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What Are Pisces Traits and Characteristics?

What Are Pisces Traits and Characteristics?

Stars are not just about finding a lucky number or a lucky stone. Astrology has impacted the lives of millions of people around the world. People of many different cultures and traditions across the world read about their stars and judge their personality.

Pisces dates from 19th February to 20th March. Their element is water, and the ruling planet is Neptune. 1, 3, and 4 are their lucky numbers.

Pisces is a water sign, and it is represented by two fishes in the opposite direction. Pisces have both good and bad qualities, weaknesses, and strengths that distinguish them from others.

What are Pisces Strengths?


Pisces are affectionate and empathetic. Pisces are always ready to sacrifice themselves for others. Pisces are really kind-hearted and caring; you will find them there for you whenever you need any kind of help. They are loyal to the people they call friends. Pisces are so innocent that they don’t understand people’s tricks. At the same time, they don’t know how to play tricks.


Not only do they love to help, but they are also considerate and merciful. Pisces can forgive you for your mistakes. They become frustrated quickly, so they never prolong a fight. You will always see them being merciful to you.

Although Pisces are merciful, they are sometimes harsh on themselves. They will always look for grieved people to help them, but they don’t like bothering people when it comes to themselves. They would instead fall into depression than asking people for help.

Smart and Creative

Although Pisces are not much intellectual, still they have a creative mind. Though they are not very expressive, but this creativeness makes them opt for music, writing, and art. They are really open in terms of creativity, which helps them explore different creative fields.

You will rarely see this creativeness in their daily life. As Pisces are smart, they can be seen as role models, usually in the form of teachers.

Polite and Kind

Pisces are really kind people. Where they like to help others, they are also very kind to them. You will find them being compassionate to children and neighbours. They have a sort of empathic nature. People’s happiness makes them happy, and their suffering makes them suffer.

Their kind nature forces them to participate in charity work. Pisces always deal with people kindly no matter how fortunate or unfortunate people are. Politeness can be seen clearly from the behaviour.

What Are Pisces Weaknesses?

Pisces are scared of a lot of things, especially of the real world. They try to run from their responsibilities. Pisces are too naive and do not dare to face any problem. They always try to escape from reality.


On one side, they try to escape from reality, and on the other side, they live in an unrealistic world. Pisces are usually more attracted by fantasies. They live so much in fantasies that sometimes Pisces become unable to distinguish their virtual world from the real one.

Instead of confronting the real problems, Pisces feels more at comfort by living in an illusionary world. With that said, their lives become a lot more chaotic.


Pisces sometimes become too emotional and become too possessive about something. The emotional behaviour of Pisces leads them to many difficulties. Often they forget themselves and indulge too much in something they have no business in. Such unstable circumstances allow people to take advantage of them.

Pisces are sentimental and can fall easy prey to someone’s drama. They are indecisive about people’s behaviour. They get hurt easily due to their sensitivity. They are likely to fall into depression even due to minor stress.

Poor at management

With all these weaknesses, Pisces are really bad at management, especially when it comes to financial management. They can also easily develop the habit of lying.


As they always try to escape from reality, eventually Pisces becomes unconfident and weak-willed. This makes them confined to themselves in the long run. They cannot make decisions. They would be happy if someone guides them to the path. They are unable to refuse you if you ask for help. This shows their good trait of helping others.

What Should a Pisces marry?

You should marry a person who matches your interests and values. Most of all who love to see you grow and help in nurturing your dreams. This is what everyone wants in their life partner. Astrology has come a long way, and by making a comparison between different astrological signs, you can find the right soulmate.

As Pisces have an introverted nature, they can go well with Taurus, Scorpio, and Capricorn.

Pisces and Taurus

According to astrology, Pisces and Taurus make a peaceful and happy marriage life. Taurus is loving and romantic by nature. If you are a Pisces, then you need to put less effort into maintaining the relationship.

Overall, Pisces and Taurus can lead a happy life. The speed at which love progresses between the two is just right to get used to with the partner.

Pisces and Scorpio

Since both Pisces and Scorpio are involved in deep thoughts and are highly spiritual, they go really well. In the marriage life of Pisces and Scorpio, both the partners turn out to be happy.

Pisces and Scorpio form an understanding couple having faith in each other. They understand each other’s sensitive side and gives space, which is necessary for maintaining a healthy relationship.

The key to a healthy and long-lasting relationship between Pisces and Scorpio is honesty. They express their feelings honestly and value each other’s opinions and interests.

Pisces and Capricorn

This is the oddest combination out of all. Apparently, these two stars are completely rivals to each other, but their common interests help in nurturing a healthy and meaningful relationship when it comes to making a couple.

The opposite and rival traits of these two stars feel like they fill each other’s missing pieces. While Pisces try to escape from reality, the Capricorn would help it become a conformist. Similarly, a Pisces try to fill in the structural life of a Capricorn by some creativity and smartness.

Why Pisces Are the Worst?

Pisces is pessimistic. They can be linked with negativity. Some of the weaknesses of Pisces make them worse. Long before something happens, they start believing that something terrible is going to happen even when there are no signs of negativity. Pisces’ pessimistic behaviour pushes them to escape from real-life problems.

1. Pisces cannot Confront

Dealing with problems is necessary to grow in life. This is what makes you stronger and builds trust in yourself. If you do not have faith in yourself, you will be left behind. Dealing with troubles is a key to a happy and healthy life; escaping from them will trap you in a situation where you start to stress out over tiny issues.

This is what makes the Pisces worst. These people run from problems for weeks and even months. Pisces would rather blame others than confronting the issue. Pisces would never try to tackle their problems themselves. They truly depend on others for making decisions.

2. Lazy

Pisces are not entirely lazy, but they don’t like to do what doesn’t interest them. This is the case with almost everyone, but Pieces would instead procrastinate for a whole day and week without doing a specific task.

Let’s say laundering bothers Pisces. If you assign them the task of washing a pair of clothes within an hour, they will delay it to another hour. Pisces would continue to procrastinate for a week until a lot of clothes pile up. In the end, they will get those clothes washed by laundry rather than doing themselves.

This doesn’t mean that Pisces always behave like this. If you assign them a task of their interest, they will do it even before the deadline. It is a matter of interest, after all.

3. Lack of Confidence

Lack of confidence is more commonly related to self-belief. If you do not believe yourself in a particular matter, you will never find the confidence to do it. Such people are usually afraid of failures and do not dare to take risks.

Pisces might have never heard “Fall seven times, stand up eight”. They never take chances, which restricts them from growing and moving forward in life.

This can be explained by a simple example of migration. Let’s say this person is afraid of moving to some other country due to the idea of settling in a whole new environment, with language and cultural differences. Even if a perfect job opportunity hits, Pisces will reject it with an overwhelming thought of living alone.

4. Pisces are Usually Introverts

Being reserved, quiet, and thoughtful are the traits of introverts. They like to be alone rather than staying at parties overnight. Introverts start suffocating in a room with lots of people. In order to recharge, they need time alone.

All these traits are also found in a Pisces. Though Pisces are kind and generous, they do need some time alone to be calm. If you have a Pisces friend, you will often see them making lame excuses to stay home.

Similarly, they do not like to open up about themselves. Pisces may want to end your sufferings, but do not like to share what is going on with them.

This introverted behaviour of Pisces might leave you confused. You would not understand if they do not like you, or they are not in the mood to spend time with you. This makes them look rude and selfish, which is not the case with most of the Pisces. They are just introverts.

What makes Pisces Happy?

Pisces love to be kind and generous to others. They like to solve people’s problems and help them in any way possible. But this is what Pisces do to make others happy, what makes them happy?


Pisces crave compliments. If they somehow helped you, don’t forget to give them a kind gesture by complimenting them. This not only makes them ecstatic but also provokes them to help you next time again.

Anything Creative

With a creative and smart mind, Pisces love to do art and craft. They are also great creative writers. Doing simple artwork makes their day.


Pisces usually love nature and like to relax outside no matter how the weather is. They love to explore different places and get familiar with mother nature. Pisces also have interest in spirituality, so they perform meditation and yoga to feel internal happiness.

What is Pisces Favorite Color?

Colours have a significant impact on a person’s everyday life. How your current mood is, dramatically depends upon the colour you are wearing. Colours have the power to make you feel happy or sad.

For Pisces, blue and its various shades attract them. Pisces is a water sign, and this is how aqua colour is the most common among Pisces. Favourite colour is something that comforts you, soothe your eyes, and is a reflection of your inner self. You can have a look at various shades of different colours. Pisces would most likely stop at blue.

Among that, Indigo is the favourite colour of most of the Pisces. Aqua, medium, and marine blue are some other shades, which attracts Pisces the most.

The colours that are your favourite will inevitably always make you happy. Therefore, it is a great idea to use such shades in your home and office decor. Let us suppose you love medium blue. You can get medium blue furniture for your home in combination with white. Also, don’t forget to add rugs, fabrics, and accessories of a similar colour to boost your mood.

However, when it comes to lucky colour, Yellow, Red and sometimes Pink prove lucky. Pisces can gain success with these colours. Also, Pisces should avoid wearing dark colours like black, grey, etc., as they might bring them unfavourable conditions.

Are Pisces Good Kissers?

It is a way of expressing love and compassion. Pisces are selfless lovers. They can sacrifice anything for the person they genuinely love. Pisces would make sure to let their partner have the best experience.

Pisces is really good at expressing their love for their partners merely by kissing. Usually, they are shy and hard to initiate, ceasing them after that is equally challenging. Eyes always do the magic, and the rest is up to Pisces as they are really good at it.

What is Pisces Dark Side?

We all know that Pisces is the last of all the Zodiac signs. There are a total of twelve signs, and Pisces holds the traits of all of them.

Pessimistic and Volatile Nature

They mostly lack confidence and are pessimistic. They can never believe that something good can happen to them. Pisces are almost always ready for the worst, but they do not have the courage to face it.

If something terrible happens to them, they will blame it on others. Pisces never accept reality. They live in a world of fantasies, which is an escape for them from the real world.

Laziness is another dark side of Pisces. Along with negativity, they tend to be selectively lazy. Though they are creative, they do not like to do what they don’t want. You will often find them running away from their responsibilities.

Harmful Trait

The dark side of Pisces is more harmful to them than to other people. They usually invest too much in a relationship, whether it be a family member, a friend, or a life partner. They are naive and thus cannot judge if the other person is loyal to them or not. This ends up with Pisces making many sacrificing for their loved ones.

They often think that it is right for the other person to ignore and neglect their opinions. This harms the Pisces a lot, but you will never see them complaining about it. They bear pain all alone and eventually fall into depression.

Aggressive Behavior

Although Pisces are very kind and merciful, they are harmful when it comes to hurting people. They usually do not fight physically. When it comes to bullying, Pisces do not miss the opportunity. They treat people badly and try to be dominant over them. Their ego does not let other people have control over anything. Pisces becomes really toxic at times.

Manipulative behaviour

Lack of confidence to confront makes Pisces manipulative. If they are too afraid to face reality, Pisces will try to make their way out of the situation by lying.

They live in a delusional world and think that their behaviour can be justified and it will not cause any harm to the other person. But, the reality is much more different and can be frustrating for the person Pisces have manipulated.

In Conclusion

Pisces are thought to be really confused. They hold the traits of all the Zodiac signs. They are kind, generous, helping and affectionate with a creative mind.

Their negative traits include pessimism, laziness, lack of confidence, and the habit of escaping from reality.

Having knowledge about a certain zodiac sign keeps you aware of the general traits of a person. This will help you in understanding the person and how he should be treated.