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What Defines A Hot Guy?

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What Things Make A Guy Hot?

Hot guys are all around us 24 hours a day. What makes guy hot are: rolled up sleeves, worked out body, straight teeth, well-groomed hair, and a sharp dresser.  Most women would agree that having a hot guy dating you makes you feel butterflies in your stomach. 

A List Of Things That Makes A Guy Hot:

  • Smooth shave
  • Five o’clock shadow
  • Sexy voice
  • Financial stability
  • Gets along well with people
  • Hard working
  • Funny
  • Adventurous
  • Tattoos
  • Generosity
  • A sexy accent
  • Good smelling
  • Nice Shoes

Most women would agree that they prefer that a guy pay for dinner when dining out. Women often prefer dining out with a man that is willing to pay for her.  Even though we are living in changing times where equality between the sexes matter, some old-fashioned traditions cannot seem to go away.

Having a gut put his hand around your shoulder when walking down the street is also hot. Having a guy open a car door makes the experience that much better.  A man that can emotional open to you is hot. It is important to write down a list of things that you consider to be hot in a guy.  At the end of the day, you need to be happy with the guy that you have picked.

What Do Girls Find Attractive In Guys?

Having a guy that is willing to protect you is hot. Who does not want to have a man that is willing to protect you from someone talking behind your back or trying to get physical with you?  Have you ever had one of those days in which you said, “I really wish I had a hot guy around me today that would defend my honor?” 

The worst kind of a guy is a boring one.  Nobody wants to date a guy that wants to sit around and watch television or play video games.  This will often put a girl to sleep.  Yes, there are times when you just want to lounge and snuggle. However, you also want a guy that says, “Want to go out for awhile and do something?” 

Girls also love guys that are confident. They say and do what they want. These types of guys know what they want to get out of life and go after it.  Women like to be with a man that knows himself and who understands who she is as well. 

Having a man that knows what he is doing in the bedroom is by far the hottest.  Having a guy that pleases you first is hard to find.  However, when you find the guy that makes you feel like a “woman” is hot. 

Girls also like to see a guy gifted in his work.  If he is good at what he does, it makes her feel confident that she can count on him for what she needs in her life.  A woman that can depend on a man for what she needs is becoming more popular today.  It is getting expensive to live in the world and having a talented man makes a girl feel all that much better.

A hot guy that is also good with kids is a true winner.  This is a man that a woman would call marriage material.  Guys that are playful around children are often happy as a person.  Men that take pride in their family often enjoy hanging out with them as well. 

Girls also love to see a guy hanging out with them a lot.  Most women say that they do not want to be alone.  They prefer having a man that is home with them instead of going out with his friends.

How Do You Tell A Guy He Is Hot?

You may have a hot guy on your mind right now.  You may even be thinking, “How can I tell him that he is hot?”  For starters, start flirting with him.  Compliment him a lot on what you like about him. Give him smiles throughout the day and tell him what kind of guys that you like. 

Make him feel like he is your type.  If he has a hot body, tell him what celebrity turns you on.  If he looks like a celebrity that you find attractive, let him know that he looks somewhat like him and that you find that celebrity to be handsome. 

Dropping hints like, “Are you dating anyone right now?”  let us him know that you may be interested.  Its not telling him that you are, but it lets him know that you may be interested. 

If you like a guy’s physical dress, tell him that he looks good.  Maybe he just bought a new pair of shoes or a shirt. Let him know what you think about it. 

What Defines A Hot Guy?

Is there any one way to define a hot guy?  This is not an easy question to answer.  As the saying goes, “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.”  What one woman finds attractive in a man may not be the same as another.

If you have one definition of a hot guy, it would be to have a man that knows himself.  When a man is secure in who he is as a person, a woman gets turned on. Sometimes a hot guy can be someone that is not handsome, but makes you feel good about yourself.  You may not know it now, but you will often want to connect with a guy that has a lot of love to give. 

Having a loving man around you always is what is going to make you feel happy on the insides of yourself.  Learn more about life and love is what will matter the most. 

Do Guys Like When You Call Them Handsome?

Men love to be called handsome. Studies suggest that they may even like it more than a woman enjoys being called beautiful.  Being called handsome to a man means that he is taking care of himself. 

Compliments are good for both sexes.  Most men say that when they are bonding together with a woman that has a desire for him, it makes him feel a sense of happiness and peace.  He often feels that he wants to be close to someone that will always want to bond together with him.  Having a man that enjoys spending time with you is what matters the most.

How Do I Praise My Man in Bed?

If your man is good in bed, tell him!  Let him know that you have been waiting for “it” all week and you cannot get enough of him.  Get into “it” when you are with him in bed. 

Give him passionate French kisses in bed.  Let him know that you are with him for all the right reasons.  Tell him that he is the best that you have ever had.  You can also tell him that he has a big “you know what” and that you want more all the time. 

You can also tell him that when you are holding him in bed, you feel a sense of happiness that you have never felt before.  Letting him feel that he is your #1 will make all the difference. 

What Do You Call A Guy Instead Of Cute?

Some men prefer not to be called cute.  To him, cute may mean that you think of him as being a little boy.  Instead of calling him cute, call him: fine, sexy, hot, attractive, gorgeous, wow is you good looking. 


Hot guys are not easy to find. You may find a guy attractive and yet he does not feel the same way towards you. It is important to not judge yourself and say, “I am not pretty enough for him.”  You may be the perfect match for him, but he is not ready to date. Perhaps he just got out of a relationship or maybe he would rather focus on making money instead of spending time with a girl. 

It is important to let a guy know that he is “doing it for you” even if you do not get a positive response from him in return. It can often be difficult to be with a man that does not want to put 100% of himself into loving you. Finding a guy that wants to give 100% can be difficult. Most guys today say that they would rather not give of themselves for many different reasons. 

It is important for men to see that they can look at their lives and see something different.  Some men are worth waiting for. He may say no today, but then tomorrow, he may give you a big yes. 

Many hot guys are unpredictable.  They often do not know exactly what they want. Waiting for the guy of your dreams is going to be worth it. Take life one day at a time and as it comes to you. 

Having your eyes on a hot guy is the first step.  As you learn more about the hot guy that you are interested in, the more you will learn what to do next.