Is May 21 a Taurus or Gemini?

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May 21 is considered a Gemini unless we are talking about the cusp where there is a moment one sign changes to the next. Here, it is not just simply stating the zodiac cause every year the cusp differs in time, where this year it could be late, and the next year it can be early.

Is May 21 a Taurus or Gemini?

May 21 is a Gemini, and this zodiac is spirited, intelligent, and ambitious. You have a very active personality with high magnetism not just to other people, but to the opposite sex as well.

If you are born on the cusp, you can possess some of the characteristics of the Taurus and the Gemini.

You can enjoy your asset in dealing with different people cause you are full of knowledge and the confidence to do so. You have a way of talking to people and getting your ideas understood by many.

Another of your advantage is getting people to listen to you cause you are not just friendly, but you are entertaining as well.

Since you are independent, you need a little help from other people to do what you must cause you are confident that you can do it by yourself. Even if you need help, you also know how to delegate and let other people follow your directions or requests.

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A Gemini Man Will Often Take Care Of Himself

You are also business-minded cause you seem to have a natural flair for it. Home issues are nothing new to you cause you comprehend how to go about problems at home if it arises.

People born on May 21 are ambitious and they will not let one hurdle stop them from doing what they need to do so they can reach their ambition. Sometimes you think that they have a one-track-mind just thinking about their goals and how to achieve them, but to other people, this is an edge to become successful in life.

When you are required to organize, you can do so willingly and with flying colors cause you can be persuasive and makes other people believe you and follow you.

A person born on the 21st of May is more of an achiever, quick learner, and has self-discipline. When you need to stop yourself from doing something that you love in order for you to reach a goal, you will gladly do so just so you can get to the finish line.

As a child, those who are born on this date are fast-learner, witty, and sharp. They feel that they have all the opportunity, they just need to grab it with both hands. This is the best quality for any zodiac to have, cause they will have a feeling of a clean slate, and they need to prove themselves that they can make it however hard it may be.

At a young age, you are a charmer cause you learn to develop your communication skills, and you know how to use them to have an edge over others. You will also be a person who believes that there is always a chance to be better and make every minute worthwhile.

You don’t have time to think negatively cause as much as possible, you want to stop this from ever creeping into your thoughts.

Who Should A Gemini Marry?

Since Gemini can be flighty and sometimes fickle-minded. Liking one person one day and then forgetting about that person the next day. They can get out of focus because there are just so many attractive people around them. Sometimes they get highly interested in one person because this person has so many things going on for them, and with a Gemini being a lover of adventure, they may also want to be adventurous with their relationship.

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Gemini Men Take Great Care Of Their Bodies

The thing about Gemini is that they need to meet the one who will understand them and keep them in their place. Always keeping them interested and curious. They must be able to see you as the epitome of the person they love to be with.

Making him want you and love you is work in itself. They can want you and like you cause you are attractive, but what happens after the attraction fades out? You should be able to keep them wanting to know you more and to explore your mind as well.

Yours and his mind must meet intellectually as well.

Gemini can get married to any of these zodiacs – Leo, Aquarius, and Libra.

Leo has a sense of stable energy, they have confidence, and they have intelligence and can be compatible with Gemini. They will both enjoy each other’s company, always wanting to learn more about the other person and what makes the other person tick. They are very social and outgoing and will have fun times going to parties and gatherings.

They cherished their moments together, whether they are with other people or just together.

Aquarius sign will be attracted to a Gemini cause Aquarius can keep up with a Gemini, mentally, physically, and emotionally. An Aquarius love listening and talking as well, which can be accepted really well by a Gemini cause when they want someone to listen to them, there is the Aquarius, giving them the attention they need, and if they want someone to debate with and hear ideas, the Aquarius can give them that as well, mentally stimulating them with their discussions and exchange of ideas.

Both are not too emotional, and an Aquarius can help a Gemini be grounded and more focused. They can both face their problems rationally and not with too much drama.

Libra can keep phase with the Gemini since both are intellectual and naturally interested in people, and more with each other. They will have fun together though they may also have some arguments from time to time, this will make their relationship stronger, and it adds spice to their already loving relationship.

What Kind of Person is a Gemini?

Geminis are confident, and they are fearless thinkers. They do not fear anything new about their life cause they will always welcome changes, and they are ready for it.

They love to be around people, and they also listen very well. They are curious and will give you a listening ear if you need it. When they are curious about you, they will show you their interest and will be all ears. Which is something to welcome for people who want someone to talk to or to be with, even for that little time.

They are smart, adaptable, and they are kind to others as well.

Geminis are also the life of the party cause they can be quirky and funny at the same time, and there will be no dull moments with them around.

Who Should a Taurus Marry?

  • Libra
  • Aquarius
  • Leo
  • Aries

What is Special About May 21?

Those who are born on this date are special. They are the Geminis and will certainly have positive qualities such as, intellectual, adaptable, flexible, kind, clever, and people-person.

Gemini men online
Gemini Men Will Wait For Their Perfect Soulmate

It is a special day cause it will mean that people who are born on this date are kind-hearted, they will be systematic and captivating. There is never a dull moment when you are with them cause they have so many things to talk about anything under the sun. They love to tackle projects and become a part of discoveries, inventions, and innovations cause that is how they add that confidence, and they feel they are more of value to society.

Who is Gemini’s Soulmate?

They can be attached to the other air signs, including Libra and Aquarius. Having the same vision about life and with love, these zodiacs want to have that someone they can live with for the rest of their lives. They also believe in genuine love and Gemini being fickle-minded also has this belief that if they find the one, they will know it.

When they partner with either one of the two zodiacs they can be greater, cause they can hone their potential with the help of the other air zodiac.

Geminis would love someone who would listen to their ideas. Not just someone who listens to it but also believe in it, this is a partnership that has a future.

When paired with any of the two air signs, they can be good for each other, providing encouragement and strength to one another, just backing each other up.

There will be no negative competition like in partnership with other zodiac signs, but rather a belief that each one of them, can be better with the other. This is a partnership where one will be better and achieve their potential with the encouragement they get from their partner.

A Gemini will invest their time and emotion to the person they really aim to love and they will know cause they want to be with the other person often and will always be excited to hear what the other person says or even be focused on nothing else but on how to make the other zodiac happy.

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Gemini Men Take Pride In Their Work

Gemini Core Traits Include :

  • Curious
  • Adaptable
  • Goal-oriented
  • Excellent communicator
  • Intelligent
  • Smart
  • Playful
  • Fun-loving
  • Passionate
  • Hard-working
  • Friendly

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