What Is A Friends With Benefits Relationship?

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A friend with benefits type of relationship means that you are both friends, but also have sex at the same time.  In this kind of relationship, there are no titles used such as “boyfriend” or “girlfriend”. The two of you have an understanding with one another that you desire to just “do it” whenever you choose to. 

What Is A Friends With Benefits Relationship?

Choosing a friend with benefits type of relationship often works short term. However, feelings eventually develop for either person in the friendship.  Often, one person in the relationship feels that they are falling in love with their friend and often ask for something more exclusive. This often happens more than usual.  It can be hard to understand a friend with benefits type of relationship if you are into monogamy.

Sometimes, a friends with benefits type of relationship occurs when you or the person that you are friends with wants to “test out the waters” to see what things would be like if you were actually dating one another.  This is often something that would happen before becoming exclusive with one another. 

Before getting into a friend with benefits type of situation, there are certain things that you should keep in mind.  For starters, do not get into it if you are looking to win some type of a commitment.

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We Are More Than Friends….I Think???

Often, the person that is in this connection with you is clearly not wanting that.  They see you as a friend that they talk to and just have hookups with when the time is right.  It is important not to think of them as your lover.

When it comes to social media, do not expect them to put themselves down as “in a relationship”.  They do not see as you that.  Many men and women make the mistake of thinking that its just the two of you fooling around in bed.

However, your friend can have multiple lovers and you are not even aware of it. If someone is telling you that love does not work for them, then it is a good sign that they are not falling for you. 

You may have agreed to a friend with benefits type of relationship at first, but if its no longer working for you, then its time to get out.  You may have thought at first that you can just do it like two bunnies, but now you are realizing that there are actual feelings involved. It is time to take a step back and examine who you are as a person and what you can really tolerate. 

If you are texting someone, they may have refereed to this type of relationship as FWB.  This is a term used when someone does not want to say that whole phrase. 

Can Friends With Benefits Fall In Love?

Yes, friends with benefits relationships usually have love attached to it by one person. Often, one person feels something that the other person does not regarding love. A man or woman will often hope that someday, the person that they are having these intimate encounters with will want them for a relationship. 

However, many men and women often feel sad when they are in it just for the intimacy. It can be hard to be intimate with someone that does not want to dedicate themselves in love. This is certainly not a soulmate connection. 

All human beings need love and companionship.  No man or woman can be alone in life. Therefore, we must find someone that can love us.  FWB relationships often have troubles of their own because the intimate part only lasts so long. Afterwards, love and affection are needed. 

Often, FWB relationships are based on attraction.  It often means that someone does not see you as their soulmate.  Instead, the see you as someone that they enjoy talking to, but they feel that there is someone else out there that is meant to fulfill them entirely.  They do not believe that you are the one. 

There are times in which FWB relationships do turn into love.  However, its not common. Therefore, you should not look at this connection as being one that will fulfill your heart.

Does Friends With Benefits Involve Kissing?

Yes, friends with benefits does involve kissing, hugging, holding hands, intimacy in the bedroom and conversation.  There can even be foreplay when having an FWB type of relationship. 

Usually, people that engage in this kind of activity feel that you can do everything that people encounter when they are dating one another. It is important to realize that you can be with someone that is always going to be together with you. It is important to understand that you can look at your life and feel like you can do something that makes you feel happy.

Usually, there is an attraction between two people that choose intimacy with no monogamy.  Therefore, kissing is a part of “getting it on” in the bedroom. 

How Often Do Friends With Benefits See Each Other?

FWB’s have a regular friendship and see one another when they arrange time to hang out.  They will often do normal things that friends do, such as going out to movies, dinners, and walks.  However, when they get horny or feel an urge for intimacy, they will often have no problem getting it on.  They will often feel that if the time is right, they will go ahead and do the deed. 

Most friends with benefits couples see this type of relationship being beneficial because you are not involved in another relationship.  You often feel that you do not have to go looking for someone to be intimate with when you feel horny.

Instead, you already have someone that you can call on the phone and hook up with.  You do not have to start looking on dating apps for some random person to meet up with you. There are also feelings involved for your friend. 

Friends are often connected to one another out of care and love.  They often have a responsibility to one another and want to show that they care. 

Do Friends With Benefits Cuddle?

Cuddling is also part of FWB relationships.  This is to make one another feel loved and appreciated.  Usually, when you are watching movies or just hanging out, you will find that cuddling is passionate, loving, and free flowing. It will be a time for you to look at your life and realize that you can have something more personal with one another.

However, it is important to not make the mistake of the person think that you are their boyfriend or girlfriend.  You may feel like that at that moment. 

However, their cell phone might right and then you may overhear them talking to someone else that they are hooking up with as well.  It is important to know that not everyone can handle a friend with benefits type of situation. 

Do Friends With Benefits Go On Dates?

FWB’s do go out on dates from time to time. The date can be to a movie, dinner or simply hanging out at home.  These dates are often like a couple that would hang out with one another. 

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We Hook Up,…But Are Just Friends

However, it is important to know that even though you are on a date, you are not exclusive to one another. You are simply friends having fun together.  Afterwards, the two of you may decide to get intimate in the bedroom. This will be entirely up to the two of you.

However, it is important to know that you are not monogamous in any way, shape, or form. Therefore, it is called a friend with benefits type of relationship.  You can easily mistake your friend’s intention for wanting more. 

Are Friends With Benefits Healthy?

FWB relationships are emotionally draining for many people.  However, it does fulfill your sexual needs.  Once the sexual part is over, one of you might feel like you are missing out on a traditional relationship. 

You will go through periods in which you may want to start a family or get married. FWB relationships do not allow for this to happen. It can be hard to have a relationship with someone that loves you, but you do not feel love for them in return.  It can be vice versa. 

Often, arguments will arise in an FWB relationship because someone in this kind of friendship was reading to much into the feelings that were attached between the two of you.  This is because human beings are not animals. We are made to feel something for someone when we are intimate with them.

It is often hard to dispatch feelings with intimacy.  When someone is your friend, you care about them.  It is much like having a boyfriend/girlfriend with no titles attached. 

Arguments will often occur with this type of friendship because someone usually sleeps around with another person outside of your FWB relationship. 

This often makes one person feel that they thought something deeper was going on between the two of them. However, now it does not appear that way anymore. 

How Do You Tell if It is More Than Friends With Benefits?

You will tell that its more than FWB’s when:

  • Either one of you say that you want a commitment.
  • You both agree that your feelings are a lot more like a dating couple.
  • You or they cannot stand seeing you hooking up with someone else.
  • Either one of you gets jealous when wanting intimacy with someone else. 
  • You cannot stop thinking about them in hopes that they will someday commit in monogamy. 

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