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What A Girl Should Not Do In A Relationship?

What Should A Girl Not Do In A Relationship?

There are many antiquated ideals of what a girl shouldn’t do when in a relationship, however, the dating rules for women don’t vary much from the dating rules for guys in this century.

The truth is, dating should be based on a mutual respect and attraction, so the dating rules for women should, in theory, be the same as the dating rules for men. In this article, the modern dating rules are broken down so that we can further examine this thought.

What Are The Unspoken Rules Of Dating?

As much emphasis is placed on communication would lead you to believe that there aren’t any unspoken rules of dating at this point in civilization, however, that simply isn’t the case.

There are still a handful of unspoken dating rules that you should make yourself aware of prior to putting your name into the dating pool of available singles.

The first is that, in this day of modern messaging and technology, you should always text back within a reasonable period of time, situation allotting, of course.

The fact is, if you’re simply sitting around with your phone in your hand, and it takes you 20 minutes to return their text, it looks rude. That is because it is rude. Nobody should be sitting around intentionally making someone wait a half an hour for an answer on what they’re having for dinner.

Next, although it is still considered tradition for the man to pay for the first dinner date, a woman needs to go to the venue fully prepared and able to pay for her half if it is necessary.

As a matter of fact, this isn’t simply a first date practice that women should get into, rather, as a woman you should always be prepared to pay for your half of the meal so that if the need should arise, you can leave without interruption.

Also, it is considered polite to offer to pay for your half of dinner, although it is also considered polite for him to turn down your offer.

The third is that everyone is coming to a date showing only their best qualities. Nobody is going to arrive at the first date and begin to provide a list of everything they believe is wrong with them.

Everyone tries to put their best face forward when dating so that they may successfully win a romantic partner. Although it is okay to hold back some embarrassing stories or details about your life, the basic blocks of who you are as a person need to be discussed.

In other words, you should mention important details, such as if you have children, have you been married, what you do for a living, and what your long term goals are as of the current time.

These are the basic cornerstones of who a person is, and it is important to truthfully convey them to the person that is trying to decide if they want to date you long term or not.

What Are The Rules Of Dating?

The rules of dating that are most generally agreed upon as a whole are as follows:

Arrive to the date on time. It is absolutely rude to expect someone to sit and wait for you to arrive. If you’re going to be more than 5 minutes late, give them a call and advise them of the situation.

Keep the first couple of dates short and simple. Save the elaborate dates that take all afternoon for later on down the line when the two of you know each other a little better and can gauge each other’s reactions better.

Don’t talk about your exes too much. When dating, of course, we usually mention why our last relationship didn’t work, but don’t let it turn into a play by play of the entire relationship that you just got out of. It’s tacky.

Put your phone on “do not disturb” while you’re out on your date. It is rude to go out with someone and not put your full attention into giving it a shot to really get to know that person. I mean, what is the point if you’re just going to be on your phone the entire time.

Discuss your intentions early on. Nobody wants to be led to believe that there is a future with someone only to find that they don’t have similar goals or plans. If you aren’t looking for anything serious, say so. If you are looking for a spouse, say so.

What Is The 10 Date Rule?

The 10 Date Rule, simply put, says that a guy is more likely than not pursuing something serious with a woman if he has reached the point of taking her on 10 or more dates.

Basically, if he has put in the effort to date her to the point of ten dates, there is a great likelihood that he sees the relationship moving into the territory of something serious sooner rather than later.

What Do Guys Really Want In A Relationship?

It can sometimes be difficult to say what guys want in a relationship, as all guys don’t enter relationships looking for the same thing. There are many different correct answers to the question of what a guy is looking for in a relationship, but for the purpose of this article, let’s address a guy that is seeking a monogamous relationship that he hopes will turn into a marriage.

Overall, guys want the same things that women want in relationships. They want a partner, a best friend, and someone who has similar goals and interests in life so that they can grow together.

Obviously, they want a comfortable existence with someone that they are attracted to, someone that they can grow with, and quite possibly, someone that they can start and raise a family with. The good majority of guys will tell you that they simply want to happily raise children with their wife and have someone to grow old with.

Is It Good To Date Older Women?

Although you should be mindful of large age gaps between partners, simply because with large age gaps it can be difficult to find common interests, that doesn’t mean that a man can’t date an older woman if they have similar plans and goals.

Just because two people have a difference in age this doesn’t necessarily mean that they can’t be mutually attracted to one another and also have similar interests, life goals, hobbies, and long term plans.

As long as both parties are comfortable with one another age, it should be fine going into the relationship being honest and open with one another about your plans.

Should A Girl Hold A Guy’s Hand First?

Yes, a girl may hold a guys hand first. This is not the 1950’s and women are allowed to make the first move without worrying about being judged for being too forward. There is no rule that says that a woman can’t hold the mans hand first, give the first hug, or even the first kiss.

A woman can make the first call, or even send the first text. This is not your fathers dating, this is todays dating culture, and women have equal footing with men.

What Do Men Look For In A Woman, Physically Speaking?

Again, this completely varies from man to man. Some men are only into slim women. Other men are only into women that are a size twelve and up. Some men like a woman with a milky complexion, while other men like women to have a darker skin tone.

There is no one size that fits all when it comes to what a man is looking for in a physical description of a woman. The best advice that can be given to the woman that is dating is to be yourself, and be comfortable in your own skin.

If you feel better plus ten pounds, then by all means, that is exactly what you should be. If you like yourself with short curls, then absolutely go out and get your hair cut short, and use your hot rollers on your hair.

A man wants a woman who is confident with herself, her standing in life, and her appearance. Therefore, when you like yourself as you are, the man that you are dating is going to do the same.

If he doesn’t, then he simply isn’t the right man for you. You don’t need to change your appearance or your personality in order to attract and hold onto a man.

There is a guy out there who will find you confident, interesting, beautiful, and worthy of everything that he has to offer. That is the guy that is right for you.

If a guy doesn’t like something about you, but it’s something that you love about yourself, you should stop seeing that particular guy. You only need to concentrate on the guy that likes all of the best parts of you, and you’ll find the guy for you.