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What Is Physical Touch Love Language?

There are many ways to show your partner you care for them, be it through mental support, gifts, time spent with them, affirmation or physical touch. All these little gestures have their own meaning and people have them in different hierarchies to which is most important to them. One of the more overtly obvious signs of affection is though physical touch. This can be anything from holding hands to intimacy in the bedroom.

What Is Physical Touch Love Language?

Physical touch means to show your partner affection through the act of something physical and this can be the smallest to biggest gestures. Do not mistaken the act of physical love to be something labor intensive – this love language is not about fulfilling carnal desires. There are so many things that can be categorized as physical touch such as:

  • Kissing – a peck here or there or perhaps a steamy kiss that leads to something more
  • Cuddling – anywhere! Be it the couch, bed or movie theatre. There is nowhere cuddling would be seen as inappropriate
  • Holding hands – in public or even in private at the dinner table
  • Hugging – long or short ones
  • Pat on the shoulder
  • Couple massages
  • Sitting together and holding hands or even having your legs tangled together while watching television

There are so many others ones to choose from but to truly understand what physical touch can mean or how much of a factor of it plays into your relationship, you have to listen and watch to see how your partner responds to everything. While it would be exceptionally easy to have a blueprint to see how each person works and what they consider to be the best response, we can not see into the human psyche. We can however learn to listen and observe because that is the best way we can learn.

What Do You Do If Your Partner’s Love Language Is Physical Touch?

A lot of people mistaken physical touch as just sex, but it is a lot deeper and complicated than that. Of course physical touch involves sex, but it does not mean other gestures such as a hug, a pat on the back or hand holding have less value. Each of these different kinds of touches have their own meaning and the way your partner responds to these touches will let you know which one works best for which situation.

  • If your partner responds positively to physical touch, it means you ought to do it more often to express how much you love them!
  • Sometimes people have a hard day at work or just a hard day in general and they just want to come home to someone they feel loves and understand them. If they adore physical touch, giving them an extra big, strong and long hug can really help ease some of the stress away. It may not look a lot to you (assuming you have a different love language), but it would mean the world to them if they know you took time out of your day to make them feel at ease
  • Say the extra long hug takes the edge off a little but you can see they are still stressed. Why not try giving them a massage? Massages are all about physical touch with different pressures! It does not always have to be with your hands, feel free to use an electronic massager but let them relax on a chair while you navigate the machine
  • If your partner likes PDA (public display of affection) then the simple act of holding their hand in public can mean a lot to them. It tells people who are around the both of you that you both are not afraid to show that you are together and that you are proud of your love. There is nothing for you to feel ashamed of and by holding hands with your partner, they can also feel as if you value them as yours
  • A little kiss here and there may seem almost too much but we are talking about a little peck here. Giving your partner a little peck if they do something sweet such as opening the door or taking time to make you your favorite dinner or cleaning the house can let them understand that you appreciate what they are doing. Saying thank you’ is always helpful, but a peck on the cheek or lips can also make them feel as if they spent their time wisely

How Do You Long Distance Your Love language is Physical Touch?

Long distance can seem nearly impossible if your love language is physical touch but it is not impossible. Difficult, of course, but not the end. Thankfully because technology has advanced to far the past couple years, physical touch is a little easier to show when you are in a long distance relationship.

  • Video chats themselves may seem like quality time spent and yes, it is, but it can also be physical! Imagine winking at your partner through the camera or blowing them a kiss. They may not be able to physically feel it, but they can see it being done and the thought behind the act will mean very much to them
  • Some people like to send weighted blankets to their partners when they are apart so that they are able to feel as if there is someone next to them when they are sleeping or when they are on the couch because the extra weight is reminiscent of another body
  • Heated blankets are also another gift people like to send, especially if their partners live in a colder area. The heated blanket could double as yourself sharing your body heat with them in the coldest days of the year
  • There is of course more things to do via a video chat but do ensure that both you and your partner are comfortable before proceeding without warning. It can be rather jarring and alarming if no prior conversation was had

Which Signs Love Language Is Touch?

  • Leo
  • The Leo Sun sign is a sign that responds very positively to physical touch. This Sun sign is known to be very fiery, passionate and bold – they do not do well with people who only talk without showing. They adore being showered with attention, mental and physically, so do not think you can skimp out on thinking you have given them enough love for a day because they will certainly tell you if they are unsatisfied
  • Taurus
  • This sign is definitely not one that only seeks sex as their physical touch language – in fact if that is all you are able to give them they are going to walk away without looking back. Physical love is important to them but only if they trust you and trust that you are not only using them to satisfy your own needs. They love little signs of affection in public be it as simple as holding hands or something more private like cuddling while watching a movie without the need to feel as if they need give something else up physically to satisfy you
  • Scorpio
  • The Scorpio Sun sign can be so incredibly confusing with that they want because they are always hiding behind a facade that they do not really care but understand that they are not doing it because of you, they are trying to protect themselves. Scorpios seem super tough but really they are just softies that want to always cling and cuddle whenever you guys get some alone time. They are absolute sweethearts in private, allowing you to see how much they love finding ways to brush their hands on yours while reaching for a glass or pulling up beside you on a couch when you are reading so they can do work while you are doing your own thing. Do not worry about spoiling a Scorpio with gifts, what they value above all else if knowing you will be willing to hold them on good and bad days
  • Sagittarius
  • There is very little that can get a Sagittarius Sun sign upset but if they are denied physical touch in a relationship, they will very likely pack their things and leave. This sign may seem very extroverted and assured in themselves but they do also need to know that you value them otherwise they do not see a point in staying put for someone that does not understand what they are worth. Lavish these guys with spontaneous physical touches such as a kiss on the cheek while walking or wrapping your arms around their shoulders when in a mall – these spontaneous acts of love will have them absolutely giddy with joy

There are so many ways to express physical touch to your partner because each partner is different! Remember that communication with your partner is always key when it comes to understanding what they want and what their boundaries are. Some people who enjoy physical touch only enjoy it in private, something that is meant to only be seen and experienced by themselves and their partners, not for the entirety of the mall to see. As long as respect and consent is given by one another, showing love through physical touch is a wonderful way to show your partner they mean the world to you.