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How Do You Tell If A Japanese Guy Is Into You?

How Do You Tell If A Japanese Guy Is Into You?

Japanese guys are not showy, like men from other countries. You can bid goodbye to a Japanese man singing praises about you or sending you flowers, just to surprise you at work.

They are not the type to make the first move, and you would wait a long time if you are also the sort to stay in the corner and ogle at the person you like.

Japanese men are typically quiet, and you would think that either they have low self-esteem or they are not just interested to be in a relationship.

They want to be sure first before they make a step to let you know that they are attracted to you, but never will they make the first move. Once they learned that you are interested in them, that is the only time they will open up to you bit by bit. It takes a long time for them to get cozy, and you will have to be patient as well with a Japanese man.

However, there are still ways to tell if they are into you and if they find you attractive.

  • They will tease you or also joke with you as if he’s just casual about everything. They will tease you about your clothes or tell you something funny to get your attention.

  • They talk little when you are around when you just met. Say you are a friend of his sister or a sister of his co-worker that he’s close with. He will not be the one to make conversation with you, even if it’s just the two of you. He will, however, observe you as much as he can. Trying to see how you talk, how you act when you are with the group, and he will also try to make himself seen, but in a subtle way.

  • He will make sure first that you feel attracted to them and will not give too much effort to make you like them. Like them on their own terms.

  • They do not readily tell you how good looking you are and will not praise you as much, just like men of a different nationality who will say whatever they like when with the one person they admire or like.

  • Japanese men will try to show they like you in different ways, such as sending you a flower, or gifts and can even treat you to a nice dinner, but you will not still hear them saying good things or praising you.
  • Some women of different nationalities would even be weirded out by such gestures when you have been exposed to the usual expression by men of other nationalities.

  • They are generous if they like you, offering you jewels or buying you an apartment. That is how generous they are.

  • They will show some non-verbal, subtle, signs when they like you. Not wanting eye contact but being observant, wanting to take a peek at the apple of their eye, but in a shy and a bit of awkward way.

  • And if they like you, they don’t want to look incompetent in front of you, so if you are co-workers, you will see a different side of him and will always have his best foot forward trying to impress you but in a subtle manner. You should know by their body language as well.

How Does Japan Man Show Affection?

When you are dating Japanese man, you will find out that they will not show their affection when you are in public, but when you are alone together, he will show how important you are and will be affectionate.

Once you are together in a relationship, Japanese men are also physically affectionate by hugging and kissing you as long as it is not in public.

You would even wonder during your first few weeks together why he shows little to no affection and seems to be so distant, but this is how they are. They express their affection when it is safe at home or in a private setting.

They are not even keen on introducing their girlfriend to their friends in the first few weeks, months, or even years, and would like to have you for themselves without the need to show you off to his buddies.

How Do Japanese Guys Propose?

Japanese guys are very traditional though they ask the question, differently like asking the girl they love if she would like to lie on the same bed with him for the rest of her life, or would she be willing to cook for him every day and such?

To the girl who may not be accustomed to Japanese traditions and does not have an idea about such questions would laugh it off, but it is already a marriage proposal from a Japanese man.

Japanese men will also ask the parent’s permission first before he can marry the woman. Japanese fathers would feel insulted if you don’t. It is not just the girl that the Japanese man is marrying, but also her family.

There are ways Japanese men propose, and one is doing it in style. He will propose in the midst of beautifully prepared fireworks or a well planned romantic serenade where he will ask for the hand of the girl in marriage.

Is It Rude To Hug In Japan?

Hugging in public is a no-no for the Japanese cause they respect you so much to even show affection in public.

It is considered a public display of affection in the country, and you would get a rude stare if you even attempt to do so.

They believe that it is not respectful and should be done privately. You can walk hand in hand in public but never will a Japanese guy kiss you while you are walking before he leaves you at the park or while you are about to leave a certain place.

Do Japanese Parents Say I Love You?

Japanese parents will say it in response to a son or daughter saying I love you, but it is seldom. Parents rarely say it to their children, though, especially a father to a daughter as it can be misinterpreted.

Saying I love you to the Japanese is not a normal occurrence, even in couples.

How Does The Japanese Marry?

Those who would like to marry will also submit some paperwork such as their application for registration to marry, their birth certificate, passport, and an affidavit of competency to marry.

A competency to marry to show that you are legally allowed to marry. It is also possible to submit all requirements by mail, and once it gets approved, you are somewhat officially married.

Those who will marry in Japan will typically get a wedding planner to take care of the works and planning for the big day. Japanese weddings differ from typical Western weddings because they marry traditional Shinto or Buddhist. There is a ceremony or reception that will follow after, though, just like in Western weddings and the after-party that is also popular after the celebration.

Modern weddings are now also held outside traditional Shinto Shrines or Buddhist temples such as hotels, chapels, or gardens.

At What Age Do Japanese Get Married?

The average age that Japanese men marry is between the age of 30 to 33 years old, while for women, it is between 28 to 30 years old.

The legal minimum age to get married for men is 18 and 16 for women. However, there is a decline in marriage in Japan as women are getting too busy with their careers and would rather, work than stay home to tend to a husband or children.

Men, on the other hand, don’t have the confidence to get a partner and would rather keep to themselves and continue with their career as well.

Can The Japanese Marry Foreigners?

They can marry Japanese as long as they have a sworn affidavit or affirmation to confirm that they are eligible to marry in Japan. Another criterion is you have to be of legal age in your country as well to get married in Japan. So, if 18 is the legal age in your country, then you really have to be 18 before they allow you to get married.

Marriages for a couple who are under 20 need to have their parent’s permission first before they can marry.

The couple also has to accomplish a form that needs to be done in Japanese, plus a personal stamp called Hanko, so you can verify the form. However, for other legal forms in Japan, you may use your signature, but during the marriage, you must use your own personal stamp.

Can I Live In Japan If I Marry A Japanese?

Once you are lawfully wed to a Japanese, you want to achieve the following, which includes;

  • The Wife of Japanese national visa
  • A long-term occupant visa if your wife is a long-term legal occupant visa holder of Japan
  • Spouse of long-lasting resident visa for those whose spouses are a permanent visa holder
  • A related visa, if your husband only has a student or work visa.