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What Is The Best Philosophy For Life?

When talking about philosophies, it is mostly about making day to day choices for working towards a certain goal. With smaller goals you’re able to guide towards actions of many days, while with long term goals you’ll require months and various years of life thoughts, plans and actions. All such goals are based on core values, all of these determine rules you live by.

All such rules are personal philosophies. A few of all these philosophies can get tied to the culture or religion, but philosophy in life also varies from person to person even within such frameworks.

What Is Your Personal Philosophy?

The personal philosophy in life can be based on any of the following questions:

  • What you’re passionate about? Or what you’re inspired about?
  • What you’d describe your ideal life?
  • Elements and values your ideal life and passions have got in common
  • Habits that you’ve got for relating to such values
  • How you would sum up outlook and goals in life, through such values?

By now, you might have gotten a fair idea about what it is, and how you’ll be able to write personal philosophy? Here we’ve also outlined certain steps for providing you help if you’re not certain about where to begin?

  • Let’s begin with list of around 10 to 20 values.
  • You can also narrow down to around 3 to 5 core values.
  • Now think about why all the values are of importance to you.
  • For each one of these, you can write about how to put these vales into day to day use.
  • Form some sentences about with how such values you define and guide yourself.
  • Merge these into a single sentence that presents your primary objective.
  • If you’re willing to get help for identifying these values, you can look up for value words.

What Is Your Personal Philosophy Examples?

No doubt personal philosophies resonate with others. Also it expresses values such as ones that you notice in following examples of life philosophy, each of which are vital for everyone. You can read below list about appropriate philosophy in life example to get inspiration and for also helping you in articulating your owown.

1. You shouldn’t do any harm

Striving for success is a really good thing only if it doesn’t harm anyone. Victory available at someone else’s expense doesn’t get you closer to becoming person to remain proud of.

When you’re undertaking a challenge, you have to commit for doing everything it takes for getting best possible outcome for everyone who is involved – and also for everyone who can likely get affected through it.

More you value the connection to life and other humans, less, you’ll want to remain part of anything violating rights of anyone.

You shall respect others to the level of being conscious about your actions and words and how they’re affecting them. Depending on these factors you can select the best possible way forward. Also look beyond surface for seeing the endeavors that genuinely seek good of everyone.

Personal values:

  • Respect
  • Connection
  • Compassion

2. There aren’t any failures – only outcomes for learning

The notion behind suchphilosophy in life example is that irrespective of what happens, you have to keep going. Irrespective of how many less-than desirable outcomes you get, you must keep moving towards the goals and keep taking actions for getting closer.

You know that so-called failure is only an outcome that you can learn, and you can also view setbacks with the mindset of growth for seeking the lesson.

You can search at everything that went wrong or what can be done for getting better outcomes next time. Then you can also try again. Failure shouldn’t be accepted all outcomes falling short of your expectations teach you a lot more than what you can expect. All faltering steps are still steps only.

Personal Values:

  • Tenacity
  • Resilience
  • Courage

3. You’re only there for making good things happen

This can be said as your philosophy if you assume that your life’s purpose is making good things happen for people in the world – those you love, or those in community and also the ones beyond it.

Also you’re here for ensuring that world is a better place, one persona and also one deed at one time. You’ve got a firm belief that your life isn’t well spent unless you’ve made any positive change to people around you.

Personal values:

  • Compassion
  • Empathy
  • Relationships

4. Flow State is where you make things happen

It is good to have cognitive understanding, but if you haven’t been in creative flow state, you know that difference between cognitive understanding and flow state is similar to difference between reasoning and intuition. Various benefits are there for not controlling conscious and letting flow take over. You also become conduit of ideas, feelings and thoughts you didn’t know you were accessible to. You must be more than willing for getting in flow state. After learning about accessing that state, you’ll have to be content with what can be figured through the conscious mind. Also you’ll want to help people experience same state of creative flow.

The Personal Values

  • Intuition
  • Imagination
  • Creativity

What Is The Best Philosophy For Life?

By “life philosophy” it means a self-made mental framework to know how the world functions and how you’ll be able to fit in with the world. Thelife philosophy also includes things such as how you can decide what is “bad” and “good”, what does “success” mean and what is your life purpose (if you consider life to be purposeful)? Whether god exists? How to treat each other? Etc.

Different names are there that can be used for labeling the life philosophy: Liberal, Feminist, Libertarian, and Christian, Buddhist, Artist, Tea Party, Entrepreneur, and others. Maybe you feel that you’ll be able to summarize the life philosophy with any of such words, but for many the actual life philosophies are more nuanced and complex. They don’t easily get boxed in.

Basic religion and life philosophies most definitely aren’t about the first sense, i.e. happiness. Many do speak about second one, and others don’t. For instance, all Greco-Roman “eudaimonic” schools teach us on the best ways of living one meaningful life, which is the life that Ivan Ilycg wouldn’t think of disappointing after getting towards its end.

Living “with purpose” means that you’re living intentionally. Once Napoleon Hill said, “An important quality that one should possess for winning is definiteness of purpose, knowledge of what one wants along with the burning desire of possessing it. For getting what you wish to have, you can select a single direction and also moving towards it, while constantly improving over prolonged time period.

People who made genuine life changes and attained difficult to achieve goals aren’t more intelligent, bold and stronger than you. The only difference they’ve got is the decision to act in direction of their dreams. Your motivation gets fueled through purposefulness. After finding out your why, you’ll become more selective and careful about all your actions.

For the Epicureans, despite having ill-deserved reputation of the drugs-sex-and-rockn’ roll philosophy, the goal would be to live life without any physical or mental pain. For the Stoics it would be to use reason for improving human cosmopolis, which is also society at large. Also Buddhists can distance themselves clearly from entire business of happiness, as their goal is for reducing suffering in all the sentient creatures.

As it turns out in a lot of cases, the first choice is made actually at birth. Here we get born and are grown within a family adopting certain religious (and also occasionally non-religious) traditions. With that being said, part of what it would mean to become an adult would be taking responsibility of all our choices, forging individual paths through the life.

How is Philosophy Used in Everyday Life?

The common questions that almost all of us ask everyday are: What do you want from this life? What is philosophy in life meaning? Are you familiar about it? Many people are troubled when answering it. Everyone needs personal philosophy and responding to random information and stimuli without any long-term goals or impact. The life philosophy is an overall attitude or vision towards life along with its purpose. Human activities also get limited to death and time. However, we also forget it. We fill up time with distractions, never asking whether they’re vital, whether we find it of value. Without having personal philosophy, we’re without any direction.

With these easy to follow philosophies most of us are guided and shape our life.

  • You’re author of your life.
  • Always make improvements rather than excuses.
  • Lift is short. Always do what brings out best
  • At times, you can question assumptions you made
  • More than any talent and skill, efforts matte the most
  • Preservance, resilience and commitment also takes you far.

Philosophy in life meaning is tied to the single question: “What you do with your precious life?”

There is nothing that provides a person with peace and inner wholeness like a clear and precise understanding of where they’re going in life. Once Robert Bryne observed, “Life’s purpose is the life one of purpose.” For getting somewhere, you have to define the end goal. And sooner you’re able to define it, you have clearer thoughts. Without purpose a life is without any destination. Finding right life direction is an existential problem in us.

Once Fyodor Dostoyevsky said, “Mystery of human existence doesn’t only lies in remaining alive, but it is also about finding something worth living.” The purpose of life is finding and doing things making you laugh, forget time and also smile. Even when you’re not sure about it, you can move into exploration and the phase ofexperimentation of life while enjoying journey.