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What Is My Moon Sign Calculator By Date Of Birth?

Each one of us is born on a specific date and time and quite a bit of importance is attached to the exact time and place and date of birth. Many people refer to the date of birth as sun sign or moon sign. However, more numbers of people give more reference to moon signs instead of sun signs. Hence, it would not be a bad idea to get the right answer to the question as to what moon sign calculator is all about. Basically when we talk about moon sign calculators we are referring to a methodology by which your exact moon sign can be found out. It would be pertinent to mention here that there are different ways and means by which it is possible to find out more about the moon signs of a particular person.

Importance & Significance of Moon Sign Calculator

The simplest and most obvious way to know your moon sign is to list down a few important bits and pieces of information. These include date of birth. This should contain the day of birth, the month of birth and the year of birth. Most importantly the time or birth should be accurate as much as possible. It should contain the seconds, minutes and hours so that the most accurate moon sign can be found out as far as a person is concerned. This would require going back on time, and making sure that all the information is accurate and proper to the extent possible. Only accurate information pertaining to the above details will ensure that the best possible moon sign related information is available to the customers and other stakeholders.

This is important because of a number of reasons. Many important decisions of life are taken based on the moon signs and therefore care should be taken to ensure that only the most important and proper information is always available to the customers at all points in time.

Why Is The Above Information So Very Important?

There are a few things that one should bear in mind as far as your moon sign is concerned. To begin with you have to bear in mind that your moon sign is dependent on a number of factors. However, there is hardly any doubt that the placement of the moon is perhaps the most important point as far as determining your birth chart is concerned. You also need to bear in mind that the moon has a very important place and a role as far as Vedic Astrology is concerned. Hence, it is important to understand the consequences of incorporating the right details and then taking things forward. This is because of a number of important reasons. For example there is something known as action and reaction and this again is determined through the movements and position of the moon as it exists on a particular day. The placement of the moon according to vedic astrology is known as Kundali. The birth star is also used taking into account the moon sign. Hence, understanding the moon is extremely important as far as Hindu astrology is concerned.

Why Does The Moon Play an Important Role in Vedic Astrology?

Whether it is Hindu mythology or astrology or astrology of other religions, there are a few things in common. The Moon is considered to be the second most important planet as far Astrology is concerned. It is vital because it deals with the feelings and emotions of a particular person. On the other hand when we refer to the sun, it is considered to be representative of the person’ soul and therefore both these luminaries have some important and vital role to play as far as the life of human beings on planet earth is concerned. Though the moon is not considered to be a planet from the astronomical standpoint, it is a part of the astrology scheme of things and is equated as a planet.

Hence, when we take time, do our research and then choose the right method of finding out the moon sign of birth, it could help you in more ways than one. It could help you to understand the impact that it might have on you, your personality and of course your emotions. Therefore there is no doubt that the moon has a vital role to play as far as each and every human life is concerned. For example, moon rules over the moon sign cancer and as far as Taurus is concerned, it exults over it. Moon is also referred to as the queen of the entire celestial cabinet. Though it is the smallest piece of celestial object in the universe and of course amongst all planets, it does have a big role to play in the earth and this is because of the proximity it has with the earth.

Let us look at different ways and means by which it is possible to find out more about the moon sign by making use of different types of calculators and other such approaches. We are sure that it will help in more ways than one.

Example 1

As mentioned above, there is no denying the fact that making use of the date of birth of a person, place of birth, time of birth and other such things are the simplest and the most common ways by which it is possible to get accurate moon sign calculators. However, you must make sure that the time or birth should be accurate to the last microsecond, minute and hour. Even a small change could make a big difference to the moon sign and depending on it could be fraught with more problems than challenges.

Example 2

Also known as Chandra rashi in Indian astrology, moon sign or moon rashi is made use of for getting to know about the exact moon sign calculator. The moon is placed at the central location during the birth of a person. Through this method the moon sign is made use of for the purpose of determining the mental disposition, nature and feeling of the native. This approach is considered to be similar to the other approach. This is because the moon is considered to be representative of the mind or which is known in Indian parlances as Mann. Mann also, according to Vedic Astrology encompasses all living things and this includes animals and other living beings. Moon reading also helps the astrologists to get to know more about the constellation or birth star. It also helps in understanding reasonably accurately as far as the Planetary Period or the nakshatra of the person is concerned. This is considered effective because it helps the particular person or the native to know more about the various planetary periods of mahadesha.

Example 3

Moonastro is another common method that is used for getting to know more about the birth star and moon sign of a new born baby. This is referred to as finding out the rashi or the zodiac sign from the Indian point of view. The approach is almost similar to the other approaches mentioned above. But there are some succinct differences and the next few lines will certainly make things clear for those who are seeking such information.

Rashi is the main thrust when it comes to finding out the moon sign using this process. It can go a long way in helping you to know more about personality, character, behavior, nature, dislikes and likes and other such important and vital qualities. It also plays a big role in relationships with father, mother, daughter, son, sister, brother, lovers and wife are concerned. From the Indian concept, it is considered vital because it helps to choose two partners with the long term objective in mind. It also could explain the possible relationships between business partners, bosses, elders, friends, neighbors and other such things.

Example 4

We will spend a few lines of finding out the moon sign using a calculator technique that is known as Astroyogi. It works almost the same way as other approaches. You have to mention your name, gender, and date of birth, time or birth in hours, minutes and seconds and also the place of birth. Once this has been done, Astroyogi will be able to help the stakeholders to get the right information about their possible directions in life. There are different effects of the moon on different signs and they include all the moon signs that we have known ranging from Taurus to Cancer, from Leo to Scorpio and from Pisces to Libra and other moon signs.

Example 5

Finally let us look at astrocamp and it could help the readers to provide the exact and the best possible information of various moon signs that we are aware of by spending some time on the internet. While the place or birth, time of birth, and name are the most important information sought, Astrocamp also talks about Latitude, Longitude amongst others. It also drills further into LongMinute, LongDegree, and LatMinute amongst other such things. This is considered to be even more accurate because of added impetus on Longitude and Latitude   amongst other such things.


We hope that the above few paragraphs and other sources of information would have helped the readers and other stakeholders to know more about the various aspects of moon signs. It also may have given the readers a new perspective as far as the reasons for which it is considered to be highly important.

Though the approaches may be different, there is no denying the fact that the main objective remains the same and it is about getting to know more about the emotions, soul, characteristics and feelings of a person