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Can Aquarius And Scorpio Be Soulmates?

Can Aquarius and Scorpio Be Soul Mates?

If you’re interested in astrology, you’ve probably been deterred and heard from a lot of places that Aquarius and Scorpio aren’t entirely compatible. This is often said in regards to sexual and romantic relationships alongside friendships. But is there ever a genuine reason given as to why? No! Atleast not a good one.

It’s argued that Scorpio and Aquarius don’t get along because one is a water sign and one is an air sign meaning they’re both too different to work together. Warning signals are also usually thrust up in regards to Scorpio and Aquarius because they’re two of the most intense signs and therefore often clash. This means that when there are good terms between the two, they’re going to be the best match in the entire world. They’ll bond with each other and bounce off from one another like no other signs can.

However, when there is bad blood between Scorpio and Aquarius, they’re a disaster just waiting to implode. So stay clear if you know anyone like that.

These intense qualities aren’t always bad thing though! When managed right, Scorpioand Aquarius can enter one of the most loving yet thrilling relationships amongst the zodiac. Their differences are often a strength in their relationships and the two seem to understand eachother like no other signs do.

If you’re interested in knowing a bit more about the relationship between a Scorpio and an Aquarius, read on.

First of all, Are Scorpio Attracted to Aquarius and Vice Versa?

  • To put it bluntly – YES! Scorpio’s are definitely attracted to Aquarius. In fact, a lot of the time Scorpios can come across as being a bit obsessed with Aquarius as they find them so irresistably enticing.
  • Specifically, Scorpios are highly attracted to Aquariuses intelligence and unpredictability. They find them incredibly mysterious and scorpios are often known to love a chase. In fact, there’s no greater chase for them than an Aquarius as the air sign often appears unobtainable. This means they find Aquarius even more enduring than other signs and want nothing more than to get to know them.
  • Aquarius definitely have the means to be attracted to Scorpio too, though it’s often not as intense as the way the water sign feels for the air sign. That doesn’t mean the attraction isn’t there though! Aquariuses can find scorpios just as enduring as Scorpio find them, though it usually starts out more casually in their case.
  •  Aquarius are attracted to Scorpio mainly because they admire the way they own their emotions. Scorpio always understand Aquarius more than most other signs can and it draws Scorpio to them.
  • However, it’s this intense attraction that might lead to problems between the two signs. Aquarius often feel smothered by the water sign because they can come across as too intense too early on in the relationship.
  • Aquariuses are all about freedom and they often enjoy non-committal sex because they don’t like the idea of being restricted by boundaries. They like to take things slowly so when a Scorpio starts to fall too hard too quickly, it can put them off as they’re not very good with dealing with their own or others emotions.
  • Scorpios on the other hand have a very raw and intense outlook towards relationships, particularly sexual ones. They fall hard and fast which can often be their downfall.
  • While both signs are incredibly sexually driven, Scorpio’s often crave passionate and emotionally driven sexual encounters. There is an air of posession around all of their relationships that Aquarius more often than not would prefer to steer clear of.

So how can Scorpio and Aquarius make a relationship work?

  • It is possible to make a sexual or romantic relationship work between the two signs if their flaws and individual needs are always considered.
  • If a Scorpio is willing and remembers to give an Aquarius space and freedom, the relationship here could thrive because of the two signs intensity. At the same time, an Aquarius needs to make sure that they’re not leaving the Scorpio feeling ignored and ordinary.
  • If a Scorpio begins to feel unappreciated, it can cause a war between the two signs. Scorpios are usually pretty high maintenance whereas Aquarius are the opposite. They’re usually pretty laid back people and this chilled out attitude can often irritate Scorpio as it can seem that they care and are putting more effort in than the Aquarius is.
  • If a Scorpio and an Aquarius are going to be together, they’re more likely to succeed if both have incredibly strong feelings for eachother. If a Scorpio feels more strongly for an Aquarius, the latter sign will probably end up running for the hills. However, if an aquarius has fallen deeply for a Scorpio than the water sign will help Aquarius understand and nurture their emotions.
  • The traits of these two signs usually mean casual sex is out of the picture for them. While a romantic and committed relationship will thrive under the right conditions, a friends with benefits sort of situation will hinder whatever relationship stands between the two of them. Scorpios generally aren’t good at casual sex relationships as their feelings tend to get in the way and they’re not able to keep it casual. This is particularly apparent when it comes to a relationship with an Aquarius as strong feelings often scare Aquarius away if they’re not feeling the exact same thing back. This means a casual sexual relationship probably won’t work out as the Scorpio will become too invested.
  • If both have strong feelings for eachother, they have the bones to work out well romantically together. Scorpios must remember not to make the Aquarius feel trapped in though.

Do Scorpios Hate Aquarius? If So, Why?

It’s not written in the stars for Scorpio and Aquarius to hate eachother but they often do. It’s the general understanding that the two signs are so different that they clash more often they get on. This hatred often comes from the side of Scorpio rather than Aquarius. The reason scorpio tend to introduce the negative feelings is because they have too many feelings. An Aquariuses laid back and I don’t care’ nature can get under the hyper emotional Scorpio’s skin.

Here are just a few reasons that a Scorpio might specifically dislike an aquarius.

  • Aquarius can be tactless. This means they often lack compassion and sympathy when it comes to dealing with others. Aquarius are the sort of signs that struggle to come to terms with their own emotions which completely differs from water signs in general, particularly Scorpio. As Scorpio are one of the most emotional signs, they can find the emotional dismissal from an Aquarius to be rude and tedious. In actuality, the Aquarius just struggles to understand and empathise with the emotions of others.
  • Aquarius can be too emotionally unavailable. Again, Scorpio’s are emotionally driven people and want to feel wanted and connected to at all times. Aquarius really struggle to understand their own feelings and relay them to other people as part of their nature. This opposite outlook on emotion can often lead to tension amongst the two signs.
  • Both signs tend to like to maintain control which can often lead to a power struggle. It can also lead to Scorpio feeling powerless, which they detest. Scorpios internal need to be in charge clashes severely with Aquariuses wild spirit and rebellious nature. They are a sign that values freedom and space which a Scorpio would find hard to deal with. Scorpio are often considered to be controlling people and they would find the unpredictability of an Aquarius hard to keep up with.

Can Aquarius and Scorpio Be Best Friends?

Despite their differences and the ways the two signs might clash, Scorpio and Aquarius can make fantastic friends. They share many redeemable qualities and sometimes their different ones can bring out good qualities in the other. Here’s just a few ways that Scorpio and Aquarius can make the greatest friends with eachother:

  • For starters, they balance eachother out. Scorpio can often be considered pessimistic whereas Aquarius are usually the opposite kind of people. Aquarius are the sort of people that have an extremely open mind and a positive outlook on all things life has to throw at them. While these qualities massively contradict them with Scorpio, it actually works out rather well in the signs favours. It makes it so they balance eachother out more – Aquarius help Scorpio look on the brighter side of life and show them not to take things so seriously all the time. On the flip side, Scorpio help bring Aquarius down to earth when they need to and can make them consider the consequences of their unpredictable and impulsive actions.
  • They are both head strong signs that go for what they want. This means both are extremely determined and fixed on what they want. They have strong beliefs and ideas about the world. While their opinions and outlooks may often differ from eachothers, they’re able to admire eachothers tenacity when it comes to their beliefs and wants.
  • They are both incredibly sociable signs. Both signs are usually super outgoing and are quick to make friends with whoever they cross paths with. While Scorpio can sometimes draw in on thesmelves and get caught up in projects, they always try to make time for their friends. They value loyalty above all else and believe in being there for those that care about you as soon as they need you. Aquarius are extremely sociable and outgoing signs that desire being near their friends all the time. This ingrained need for both signs to be around the ones they care about makes it so the two click super well when they get together.
  • Both are incredibly loyal. Both signs value loyalty and respect for others, Aquarius above all else. They view it to be one of, if not the, most important traits in partners or friends and become deeply wounded if this loyalty is severed. As Scorpio are so emotionally driven, they are incredibly loyal people too and therefore often match Aquariuses expectations of them. This makes the two signs valuable friends to one another and means they’re always able to count on eachother when they need to.
  • Both Scorpio and Aquarius are incredibly opinionated signs. While this may often be a cause of conflict, it also means they never run out of conversation with eachother. Arguments can stem quickly if the two disagree but it also means both signs are hell bent on standing by their own beliefs. They admire the way eachother are passionate about their beliefs and ideas no matter who might stand against them. It also makes for some interesting debates and conversations amongst the two.
  • Scorpio are good at inspiring Aquarius to work harder. Scorpio’s are incredible hard workers and love a project. They’re ambitious people that are always working towards a goal. Aquarius tend to be the opposite and like to lay back and relax, sometimes a bit too often. While Aquarius can be a bit too free spirited at times, Scorpio’s work ethic and commitment to goals and the future can rub off positively on Aquariuses that need a gentle nudge to get in action.
  • On the flip side, Aquarius are good at showing Scorpio how to have a good time. Scorpio can often become wrapped in work and need reminding when to take a break. Aquarius are good at being those reminders and are good at showing Scorpio a good time when they do.
  • They both have an adventurous streek. Scorpios outgoing and brave nature pairs great with Aquariuses wild and daring spirit. When the two are ready to have some fun, they can get together to make some fantastic memories. Sometimes they two signs can even get into a bit of trouble when let loose together!

Why Are Scorpios So Good in Bed?

Scorpios are extremely passionate people and they bring this energy into the bedroom. The fact they’re often mysterious and driven by their emotion only plays well in their favour when it comes to their sex life. In fact, being so emotional makes them inredibly generous lovers. Here’s a few reasons why Scorpios are SO good in bed.

  • Emotional – being such an emotional sign isn’t always a good thing but when it comes to the bedroom, it definitely is. With emotion comes passion and deep, personal bonds. A scorpios fierce ability to care about you makes them great in bed because they’re all about making sure you feel good. Overall, it makes them incredibly sensual and passionate lovers.
  • Scorpios have a dominant personality. Scorpios are ruled by Mars and Pluto. While it’s mars that makes them so emotional, Pluto gives them their masculine and domineering energy. Scorpios love to bring this domineering energy into the bedroom and use it to show their partners a wild time.
  • They have a really high sex drives! Scorpios are pretty much always in the mood for sex. They’re incredibly physical and sensual people which means they’re pretty open minded too!
  • Being open minded means that Scorpios are pretty adventurous in the bedroom. They like to experiment with new things and are always down to try something new!

What’s The Sex Life Like With a Scorpio and Aquarius Then?

When a Scorpio and an Aquarius fall for eachother, they fall hard and get entirely wrapped up in one another. The two signs share an intense attraction to eachother that is like no other on the zodiac. This attraction allows them to connect on a whole new level that can lead to an epic sex life that’s shared between the two. Here’s a bit of insight:

  • These two signs have a super fun sex life! Both are adventurous signs that aren’t afraid to put themselves out there and try new things. This means neither are afraid to bring this mindset to the bedroom and use it to try out new kinks or fetishes.
  • Together, these two enjoy complete sexual freedom. There’s no taboos or restraints in their sex life because they’re both willing to try anything the other wants because they’re so open minded in the bedroom.
  • However, sometimes aquarius can take this too far. Sometimes they want a bit too much sexual freedom and can have a bit of a wandering eye. They don’t love to be tied down and if they find a Scorpio to be too suffocating in their everyday relationship, they can loose their attraction to them in the bedroom.

Overall, scorpios and aquariuses have a pretty hit or miss relationship. While the two can share deep friendships and relationships that burn bright and long, they’re also known to burn out quickly because of their differences. Their differences can be both their greatest assets and their greatest weaknesses. Don’t let that deter you from pursuing the Scorpio orr Aquarius in your life though – with the right management and understanding from both ends, these two can share a phenomenal relationship and be one of the strongest couples of the zodiac.