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Is Scorpio And Libra A Good Match?

Scorpio and Libra zodiac signs have been quite controversial since long time. The controversy sparks mainly in the area of relationship signs and coupling capacity. Libra has the characteristic of getting swept in breathless love affair and Scorpio’s are known for their ability to merge.

The intense Scorpio Gaze has been there for Libra as a tonic, who remains to be alive as the object having desire. Attraction also promises anything substantial which is craved by both.

Scorpio is meant for soul bonding and emotional resonance. Relationships are quite vital for Libras, but it goes for them with plane of thoughts. Libras are driven by the idea of falling in love first for bonding together.

The zodiac sign Scorpio is among the highly lucid ones and reality based signs. Scorpio knows everything that is at stake on psychic and emotional level. Due to this reason they often clash with each other and can have relating problems either of Libra and Scorpio friendship or relationship nature.

Some Pros and Cons of Scorpio and Libras

Both these signs are zodiac neighbors and can meet at harmonious degrees around Libra-Scorpio cusp. Also other planets play a large part in whether the match has as love connection or not. Scorpio signs who are objective when it comes to their obsessiveness try to reassure Libras about that they aren’t going in too deep. Libras are known to have room for moving and also a partner with open and flexible mind.

Libras are known to crave a stylish and peaceful house for entertaining and relaxing. Scorpios are social but require huge breathing room for moving through the much needed change cycles. A key for weathering storms is to understand what each must require for staying on healthy path of growth.

How well Libras and Scorpios Blend?

Zodiac signs Scorpios and Libras can bring great and diametrically contradictory energies into ventures where they’re working together. Libra can also bring in beautiful creativity mix, philosophical and logical touch and the sign Scorpio is known to infuse passion, smartness and hard work. When other natal chart aspects show harmony, such partnerships have great prospects.

Being air sign, Libra loves talking and discussing things rationally. However, constant confrontation and argumentation through Scorpio can result in dropping conversation and seeking partnership through person from other astrological sign. Scorpio sign people treat this behavior as betrayal and disloyalty.

Ruled through Mars, Scorpio women generally tend to make impulsive and quick decisions. Libras tend to think too much and this makes them appear indecisive to the Scorpio. Libras need time for matching pace of the Scorpio. Being ruled through the planet Venus, the Libra is charmer who has the ability to diplomatically turn almost all wrongs to right. Scorpios can learn from Libras to how they’ll be able to get everything going without being offending to others.

Scorpio Woman and a Libra Man: Early Stages in the Relationship

Politeness and courtesy is a common trait of Libra man and there is side to him which is fascinated to the exotic and unusual. Scorpio woman often spark a vibe of danger and mystery. This trait can either attract or repel Libra man.

Even though Scorpio and Libra are the adjacent signs and don’t have a lot in common, their ruling planets have natural attraction to each other. It also means they get a great possibility of building complex chemistry.

On other hand, the difficulty part among these signs is set to manifest early in the relationship. Even though the Libra needs and wants the relationship, he isn’t comfortable with intimacy at level that is needed and required by the Scorpio, especially in the early phase of their relationship.

The Libra sign man doesn’t wish to know her deepest darkest secrets, and also he doesn’t share her his own. After Libra and Scorpio friendship when they’re about to move forward with the relationship, they’ll require reaching compromise which doesn’t turn out to be satisfying for her and either comfortable for him.

Are Scorpio and Libra Sexually Compatible?

A man of Libra zodiac sign and a Scorpio sign women are known to have mixed bedroom compatibility. However, chemistry that occurs due to the interaction of Venus and Mars is the reason for a highly exciting sex life which overcomes the discomfort of intensity. Scorpio is also known as the “sexy’ sign, and for a woman with Scorpio sign, sex isn’t just a physical thing.

Scorpio woman always gets driven by intimacy and intensity! She wishes to bond with mind, soul and body of someone. Libras like to have polite relationships and he also becomes quite detached and aloof when coming to sex. Everyone has their part which can be quite pleasant and the emotions preferred by them didn’t surface. With deep intimacy all these emotions and parts are revealed and Libra man often gets uncomfortable due to it.

Libras have a strong drive for sensuality with strong libidos and provide Scorpios something for latching onto. The Scorpios are known for taking the intimate journey to center of the heart of partner. Libra’s nature is for transcending primal through charm, beauty along with an instinct to mirror that they assume the other needs. In twosome, they’re pointing different directions.

The understanding gap gets bridged when other planets (like Moon and Venus) remain in sync. When there would be enough for what is required by the other, such match can be potential and can result in Libra and Scorpio compatibility. Otherwise, it would be something like searching for love in the wrong areas.

Strongest Compatibility Points between Scorpio Woman and Libra Man

  • Social Skills of the Libra Man
  • Determination and loyalty of the Scorpio Woman
  • Balance
  • Abilities and complementary gifts
  • Sexual chemistry
  • Motivation for making relationship work

Libra Man’s Vital Traits to Scorpio Sign Woman

Libra men are pleasant and charming and they have got impeccable social skills. Libra men are natural diplomats. Much more than any other thing, Libra men are in pursuit of balance and harmony. A Libra sign man doesn’t want getting off the limit, and getting into conflicts makes him extremely uncomfortable.

  • Libra man prefers having all the interactions to remain free of conflict and courteous, but humans can be messy many times.
  • It isn’t possible to always remain polite and honest and in intimate relationships there are many instances where the unpleasant side shows up.
  • Due to this, in his want of maintaining harmonious interactions, Libra men often have to sacrifice intimacy and honesty.

Libra man generally remains stable in relationships of love, but he is known for flirting a lot. It is in his nature to do it. This flirtation generally doesn’t result in any serious outcome, especially, when he is in committed relationship.

Is Scorpio and Libra a Good Match?

The Scorpio Zodiac sign woman has intensity as her hallmark trait. When she is into something she is totally into it.

For Scorpio woman there isn’t any such thing like going half-way. With this trait Scorpio women get their unlucky reputation. Also there are some Scorpio women who are fascinated by darkness. And on other hand, Scorpio woman is quite likely to remain passionate about helping others and doing good deeds. In their relationships, Scorpio woman only desires intimacy over everything else. She can bond on a deep level her counterpart and nothing less can satisfy her.

In lots of cases, Scorpio sign woman is also a psychic and when even she isn’t, she would easily be able to spot lie from miles away. Nothing would be there for bothering her than only sensing discrepancy between the person’s words along with emotional signs that they broadcasted for her. Scorpio woman remains fiercely devoted and loyal to her partner. Libra man must be sure that she is highly prone to get jealous. And this has high chances of creating conflicts in the relationship she is into.

Scorpio and Libra Love can Conflict

To begin with Libras tent to favor lighter relationships, while Scorpios are there for all or nothing. Scorpios can’t purse drawn-out courtships. Scorpios can get the feeling that Libras are not able to understand them on a deeper level.

Scorpios should be sure about the fact that a Libra is worth the wait and the elusive lover also has all the emotional density which is required. Even after entering into commitment, Libras require personal space. The enveloping nature along with the control tendency towards their partner can be a cause of concern.

Above everything, a Libra keeps everything dignified and avoids dark corners in relationships. The scale sign is meant to dance around conflict under it has receded in rearview mirror.

Yet the cardinal Libras have an edge when coming to relationships. Also they drive action forward. Scorpios also intermingle and probe while going together for bottom, and also rise back again. Persnickety Libras are keen on discovering sordid. However, Libras having the ability and audacity to walk through difficult times have their own aura. Libra’s clear-seeing is gift saves grace and keeps everything in perspective.

Can Libra and Scorpio Marry?

Air sign, for Libras are cool headed and intense, Water sign in Scorpio can appear like a sexy and natural inclination and they are naturally magnetic pull for one another. The natural Scorpio Ruler is the Mars and of Libra is the Venus, which has the potential for heavy passion and romance dose in the particular love and marriage match.

Both astrological signs Scorpio and Libra tend to have special place for love for the lives and none of the two signs can lightly take relationship matters. The trait of a Libra is to be happiest and fall in love when being partnered with likeminded person. For Scorpio, love is one of the most sacred territories.

  • A Libra has the thought of kids and marriage on their mind since start of their relationship, but they require time before making permanent decisions. Scorpios look out for honesty, unmatched loyalty along with commitment from the partner.
  • Both have got around same end goals, but they wish things to happen that are not usual. Meanwhile, Libra loves flirting and charming everyone time to time and it doesn’t go quite well with Scorpio lovers. Scorpio is quite jealous and possessive through nature and such traits can annoy and also upset a Libra.
  • Scorpio helps Libra in reaching new heights in ecstasy, and they experience lovemaking with pure passion and dive into highly emotional and limitless depths. The Libra can love playing and date, but see the potential and highly loving partner in the Scorpio. The love matching quotient of Libra-Scorpio also presents highly phenomenal potential.

Some General Fights which can happen between Scorpio Woman and Libra Man. Scorpio woman and Libra man relationship has prospect to be volatile. Additionally to tension between intimacy and courtesy, there isn’t a prospective pitfall resulting in fights. The pitfall is available from the tendency to flirt and the woman getting jealous.

Jealousy is among worst faults through Scorpio woman. Even after knowing that the relationship is quite safe and there is no need for jealousy, it can still be present in her.

This also depends on someone’s perspective, and casual flirting can be or not be at fault, but this is something which is quite natural to the Libra man similarly to breathing.

The combination of the flirtation along with the jealousy also has the potential of becoming explosive time to time. Also no simple solution is there to the issue. When they get through it, they only must have open and honest conversations for it.

When they finally arrive on the middle ground, both of them would have to step out little bit out of comfort zones to make the companionship work well.

Family life of Libra Man and Scorpio Woman

Often when Libras and Scorpio’s are known for their incompatibility, the relationship can break down much before reaching marriage point. It would mean that if they’re married, the marriage generally would be good. With Libra man and Scorpio woman pairing, the chemistry and attraction between them would be strong to keep them together despite all differences. The chemistry also sustains the relationship quite long for making them marry each other. Here the problem isn’t that even the intense chemistry would fade over time.

If it happens, deep differences between the signs also become apparent. It is quite complicated by tendency of all these signs to assume vows of marriage seriously. It generally means that they’ll stay together in marriage even when they face problems. When they’re not careful, it could result in deep dissatisfaction and marriage on both the parts. When they’re enjoying life together, they’ll have to work very hard for understanding each other. With this they’ll reach a lot of compromises. Here the largest compromise that they’ll have to make is of tension between intimacy and courtesy.

On other hand, Libra man is quite skilled on compromise art, and also Scorpio sign woman is quite skilled to have honest and fearless communication. With this the two get chance of finding middle ground where both of them would remain happy with better Libra and Scorpio compatibility.

Scorpio and Libra Man as Parents

Here differences between the pair are also quite apparent with their styles of parenting. It can make it quite hard for them for presenting united front for children. On other side, the differences are also able to go well with balance for each other. Libra man also teaches kids of social elegances, and they’re able to sort out family conflicts.

Scorpio woman also talks with children about almost anything, also the topics that can be uncomfortable. Also she’ll be able to find out when they’re keeping any secrets from the parents.

Scorpio Woman and Libra Man Working

Working together can be quite difficult for Scorpio woman and Libra man as it is not common to see Libra and Scorpio friendship. Libra can be said as Cardinal sign as they’re always keen on managing everything and initiating changes. Scorpio is known as Fixed Sign and this, she would prefer having nothing with change and she wants everything just the way it was. Fixed signs and cardinal signs generally sum up for each other, and it is quite complicated with Scorpio woman and Libra man. Although Libra man likes taking charge, he doesn’t do it in direct way. He hints what he wants and he wishes that the other person is thinking what he wishes is an idea of their own.

Through this the Scorpio woman gets driven to distraction. She doesn’t like change in first place, and hates getting manipulated. When they’reabout to work , he requires forcing himself becoming quite direct and also she has to get tolerance to get indirect pleasantries.

Can a Libra Man Marry a Scorpio Woman?

Based on the zodiac planetary positions and the attributes we can say that the relationship between a Scorpio zodiac sign woman and a man having Libra sign is quite challenging. A lot of chemistry is there between the two, but also they’re quite different in some ways that can be hard to resolve. However, all they require is to sort out their issues is a little compromise and honesty, and both the signs can have a fulfilling and long lasting relationship.

The horoscope is developed on the basis on Vedic Astrology which uses Moon Signs for finding out the right Libra and Scorpio compatibility between two individuals in areas of soul mate, romance, marriage, relationships, etc.