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The Capricorn horoscope date as per astrology is from December 22nd to January 19th. If your birthday falls anywhere between the dates mentioned above then you have theCapricorn sun sign. It is believed that for around 30 days the sun travels through the parts of this zodiac. There might be slight changes in the dates as some time years the start for Capricorn sun sign will be from December 21st instead of December 22nd. In addition, the end dates for the Capricorn sun sign may change and come a day earlier on January 20th. Capricorn is one of the most popular zodiac signs and falls in the 10th position out of all the 12 zodiac signs.

What Are The Capricorn Horoscope Dates?

The start sign of Capricorn is a grounded earth sign and is a leadership-oriented sign. This quality is better known as the cardinal sign. It is interesting to know that Capricorn is the only cardinal earth sign present in the zodiac. As of the people born on this sun sign, they are hardworking and ambitious. Capricorn people are believed to be the most successful people among all zodiacs. They are known for taking on ambitious projects and like to lead. Their leadership qualities are exceptional.

The Capricorn horoscope dates range says a lot regarding the individual. Capricorn falls in the 10th position among all the zodiac signs and is valued for several factors that we will learn. The element of the Capricorn sun sign is Earth and the quality possessed by these individuals is cardinal. The lucky number for the Capricorn sun sign are 4, 8, 13 and 22. It is a quite interesting fact that Capricorn has the most compatibility with sun sign Taurus and Cancer. If your girlfriend or wife falls on the sun sign then you should be a happy life.

The ruler planet for Capricorn is Saturn and the lucky day is Saturday. If you are, Capricorn and looking to start something new then choose Saturday as it is lucky for you. There are several traits of Capricorn individuals that we shall learn below.

  • Strengths: Capricorn is responsible individuals and is disciplined. They can be good managers as they have self-control.
  • Weaknesses: there are several weaknesses of Capricorn individual. They are unforgiving and they behave that they know it all. They also expect the worst of someone they do not like.
  • Capricorn likes: Capricorn individuals are family-oriented and are traditional in approach. They maintain an understated status but have many qualities.
  • Capricorn Dislikes: It is believed that at certain points they dislike almost everything.

Capricorn is a sign of time and responsibility and any individual who falls in this sun sign are strict regarding time and responsibilities. Capricorn would do their responsibilities to the best they can and are always near to their dear ones. They have a traditional approach but are very serious by nature. One of the greatest traits of Capricorn individuals is self-control. They are best at what they do and can lead the way.

They have leadership qualities and can manage several people under them with no hurdles. They make a realistic plan and ensure they are executed in the right manner. It is believed that if Capricorn would be managers they would be the best in their work.

Capricorn horoscopes dates offer you a lot of insight on an individual born anywhere from December 22nd to January 19th. They can make the most of everything paving their way to success. They are a master of self-control and have no issues excepting their mistakes. They learn from their mistakes and with expertise and knowledge tries to climb the ladder of success.

Love Life of Capricorn

Capricorn is reluctant and it is challenging to win the hearts of a Capricorn. This is because Capricorn once they commit they are into it and would be committed for a lifetime. They restrain from the wrong types of people and get attracted to someone they prefer. The compatibility of Capricorn is challenging with other sun signs due to their nature but given the time Capricorn can express their love in the right manner. Capricorn is most compatible with Taurus but that too will require a lot of time to win the hearts of Capricorn.

The main reasons Capricorn is slow and reluctant to be compatible is their hunger for success and achieving personal goals. Given the time out from these, Capricorn can be excellent lovers and would do anything in their power to keep their loved ones happy.

Capricorn Friend and Family

When it comes to friends and family, the dates of birth representedfor a Capricorn are reliable. They are stable in their relationship being loyal and good friends till the last. Capricorn does not collect too many friends, as they look for friends that have the same traits as them. They do not like people that ask nosey questions. They generally are looking for honest individuals as friends.

The Capricorn is the sun sign that is understanding and compatible with their family members. They can up to any heights to keep their family together. Capricorn has a sharp memory and relates everything with their childhood memories with family members. They love talking to theirloved onesand share everything. They are dominant and with age, they like to take control over the family ensuring everyone gets what they require. This dominant character can sometimes be very offensive but most of the times Capricorn are loving and cooperative individuals.

The Fundamental Capricorn Traits

The Capricorn sign is represented with the Goat and resembles the earth sign. Capricorn is a diligent and successful people. Mentioned below are some of the traits of Capricorn.

Positive Traits


The Capricorn sign is the most diligent and serious among all the twelve zodiacs. Whether it is work from school or office Capricorn are diligent and responsible to complete them in the mentioned time. They would never give up and look for every way to get things done. This never gives up attitude in Capricorn makes them what they are. Capricorn is known for working hard and would learn the traits and gain knowledge on something they do not know but have an interest in. The energy to take up new things and learn new skills is what makes Capricorn one of the hardest working zodiacs.


Capricorn is an individual that has set goals and is determined to accomplish them. They have several gaols and are highly ambitious. They are driven to improve and would go to any height for the same. Capricorn is hungry to reach the top wherever they work and would do anything to achieve it. Their ambitious character makes them a winner in every field of life. Capricorn is a great partner and they would do everything from their end possible to make the project a success. It is beneficial to have a Capricorn as your partner for the best results.


Having the traits of hard-working and ambition makes Capricorn responsible in whatever endeavours they take up. They are mature individuals and learn everything quick. They follow a life of discipline and value responsibilities bestowed on them. Whether it is their friends or family a Capricorn will always their responsibility. They are good at keeping things such as passwords as they do not forget easily. Capricorn has a high retention capacity that helps them to remember things for a lifetime.

Negative Traits


One of the main issues of a Capricorn is that they think too much. They are more focused on how things look rather than how they feel. This lack of feel factor can be challenging for Capricorn individuals at a time. However, Capricorn practical and no-nonsense attitude may help at the time but most of the times it makes them overlook the good things in life, which is not suggested. Failure can be an ultimate disappointment for Capricorn.


Capricorn is an extremely hard-working people but sometimes they can push it to the level of exhaustion, which is not advised. The level of work holism is due to their want for success and perfection. However, it may sound good to many but becoming a workaholic is not good for a Capricorn individual. Working too hard can put stress and can harm the quality of life. In the route to success, such an attitude can hold Capricorn individuals back.


Capricorn can be too stubborn at times up to a level where it is hard to control them. Their strict way of thinking and having a traditional approach can sometimes make them stubborn. Their mentally and thinking can make it difficult sometimes to meet with people.


Capricorn is one of the most popular zodiac signs among all twelve because of their fabulous traits. Their zodiac signdates reveal their personality, characteristics and traits, which are mentioned above. The above-mentioned points would help a Capricorn individual to realize the qualities they have in them. If you are a Capricorn and have some traits matching then you can work on it to improve. The negative traits are something to watch for and improve. As Capricorn is ambitious and hardworking nothing is impossible for them provided, they stay grounded and well-disciplined throughout their journey.

What Kind of Person is a Capricorn?

A Capricorn is very intelligent and will often think ahead to make the right decision. Their positive outlook and ambition will help them achieve success, but they will also make mistakes. This explains why they are known for being cautious and conservative. They are usually down-to-earth and tend to focus on the negative. Their strong work ethic and determination will get them to where they want to be. In general, they are very successful.

The best way to get a Capricorn to commit to a relationship is by fostering a strong bond with them. They are extremely competitive and love a challenge. They also have a high-standard for everything they do, so being loyal to someone who can support them and their goals is important to them. They are practical and always think about what they will do in the future. They are often very thoughtful and analytical.

Capricorns are goal-oriented and ambitious, and they can be difficult to get along with. Although they are loyal, Capricorns are not very outgoing, and their need to have their way can be overwhelming. This is a good characteristic in someone you’d like to work with. But remember that Capricorns are very cautious about sharing their personal information. They may have a hard time trusting people without an explicit reason, so they need to be given a reason before they’ll be able to do so.

If you’re not comfortable with commitment, Capricorns tend to be aloof and reserved. However, this characteristic is actually part of their strength and makes them a better person. They have a strong sense of responsibility and are often very serious and rigid. These characteristics make them aloof and sour. While they have the strength to lead and manage others, they can be critical of their actions and their own decisions.

A Capricorn’s moral compass is very developed. They value hard work, loyalty, and accuracy over all else. A Capricorn’s strong work ethic can lead to a very aloof, reserved, and critical attitude towards their relationships. If they don’t feel appreciated, they will be a bit too strict. This is why the person’s behavior is very predictable.

Capricorns are rule-followers and do-ers. They are highly competitive, but are also very good at following rules. A Capricorn’s ambition is based on their fear of failure. When a Capricorn is in power, they are most stable. When they serve the needs of others, they may become unruly. The result can be a very stressful environment.

Capricorns are rule-followers and are very stern. They are also highly sensitive and are prone to jealousy. They are also very competitive. They value hard work and loyalty above all else. This makes them extremely resourceful and successful. They excel in finance, accounting, and management. They are highly religious and need their paperwork to be perfect. In addition, Capricorns are often very competitive.

As a Capricorn, you will need to set high standards for yourself. This sign is very ambitious and often values hard work over anything else. They are usually very dependable and loyal. If they are not, you will have a difficult time catching up with them. If they do, they will be the one to reward you. The same is true of the other sign. If you want to be successful, you need to work hard and do not let anyone talk you out of it.

A Capricorn is a very practical person, despite its deep desire for love. This is why a Capricorn is a great partner, but it’s important to remember that he or she is also highly ambitious and hard-working. Despite his or her stubborn streak, they are not prone to having a romantic relationship with their partner. As a result, they are often unlucky in love.

Who Do Capricorns Get Along With?

The question, “Who do Capricorns get along with?” is often asked by people who want to find a life partner. A lot of people are interested in this question because they are curious to know if their sign will get along with someone else. There are certain traits that are common amongst these two signs, and they are often able to find common ground and bond. Let’s look at some of these traits and how they apply to a romantic relationship.

For example, Capricorns often struggle to get along with other signs. The opposite signs will usually work best for these two signs. In most cases, Capricorns will have to put in a bit of effort to get along with someone who is not a true opposite sign. It’s important to understand that this can lead to conflict, and the best way to avoid it is to be realistic with your partner.

When it comes to relationships, Capricorns are most compatible with other earth signs. Pisces and Aquarians are considered the most compatible sign for a partner. Despite their differences, they are likely to find plenty of common ground. Their desire to explore different cultures, learn new ideas, and live big makes them a good fit. But when it comes to love, they often struggle with how to express it.

Despite their lack of sexuality, Capricorns are extremely playful in bed. But when the mood strikes, they’ll hunt you down to see who’s behind the taunting. They don’t like being mocked. Those who do mock them won’t soon forget their insults. They’re not the type of people who are infatuated with fantasy, but they can be passionate when they’re off their lead.

People who are incompatible with Capricorns aren’t compatible with their sign. They tend to get along with other people with similar temperaments, but if the two don’t have enough in common, they won’t get along very well. If you’re not compatible with the opposite sign, then don’t worry. It’s probably the opposite. When it comes to love, Capricorns appreciate honesty, trust, and practicality.

Capricorns’ passions are not always mutually beneficial. The best partners are those who can support them in their goals, and who can help them reach their goals. For example, those who are serious about their work can be great companions. However, Capricorns are generally not very romantic. They prefer partners who are more practical and have a greater sense of commitment and discipline. This is a sign that’s easy to relate to – and can help them get along with each other.

If you’re a Capricorn looking for a relationship, it’s important to consider their career goals. The same is true for their romantic life. Ideally, the other person will be equally ambitious and driven. They should have the same passion for their careers. They should also have a high level of patience for one another. If you’re a Capricorn seeking a relationship, a high level of trust and loyalty are key.

While Capricorns are often perceived as boring in bed, this isn’t necessarily true. This sign is very sexual and can be quite passionate when it is the right circumstances. Unlike some people, however, a Capricorn isn’t known for being a romantic partner. They can’t openly show their affections but they can make a relationship work. There are many other factors to take into account when dating a Capricorn.

Most Capricorns prefer a career, but they aren’t interested in pursuing a personal relationship. They are more likely to enjoy a work-based relationship. And they’ll also appreciate a good friend who shares their values and can help them achieve their goals. If you’re a Capricorn, you’ll love their hardworking personality. They’ll be a good partner for you in many ways.

A Capricorn’s perfect partner is a Libra. This sign is a butterfly and a Leo is a solid and reliable partner. They’re also compatible in the sex department, but there is a lot more to these two signs. They’re both strong, ambitious, and determined, so they’re great partners in every area of life. They’re a great pair.

What Are Capricorn Dates?

The first question you need to answer before deciding on a Capricorn date is – what are Capricorns like? They can be stubborn and stubbornness can be very annoying. You’d better know that these people are usually very steadfast and will support ambitious people. You should avoid them if you’re not sure whether you’ll like them. They’ll be attracted to those who have high ambitions and are driven by money.

A Capricorn wants stability in their relationships. They like to be committed and do not make rash decisions. They also want to be sure that they are able to fulfill their commitments. This is why they are often attracted to Taurus and Virgo. Both of them share a common honesty and their commitment to building an empire. When it comes to dating, a Capricorn is probably the least likely to find love.

As a sign with a strong sense of self-confidence, Capricorns are easy to get along with. They are very generous and like to help others. They will be interested in friendships with those who can help them grow. A Capricorn is most likely to develop a close friendship with a Scorpio, who is a sensitive and intuitive zodiac sign. This is because the Scorpio will challenge the Capricorn to reveal their sensitive side.

If you’re looking for someone with the same values, you might want to consider a Capricorn. The sign values hard work and finishing what you start. They are also very interesting and will make a great partner. If you’re looking for someone who’s serious about their relationships, a Capricorn is a great match. They’ll value your dedication and hard work and appreciate your patience and understanding.

Often, Capricorns are not interested in having too many friends, and can be very reserved. They like to be left alone and tend to be sensitive, especially in their lower back, thighs, and bum areas. They’ll also be serious when it comes to love, so a Capricorn is unlikely to be a good partner for long-term relationships. However, the signs are very compatible, and you’ll be rewarded for your patience and sensitivity.

Your Capricorn dates are the most important part of your relationship. You need to consider what you want in a partner and how to make it work for you. Your ideal partner will be someone who has their sh*t together and doesn’t mind if you’re a bit busy. Your partner will be able to understand you better and will be willing to work hard for your relationship. In general, a Capricorn’s ideal date is December 21 to January 19.

When it comes to dating a Capricorn, keep in mind that they have a very serious nature. They like to be left alone when it comes to their feelings, so they’ll prefer to stay out of their relationships when they’re not in a romantic mood. They will be serious, and they’ll probably be a bit shy if you’re a little bit shy, but they will love you anyway.

While Capricorns may be serious in their relationships, they also like to be left alone. The way they express themselves is usually straightforward, and they’re very direct when it comes to expressing their feelings. While they’re not as playful, they can be very sensitive around their thighs and lower back. If they do show signs of affection, you’ll be able to tell if they’re feeling romantically attached.

A Capricorn is a good partner for a Virgo if you’re compatible with both signs. Unlike most other signs, Capricorns are reliable and practical. They’ll be loyal and dependable, and they’ll respect boundaries. If you’re a Capricorn, you’re likely to have a good friend – but they won’t collect many friends in their lifetime. Instead, you’ll need to find someone who’s compatible with both types of traits.

For Capricorns, the end of the year can feel like a roller coaster. The second half of December is filled with heartwarming family moments and the first half of January is filled with hard work and big goals. In fact, the end of the year is often one of the most tense times in a year. This contrast can be difficult to deal with, but Capricorns are naturally determined, so they will be successful in their work and life.

Who Should Capricorns Marry?

Despite their practical nature, Capricorns are considered to be romantic and thoughtful. They are known to be serious and have lofty goals. While Libras are more laid back and happy, they share a duty to help others and loyalty in their relationships. They are an excellent match for someone who values a long-term commitment. If you’re looking for someone with these qualities, consider looking into a Capricorn match.

When it comes to compatibility, Capricorns are compatible with Taurus and Scorpio. These two sign have a rational and practical approach to relationships. They will be able to work together to create a lasting connection. On the other hand, Capricorns and Aries will not get along well. Gemini and Capricorns are too different in their state of mind and may struggle to connect with each other.

However, Capricorns are usually grumpy and serious. They don’t want a sloppy relationship. They are serious, but if the other person isn’t as serious, they’ll become tired and worn out quickly. Keeping this in mind, Capricorns should be cautious and not be rushed when it comes to love. If they are a match for each other, they’ll be able to give it everything.

Having high standards for your partner is essential if you want to have a successful relationship. Capricorns need a partner who shares their values and standards, and will be loyal no matter what. These qualities make them an excellent choice for partners who want a stable, long-term commitment. They also value their time. If they’re in love, they’re likely to be committed to each other, but if you’re not sure what you’re looking for, you should start dating.

While Capricorns can make great partners, they are best suited for single people. The best way to approach a Capricorn is to be honest and respectful. While you may be tempted to say no to your partner, they’ll most likely be more than glad to accommodate your requests and help you grow. They’ll be understanding of your needs and values, but they’ll often be more cautious.

When it comes to relationships, Capricorns have very practical values and will never rush into marriage. They’ll put their careers, relationships, and their finances first before deciding to get married. As long as they have a career and a healthy relationship, they’ll be fine. If you’re a Capricorn, you should try dating a Capricorn who is a good match for your career and your relationship.

If you’re looking to marry a Capricorn, you should find someone who’s compatible with your personality. You’ll probably like the fact that your partner is practical and organized. Regardless of whether you’re attracted to a Capricorn or a Sagittarius, both are likely to have a great deal in common. Besides, your relationship will be very practical and organized. Those who are compatible with each other will work hard to make it work.

A Capricorn’s ideal partner will be a practical and organized individual. This kind of personality tends to prioritize their own needs before thinking about their future. A Capricorn’s partner will be able to understand your needs and make you feel comfortable. Despite their practicality, however, they may not be the best choice for a partner. A Capricorn will take her partner’s relationship seriously, and may push you away in the beginning.

Although Capricorns are known to be practical and serious, they’re not prone to falling in love easily. They’re usually too busy pursuing their goals to fall in love with someone else. They’re also very sensitive and are apt to take the lead in a relationship. They’ll be a supportive partner. They’re very serious and loyal and will support you in whatever you’re doing.

While Capricorns are known to be ambitious, they don’t need to know everything about their partner to make an ideal match. They’re more likely to be friends than lovers, so they don’t need to learn each other’s personal traits. If you’re looking for a relationship that will last, a Capricorn is a great choice. They’re both loyal and devoted.