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What Is A Reasonable Price For A Wedding Photographer In West Palm Beach?

What Is A Reasonable Price For A Wedding Photographer In West Palm Beach?
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What Is A Reasonable Price For A Wedding Photographer In West Palm Beach Florida?

West Palm Beach Florida is an amazing vacation and wedding destination.  A reasonable price for a professional wedding photographer in West Palm Beach Florida is around $2,500.00.  Although the prices do vary, the average is around $2,500.00. 

This will often include photography and videography.  Photography packages will often include a complimentary photo album. Most photographers in West Palm Beach will offer an upgraded package for grooms and brides looking for multiple photography photo albums. Some photography wedding albums are leather bound.  A leather-bound photo album will often cost $100.00 to $300.00. 

Some amateur wedding photographers in West Palm Beach Florida will charge anywhere from $100.00 to $500.00 to photograph your wedding. These deals can often be found on websites like  Depending on your budget, it is important to choose a photographer that is right for you. 

Hiring a wedding photographer alone is often not the entire cost.  You need to take into consideration how many copies you need of your photographs.  Who will you be giving these photographs to?  How many photographers do you need and videographers? 

Most grooms and brides are looking for a wedding photographer that will be with them the day before their wedding day, the day of their wedding and the day after.  West Palm Beach Florida has many beaches.  Grooms and brides that get married here often are not traditional as they are in other states and countries. The beautiful weather makes West Palm Beach a place where you want to spend several days photographing before your honeymoon. 

Average Costs For Professional Wedding Photographer + Videographer In West Palm Beach, FL:

  • $2,500.00

Average Cost For Amateur Photographer in West Palm Beach, FL:

$100.00 To $500.00

Average Wedding Leather Bound Photography Albums:

$100.00 to $300.00 Each

What Is The Hourly Rate For a Wedding Photographer In West Palm Beach Florida?

The hourly rate for a professional wedding photographer in West Palm Beach Florida is $100.00 to $250.00 per hour. 

If you are looking for a wedding photographer that is well known and has 10+ years’ experience doing weddings, this is a reasonable fee.  You will find that photographers in West Palm Beach Florida are often different than in other states.  They will often travel with you to several destinations to take photographs. 

Grooms and brides often enjoy having their photographs taken on the beach or at the Flagler museum.  Other popular hot spots are The Breakers Palm Beach, The Society Of The Four Arts (beautiful flowers and gardens), Mounts Botanical Garden and hiking trails. 

Who Pays For Wedding Photographer?

If you are having a traditional American wedding, the bride’s family is traditionally responsible for paying the cost of a wedding photographer. If you are non-traditional, the costs can be shared between the groom and bride. 

Often, both families will put in equal money to pay for the cost of a professional photographer.  Weddings in West Palm Beach often average $5,000.00 to $100,000.00 and up.  This all depends on your venue and other costs. 

Do You Beed 2 Photographers At A Wedding?

If you are having a wedding guest list of over 100 people, you may consider hiring more than one photographer for your wedding.  Many brides and grooms often wish that they had a photograph of Aunt Jane eating her meal or of her out of state cousins dancing.  Sometimes, one photographer cannot cover everything on your wedding day. One photographer can be in one place at a time. 

Yes, having 2 photographers is often double the price. Sometimes, a photographer will add an additional photographer at a 50% off rate in West Palm Beach. However, you will have to use your negotiating skills to get a price that you are comfortable with. 

Sometimes you can get a professional wedding photographer and an amateur working your wedding. The cost is significantly less, and   you always have the professional photographer to guide the amateur.  This means that nothing should go wrong.

Two photographers at a wedding in West Palm Beach averages around $4,000.00.  Of course, some photographers charge less.  You will have to shop around.

Why Wedding Photographers Are So Expensive?

When you begin your journey of shopping around for a wedding photographer, you may be shocked to learn how expensive it can be. You may be wondering why you need to pay someone $2,500.00 or more to just snap photos.  After all, can’t you just get your brother or sister to snap some photos for free? 

In todays world of photography, the camera matters.  Some photography cameras cost over $10,000.00.  The photographer also needs to edit images and use high-definition videography equipment that is shot in 4K and higher. The photographer also needs to travel with you to your destination(s). 

Wedding photographers also must pay for insurance.  If something should go wrong with your photographs, they could be sued.  Professional photographers need to carry insurance and that costs money as well.

The photographer also needs to order your photo albums and prepare them for you with local photography shops.  There are many middlemen that the photographer must pay as well. 

Many photographers spend weeks cutting and perfecting images after the wedding.  Some brides and grooms demand perfect photos.  Therefore, taking out certain lighting in photos is necessary. Often, the photographer will perfect images to the bride and grooms’ specifications.

How Many Hours Should You Hire A Wedding Photographer?

Most wedding days last for eight hours.  However, in West Palm Beach Florida, many bride and grooms want pictures taken for several days because of the beautiful beaches and weather.  Therefore, 8 hours may not be enough.  If you plan on having photographs taken for several days, plan on hiring a photographer for around 12 hours.  This will leave you with 8 hours on your wedding day, 2 hours the day before your wedding and 2 hours the day after your wedding. 

Do You Tip Your Wedding Photographer?

Most photographers in West Palm Beach Florida do not receive a tip. It is often understood that the cost of the wedding photography package includes the tip.  However, many bride and grooms invite the photographer to have a snack or meal.  They also allow photographers to have a drink at the bar. 

If you hire an amateur photographer for $100.00 to $500.00, tips are sometimes given because of the low cost of the photographer.  These photographers often get between $50.00 to $1000.00. 

Do Parents Still Pay For Weddings In West Palm Beach Florida?

Yes, parents will usually pay for the cost of the wedding. However, many millennials are not living traditional lifestyles anymore and therefore, traditional values of who pays for the wedding may not apply.  Some millennials are paying for 50% of the wedding cost and their parents are paying the other 50%. 

It is important for the bride and groom to sit down with their parents on both sides of the family and ask for financial help when needed. After all, we are no longer living in traditional times and often, traditional values are not in effect as they were in the 20th century.  The 21st century has brought out a lot of nontraditional rules. 

Does The Bride Pay For Hair and Makeup?

Traditionally, photographers are often asked to take pictures of the bride getting ready for her wedding day.  Hair and makeup photo shots are often taken so that the bride can look back on her wedding day and see all that it took to make her look so beautiful. 

This is often paid for by the bride.  If the bride is on a budget, the groom may be asked to pay a certain percentage. 

Do Wedding Photographers in West Palm Beach Offer A Discount or Refund If The Bride and Groom Are Unhappy With Her Photos?

No photographer wants to hear that their work is bad.  However, photographers often cannot help if the bride and groom are unhappy with their work.  Photographers often do not offer a refund or discount if the couple is unhappy with their photographs. 

However, if something went terribly wrong and the photos all came out blurry or with technical issues, the photographer will often give a full refund.  However, this almost never happens.  Just because the bride and groom think that they looked overweight or underweight in the photos will not get them a refund or discount. The photos would have to be something technically wrong if you are trying to get a refund.

If you think that the photographer could have done something better, make sure that you talk to them with respect and courtesy.  If you see them sitting around to much at your wedding and not taking photographs, let them know that you want to see them working harder and taking more photographs.  Remember, communication is key to your success. 

You can even ask the photographer to show you some of the digital footage he or she is capturing. Often, the photographer will look at their camera throughout the day to make sure that the photographs are showing as they want them to. 


Hiring a photographer for your occasion is a big deal.  Shopping around for a great deal is best. 

Here are some of the top photographer websites that brides and grooms use when searching for a wedding photographer: