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Can Pisces And Aquarius Friendships Work?


Can one born under the stars Aquarius swim in the same deep cosmic waters as one born under Pisces? And can Pisces keep up with Aquarius when it rises as steam towards celestial heights. Is a Pisces and Aquarius friendship possible?

At first glance, it is very understandable to think why such a pairing would appear doomed. Aquarius is naturally distant, and invested in maintaining personal freedom. The creativity of Aquariusrequires physical and symbolic space to flourish. On the other hand, Pisces is very empathetic. Pisces naturally flows towards romance.

Relationships are a natural waypoint for individuals born under the stars of Pisces. Aquarius is a fixed air sign. It has the tendency to be intolerant and unyielding. It is ambition incarnate. Pisces, on the other end, is a mutable water sign. It goes with the flow of life, constantly evolving to match the circumstances that surround it. It is emotion made manifest. Pisces is flowing water. Aquarius is steam and vapor. Pisces evolves. Aquarius flies.


Despite what appears to be contrasting attributes separating the two, Aquarius and Pisces actually have a lot in common. If there are two traits which can be the confluence between Aquarius and Pisces, these would be passion and creativity.

  • Passion – Both Aquarius and Pisces are very passionate signs. In the case of Aquarius, this passion is perceived in the intensity with which it pursues and defends its autonomy and ambition. Aquarius is confident of its intellect and has no problem articulating its opinion about the world. The passion of Pisces is not about the self. Rather, Pisces constantly seeks to share itself with the world. It is capable of loving in the most generous and selfless way.
  • Creativity – Time spend with either an Aquarius or a Pisces is never a bore. An individual born under the stars of Aquarius has a charming presence and has a magnificently creative gift of speech. An Aquarius conversationalist who will instantly light up the room. There is never a dull moment. A person born under the stars of Pisces thrives in adverse silence. A Pisces has the natural ability to turn any emotional shade–joyful or sad–into an inspiration for creative pursuits. A Pisces is a good listener, content to let others shine.


Aquarius and Pisces share an affinity with Neptune. Mythologically, the symbolism of water bonds these two signs with the classical deity of the seas and waterways. In a sense, Neptune has an intimate connection of all the waters on the planet, from the greatest oceans to the fluids that course through our bodies. Of all the signs of the zodiac, Aquarius and Pisces share the most overt material and metaphorical identity and imagery with Neptune’s realm.

In some contemporary astrological discourses, Neptune is identified as the ruler of Pisces and perceived as exalted by Aquarius. Neptune is associated with keen intuition, deep spirituality, creative imagination, adaptability, and dreams. The ideology and philosophy of the Neptunian astrological space emphasizes the abstract, the ethereal, the essential. These are also the preoccupations of Pisces and Aquarius. Both signs resonate with the same celestial frequency.


The unique pull generated by their differences and similarities provide a great deal of intensity and intimacy in the relationship between a Pisces and an Aquarius. Their sexual chemistry is undeniable. But it is equally potentially chaotic. The fragility of such a union originates from the emotional trauma generated by Aquarius’ constant desire for freedom and Pisces’ tendency to be distracted by the smallest changes in the environment.

Friendship is the type pf relationship where both signs truly shine.

  • Trust – Ironically, the tendency of both Aquarius and Pisces to drift away from what binds them together can be leveraged into something that has a positive impact on both of them. When allowed space to grow individually, Aquarius and Piscesalso grow together. Trust is built and strengthened because both signs are given the opportunity to be grounded on their respective natures. Pisces goes with the flow of life and reality and therefore gains knowledge and experience from the ebb and flow of the tides of triumphs and tribulations. Aquarius soars higher until every bit of knowledge is observed and imbibed.
  • Communication – Aquarius loves to talk. Pisces loves to listen. Those are their strengths. But never think that their line of communication is one-sided. Pisces is also very capable of communicating. But unlike Aquarius, Pisces communicates by conveying hints and codes through subtle gestures and austere verbalizations. Armed with intellect and insight, Aquarius is quick to pick up the abstract signals and meanings expressed by Pisces. The strength of the friendship between these two astrological signs lies in their mutual ability to switch codes when circumstances require it.
  • Evolution – Pisces and Aquarius embrace the idea of change in two very different yet very complementary ways. Aquarius takes a leap of faith, relying on intellect and confidence to carry it through difficult times. Pisces surrenders and lets the tide of life carry it to places unknown. In both ways, the two signs display courage and a strong belief that things always achieve equilibrium. The key to progress is the initial conviction that change is constant and necessary. There is no point in delaying what has to come. As partners of the platonic kind, Pisces and Aquarius complete each other.


A person born under the stars of Pisces has a tender heart, an empathic mind, and a fragile soul. A Pisces is quite known for its selflessness and magnanimity. It requires a partner who can provide stability and fortitude to its mutable emotions. Signs that are nurturing and level-headed can provide Pisces with the spiritual and psychological anchor it needs. These signs include Cancer and Taurus. Aquarius is not always a safe and obvious choice as partner for Pisces. But as a best friend, there is perhaps no one better than an Aquarius.


An individual born under the sign of Aquarius has a charismatic presence, a command of verbal communication, and an innovative mind. An Aquarius is extroverted and honest. A suitable partner for an Aquarius is one who has either a very unique or a very dynamic personality to constantly stimulate the interest and curiosity of Aquarius. Sagittarius and Gemini are two signs that can easily fall under these criteria. Pisces, however, with its creative depth and behavioral complexity, will provide excitement for Aquarius.


Virgo and Gemini are the signs that generally find it difficult to interact with Pisces. People born under Pisces are often very sensitive. Gemini can try its best to be well-meaning as it tries to engage Pisces in an honest-to-goodness conversation. But introverted Pisces will rarely be willing to be subjected to what may appear to be a brutal interrogation. Virgo sees life in accurate gradations and well-defined layers. Pisces thrives in gray areas.


Taurus and Capricorn will always be at odds with Aquarius. Taurus prioritizes rules and terms as necessary to maintaining order and meaning in a society. Aquarius sees rules as shackles that restrain one from pursuing knowledge and creativity. Capricorn loves only what it can control, direct or manage. Aquarius will never allow itself to be dominated.


The reality is that Aquarius and Pisces will not always be able to understand the depth of each other in terms of personality and priorities. But this is also quite common when we consider all other pairings between and among the signs of the zodiac. The differences increase in both number and complexity once we also start to factor in their respective ruling planetary houses, their modalities, and all other relevant astrological attributes.

The closeness of both Pisces and Aquarius to Neptune is the one factor that makes them one of the best pairings between and among the signs. The dreaminess of Pisces and the insight of Aquarius balance each other perfectly.

A Pisces’ and Aquarius’ friendship works very well. Although there are incompatibilities–Aquarius’ tendency to be aloof, indifferent, and condescending, and Pisces’ tendency to be simple-minded and to be too involved–to be fleshed out, the connections are also quite easy to work with.

Friendship between a Pisces and an Aquarius highlights the virtues of altruism and innovation. Both Aquarius and Pisces dwell on the ideal. Both are very inclined towards utopian ideas. Aquarius embraces all opportunity to exercise its intellect to discover fresh ideas and formulate new theories. Pisces finds fulfillment in the dream state.

The most fulfilling reason why a Pisces should consider a friendship with Aquarius–and vice versa–is the chance for personal growth. Both signs are eager to learn and to adapt. They have a deep connection that is blessed by the waters of Neptune. They have so much in common, as far as hopes and dreams are concerned. If they both have the courage to see past each other’s flaws, they could share the gift of a permanent relationship.