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Who Is The 1998 Chinese Zodiac Compatible With?

The 1998 Chinese Zodiac sign that covers the majority of that given year is the Tiger, specifically the Earth Tiger (which is the 1998 Chinese Zodiac element). As the Chinese Zodiac follows the lunar calender, individuals that are born between January 28, 1998 to the February 15, 1999 are born Earth Tigers. Whereas if you are born between January 1, 1998 to January 27, 1998, you will be born a Fire Ox. Our guide to the 1998 Chinese Zodiac (the Earth Tiger) will feature the common personality traits of this particularly powerful Zodiac sign, as well as its most compatible partners and an explanation of what is special about the year of the Tiger.

Who Is The 1998 Chinese Zodiac Compatible With?

When finding researching which fellow Chinese Zodiac signs are specifically compatible with the 1998 Chinese Zodiac sign, you must first take into account the fact Tigers born into that specific year are Earth Tigers.

During their younger years, Earth Tigers are considered to be extremely attractive individuals. This results in the people born under the 1998 Chinese Zodiac not having a particularly troublesome time when they are searching for a compatible romantic partner. However, because of their attractive looks, Tigers need to ensure that they stay faithful to their partner. This may result in them having to keep a distance from other possible suitors, to make sure they have a long and successful relationship.

While the most compatible signs for the Tiger Zodiac are the Dragon, Horse and the Pig. Taking into account the specific characteristics of the 1998 Chinese Zodiac (the Earth Tiger), perhaps the Pig would be the best match. This is because of their mutual self-sacrificing natures whilst in a relationship. As an Earth Tiger will separate itself from other possible suitors to remain faithful to their partner, a relationship between a Tiger and Pig will remain fresh and new throughout their relationship. This is further complimented by the Pig and the Tigers’ natural reaction to put each other’s desires and needs before their own.

What Is A Tiger’s Personality?

As with every Chinese Zodiac sign, there are both positive and negative personality traits and characteristics that make up the 1998 Chinese Zodiac – the Tiger.

Positive Aspects Of A Tiger’s Personality

People that are born in the year of the Tiger will be especially known for their powerful personalities. They are strong-willed individuals and ooze confidence. Teaming up these three personality traits with their determined and blunt attitudes, people born under the 1998 Chinese zodiac sign (the Tiger) tend to be natural born leaders.

Further supporting a Tiger’s ability to lead and be a good team member is the fact that people born in the year of the Tiger tend to be extremely trustworthy. Not only that, but their straight-talking personality aids them in gaining the trust of those around them very quickly. When you are working with a Tiger, you will find that they do not deal with failure and disappointment well. However, they are seekers of justice and fairness, and will fight for what is right.

The Personality Strengths Of A Tiger:

  • Determination.
  • Confidence.
  • Straight-talking and honest.
  • Trustworthy.
  • Intelligence.

Negative Aspects Of A Tiger’s Personality

The powerful aspect to a Tiger’s personality can get overbearing, which can make a Tiger come across as over-confident and in some instances egotistical. Pairing their determination and dislike of failure, which can make those around them feel inferior, people who they perceive to not be doing their job or tasks correctly can easily frustrate a Tiger. This well-known streak of determination can turn a Tiger into being overly controlling of a situation or person. Tiger’s need to be careful as this controlling trait can also affect any of their platonic and romantic relationshipsthey have, which is not aided by the fact that Tigers are known to not have particularly positive relationships with their family members.

The Personality Weaknesses Of A Tiger:

  • Egotistical.
  • Overly Talkative.
  • Stubbornness.
  • Aggressive.
  • Controlling.

Who Is The Tiger Compatible With?

If you are born in the year of the Tiger, you will find that you enjoy the overall feeling of being in love, although you may not be particularly gifted in your ability to flirt with others. Tigers are known for their confidence and also have a unique charm to them, and they often find that they are quite lucky in terms of love and romantic relationships and will often find their soul mate.

Male Tigers Romantic Personality Traits:

Men that are born under the Tiger Zodiac are some of the most passionate individuals of the all the Zodiac signs. They love to outwardly demostrate their love for their partners, as they are often not great with words, and will do anything to appease their partner. These romantic displays of love and affection make male Tigers very popular with romantic suitors. Although, once a Tiger has found their ideal partner, they can be quite possessive and dominant within a relationship, especially during marriage.

Female Tigers Romantic Personality Traits:

Comparatively, female Tigers in a relationship will be fiercely independent and do not require constant support from their partner. Quite happy to run their own home, female Tigers are extremely romantic and take inspiration from ‘picture perfect’ relationships and will actively search for their soulmate. You do not, however, want to cheat or betray a female Tiger as they will do anything to get their revenge if left abandoned. Although be sure to offer freedom to a female Tiger as they do not like to be trapped in a home.

Most Compatible Zodiac Signs:

There are three fellow Chinese Zodiac signs that are considered the most romantically compatible with the Tiger Zodiac sign, these being the Dragon, Horse and the Pig. Whereas, in terms of friendship, Tigers will most likely gravitate towards people born under the Sheep Zodiac.


Similar to the Tiger, people born under the year of the Dragon also have confident and bold personalities that will feed off of each other. They also share equal levels of ambition and a mutual dislike for failure, which results in them having similar goals and desires in life. A romantic partnership between a Dragon and a Tiger will result in a supportive and mutually encouraging relationship.


Both the Horse and the Tiger require a lot of attention and affection within a relationship, which they can easily provide for each other. Similar to the partnership between the Dragon and the Tiger, a relationship between a Horse and a Tiger will also benefit from their mutually outgoing and confident personalities.


Comparatively, a relationship between a Pig and a Tiger thrives off of their mutual willingness to make sacrifices for each other to make the most of their relationship. Not only that, but they will also actively put the others’ wants and needs in front of their own, which often results in a successful pairing and marriage. There is also no risk of a relationship dulling between a Pig and a Tiger.


A Tiger will find that they are naturally drawn to people who are born under the Sheep Zodiac, but only in terms of friendship. This is because Tigers will feel very protective of Sheep, as both signs value individuality in different forms. However, Sheep do not have same strong and confident personalities as Tigers do and may seek the protection of people born under the powerful Zodiac. Whereas Tigers will often respect the personality traits of Sheep and provide the necessary protection they crave, as it also provides them with an ego-boost and opportunity to display their strength and power.

Is The Year Of The Tiger Lucky?

While there is no straight answer whether any of the Chinese Zodiac signs are unwavering lucky or not, due to each sign having their own positives, negatives and fortunes, the year of the Tiger is conventionally known as one of the luckier signs in the Chinese Zodiac.

Concerning the 1998 Chinese Zodiac Tiger in particular, they will find that their lucky colors tend to be green, blue, yellow and gold. While they also have two lucky numbers, which are the number 3 and the number 9. It should be noted, however, that during their birth Zodiac signs years, they will receive bad luck – as is common for each and every Zodiac sign.

What Does The Year Of The Tiger Symbolize?

Often, the year of the Tiger makes everyone feel on top of the world, as if they are an unbeatable force. This is because the power and confidence that those that are born under the Tiger Zodiac feel, embodies the entire year of the Tiger. As a result, this may make people feel more adventures and likely to try new things compared to how they usually feel.

The year of the Tiger may also bring about a change in justice or freedom. The Tiger holds the importance of justice and freedom close to its heart, which very much spreads outward during any year of the Tiger. People in general will have a renewed enthusiasm and energy to see a change in the world, whether that is to see justice being served or a change in leadership.

That concludes our guide to the 1998 Chinese Zodiac sign – the Tiger. We hope you have learned all about the unique and powerful personality of the Tiger and what (and who) makes a complimentary partner for one of the most dominating signs in the Chinese Zodiac.

Who is Compatible With the Year of the Dog?

In Chinese astrology, the Year of the Dog is considered bad luck. People born under this sign are likely to offend Tai Sui, the God of Age. As a result, people born under this sign should be very careful in all aspects of their lives. Here are some things to keep in mind when pairing up with a Year of the DOG. They are a great match for each other!

Those born in the Year of the Dog are compatible with both humans and animals. Most Year of the dogs are friendly and love to spend time with their family and friends. In business, people born in the Year of the ‘Dog’ are perfect partners. Both have many common interests and can understand each other very easily. In relationships, these two are often loyal and loving partners. However, they don’t get along well with oxen or goats, because both are impulsive and can make impulsive decisions.

If you’re looking for a relationship partner, the Year of the Dog is the best time to start dating. This zodiac sign is very loyal, and Pig Mans are very loyal to their partners. They can have a great deal in common. Both are powerful and honest, but they may also be very perplexed at first. The good news is that they will eventually find a way to work together. And unlike the other two zodiac signs, the Year of the Dog is highly compatible with Pig Mans.

In addition to Dogs being loyal to each other, these signs also have similar attitudes towards love and relationships. These two zodiac signs have many characteristics in common, making them an ideal match for a romantic relationship. These people are compassionate, gentle, and kind, and are good communicators. These traits make them the perfect partners for each other. You’ll feel safe with these two! You’ll enjoy being in a relationship with someone who shares the same characteristics.

While many Chinese zodiac signs have similar characteristics, these signs have different personality traits. For example, the Year of the Dog is best compatible with Horses and Tigers. They have long-lasting relationships, and both have strong personalities. Interestingly, the Year of the Dog is not compatible with oxen or goats, but with pigs and oxen. There are some differences between the two, but they are generally a good match.

People born in the Year of the Dog are compatible with Horses, Pigs, and Rabbits. Both can be very friendly with each other, but their temperaments are opposite. Despite their similarities, they may not be compatible with each other. As a result, they should be avoided in relationships. If you do decide to date a person from the Year of the Doggy, make sure to carefully consider their other traits.

Women born in the Year of the Dog are generally cautious and indifferent towards people they don’t like. Nevertheless, they are protective of their friends and are loyal to them. They are very independent and are sensitive to their partners. They are also best matched with Rabbits and Horses. The Dog is the most compatible with Rabbits, so if you are seeking a companion, it is worth considering.

In terms of love and relationships, Year of the Dogs are the most compatible with Horses, Tigers, and Rabbits. They share the same interest in social justice, and enjoy traveling together. These animals are usually good companions for those who are born in the Year of the Dragon. They both are also good with other animals, but there are some differences. The ox, goat, and pig are not compatible with each other.

The animal sign of the Dog is not the only one compatible with the Year of the Doggy. Its personality and preferences are similar. For example, the two types of people are often best friends in a long-term relationship. Those born in the Dog are both gentle, loyal, and responsible. Those born in the same year will be happy together. They are also equally suited for a loving and lasting relationship.

What Year is Most Compatible With Tiger?

If you’ve been thinking about getting married, you might be wondering what year is most compatible with Tiger. Fortunately, this sign has a great synergy with the Year of the Pig. These two are a perfect match for marriage and have many common traits, such as independence, bravery, and self-sufficiency. However, it’s important to remember that they are not the same. Here are a few examples of years that are compatible with the Tiger.

This is the year that the tiger is most likely to meet someone they admire. This personality trait makes a Tiger an excellent partner for the right people. If you’re looking for a love match, you’ll find a partner who appreciates your unique talents. In a relationship, a Tiger can be a dependable, loyal friend or business partner. But, the tiger can be unpredictable, too, so it’s important to avoid making rash decisions.

The Year of the Tiger is the year to be bold and take on new challenges, whether at work or at home. It’s an excellent time to make big decisions in life, but make sure you don’t overdo it. If you’re a Tiger, you’re more likely to have a difficult time putting yourself in danger of a disaster, but you’ll be rewarded in the long run.

A Tiger is a highly competitive, unpredictable, and independent sign. This sign enjoys its freedom and independence and should never be bothered by those who try to take advantage of them. As such, a Tiger’s strong sense of justice makes it difficult for them to stand by and let an injustice go unpunished. Some Tigers can be impulsive and unrefined, but they’re also highly competent and can be a great leader.

As a partner, a Tiger is an ideal lover, but they can also come off as overly enthusiastic and can overwhelm a more reserved zodiac sign. The Year of the Tiger is not a good time to take risks, but it’s a good time to pursue your passions. While a Tiger’s love life will be full of excitement and passion, the signs will need to work together to make it work for both of them.

The year of the Tiger is a very lucky and favorable year to get married. This sign is incredibly determined, and if you’re born under this sign, you’ll have the best luck in the world! A successful relationship is one of the most rewarding aspects of a long-lasting love life. If you’re born in the year of the tiger, you’re also likely to have a successful career, so it’s vital to make the most of it.

If your Tiger is a sign of love, it’s likely to be a very lucky year. Despite being an unlucky animal, the Year of the Tiger is a good time to be passionate in your life. You’ll have more luck with this sign than you’ll have with other zodiac signs. If you’re looking for love, it’s best to find a partner who shares your beliefs and values. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a partner who is too busy to pursue your passions.

A Tiger’s personality is very strong, and its strength is its greatest quality. Despite being aggressive, a tiger and a pig both share a positive outlook on life. This is especially true for a relationship between a tiger. In fact, a tiger and a Pig are very compatible for each other, and both are a great match for marriage.

The Year of the Tiger is not an incredibly lucky year for Tigers. According to Chinese astrology, the year of the tiger is an unlucky year for people with the sign of the tiger. The Year of the tiger is not the best time to start a relationship if you’re a tiger. In Western astrology, the Year of the tiger is an ideal year to take risks and follow your passions.

What Type of Tiger is 1998?

In Chinese astrology, people born in the Year of the Tiger are known as Earth Tigers. Born in 1998, they may have traditional religious beliefs, but their spirituality is often more contemporary and agnostic. They may even have extrasensory perception, as tiger souls are often very high-energy and distinctive. Whether they’re on the hunt for their next meal or looking for a new love interest, 1998 people are bound to be passionate and energetic.

In numerology, Tiger souls are influenced by the Earth element. They are able to make good use of their talents and move from rags to riches. Those born in 1998 also have a more realistic perspective, as the Earth element gives them a long-term vision and a concrete nature. Their personality is usually determined by the number of years in which they are born. These people may be successful businesspeople, or they may be unsuccessful at pursuing their dreams.

People born in 1998 are Earth Tigers. They are highly intelligent and analytical, but their boldness and courage are characterized by an innate desire to do something boldly. They don’t like mundane tasks and thrive on environments that demand constant reinvention. They crave excitement and are eager to take risks. But they tend to be impulsive and can be reckless in their pursuits. And they’ll need to have plenty of time to think things through before making a decision.

If you’re born in 1998, you’re a natural leader. You’re an Earth Tiger and are apt to take the initiative and lead by example. This Chinese astrology sign lends itself to taking the lead and setting the path for others. However, if you’re born in the Year of the Tiger, you should be careful not to get too caught up in personal emotions. Instead, you should focus on the bigger picture. This year will bring you financial prosperity and a more balanced outlook.

The year of 1998 is an excellent time to start a new business. As the Year of the Tiger, you’ll be more likely to be open to opportunities and work hard to achieve your goals. But despite your ambitious nature, you’ll need to work to balance your opposing factors. Those who don’t follow this astrological path may find themselves unable to achieve their goals. But if you’re a born leader, you’ll have many opportunities to make your goals come true!

You’re an Earth Tiger if you were born in 1998. If you were born in this year, you probably have an Earth Tiger personality. You’ll be more cautious and consider the long-term consequences of your actions. A person born in this year will be cautious with relationships. If you’re an Earth Tiger, you’ll be more likely to make the right choices to achieve success. A strong sense of justice is the hallmark of your character.

People born in 1998 belong to the Earth Tiger zodiac. The Year of the Tiger is ruled by the Earth. If you’re born in this year, you are a member of the Earth Tiger. If you were born in another zodiac year, you’re in the Fire Ox. You’re an Earth Tiger. This year is a good time to make new friends. It’s an excellent time to start a new career.

If you’re born in 1998, you’re an Earth Tiger. Your lucky colours are orange, black, and green. You’re also a Tiger if you’re born on the day of the Year of the Pig. Your personality is unpredictable and balanced, but you’ll be able to use it to your advantage. You’ll be a Tiger no matter what you do. You’ll be able to take advantage of it, and make the most of it.

According to the Chinese zodiac, people born in 1998 are members of the Earth Tiger. Those born before the Wu Yin Year are members of the Fire Ox. Those born in the Year of the Tiger are members of the Fire Tiger. While the Earth is a powerful and stable element, it’s not a very influential one. This is a year for learning and growing. The tiger is an important aspect of the Chinese zodiac, and it’s very important to know which element is dominant in your life.

What Chinese Zodiacs Go Well Together

There are dozens of different types of relationships, and there is a great deal of overlap between different zodiac signs. Here are a few examples of what kinds of Chinese Zodiacs go well together. A relationship between a horse and a pig is probably a good match for two animals. You can also try matching the animal sign of a person with a pig. While this is a little bit trickier than a traditional marriage, it’s still an excellent option for a happy relationship.

Compatibility is determined by looking at the personalities of both individuals. In Chinese zodiac compatibility, a person’s personality is compared to the personalities of those around them. Some animals are compatible with each other, while others are unlikely to get along. A pig is more likely to be a pig than a Rooster, and a Rooster is a rat. A dog is a dog, and a snake is a cat, but they’re not a match for a lion.

Ox and Rooster are great partners for anyone who wants to make a splash in the world. These two Chinese zodiac signs are very similar when it comes to their goals and values. The Rooster and ox are hard workers and both desire validation. They can share the same pursuit of a dream. Both are complex, but they can work together to achieve these goals. Moreover, the Rooster and Ox are two of the best friends of a pig, and their compatibility goes beyond merely being opposites.

The Pig and Rooster are a great match for those with similar traits. They are intellectual and love to set ambitious goals, but they are modest and easy-going. They can even share the same interests, and their relationship will remain harmonious and enjoyable. They are good companions. If you are in love, a pig can make an excellent match. If you’re in a relationship, a pig and a rooster are a good match.

The Pig and the Ox are good companions. Both are intellectual, and the pig is a good thinker. They also love to set goals and are loyal. But there are differences. Ultimately, if you’re looking for a long-lasting relationship, a pig and a rooster are the best companions. So, the pig is the sign of the pig, but you should also consider the other zodiac and animal.

The rat and the ox go well together. Both of these zodiacs are hard-working and seek validation. They are both perfectionists and are similar in their life goals. In addition, a pig and a rooster go well together in terms of the rooster’s compatibility with the pig. However, a pig do not go well with the rooster.

The pig and the ox are good partners. While oxen are both hard workers, pigs are intellectual. They are both very hard-working, and they both have the same goals. But oxen are not easy to find a compatible partner. This pairing is not advisable for those with weak personalities. If you are looking for a rooster-snake pairing, it may not be a good idea to take a risk.

In a relationship, the pig and oxen are great partners. They both are hard-working and seek validation. They are both intellectual. They can be compatible in a relationship and in business. In a marriage, the ox and the pig are good companions because they have common interests. The pig and oxen are very compatible in the Chinese zodiac.

When it comes to dating and relationships, the pig and ox are both a great match. Both are hard-working and passionate, but there are many differences between them. A pig is a great choice for a relationship if it is based on the characteristics of both zodiacs. If they can get along with one another, they should be able to be a good match.