How Do You Know If You Are In A Situationship?

How Do You Know If You Are In A Situationship?

A situationship will arise when the person that you are attached to romantically does not want to put a title on it.  It maybe you in the relationship as well.  Perhaps you have decided that you can sleep together, but you are not boyfriend and girlfriend.

Perhaps your situationship is only through social media or a dating website.  There can be many different scenarios and reasons as to why you or the person that you are with is not putting a title on the bond that the two of you share. 

You will know that you are in a situationship if the two of you have decided that you will not claim one another in love.  Giving a commitment to someone is hard.  It means true dedication. 

It is more like a marriage without the paperwork.  A situationship often arises when a couple decides that they do not know if they are right for one another.  In some instances, either the man or the woman wants multiple lovers.  They do not want to settle for just one person. 

People often feel confused in a situationship.  Often, one person in the bond feels like they are giving more than the other person.  Another term for a situationship is a “booty call”. 

This means that a man or woman will want to hook up with you for intimate encounters and nothing more after that.  Sure, you may even talk to one another during the week, but there is no title for the two of you being boyfriend and girlfriend. 

Confusion often sets in when either one of you starts talking about love. Perhaps now the thought is that the two of you are going to possibly date and give yourself a title at some point.

However, the person that is leaning more towards that suddenly changes their mind and says, “I am not sure that I want a boyfriend/girlfriend?  Let us keep things the way that they are.” 

Is A Situationship Bad?

Situationships are not necessarily bad if both people agree to the terms and nobody is getting hurt.  If you or the person that you are with are developing stronger feelings and therefore want a title on your relationship, it can become toxic for the both of you. 

You or the person that you are bonding with is going to start getting angry because you are going to feel that your emotions are being played with. 

Often, a situation will seem good at first, but then turn bad when feelings start coming into play.  Perhaps one of you is thinking about the future.  Either one of you may be thinking about starting a family or perhaps getting married to someone at some point. 

The “situationship” may not work for you later down the road. It can become scary to think that you will just have a “something” going on forever.

You also may feel like the person that you are bonding with refuses to have you meet with their family and friends. You may feel that they are trying to hide you. This can be hard to deal with since you feel sad about this situation.  It is important that you make it clear what your expectations are. 

Another problem that will arise is that you will hear them talking about others that they are having a “situationship” with as well.  Let us say you are a woman with a man that is in this situation. 

The man is clearly talking about other girls and it is bothering you.  You may have thought that your connection with him was going somewhere.  However, now you find out that you are not the only woman on his list.  It can be devastating to feel that you may not be good enough for him.

He wants more than one woman in his life. In this case, reality will set in quickly and you will learn that this really is just a “situationship”. 

It can also be difficult because the two of you seem like you have no real plans.  If you get together regularly for intimacy, you may see it as being more spontaneous. 

He/she may ask you to meet up with them for a little fun and then afterwards, the two of you go back to your regular lives.  This can seem exciting and spontaneous at first, but then gets rather repetitive and boring after a while. 

In each living soul, there is a part of you that wants to have a companion.  Everyone wants to know their soulmate.  Unfortunately, “situationships” do not allow this to happen. 

Can a Situationship Turn Into A Relationship?

There have been millions of situationships that have turned into relationships for various reasons.  Usually, the couple will feel that they are developing love feelings for one another and therefore want to claim one another as their own. This often happens with soulmates that have a desire to have something much deeper. 

Perhaps the two of you have been seeing one another for awhile and the both of you feel that you want to think more about building a future together. Perhaps the two of you are thinking about marriage and family.  You may want to introduce yourself as being together amongst family and friends. 

The both of you may start to feel jealous that you are seeing other people.  Therefore, you want to put a title on your bond now.  Thus, a relationship seems to be the perfect solution. 

What To Say To End A Situationship?

If the situationship is not working out for you, it may be time to end it. Ending a situationship is often hard because you do not want to hurt the person that you have been bonding with. 

However, in certain circumstances, it may make sense to you. Perhaps the person is to distant from you and you realize that you will never be together.

Maybe you live in the United States and the other person lives in Spain.  Neither one of you can see yourself moving and therefore it makes perfect sense that you will never be together in person. 

It is best to be blunt when trying to end your situationship.  It is best to lay out the reasons as to why the two of you should not talk anymore. If you feel that your emotions are to involve, let the other person know. If you feel no hope in the connection, be sure to let the other person know. 

Make a list out of all the things that you believe are making you feel like it must be over. Do not be down on yourself because you did try to make it work.  However, the reality of your situation is something that you see no point in continuing with. 

It is also important to not let the other person that you are bonding with to talk you into staying.  This often happens and your guilt will often pull you back into the situation. You must be honest with yourself and try to understand your situation a little bit more clearly.  Use your own thoughts and mind to decide.

Will A Guy Avoid You If He Is Developing Strong Feelings?

At times, a man will avoid you if he is developing strong feelings for you. He will often do this because he may believe that you have someone else that you are dating as well.

If your connection with him has no title on it, he may believe that it is because you want to still date other men besides him.  He will therefore hide his feelings from you.  He will avoid telling you what is on his mind and in his heart. 

Men are often afraid of getting hurt.  Once a man falls in love, he expects it to last forever.  He may avoid falling in love because his heart has been broken once before. 

He knows the pain that he had to go through to forget that woman that he once loved. It is often hard for him to look at his life now as starting over again. He may think that you can possibly do the same thing to him as well. 

Often, men will avoid developing strong feelings for you if he believes there is a chance for him to get hurt again. The only way to convince him that you will not hurt him is time. 

If you prove yourself to him, he will believe you. However, he may have to test you for more than a year.  Often, a person’s true intentions will come out within a year’s timing.

What As A Textationship?

It is becoming more common to have a textationship.  This means that the two of you only connect with one another through texting.  There are often no phone calls involved or social media.  The two of you only text back and forth with one another. 

Perhaps you were out one night at a dance club and someone that you were interested in gave you their phone number. The two of you started to text back and forth with one another.  The connection never went anywhere else. 

Textationships often do not last for more than a few months. It is because it is hard to only talk to someone through text.  Often, human beings want to have a visual connection with someone and a physical one as well.  Most men and women feel that texting alone is not enough. 

Is He Emotionally Attached To Me?

If you are dating a man that you are having a situationship with, he may have strong emotional attachments towards you.  It is possible that he depends on you to talk to when he has a problem.

When he needs someone to love him, he calls you and lets you know that he cares for you as well.  It is something that he knows in his heart must happen. He will often feel an emotional attachment towards you when he sees you as being someone that he can trust and count on. 

Often, you will feel that he may have stronger feelings for you than you may have thought. Often, emotional attachments grow gradually.  We often do not know that they are there at first. However, over time, they grow, and we begin to see them as being something that we must learn how to deal with.

How Do You Know If He Will Never Commit?

If a guy tells you that he is not into relationships or commitment, believe him.  For the most part, he is telling you the truth about how he feels.  He may go through periods in his life where he wants to have a woman around him to love and spend time with.  However, he also wants to have other women as well. 

You may notice that he has a lot of women on his rolodex.  He may have women that he talks to and sleeps around with regularly. He loves the free-spirited life of spending time with friends and family. He has no desire to have a wife or girlfriend.  He wants someone to just have fun with. 

Guys that like commitment often have a history of relationships that they enjoyed being in and have a desire to be with only one woman.  We often repeat this in our lives.  Time will often prove to you that a guy will want commitment by looking into his past. 

How Do You Navigate A Situationship?

To navigate a situationship, you are going to have to do what works best for you.  It is important to not overstep your own boundaries and to set the rules as you feel they work best for you.

It is important to tell the person that you are bonding with what will work for you and what will not.  In this way, you make it clear from the beginning that you have certain expectations. It will be up to the person that you are bonding with to accept them or not. 

Is It Bad To Text Someone Every day?

Texting someone every day is not bad if they are texting you back.  Texting someone everyday becomes a problem if you are texting them and they are not texting you back. 

Texting everyday becomes a problem when you see that the other person is not texting you back and you keep on texting. They are clearly sending you a message that they do not want to be bothered.

There is texting etiquette that is important for you to follow. If the other person that you are trying to communicate with does not text back, wait for them to text. Yes, it might take them two weeks to do so. However, it is important to show them that you will give them the space that they need to get back to you. 

Texting everyday can cause a person to block you if they feel that you are not getting the message that they want to be left alone.  If you feel ghosted, it may be because you were texting them too much.

Do I Love Him Or Am I Just Attached?

If you feel attached to him, then you are in love.  Love means that you want to be with the person all the time and want them to love you back in return. It is hard to love someone that you may not have a future with. 

If you feel that your love is coming out in your strongly for him, let him know.  Either he loves you or he does not. It is important to find out early in the bond so that you do not have a one-sided love relationship.  

Can A Guy Sleep With A Girl Without Feelings?

Yes, often lust can drive a guy to sleep with a girl.  This often happens in a one-night stand. Perhaps the two of you are talking on a dating app and you have shared pictures with one another. Now you say that you want to meet up with that person for some intimate moments. 

After the sexual encounter is over with, the two of you decide to go your own separate ways and never talk again.  This means that he clearly had not feelings at all for the person that he slept with.  He just wanted to exercise his free will with lust.  This commonly happens in society today.

What Is The Difference Between Relationship And Situationship?

Relationships have titles and situationships do not.  A relationship means that the two of you have decided to call one another boyfriend and girlfriend.  It can also be husband and wife.  You can also say, “we are exclusive”.  This term often means that the two of you feel like you are both meant to be together. 

In a situationship, titles are not used because both people in it believe that they are not technically together. Instead, they just get together or talk for different reasons that they determine as being acceptable.  

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