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Talk To Strangers Safe: A General Concern

Talk To Strangers Safe: A General Concern

Talk To Strangers – With almost 8 billion people in the world, there is a good chance that you will come across a stranger.  You may be asking yourself if it is safe to talk to a stranger.  There is no easy answer to this question. 

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Meeting Strangers On A Date Is Common For People Of All Ages In New York

Is Talk To Strangers Safe?

Most people that you talk to are going to be friendly.  However, there is always a chance that you meet someone new that is not.  It is best to use caution when speaking to a stranger. In fact, you may come to the realization that it is best to only say hello at first and see if they are kind with a hello back. 

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Do I look stranger to you?

If a stranger is not acting friendly, it is best to avoid them. Unfortunately, some men and women wish to not be bothered for one reason or another. You may be doing nothing wrong.

However, some people have anti-social disorders.  This means that they are often afraid to talk to people.  They prefer to not interact with others. Also, someone may think that you are up to something.

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They may see you as being untrustworthy or perhaps trying to talk to them so that you can ask them out on a date.

It is important to always “feel out” the situation first.  Do not just start talking to a person if they are not welcoming you.  This is often the wrong move and can lead you down a road of confrontation. 

Often, talking to a stranger on social media is a lot easier.  It is a lot safer because you can simply block someone that is not friendly.  They can also block you as well. It may be hard to figure out who he is a good person at first. 

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Trust Me….I Am Sexy, But Easy To Talk To

Sometimes, you may feel connected to someone that does not feel the same in return.  This does not mean that something is wrong with you.  It only means that the other person does not see any interest in talking to you. 

It is always best to use caution when speaking to someone online or offline. In this way, you do not get blindsided.  Often, when you get to know someone, it takes time.  Talking to a stranger is just an introduction. It is an easy way to get connected to them for different reasons. 

Once the person has greeted you and seems friendly, it is okay to talk to them about the weather or something funny that is happening around you.  You may find that when you are talking to them, the conversation flows naturally.  The stranger may in fact give you their phone number to continue conversation afterwards. 

Where Can I Chat To Strangers?

You can chat with strangers:

  • Online
  • In Person
  • Through The Telephone
  • Letters

When you find someone to be most appealing, you can chat with them about something that you find is interesting. Sometimes, you can be waiting for a bus or train and strike up a conversation with a stranger. You may be doing it because you find someone or attractive or perhaps you just want to talk. 

Sometimes, you can see someone attractive and exchange phone numbers because you want to either build a friendship or perhaps go out on a date.  Chatting with strangers is an art. 

It can be scary at first. You may not know what to say or perhaps fear what they are going to say back to you. However, meeting new people helps you to feel less lonely. Having more friends or people to talk to makes complete sense.

Where Can I Meet Strangers?

  • Dance Clubs
  • Public Transportation (Buses, Trains, etc.)
  • Recreation Centers
  • Gyms
  • Social Clubs
  • Online Dating Websites
  • Online Chat Rooms
  • Walking Your Dog
  • Art Museums
  • Recreation Centers
  • Voting Establishments
  • School
  • Through a Friend
  • On An Airplane
  • Family Gatherings
  • Parks
  • Karate and Wellness Centers
  • Sports arenas
  • Joining A Team (Baseball, Football, Soccer)
  • Taking a Course Online Or in Person
  • Walking Down The Street
  • In a Grocery Store
  • At A Carnival
  • Vacation
  • On A Cruise
  • Starbucks
  • Book Stores
  • Attending Charity Events
  • Churches
  • At Your Job
  • Your Best Friend’s Wedding
  • Demonstrations

How Do I Connect With Strangers?

To connect with a stranger, you need to make yourself approachable.  Smile a lot and show that you are easy to talk to and welcoming.  If you find someone attractive, it is okay to flirt with them by smiling or nodding your head. It lets the other person know that you would like to talk to them.  If they nod back or smile, it means that they would like for you to walk up to them and start talking

Often, we are nervous about talking to a stranger or they are fearful of talking to us. Everyone fears rejection.  It is important to tell a stranger that you are easy going so that they will not feel intimidated.

Often, a person will have a serious look on their face without smiling when they want to talk to someone. It is because they are nervous and do not know how to show good facial expression.

It is important to work on smiling and nodding so that someone will know that you are looking to speak to them. It is okay if they do not nod back or smile. It may not be you.

Perhaps they do not like talking to strangers. Maybe they had a bad experience before with someone else and now have decided that they will not talk to strangers anymore. 

If you are trying to connect with a stranger on the internet, send them an invite to join your profile or send the person an email.  This will get their attention and let them know that you are wanting to interact with them. 

It is important to make sure that you are secure in yourself. Often, thoughts will run through your mind that are negative. If you are thinking, “Why would they want to know me?”, you are insecure. You must be confident within yourself first to get someone’s attention. 

Interestingly, your insecurities are not what the other person is thinking at all. In fact, the other person that you are trying to interact with may not see anything negative about you at all.  It is important to get to know them slowly. 

The good thing about talking to strangers online is that you have a better way of researching them.  Often, online profiles have reputations. You can research a person’s background to see what they are all about as well. 

In this way, you can see if they are safe or not. When you meet someone in the street, there is no way of knowing if they are safe or not.  The internet has allowed us to check out someone before meeting them. 

How Do I Approach A Stranger Girl?

If you are a guy looking for a girl to date, it can be difficult getting to know someone new.  Often, you see a stranger’s face in person or online.  You immediately wish that you could be talking to one another. However, how do you do this when you are nervous. 

You fear rejection or not being good enough. You assume that this pretty girl will have no interest in you. Perhaps you do not look like John Cena or Dwayne Johnson.  However, she might not be looking for a muscle-bound guy. 

Many guys are shocked to find out that the girl that they are interested in may like a man that is fluffy or a swimmer build.  You may find that she is gorgeous and has a hot body but does not mind if you are a bit out of shape.  She may instead be going after your personality and conversation.  What stimulates a girl is a lot different than what you may have imagined. 

When approaching a beautiful girl, it is important to be yourself. First, introduce yourself with a hello.  Let her know that you took notice of her beauty. 

You can say that you wanted to say hello because she had such a nice smile.  You may be shocked to find out that she needed a compliment for that day. Even if she is not into you, it will make her feel good to get noticed.

You can ask her if she would like to hang out with you sometime.  She will get the hint that you are interested in her romantically.  The girl will either say yes or no.  You have a 50% chance of her saying yes. 

The more that you approach a girl, the easier it gets. At first, it is hard because you fear rejection.  However, if you do it a few times, you will come to see that some girls will find you attractive and others will not want to have anything to do with you.

You just must remember that it is their loss and not yours.  You know that you are a great person with a lot of love to give. If you get rejected, so what. There are “plenty more fish in the sea”.

How Do You Talk To Cute Strangers?

If the stranger that you want to talk to is cute, it will be hard.  A cute stranger will make you feel nervous. However, think of them as being not cute.  You may come to realize that the cute person just wants to be talked to.  Even if they do not find you to be cute, you can still make a good friendship. 

Many times, we are not meant to meet cute strangers because we will hook up with them romantically. Unfortunately, life does not work that way. We instead must look at someone and feel like we can have someone that is going to be good for us.

Cute strangers give us that sexy feeling inside.  It makes us feel desire and hope that something may come out of the connection that is romantic. However, that will not always happen. 

Strike up the conversation using good etiquette and social skills.  Introduce yourself with a hello and a handshake.  You will come to see that the person may like you or not.  If they smile back, it is a good sign that they are interested in talking to you.  If they roll their eyes or do not respond, walk away.

How Can I Make Strangers More Friendly?

Strangers are often afraid of you as you are them. To make strangers more friendly, they must see that you are safe and approachable as well.  Make sure that you are well groomed and look presentable. If you look like a slob, the person may think that you are homeless or that something is wrong with you.  They need to feel that they can trust you. 

When you look at them, smile.  It will give them a sense of comfort that you are interested in talking to them.  Often, being a good dresser allows someone to think that they can get something out of you.  Therefore, dress nicely to make a stranger be more friendly to you.

We live in a superficial world. Most people only want to know you if they feel that they can get something out of you.  Sad, but true.  In this case, make yourself presentable so that you are approachable.  You will find that people are a lot friendlier to you by the fashion that you wear.

How Do I Impress A Girl?

Impressing a girl may be on your mind right now.  This may be a girl that you meet in school or somewhere else.  How can you impress her to make her desires run wild for you? 

For starters, treat her well.  Learn to listen to what she has to say. Compliment her on beauty and clothing. Let her know that you like her smile or her personality.  Giving many compliments lets her know that you have been paying attention. 

If you are taking a girl out on a first date, it is important to buy her flowers.  Let her know that you planned the date out. It will give her the sense that she is important to you.  You can also get her a small box of Godiva chocolates. She will appreciate the time that you took to put this gift together.

It is also important to choose somewhere nice to take her.  Choose a nice restaurant. If you are on a budget, get the best possible restaurant that you can afford. However, avoid pizza restaurants and fast-food establishments.  She will not feel special. 

Dress up nice for her. No, you do not have to wear a suit and tie. However, wear a nice Polo shirt and some cache paints.  Wear a nice smelling cologne like CK1 or Creed. 

Plan the date ahead of time so that you are not left guessing on where to go.  Let her see that you have taken the time out to plan the date accordingly. She will feel extra special that you wanted to make her feel special.  This is how you get a girl’s attention.

It is no lie that many girls like to see a guy financially sound. If you have a fancy car, its time to pull it out of the driveway and show her what you got. Not all girls are materialistic. However, it does not hurt to impress her with a nice car to drive around in for the date. 

How Can You Make A Girl Fall For You?

First, respect her.  Let her know that you appreciate the person that she is and would like to show her your heart a lot more.  She will need to see that you are valuing who she is as a person. 

Learn how to communicate with her properly.  Good communication makes a relationship come together a lot more.  It allows the two of you to see that you care about one another. The more of a gentleman that she sees you, the better your relationship will become. 

It is important that she sees you as being someone that is interested in her. She will want to put her value, trust, and happiness in you as well. 

Take care of her financially.  Many girls want to know that you will be an equal partner.  They do not want to feel that they are going to be paying all the bills. 

They want to know that they can rely on you. Be trustworthy and reliable. Make her feel that she can depend and rely on you.  This is probably one of the best ways to get her to fall for you. 

Always compliment her on physical appearance. Most women take pride in their appearance and want to look good for you. If they do not feel like you are into them sexually, they may decide that you are not the right person for them. Most women want to feel desired by their partner. 

Tell the girl that you are interested in that you want to marry her at some point. She will fall for you if she feels the same way. 

Final Thoughts

As you can see, talking to strangers gets easier over time. The more practice that you give to it, the better you will become. I hope that you have some pointers here on how to build a solid relationship with someone that you meet.