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What Is The Britney Spears Birth Chart?

Photo Credit: A PAES

Britney Spears is one of the most important teen idols of all time. The former pop princess, now a real queen, continues to be lovedby millions of fans. She also spends time for the iconic pop star, one of the most famous singers of the 2000s thanks to hits such as One More Time, Oops I Did It Again, and Toxic, but her fame does not diminish.

The famous pop star was born in the city of McComb in Mississippi on December 2, 1981, today she is therefore 39 years old. Britney Jean Spears has become a true icon of the world of pop culture, not just in music, in about twenty years of career through ups and downs. Suffice it to say that, with over 200 million records sold, she is one of the most successful female artists in history.

It may not be a clear and natural talent, like a Christina Aguilera or a Beyoncé, but in her Britney she was able to truly revolutionize the world of pop culture, giving way to that rebirth of teen pop that laid the foundations in the late nineties for some of the biggest phenomena of recent years (just think of Miley Cyrus or Ariana Grande)!

Often at the center of controversy and gossip about her private life, she has been able to make people talk about her successes and excesses, for the many hits out of the oven and for the moments of crisis. Let’s see together some curiosities about Britney Spears birth chart!

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First of all, before the deeper reflections, the basics: the birth chart is the graphic representation of the positioning of the planets at the moment of an individual’s birth, calculated based on the time and place of birth. For this reason, two people born on the same day do not necessarily have the same theme (the Moon, for example, may have changed its sign during the day) or even two people born at the same instant in two different places will have great similarities, but not exactly the same. same birth chart: the ascendant and therefore the system of the “astrological houses” will in fact be different.

The representation is in fact a circumference divided into 12 signs and 12 segments that represent the twelve astrological “houses” or twelve areas of life: profession, family, two-person relationships, communication, material goods, etc. The beginning of the first house (technically “the cusp”), identifies the ascendant.

The birth chart is, therefore “unique” for each individual: twins are an exception (although this is not entirely true) because twins are never born at the same time, especially if born with natural birth. It is as unique as our being is: it describes our way of thinking, our way of feeling, our way of communicating, our way of loving, our interests, our deep needs, what attracts us and what that scares us, etc. Each of us can have ways similar to others in expressing themselves, in experiencing emotions, in the intellectual interests that they develop, but that specific mix of strengths, weaknesses, talents, difficulties, opportunities, and tensions is ours alone, as the birth chart is ours alone.

Photo Credit: Jaguar PS


  • Sun in Sagittarius 10 02 ‘;
  • Scale 2 41 ‘;
  • Moon (Lunar Sign) in Aquarius 12 23 ‘;
  • Waxing moon (Sun-moon degree) 62 20 ‘: Expansion, growth, struggle, opportunity;
  • Rooster (Chinese Sign);
  • Hornbeam (Celtic Sign);
  • Life Path Number: 6;
  • Birthday number: 2.


It is the sun that indicates the zodiac sign, so no: the famous pop star is not a Libra, but a Sagittarius!

People born under the sign of Sagittarius carry the seal of their sign’s ruler, Jupiter, which symbolizes justice and happiness. They are therefore optimistic, active, sociable, and very honest, sometimes to the extent that their immediacy hurts others, without them being aware of it. Their idea of justice implies that people deserve to know the truth.

They are people of immediate reactions, who often act on impulse, without being able to understand the consequences of their behavior. They can be provoked in seconds and explode, but they can forget everything just as quickly without having the slightest idea that they may have hurt someone emotionally. Those who know them best and get used to them will not only have a great time, but will also find reliable friends, who may sometimes talk too much, but can generally be trusted.

These people hate being limited, they are able to work a lot, but they cannot get the impression that it is an inevitable duty and that someone controls them. They are happy in the role of presenters and as such often exaggerate their appearance. Their neglect of the moment they are having fun is the cause of this. They act similarly when someone needs help – they’ll do what’s needed immediately and don’t expect gratitude or anything in return. They don’t need a lot of money for themselves because they don’t need to show off and they are definitely not systematic money savers.

I am able to see the bright side of life and inspire others to have more optimistic views of the world. To others, they might seem a little superficial, but they actually have a philosophical spirit, which allows them to see narrow-mindedness from a different perspective. Their forgiveness and their doing good also help them in life. They spoil this “image” with their uncompromising struggle for justice when they cannot refrain from aggressive behavior.

Other people around them often don’t realize that they hardly fight for themselves. They defend their pride even at the cost of material losses. They don’t like long explanations and don’t like to humble themselves, so they slam the door and forget their rights.


For 2 41 ‘the rising sign of Britney Spears is Libra! In the ascendant position, Libra retains most of the strengths and weaknesses that it has as a zodiac sign, which can be more or less enhanced or dampened by the main zodiac sign with which it is combined. In general, those with Libra in the ascendant position have a strong interest in the world of art, fashion, luxury, and everything that can be considered integral to the field of aesthetics. Additionally, the Libra ascendant has a passion for travel and discovering new places. What remains is the great capacity for balance and the continuous search for justice, which leads these individuals to mediate thanks to their diplomacy.

However, precisely because of this hatred towards clashes and tensions, Libra ascendants can reveal themselves to be passive in decisions, even in the most important ones that directly affect them. In addition, certain laziness typical of the sign can be found in work and in private life. They are often disorganized and sometimes unreliable and suffer especially in situations of stress and tension, unable to find in them the stimulus to give the best of themselves.

Libra prefers well-thought-out, prepared, goal-based, situation-based tasks. Trying to take the opinions of others into consideration can slow the person down and manifest as hesitation, indecision, or opportunism. These people usually prefer if someone makes decisions for them. It is important to create a strong system of values and norms that can be followed, as this allows for easier decision-making.

The Libra ascendant in love

Unlike the other signs of Air, Gemini, and Aquarius, Libra itself is more prone to lasting love stories and not just one night’s adventures. This aspect is also found when it is in the ascending position. In fact, Libra ascendant individuals give a lot of importance to the whole affective sphere, that is friendship, family, and love relationships. They look for someone in their partner who wants a serious and stable relationship, capable of making them feel the balance they crave so much.

It must be said, however, that precisely this characteristic of theirs leads a Libra ascendant person to bind himself in a rash way to his partner, without there being any real conditions for the relationship to continue. Episodes of semi-dependence on the partner are not uncommon. Moreover, since he hates any kind of conflict, he may not express his opinion of her if different from that of his partner and therefore suffer from passivity.

Normally, in love Libra ascendants bond with those of Aries or Sagittarius. There is no lack of affinity with Scorpio and Aquarius.

In the birth chart of Britney Spears, there are many elements that determine high femininity and a tendency to modesty. The ascendant in Libra, for example, is refined and elegant, never risque and never too revealing. Those born with this feature want to have a perfect and orderly appearance. She doesn’t like using sexuality to impress, but she prefers to use her charm. To melt a little, these newborns need great intimacy with their partners. Venus, then, is found in the sign of Capricorn and resides in the 6th house. Neither of these two elements is distinctly sensual, indeed, in some cases, this combination even tends to extinguish the passion.

Fortunately, the problem does not concern the singer at all, who has many planets ready to prevent this occurrence. The second house in the sign of Scorpio is linked to the material success achieved thanks to the exaltation of sexuality. Jupiter, in the sign of Scorpio in the third house, also favors sensual activities related to art and communication.

Is Britney a Libra Rising?

Is Britney a Libra rising? If so, you’ll be able to deduce that her chart is ruled by the planets Venus and Mars. These two planets rule Britney’s second house, which governs her love life. Jupiter, the ruler of the second house, is unaspectred. This means that she’s highly imaginative and loves social gatherings. Her detachment from her partners may also indicate that she considers them burdens.

In a chart of a person with a Libra rising, the rising sign is opposite to the natal sign. The Rising signs are similar in outlook and personality, making them an ideal match. While Britney and Kevin’s relationship was adrenaline-filled and harmonic, it could have been the difference between a successful marriage or a rocky start. If they were born under the same star, their compatibility would be high.

Her natal Venus forms a tense aspect to Saturn and Pluto. Both of these planets are in Libra, in the 1st house of Self. Since Venus is in Capricorn, she yearns for a deep and intimate relationship, but she also fears being hurt. This conjunction between Pluto and Saturn tells her that “more is more”. This makes her unpredictable and constantly back and forth.

Her natal Moon is in Capricorn, a planet that rules her 4th house, where she started her career. Her Moon is in a tight trine with Saturn, giving her the staying power and discipline to stick with her goals. In fact, her Mars is conjunct with her Sun and Saturn, which is a good sign for a lover. Moreover, the Moon in Capricorn also gives Britney the courage to pursue her dreams, even if she’s afraid of being hurt.

The natal chart of Britney Spears suggests that she has a Saturn-Pluto conjunction in her radix, which indicates that her ambitions have been strong from a very young age. Her Saturn-Pluto aspect in her natal chart makes her self-conscious and predetermined, and she might have a difficult time dealing with people who do not respect her. If you’re wondering, “Is Britney a Libra rising?” this is the answer to your question. If you’re curious, you can find it out for yourself.

Her Sagittarian rising makes her easily influenced by the emotional depths of Scorpio. She dislikes the tumultuous and intense aspects of the Scorpio rising. Her Venus-Pluto conjunction is in a harmonious combination, and Britney’s Saturn-Pluto connection with Kevin shows that she’s a Libra rising. The Moon-Pluto connection is a strong one, and the two have close planetary alignments.

Her Venus is in Capricorn in the fourth house, which is her home. It is tightly conjunct her South Node, which indicates that her natural comfort zone is hard work and performance. The two planets in her chart, however, are not in a harmonious relationship and may have conflicting energies. She’s prone to jealousy, which isn’t a healthy match.

Her 4th house represents emotional security and safety. The chart depicts Britney’s upbringing as difficult, with her father being unreliable and not able to provide for the family financially. She had to play both mother and provider. The Moon aspects of her ascendant indicate that she had a difficult time adjusting to the demands of a child’s home life. Nevertheless, she was able to survive, despite the many challenges she faced while growing up.

The Sun in Sagittarius is an optimistic, independent sign. Those with Sagittarius ascendants are usually adventurous, spontaneous and often very creative. In addition, they are quick to forgive. Their Venus and Mercury are also conjunct, which indicates that they’re similar in their outlooks and tend to be harmonious in relationships. If they have a Libra rising, Britney Spears will have a heightened sense of self-confidence, and will take pride in her talents.

The ruler of Britney is Venus. She has a Libra rising, which means that she’s a Libra. The ruler of Capricorn is Saturn. This planet gives us the desire to expand our knowledge and develop our ambitions. A Capricorn person’s ambitions are long-term. They may seem slow, but time is their friend. This is why she is so popular with so many people.