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What Does It Mean to Have A Virgo Moon?

A Virgo moon sign takes on the qualities of a Virgo, and this means when you were born, the moon was traveling through the Virgo zodiac.

What Does It Mean to Have A Virgo Moon?

A person with a Virgo Moon sign is naturally curious. Always wondering what makes people tick, why they do what they do, and how they came to such thinking. You have wisdom, and sometimes because of that wisdom; you are often thought of as a highly opinionated person.

You know how to criticize and judge people. Not just other people, but you also judge yourself. Your emotion is important to you as you think about what you feel and how you feel about certain situations.

But what others don’t know is that you are always willing to support others. And you like the feeling of being able to help, of being someone’s solution. But you are abused sometimes because of your need to help, and this is when people will take advantage of your kindness.

Are Virgo Moons Emotional?

They are emotional in a way that they use their emotions positively. They are emotionally smart and use what they learn to be good thinkers, and not just think with their emotions.

They are emotionally stable cause they mix their emotions with reasoning. When they feel something, they always ask themselves why they feel such, and how they overcome that feeling?

However, this could also be their downfall, especially when they riddled themselves with questions about what they are feeling, cause they want details and want to fix it and cure it. But since it is an emotion, and it is a feeling, sometimes you can’t control it and you don’t know how to. But being a Virgo moon, you want to control your emotions as much as you can.

A Virgo moon can also feel happy even with the feeling of insecurities, and it is when they are working and being busy trying to be of service to others. They should have highly productive jobs, and they should feel needed by others to maintain that happiness within themselves.

Virgo moon takes their work seriously, and they are focused on approaching a job with all positivity that whatever the aim, can be achieved. They are highly emotional with their job and what they love doing.

They will help you when you have troubles and will try to nurture other people. This is somewhat a savior complex with feeling the need to make the troubles of others disappear. This is thinking that with their help, the problems will be solved, and this is what excites them more. They believed that they can make the lives of others better, that they can help them with their struggles.

Virgo moon would work for a goal for others cause that is where their passion lies. They become upset when things don’t go as planned and will keep on working till they reach the aim.

They are also not feely or touchy emotionally, and they are more practical. A Virgo Moon is not someone who will cry with you when problems arise, but they will find ways to fix the problem. Virgo Moon will find a solution instead of crying or being feely, and they want practicality instead.

They will be there with you to solve the problem. Offer skills and know-how so you can hurdle that issue and problem. This is how they react emotionally, with caring and love.

How Can a Partner Support The Virgo Moon?

  • By being imaginative – This can help give color to the otherwise laid-back world of the Virgo Moon. The partner should open the eyes of the Virgo Moon to happiness and see what is there and what the Virgo Moon cannot see.
  • With having a dreamy disposition – Since Virgo Moon can be straight and logical, they don’t see the other side of the world and its beauty. They tend to just go through their lives surviving, but without the deeper meaning of life. There should be a purpose, color, and living instead of just the laid back, going through the motions and the unfeeling tendency of a Virgo Moon.
  • Must know how to love unconditionally – It should be a partner who will love the Virgo Moon with compassion and can deal with the pressure of the Virgo Moon of wanting to be perfect. Someone who can complement the Virgo Moon and bring them down a notch. That someone should be able to remove the stress and promote happiness in a Virgo Moon.
  • Must know how to balance and meditate – The partner can help the Virgo Moon balanced life instead of feeling lacking and imperfect. The partner should bring him to a path of self-discovery that there is more to life than being perfect. Suggesting that with any imperfection, there is something good out of it.
  • Must complement the Virgo Moon – The partner must know how to make the Virgo Moon work productively, that when the Virgo Moon feels weak and is losing focus in life, the partner must know how to give them strength and show them how to achieve the goal.
  • Must be smart – A Virgo Moon would love to be in partnership with someone smart and intelligent because they are also that way. They should have something to talk about and must know a lot about different subjects so you can hold their interest. A Virgo Moon will get bored with someone who doesn’t know any subject that is of any interest to them.
  • Should be supportive – They want someone who will not be critical, but instead, support them to be better. They are also willing to give love and support in the same way when they find a partner that will give them the support that they need. A Virgo will feel a partner who is willing to support them will be the perfect life partner and not just a partner that has skin-deep beauty.
  • Must be compatible with them – This goes to say that the partner must be smart, and loving, prefer substance and less of the drama, should know how to praise and receive praise back. The partner must not just have skin-deep beauty, but must have inner beauty as well. Virgo Moon would love commitment cause Virgo Moon will always prefer quality over quantity when they are in love.

Why Virgo Moon Should Scare You?

As with every other zodiac, there is a dark side in all of them. Virgo’s Mood is not an exception, with them being unpredictable. They always look at how things should be, not how you can make things become what you want them to. They don’t want to be contented cause they always want to find new things and a new perspective.

They know how things should be, and if that does not happen, they can get depressed and discouraged. They do have impossible, high standards.

This can lead to them not enjoying life fully, but instead will just be met with disappointments and questions, not thinking about the possibilities in life.

Known as perfectionists, and they don’t take it well when they are criticized. Virgo Moon also wants appreciation, and for being noted for the efforts they put into something. They want what they do to be something important to others, otherwise, they will see themselves as a failure for not being able to do as much.

They can be critical of themselves, which is not a good thing even for another zodiac. They tend to see themselves as a failure as well.

But there is also a critical Virgo moon where they will tell other people how things should be done and how it could have been done differently, so it would be perfect. This can be annoying to other people being told what they did wasn’t enough, and someone else could have done it better.

Is Virgo Moon Bad?

Virgo moon people may come off a bit cold or too practical. When you first meet them, they will observe you first, and if you can be someone to be welcomed into their group. They want someone who can be practical and think logically. They don’t want those who think differently with chaotic thinkers.

They can be negative, cold, critical, and nitpicky.

Negative as they come off to others, as they seem to set a high standard. They may find some situations hopeless when they can still be salvaged. They can be critical and find flaws about something or someone or even a situation. Even outstanding work may seem flawed to them because of their high standards.

They will also become a perfectionist, not just to others but to themselves. They may think that there is something that needs fixing about them and will not have peace of mind. This can cause them unhappiness and insecurities.

When others tell them something, they think it is a judgment and may feel that they are lacking. This will cause them sadness and find ways to complete what they feel is lacking within themselves.

This way of thinking by a Virgo Moon is always solved when they work and deal with the problems of others. They will be more productive when they are out helping other people instead of thinking about negative things. That is how they deflect whatever bad feelings they have cause they know they have something to solve for someone.

Who is Virgo’s Soulmate?

Virgo Moon can find their best match in Capricorn and can be their soul mate. Capricorn is very down to earth and realistic. They will make a wonderful couple and a relationship based on romance and friendship, which should be the foundation of any love partnership. Both are very serious about work, and they have a focus on details.

They both love security, loyalty, and responsibility. Both tend to sacrifice emotional needs, trying to please the other, which can be a welcome knowledge, but there must be a balance to everything.

These two need relaxation and more fun, and less seriousness. They are both faithful, and this is a very important aspect in their relationship to put the focus on.

Virgo Moon With Taurus is a very compatible match. They can be the support that each other needs. They look after the well-being of the other. Both fun-loving and have just the right seriousness about life. Taurus can comfort the Virgo Moon when they worry and help the Virgo Moon have fun and stop worrying. Taurus will also lead the Virgo Moon towards productive activities such as woodwork, clay work, gardening, and other hobbies that bring them closer together, tightening their union further. This will also help the Virgo Moon focus on other things.

 Virgo Moon with Gemini

A match that is both romantic and passionate, the Gemini will love the intellect of the Virgo Moon. The Virgo Moon will love the adoring quality of the Gemini and will appreciate that quality. They will both stimulate each other’s fantasy and help each other be the best they can be. Both are fun-loving and humorous, which is vital in any relationship.

This union can last because they are comfortable with each other, even bringing out the best in each other. Deep love will connect this union, and it can be a lifetime partnership.

Virgo Moon with Cancer

A compatible union of two very cautious, and conservative people. Both are also caring and supportive of one another, where one lacks, the other will complement. Virgo Moon always wants to help the Cancer, and the Cancer will accept the help with open arms, finding that their love doubles every time the Virgo Moon shows their support. Cancer will show they’re being compassionate to the Virgo and will also welcome that quality since they will feel that the Cancer understand them and their inner feelings. Cancer will also help the Virgo Moon to be less critical of themselves and be focused on self-acceptance and boosting their morale.

Cancer will appreciate the devotion that a Virgo Moon show, the Cancer will cherish it and accept them and the loving actions by a Virgo Moon.

This is also a lasting union of two people who have a loving and compassionate quality.

Virgo Moon with Virgo

Two minds alike and will find compatibility as well. They have the same weakness and strength, both will understand each other as if they are reading a book. However, they can also focus on what is lacking in the relationship instead of what is there in the relationship to focus on. They also worry about small things, thinking that there is something to solve or to give a solution to. They must be able to support each other instead of focusing on nonsensical things. Also, they should avoid nagging each other, so they can have a happy and loving relationship that will last long.

Virgo Moon with Pisces

This has potential. However, it can either be an exceptional, perfect union or it can be a terrible partnership.

Both have a tendency to be moody and pessimistic, thinking that something can go wrong anytime, and these should not be what they are focusing on. They should instead focus on the positives in their relationship and how they love each other.

When they focus on the positive, this relationship can go miles and can be a perfect union. Virgo Moon and Pisces must learn to work together so this relationship will work, and they need to determine the way to a harmonious life full of love.

Are Virgos Smart?

Virgos can be a winner in life if they want to and if they focus their mind on it. They are ambitious, thinking about what they can do better and how they can do it perfectly. When they focus their mind on something, they want to reach the goal.

They are smart and will know when there is a problem or if something is just not right. They will always find a solution cause they have an analytical mind as well. Others will miss the issue, but not a Virgo.

They can give attention to detail and always want to see the big picture cause that is how they can make that picture – perfect.

They also set a high standard for themselves, thinking that they should push themselves to the limit so they can reach their goal quickly as well. The Virgo Moon can be critical of themselves when feeling they are not achieving what they should, and it is taking a long time. When someone criticizes them, they take that to heart and try to be better and change that flaw to something positive instead.

They are organized and think that they can do more by being organized they can finish what they are set out to do by making sure things are in their proper order and the right perspective.

Other Good To Know Traits of a Virgo Moon

  • Honest
  • Humble
  • Fearless
  • Achiever
  • Honest
  • Curious
  • Trustworthy

What Not to Like About a Virgo Moon?

  • Control Freak
  • Sometimes Discriminating
  • Critical
  • Negative
  • Standoffish
  • Cold