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Is It Hard Dating Someone With ADHD?

Is It Hard Dating Someone With ADHD?

Dating someone with adhd is not an easy task. What is ADHD? ADHD is Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder caused in childhood. The person who has ADHD would have an active mind with not proper listening. It is not an easy task for someone who is normal to date with people with ADHD.

It is really a challenge for a normal person to mingle with adhd people due to many emotional problems. The adhd people do not have a normal life like others and unusual when compared. These affected people do not think or care about the results of an action before doing. This is due to neurodevelopmental disorders

Can Someone With ADHD Fall In Love?

Yes, someone with ADHS falls in love easily. This is very common for all human beings and also for persons who have ADHD. The disorder does not prohibit them from falling in love and in turn, they fall in love so deeply and intimately. They love their partners very deeply and so eagerly.

We shall see a deep sense of acceptance with them when they are involved in a love relationship. The self-confidence level would also increase among the affected people. They are seemed to have a high level of enthusiasm and boost after falling in love.

Usually, these affected people behave with more novelty and spontaneity. Love is a dollar coaster for all young people across the globe and it is the same for these ADHD people.

The success of love relationships of ADHD people might vary from one person to another. Some of them feel difficult to remain in the same degree of emotions with their romantic partner and others feel good at others.

The emotions and feelings might change and hence one cannot predict the future of the relationships easily. Many a time, these people experience a successful relationship at the end. The difference between normal and ADHD peoples’ love is huge when compared.

The love relationship of ADHD may last for a longer time than expected and sometimes it might end up very soon. The emotional outburst of these affected people may affect the length of the relationship.

The impact on relationships for people with ADHD is huge. On the whole, a person who has the disorder might behave abnormally if his love does not get fulfilled. He has the same emotions as other teens but sometimes it may reach a peak in all sense.

Can Adults With ADHD Have Successful Relationships?

In common, adults with ADHD do not enjoy successful relationships most of the time. ADHD persons do have major issues such as resentment, disorganization, and impulsive characters These issues never keep a person behave in the normal way during many situations in life.

The disorder persons do not make the person feel comfortable with his partner. Many a time, these people never know how to treat their love partners and their inattentiveness might make them very difficult to cope with.

A general relationship normally revolves around love and care appropriately. However, ADHD people might not be able to focus on a relationship many times due to improper coordination.

The opposite partners do find it very difficult to cope with the expectations and behavior of ADHD people. A smooth relationship between these two people is not possible for a long time and it might end up very soon.

The opposite normal partner who is in a relationship with an ADHD person has to be very patient and conscious and if not the relationship gets spoiled. Due to trouble in paying attention, the ADHD person does not give proper care and attention to his partner most of the time.

As a result, the bond between them breaks a lot of time and the reunion gets tough and tough. Only an understandable and clever patient person is able to win the battle with ADHD in terms of a relationship. The emotional outburst is a major symptom of an ADHD person and so the relationship does not bloom as expected.

The general symptoms of the ADHD person might invoke the opposite person to feel bad about him a lot. The affected person is not able to fulfill the promises he made with his romantic partner. As a result, a deep sense of negativity arises which will make the relationship worse and bitter.

If you ask me a question like whether the ADHD people do not have a good relationship at all then I would say no. This is because there are some or very few ADHD people make good relationship with others and succeed. However, the percentage of these people is very less when compared with others.

The only way to have a better relationship with the affected person is to understand ADHD’s role in life to cope with the long-running relationship. The opposite partner has to cooperate and have to be intellectual especially in this process.

How A Person With ADHD Thinks

A person with ADHD seems undependable in their life. They aren’t able to tolerate some issues like when others do not mind them. They feel that they are dishonored by others whenever something does not happen in favor of them.

Even if someone unknowingly does not listen to his words, the ADHD persons do not understand and they behave randomly without any worry about the impact they create. However, these people know that they are capable enough of doing things correctly and in better ways.

Also, they are able to perform things as expected and also help others when some tasks are given to them. Sometimes, they do not understand the situations where they are in and hence they feel ashamed of being worse without any reason. They think that they do not have enough capabilities to perform a task.

The thought arises in the mind of ADHD people is unique and somewhat not normal. They usually think out of the box and it deviates from others in normal life activities. They give improper reasoning to some puzzles and questions raised by others.

The main reason behind these issues is the mood swing factor of the individuals who are affected. The mood level of these people does not remain constant and it changes from time to time.

Sometimes, they think softly and will be in a normal mood and other times they remain very tough and handle others very awkwardly. Moreover, the energy level fluctuates from ordinary to extraordinary for these ADHD people.

The interest level seems to change from one level to another whenever a task is given to them. They first think that the given task is very important to them and slowly they forget the task and concentrate on other things.

Even they tend to fight with others if they are not engaged properly. They quarrel out with others even for silly things in their life. The lethargic attitude and boring tendency make others feel bad about them.

Majorly, the thoughts of the ADHD people are filled with a lot of dissatisfaction. The impulsive decision process of the individual is a major thought.

The troubled listening power of these individuals would give them poor thinking power which is not normal when compared with others. They are not able to concentrate easily and are distracted normally from the main task.

How ADHD Can Ruin A Relationship?

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder might not keep relationships on track and might keep it off normalcy. The major disorder symptoms are not ideal for making a good relationship in normal status. For example, procrastination is a major issue of the disorder of people.

The affected individuals do always postpone the normal activities in life every time against the promise they made. As a result, the partner in the relationship might feel irritated and embarrassed due to the issue. So, automatically, the relationship breaks easily and may ruin further.

The other issue like distraction ruins the relationship between them to worse. The feelings of the people in relationships are hurt to a greater extent. Due to the awkward behavior of the ADHD person, a lot of misunderstandings arise between them.

The distraction issue of an ADHD person irritates the partner a lot and hence the problem starts. Ultimately it leads to disaster as the relationship gets spoiled.

Due to the hyperfocus feature of an ADHD person, the partner does not enough attention to him or her. The affected person spends only a little time with his partner.

The deep focus of a disordered person does not allow him easily to get away from the specific task and hence he would make things worse for both. Sometimes, the disordered person may forget his partner on many occasions which would spoil the relationship.

The disorganization disorder of an ADHD person might leave tasks unfinished. This person may not be able to keep things in order and might misplace car keys too. As a result of the person’s behavior, the other person may be frustrated and feel uncontrolled on the person’s activity.

 Moreover, the impulsive nature of ADHD persons may lead to various disasters in the life of an individual. The impulsive nature of the person makes him react without thinking even for simple things.

He or she may blurt out different and strange comments in public about his or her partner. This would make other people feel totally disappointed and fret. Very often mood swings put the ADHD person in trouble. The ADHD person may not be regular or behave inconsistent way due to his mood fluctuations.

So, the trouble starts between two people who are in a relationship. Due to various symptoms of ADHD, the personal relationship does not remain in a proper state for a long time.

Summarizing three major issues of the damaging relationship of a person affected by ADHD here:




Impulsive attitude

These above issues normally make a person unstabilized in a relationship. Even a person who is calm, intellectual, and cool in all aspects finds it very difficult to cope with mingling with a person with ADHD. Hence, ADHD does not favor a relationship between two persons for a long time.

It is estimated that people who have ADHD problems have a higher rate of divorce across the globe. The major findings among people with ADHD experience infidelity majorly in their relationship. In a relationship between married ADHD men or women, ADHD plays a spoilsport because the relationship looks emotionally draining.

Even the issue of extramarital affair rises in a great way due to ADHD. Isolation and loneliness are other major reasons for a bitter relationship. Impulsive dispositions make one of the partners who have the disorder to have an affair.

Is Someone With ADHD More Likely To Cheat?

In common, persons having ADHD do have impulsive behavior. They do not think before they act and not worried about the impact after acting. They do what they want and also have emotional outbursts.

These features make the partner of an ADHD person feel irritated and embarrassed often that leads to the relationship worse. The infidelity chances also increase among them in the long run time.

The boring behavior of the ADHD person is another reason for unfaithfulness in the relationship. The loneliness factor is another major reason for being unfaithful to the dating partner or married partners.

The behavioral issues like improper focusing and constant challenging life make them feel bad and lead to cheating the partner at one period of time.

Impulsive character of ADHD person cheating chance increases tremendously. It is very commonly seen that these ADHD partners love their dating or marriage partner very much but they do not avoid cheating them.

It is very clear that they are not destined to do that but have become habitual due to ADHD issues. When compared, individuals with ADHD problems are more inclined to cheat. Another main reason behind this issue is that the person does not know how to make wise decisions at a crucial period.

Sexual infidelity chances are more with people who have ADHD issues. Constant stimulation of ADHD persons gives them an additional chance to cheat. These ADHD persons have easily attracted to new things and persons.

Hence, they cheat their partners without any thoughts previously. They go as they think without any idea about their future and end results. The ADHD person does not have huge faith in a relationship like others and they tend to change as life passes on.

They do not worry about their partners’ feelings and thoughts. Yet another reason for the disloyalty of ADHD persons to their partner is over expectations.

They expect a lot of love and commitment from his or her partner and if it does not get fulfilled it leads to great disappointment for ADHD people. As a result, their focus is turned towards others by cheating.

Why Do Adults With ADHD Have Relationship Problems?

In common, adults who have ADHD do not have the common behavior of listening to others many times. The ADHD adults deviate from some other tasks or thoughts easily when their partners speak to them.

They do not give proper response and attention to their requests and instead concentrate on some other task unintentionally. This would provoke the wrath of the partner and make him or her feel about ADHD persons easily.

This is one of the major reasons for the bitter relationship and it might even break the bond between them. The partners are ignored and isolated by the ADHD affected people. So, automatically the relationship is ruined as a day passes on.

The ADHD partner does not fulfill the promise he made to his partner as he would have forgotten. This would make the partner feel totally devastated. Many relationships between an ADHD person and a normal person may range from successful to collapse.

The ADHD person does not follow the rules or love principle which he has to cope with at any point of period with his partner. Hence, the relationship of ADHD people is very challenging and embarrassing.

The disordered person might behave like a child instead of a mature adult in many instances of life. Another major reason for the relationship problems of adults with ADHD is a misunderstanding.

Dating with adults having ADHD is intense and trying for you. The ADHD person might lose his attention and focus during conversations. They are not able to give attention to partners’ words and hence the real quarrel starts.

Adults with ADHD do not regulate their emotions with their partners. They might get tempted easily and do not know the ways to pacify their parents after quarreling. The adults with ADHD have a strong aversion to criticism and they do not want others to advise them.

Hence, a partner finds it very difficult to control the adult with ADHD who is in a relationship due to this issue. Another major issue of adults with ADHD is feeling disconnected most of the time. The adhd adults also feel underappreciated which is another reason for their relationship problems

Instead of blaming the person with adhd for relationship issues. it is better to focus on symptoms and tackling them emotionally and intellectually by others is very important.