful to a woman forever if he puts his mind to it.  He must accept that temptations to sleep with another woman will come up from time to time. However, he must learn to control his sexual urges and not act out on his lust.  This is easier said than done. 

Many men often feel that it is hard to resist a beautiful woman.  It becomes even harder when the attraction is mutual between two people. Men that cheat are not bad.  They simply could not control their lustful desires.  If they are to become monogamous again, they must learn from this experience and commit to never cheating again. 

Why Is Monogamy Not Natural?

Monogamy is not natural because we are born with an inborn desire to find multiple people attractive.  We cannot help it if we see a sexy girl or guy on television.

If you are reading a magazine and see someone with their shirt off, you may become sexually aroused. This is a normal response and that is nothing to ashamed of. 

However, when you act out on your desire, it hurts the person that you are having a monogamous relationship with.  You went against your promise to be faithful to them.  This will often cause the other person in the relationship to not trust their partner any longer. 

What Animals Are Naturally Monogamous?

  • Shingleback Skink
  • Seahorse
  • Barn Owl
  • Bald Eagle
  • Black Vultures
  • Swans
  • Macaroni Penguins
  • Gray Wolf
  • Gibbons

Does Monogamy Make Sense?

Monogamy does make sense because nobody wants to be alone.  People often choose to stop dating and become more exclusive when they are tired of feeling lonely. Men and women that are not monogamous often date other people. When this happens, it leaves less time for you to be with the person that you are falling for. 

Many people choose marriage because they are choosing to commit to one another for life.  They can always know that when they wake up in the morning and go to bed that someone else will be with them. 

They have a partner in which they can have intimate relations with and someone that can talk to them about their day. It is also fun to have date nights and to feel like someone has your back all the time.

The problem with dating multiple people is that it does get lonely because you are constantly meeting someone new and it does not make you feel loved.  A monogamous partner that spends time with you daily grows in love with you.  It is a vice versa romantic love experience. 

Men and women in their teenage and young adult life will often choose to date multiple people for years.  They will often date different people until they reach the age of 25.

However, most people that are in the dating world feel lonely and often want to choose a monogamous relationship. Therefore, hit shows like The Bachelor are so popular.  People watch this show because it gives them an insight into what being single is all about and why you want to choose a life partner. 

Once a person experiences true love in a monogamous relationship, they often want one for the rest of their life. They often choose monogamy because they see the difference between it and just dating. 

Why Do Cheaters Cheat Again And Again?

Cheaters often cheat again because they cannot control their lustful urges.  They often desire to be faithful to their monogamous partner. However, when they get around someone that they find attractive, they often seek out a one-night stand.

They are not out to hurt their lover, but often do so because they act out on their lust.  It is not easy to hold back your lustful desires. It takes a great deal of discipline.

Most people will often turn to religion as way of disciplining their sexual urges.  Many men and women choose to read the Holy Bible to resist temptation.  Others will use prayer and meditation. 

I once heard a testimony of a man that had trouble with temptation and cheating. He said that the only way that he was able to control himself from not cheating was to take off his glasses when he was out in public.  He said that he could not see clearly without them. However, removing his glasses helped him to stay committed to his wife and he found this to be a good way of not cheating on her. 

Is Long Term Monogamy Possible?

Yes, long term monogamy is possible.  There are many couples that stay together for life. Sometimes, couples stay marriage for 50+ years.  They chose to discipline themselves and to be faithful to their partner. 

Some Famous Couples That Chose Monogamy:

  • Kirk Douglas And Anne Burdens (Married for 62 years)
  • Jaime Lee Curtis And Christopher Guest (Married 32 Years)
  • Denzel And Pauletta Washington (Married 39 Years)
  • Bono And Alison Hewson (Married 34 Years)
  • Tina Turner And Erwin Bach (Married For 30 Years)

Can A Man Change After Cheating?

Many men change after cheating.  They realize that the intimacy that they share with others outside of their monogamous relationship is not worth it because it hurts their partner emotionally.  They realize that they broke trust and often desire to change and show that they can be trusted. 

Nobody likes to feel that they are not trustworthy.  When a man feels that the pain of cheating is more hurtful for him, he tends to want to change.  After all, he desires love and monogamy as well. He wants hit lover to be faithful to him. 

Are Some People Not Meant To Be Monogamous?

People are meant to be monogamous because of their feelings of loneliness. Even the Holy Bible says that “It is not good for the man to be alone” (Genesis 2:18). 

When a man or woman is alone, they seek out a partner that they could spend their life with.  Even when they are dating multiple people, they often desire to have one person in their lives that they can be monogamous with.  Dating can be lonely. When you build your life alone, it hurts you to the core of your being even as you age.

There is a myth in society today that is mostly being blasted by the media that tells people that you should never desire another person if you are in a monogamous relationship. This could not be further from the truth.  People have a natural desire to want to be intimate with multiple people from early on in life. Many teenage relationships will often fail because of cheating.

Lust is a powerful emotion and often hard to control. Everyone is meant to be monogamous because we all have a natural desire to want to have one person in our lives that we can spend our days with.  Therefore, marriage is so popular. 

Many men and women take a break from monogamy if they feel that whenever they date someone, they get cheated on and lied to.  This often makes a person not want to be monogamous. However, when you are alone, you feel lonely. Even if you have many friends, you will often feel lonely because its not someone that you are intimate with.