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How Do I Calculate My Name In Numerology?

Numbers are fascinating. It is so incredible to see only a few numberskeep adding and has never-ending values. But numbers have a lot more to it other than just counting, labeling, or mathematics. In the present date, very few people believe in astrology and numerology. Numerology does exist and is said to be a mystical relation between different numbers and coincidences or coinciding events.

Have you ever thought about why few of the same numbers keep occurring in your life? Or have you ever thought about why you have a liking towards some particular numbers for no reason? Here is an article that will help you understand name numerology and also name numerology calculator.

What Does Numerology Mean?

Numerology is said to be the universal language for numbers. It is the understanding of numbers and their importance in an individual’s life. Numerology helps you in finding out a lot of information about yourself that you did not know yet and also a lot more information about the world we live in. Numerology is a vast subject and can look highly complex to everyone.

This is because there are various types of numerological aspects to consider. It is also said that numerology is somewhat connected and similar to Astrology. They are similar in a few aspects and factors but they do have different types and methods to figure out the main information.

However, it is also that that numerology is an idea of the universe from the view of basic numbers. These numerics can be further used to find out new information about ourselves and the universe for a better understanding.

How Do I Calculate My Name in Numerology?

In numerology, it is said that each alphabet in your name has some significance and when these values are added together they influence your personality and also your professional life and development. Here are the steps by which you can calculate your name numerology.

  1. You need to first start with writing all the 26 alphabets A to Z vertically. Like from A to I and then in the next like from J to R and then finally S to Z in the last line.
  2. Now you have to assign a number to each alphabet starting from A. Write the number 1 beside A, 2 beside B and go on till 9 which will be beside I. In this way:

1: A, J, S

2: B, K, T

3: C, L, U

4: D, M, V

5: E, N, W

6: F, O, X

7: G, P, Y

8: H, Q, Z

9: I, R

  1. Once you have assigned numbers to the alphabets you need to write down your name. Make sure you write down that exact name that is present on your birth certificate. Also do not forget to mention your middle name.
  2. Now start writing the corresponding numbers that are assigned to each alphabet of your name. Like all Ds in your name will be numbered 4s and all As will be numbered as 1s
  3. Once you have written all these corresponding numbers add them together. For example, if your name is SALLY SMITH then the numbers would be 1+1+3+3+7 and surname as 1+4+9+2+8 add both of these together which will make it 39.
  4. Now you need to reduce the number of your name into a single-digit number. For example, 39 becomes 3 and 9. Once you have made this a single-digit number you need to now add these two numbers together. For example 3+9 = 13. Because it is 13 which is more than 9 so simplify the equation further by adding 1+3= 4. So your numerology number becomes 4.
  5. If after adding the numbers you get the numbers 11, or 22 then do not try to reduce them any further. These are the master numbers that have personality explanations of their own.
  6. Finally, you need to check your name numerology with the following chart to find out your personality trait.

1: leading, independent, individualistic pioneering, attaining

2: adaptability, partnering, cooperative, considerate

3: expression, socialization, verbalization, arts

4: struggling to limits, values foundation, balanced growth

5: visionary, constructive freedom usage, expansiveness

6: responsible, nurturing, protective, sympathetic

7: understanding, meditating, studious, awareness

8: power-seeking, status-oriented, practical endeavors

9: giving, creative expression, obligations.

11: intuitive, dreamer, illumination, highly spiritual.

22: powerful force, master builder, leadership.

Now match your name Numerology to this chart to find out your personality. For example, if your number is 4 then you are a person who is ready to struggle to any limit and values foundation.

Is Name Numerology True?

Yes, in simple words, name numerology is true and name numerology compatibility exists. Have you ever noticed that a lot of people become very excited when they see few numbers? For instance, January 1st, 2011 because it shows only 1s, 1.1.11, or even on 11th January 2011 as it shows 11.1.11. These repeating numbers have something that excites a lot of people.

Few people get so captivated that they further name their offsprings with names that correspond to some particular numerical value. A lot of numerologists and spiritual healers say that each number has a particular frequency to it. They say that the concept of numerology is the birth date of an individual and their name affects the cosmos and also their lives.

A lot of people also say that numerology is a belief and it depends on what you believe in. There are ways by which an individual can find out their numbers. These numbers are believed to have some value to their personal lives and it makes an individual different from each other as well.

What is Name Number In Astrology?

Name number in astrology means the sum of the values of any name number. In simple words, it means the value you finally get after you do a name Numerology calculation is called the name number in astrology. This explains your expression and your personality. In this, the number 9 is removed and it only has 1 to 8 numbers.

How Do I Find My Numerology Number?

To find out your you need to analyze the full name that is present in your birth certificate including your middle name. Now you have to keep reducing the numbers of your name and finally get single-digit numbers. Once you get the single-digit numbers you add them and compare them to the numerology chart to find out your traits and personalities. Here are a few examples listed below.


To calculate Frank Johnson’s numerology number you need to find out the corresponding numbers which are 6+9+1+5+2 (Frank) 1+6+8+5+1+6+5 (Johnson). Now you need to add all these numbers. After adding these numbers it becomes 55. Now add the 5+5 individually which becomes 10. Further, add 1 + 0 as it is more than 9 which becomes 1+0= 1. So 1 is Frank Johnson’s Numerology Number. Now compare this number to the numerology chart to find out Frank Johnson’s personality. After comparing with the numerology chart you will find out that Frank Johnson is an independent person and is a great leader as well.


To calculate Chris Holt’s numerology number you need to find out the corresponding numbers which are 3+8+9+9+1 (Chris) 8+6+3+2 (Holt). Now you need to add all these numbers. After adding these numbers it becomes 49. Now add these numbers individually, 4+9 = 13. Further, add 1 + 3 as it is more than 9 which becomes 1+3= 4. So 4 is Chris Holt’s Numerology Number. Now compare this number to the numerology chart to find out Chris Holt’s personality.


To calculate Dave William’s numerology number you need to find out the corresponding numbers which are 4+1+4+5 (Dave) 5+9+3+9+1+4 (William). Now you need to add all these numbers. After adding these numbers it becomes 48. Now add these numbers individually, 4+8 = 12. Further, add 1 + 2 as it is more than 9 which becomes 1+2 = 3. So 3 is Dave William’s Numerology Number. Now compare this number to the numerology chart to find out Dave William’s personality.

Final Words

This world is an extremely deep and complicated place with theories more complicated. Few theories we found out and solved and few we could not. Numerology is one such thing that few people believe and has got results as well and few do not believe. Numerology is said to be the mystical relationship that exists between numbers and coincidence. It is used to find out a little extra about the world with the help of numbers.

so allows you to know more and find out more about your own self. Numerology also allows you to find out your name numerology compatibility by using the name numerology calculator. When you find out your numerology number make sure you put down the name that is your birth name and not any nickname. It should be the name you were given at birth and is mentioned in your birth certificate only then you can find out your real personality and traits.

Is 1 a Good Number in Numerology?

Is 1 a good number in numerological terms? In many ways, yes. For instance, the single digit represents motivation and a sense of independence. In other ways, it’s an excellent symbol for a new start. Likewise, a number 1 at work can be an indication of a promotion or a new job. But there are also many negative traits associated with this number. It has a lack of foresight and a tendency to miss warning signs in our peripheral vision. Despite its positive attributes, one must beware of the potential dangers of this number. It’s important to understand the ramifications of your choice.

The single digit number 1 is the most independent number in Numerology. It doesn’t wait for opportunities to knock. It takes advantage of the situations others are afraid to explore. It doesn’t waste time negotiating plans or making plans with others. Instead, it prefers to go it alone, which provides greater freedom and efficiency. Its characteristics also make it an ideal partner for a life partner.

A single digit number one has a very positive outlook. It’s an aggressive and self-sufficient individual. When you are paired with this number, you can be charismatic and a leader. A person who has a number one personality has a strong sense of self and is quick to follow directions. Being self-sufficient is a positive trait, but you have to be patient and aware of your limits.

As one of the most self-sufficient numbers in Numerology, you can be confident in yourself and your abilities. The single digit number 1 doesn’t waste time negotiating plans with others. It prefers to go it alone because it allows for greater flexibility and speed in movement. The meaning of the single digit number is that it represents creation, which is the first step in the world. In other words, it’s the beginning of any new series of events.

The single digit number 1 is the most self-sufficient number in Numerology. It has the most independence and is the most assertive of all the numbers. Its personality is strong, yet it is also very aggressive, making it an ideal candidate for leadership roles. Therefore, it is important to avoid a person with a 1 in numerology chart. It’s not a sign that you will have the best of everything, but it’s a good sign to be confident in yourself.

In numerology, the single digit number 1 is a positive number. Its positive attitude is a good thing. Those with this number are likely to be self-sufficient. Regardless of where they live, they are likely to lead a happy, healthy life. The first digit in the alphabet is the most assertive and self-sufficient of all the numbers. If you’re the type of person that likes to be the leader of your life, you’ll succeed.

If you’re a person with a 1-digit number, you’re most likely to be self-sufficient. Your ability to make decisions and make plans will allow you to be a leader without a need for anyone else’s help. You’ll be able to make your own decisions and take advantage of opportunities that may arise in your world. And because you have the self-confidence to work for yourself, you’re more likely to succeed than other people.

The one-digit number has many positive qualities. It has an innate sense of self-determination and a positive outlook. Those with a 1 essence tend to be independent and a leader in a variety of situations. They also tend to be highly aggressive and ambitious. If you’re a one-digit, you’ll want to work hard to achieve your goals.

You may feel a little intimidated by your number. It’s not uncommon to find yourself in a position where you have to take the lead. However, you need to be careful not to make yourself overly dependent on others. This type of behavior could cause you to fail. This is not always the case. You may feel like you’re too independent but you have to be careful. So, if you have a high-spirited personality, you’ll have no problems balancing your ambitions with your own will.