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How Long Does It Take To Get Over A Breakup?

How Long Does It Take To Get Over A Breakup?

Loving someone sounds easy.  However, you will come to realize that when you love someone, your soul is being united with theirs.  Most people do not know that the soul is like a physical body.  If someone ripped your arm or leg off, you would start screaming and immediately must be rushed to the hospital.  It is hard to imagine someone breaking your heart in the same way. 

Getting over a breakup can take days, weeks, months and even years. Sometimes you never completely get over someone that is your soulmate or twin flame.  There is a lot involved with a breakup. 

For starters, one of the people in the relationship may still want to be together.  Sometimes, breakups are not mutual.  Maybe your ex cheated on you.  This can often give you more questions than answers.  Most men and women want to know why they are being cheated on and what they can do about it. 

It is important to not get to down on yourself if you cannot move on from someone that you are still in love with.  Do not lie to yourself and say that you are not in love with that person any longer.

If you were not, then you would not need to ask the question, “How long does it take to get over a breakup?”  You would instead have no care or thought to it. You would just be done with it.  The fact that you are still thinking about this question proves that you are still in love. 

How Do You Get Over An Ex You Still Love?

Getting over an ex that you still love is not easy.  It is important that you find out if they still love you as well.  If they do, then you need to rekindle the relationship by working out your communication.

Often, poor communication is what tears a couple apart.  It can be hard to imagine someone not wanting you completely after giving them your full heart and self.  It can be devastating to feel a sense of love for someone and not know what they feel for you any longer. 

If your ex does not love you anymore, then only time will heal your pain. Unfortunately, the more time that passes by, the better you will feel.  A broken heart can take years to fully heal. There is a good chance that you will not forget that person entirely. However, your romantic love feelings for them will eventually die off. 

As we age, we tend to forget our past more and more.  We tend to forget what happened 20 or 30 years ago.  Love works the same way when it comes to exes. 

Talking out your feelings with friends, family and a counselor will also help you to get over your ex.  At times, you will feel that nobody can understand the pain that you are in. 

However, know that the people that you are talking to probably have experienced deep grief at some point in their life. It is important to talk to someone else that has been where you are at right now.

Relating to someone that feels or has felt the same way as you do will make you feel understood and like someone is understanding where you are coming from emotionally. 

How Long Does The Hurt Last After A Breakup?

Hurt will often last for days and weeks.  Men and women often hurt a lot less after a breakup within three months.  Usually within the fourth month, you still have hurt from your breakup, but often feel a lost less in pain than when you first broke up. 

It is important to not rush the healing process. Instead, take your grief one day at a time. In this way, you will be able to see for yourself how love evolves best for you. 

You will eventually come to see that love does not have to be as painful as you had thought. Each time that you talk about your pain, you heal more inside. You begin to see that it may not be so bad after all. 

You may come to realize that it is better to not be together if it is not true love or a soulmate connection.  Sometimes, “love is blind” and we do not see everything clearly when we are in the relationship.  Only after we have left the relationship do we feel better.

How Do I Stop Hurting After A Breakup?

To stop hurting after a breakup, you are going to have to invest your time into hobbies that bring happiness to your soul.  It is important to not sit around dwelling about your breakup. It will only cause you to be sadder. You must take your mind off it and learn how to distract your attention. 

You need to also talk to someone about how sad you feel.  It is best to talk to God first.  You can kneel and pray. Ask God to take away the pain that you feel inside of your heart. Read the Holy Bible and other spiritual material to feel better.  It is important for you to find happiness in your faith in God.

It is also important to journal out your feelings.  Write down what is still bothering you about your breakup.  Was she/he cheating on you?  Could anything else be done differently that you can still repair? 

Who Hurts More After A Breakup?

Usually the person that does not want to end the relationship is hurting more after a breakup.  If only one person in the relationship wanted the breakup, they are often not sad about breaking up.  They may feel bad about hurting you, but they often feel a sense of relief that the relationship is over with. 

When the relationship is not working for one person in the relationship, they often do not want to hurt your feelings. However, they do not feel the same thing that you are feeling.  This can happen many times in life.  It can be a rather difficult thing sometimes. 

How Do I Know If My Breakup Is Final?

Unfortunately, you may never know when your relationship is final.  This is because a great percentage of couples in the 21st century tend to date again even after a breakup. 

They may breakup several times in a year and still get back together again.  Even couples that break up often find that they are back together again in 10 years. 

It is common for childhood sweethearts that have not seen one another in 30 years date again and marry after a divorce.  There are many reasons as to why a couple would choose to get back together again.

How Do You Know If Your Ex Is Over You?

If every time that you talk to your ex, they say that they are over you. It usually means that you should move on because they do not feel the same for you any longer.

Often, your ex will tell you the truth in how they are feeling.  They will give you a constant reassurance that they do not have any kind of passionate love for you and do not want to ever get back together again. 

If you are married, a divorce is usually a sign that your ex is over you. A divorce is a final word to say that its over and not to expect that person ever to come back to you again. 

Why Did My Ex Move On So Quickly?

If your ex moved on quickly, it means that he did not feel any connection with you.  It may be shocking to hear that if he told you that he had feelings for you at one point.  However, your ex can only move on quickly if he feels that there is nothing left in the relationship that he wanted. 

Do I Still Love My Ex Or Am I Just Lonely?

If you are asking yourself if you still love your ex, then you do.  If you do not love your ex, you would not even be asking this question.  The lonelier that you are, the more that you will dwell on your ex.  It is best to find something fun to do to make the time pass by a lot better.

If you feel lonely, try calling a friend or family member.  This will often make you feel like you have a companion.

Why Can’t I Get Over Someone I Never Dated?

Often, you have feelings for someone and yet you never dated them.  This is often known as a crush. It can be either physical or emotional. Due to the internet, we can now connect with someone without ever seeing their fact through text and social media.

It is common to have feelings for someone that you have an emotional connection with. Often, you will find yourself getting close to someone and the conversations are great. 

You feel that they are into you as well.  However, one day you wake up to find out that they are not into you. It often causes you to feel a sense of sadness and pain.  You will feel like you lost your best friend. You did. 

Do Guys Hurt After A Breakup?

Men and women both hurt after a breakup.  Guys hurt when they feel that their heart was broken. If their girlfriend or wife does not want to be with them anymore, he will feel the same way that a woman feels.

He will feel rejected, alone, and afraid.  He will often feel that the pain is deep within him because he loves the woman that he is crying over.  He will often wish that she did love him.

However, she may not feel the same way as he does. It can be devastating to be a guy that feels this way.  He will need family and friends supporting him during the breakup.

What Is The Most Painful Breakup?

The most painful breakup is ghosting. This happens when the man or woman in the relationship does not want to tell the other person why they no longer want to be with them.

The relationship is just over with no explanation.  It often leaves the person in the relationship feeling a sense of pain and not knowing what happened. 

Suddenly, you will be talking to someone on Tuesday and your boyfriend/girlfriend says that they love you.  On Wednesday, you wake up to find out that they have blocked you on social media, their cell phone, and every other way possible. 

They do not leave you any explanation as to what happened or why they no longer wish to speak to you.  This often happens after a couple has been together for years. This is by far the most painful breakup. 

Why Do Guys Act Like They Don’t Care After A Breakup?

Men often do not want to let you see their tears because they feel that it defies masculinity.  Men are raised to believe that showing your emotions is feminine.  Most men believe that it is better to just be quiet and not say anything about how you feel.

Why Is He Not Contacting Me After Breakup?

Men are taught to have pride.  He will often feel that you need to come to him because you are the woman in the relationship. There is still a stereotype around the world in which men feel like they are the dominant one in the relationship and the woman is the submissive one. 

Men will often hold the belief that contacting you after the breakup makes him less of a man.  This belief system is held by millions of men today.

Will My Ex Ever Contact Me Again?

You have a 50% chance of your ex ever contacting you again.  He will contact you if he still wants to continue a relationship with you. The relationship can either be a friendship or romance.  It is hard to say whether your ex will contact you. 

It is best to not dwell on whether he will or not. Time will tell you if he is going to contact you again. 

As you can, see, getting over a breakup takes time.  As the saying goes, “time heals all wounds”.  I would say that this is 100% true.  You can try to force your healing, but it often will not work. 

Unfortunately, we cannot force ourselves to feel something that his not there. We must look at our lives and realize that we may not have all the answers. It is important to realize that talking out our feelings does help to a certain degree.  However, breakups are often hard. Healing from them takes time and patience. 

You will come to see that as each day passes, it becomes easier.  For the first week, your breakup pain is going to be a lot harder because you just tore your soul apart from the person that you thought you would be spending your life with. 

It is probably one of the worst things that can happen to you.  It is important to remember that when you feel this kind of pain and sorrow, you must understand that love comes together when it is meant to.