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What Is Michael Jackson Birth Chart?

What Is Michael Jackson Birth Chart?

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The pop music legend Michael Jackson passed away on 26th June after hot got a heart attack. He had a huge worldwide admiration as a legendary, songwriter, singer, record producer, dancer and actor and he won hundreds of awards in life and also beyond that, making him the recording artist with most awards in pop music history.

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Words aren’t enough to put for the accomplishment and glory of the extremely talented artist, whose numbers, even after 6 years of his tragic death, continues hitting Billboards. In the year 2014, he also became topmost earning celebrity, after his death for the fifth consecutive time. Being winner of various Grammy Awards and Guinness Records, American Music Awards and much more, Michael Jackson was the phenomenon that does not often happen. Also despite all the glory and riches, the gleaming pop-star had a life of ups and downs, with troubled relationships, legal battles and health ailments.

How and when the stars did conquer the life of the renowned personality with bleakness? Also how the Back and White and Dangerous star became such a great artist, blessed with fan following only a few in the world managed to have? Here we will reveal and analyze Michael Jackson birth chart and learn about the astrological characteristics that shaped his life in such a unique way.

Is Michael Jackson a Pisces?

In astrology, Michael Jackson is known to be a Virgo with a hard working nature and he also has a creative and sensitive Pisces Moon. He definitely has the Moon sign as Pisces as on his birthday and the birth location, his moon was shown in Pisces throughout the day.

The Pisces moon sign generally has a lot of sensitivity along with perceptiveness of the surroundings. The person also experiences many feelings of insecurity, remain passive and also only wait for seeing anything happening in life. When you’re engaging in spiritual or creative search, you can also become a mystic or artist with plethora of imagination such as Michael Jackson.

Owing to his rising sign as Pisces after Michael Jackson birth chart analysis, he has been associated with different arts. And here, his flowing trait has been seen through the world with his innovative and creative career in the pop genre. The natal moon in Pisces presents a person whose sensitivity can rise in stress, with changing outer world situations. He can also show a lot of vulnerability.

Michael Jackson didn’t have a normal childhood. He was from a humble origin of nine children in the family, and in early days, Michael Jackson’s father organized all kids to work in the entertainment industry. Michael began to work at only the age of six and he didn’t have a normal school routine nor had he free time to play carelessly with other kids in the neighborhood.

In the age of eleven only he became national star while beginning his solo career after reaching the age of thirteen. His Pluto and natal sun also showed his father like a person who was demanding, and someone who generally had stress on the mind of young Michael.

By that time, money flowed in abundance, but he didn’t care much as he already got consumed through the illusion world. His natal Venus got placed in Leo sign in the sixth house together with the Mercury and natal Uranus and he had stage performance as day to day obligation. However, the Uranus with this Venus forms the aspect of “inconjunction” aspect with natal Moon, and it also clearly showed inability of maintaining stability in relationships and clash between the inner fairy tale worlds with real world of interacting with others.

What Time MJ Born?

Michael Jackson was born on 29th August in the year 1958 at the exact time 7:33 pm in the town of Gary, Indiana, US. The horoscope also shows fame through Pisces rising with Jupiter planet ruling placed together with Rahu and natal Neptune. The combination also provided him with the fascinating talent for innovations, dance, transformation and his glittery appearance.

From the perspective of astrology, Michael Jackson was predestined to achieve greater levels of fame in his life and become a living legend even after the death. Many people might wonder about how it is possible, but the astrology is exact when coming to the Michael Jackson birth chart “Peter Pan”.

According to Michael Jackson birth chart Vedic astrology, he was born with natal Sun being placed with Pluto, the Underworld Lord, and astrologers also refer when they describe the planet. However, the fact does not mean much other than a strong possibility of him becoming an enthusiastic administrative worker acting in shadow, most likely when hos natal Jupiter gets positioned together with Rahu and Neptune didn’t make productive phase with the merger of Pluto-Sun.

The legendary pop musician was born with natal Pluto and Sun kept in the zodiac Virgo sign, in sixth house, therefore, in astrology he is also a Virgo. However, the rising sign also gets placed in Pisces, with always relating to different forms of phantasies, arts, and “flowing”. And in such cases, the “flowing” trait can’t get seen through innovations when we’re talking about dancing and singing.

The natal moon of Michael Jackson has also been placed in first Pisces house with this showing anyone who is vulnerable, and highly sensitive to outer world and stressful situations. When looking at the astrological elements, Michael Jackson birth chart consists of qualities of fire and water, some earth, with little air. Due to this he was not able to properly communicate while speaking, but he was more than capable of clearly expressing emotions with high voice while he used to dance and sing.

Theruling planet in his rising sign with his total birth chart is Jupiter. Also, the Jupiter planet also ruled the scope of his career accomplishments and he brought huge game upon himself.

What Is Michael Jackson Birth Chart?

In the horoscope of Michael Jackson, 4th and 7th Jupiter lord occupies the 2nd house there through aspecting the 10th house (Glory). The Lord of sign occupied through Jupiter is Venus and it also occupies 11th house. The public house 4th house Lord i.e. Jupiter also aspects lord of house of income (Moon) with 8th lord Mars (Signification, of logic, materialism and hidden talent).

The analysis also indicates that Jupiter plays a significant role in lives as an outcome of the major Jupiter period beginning at age of 5 and it continued till he was at 21 age turned auspicious for hum and it brought immense success, wealth and popularity for him. The 2nd lord auspicious impact, 9th lord, income lord, and Jupiter also brought a great amount of prosperity and wealth in life.

Jupiter occupying speech in Venus house also brought glory for him in the music field and also Kendra impacted (centre) Jupiter position with Venus from each after wealth and income resulting in fame, wealth and success. The major Saturn also occupies 3rd house teaching him for struggling in disciplined way as the hard work significator (i.e. Mars) aspects Saturn along with his house.

Additionally to that in Michael Jackson birth chart Vedic astrology, the Saturn is lord of sign occupied through the income lord as an outcome of which the Saturn was working in helping unlimited money inflow. Also in 1982 in “thriller” release transit of exalted Saturn on wealthy house with natal Jupiter also resulted in lots of success, along with financial glory and gain.

Additionally to that in the November of 1982 all the ruling planets i.e. Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, Saturn and Sun entered the house of prosperity on the natal Jupiter transit due to which the album thriller also made history.

  • He was of the Aquarius Ascendant with Lord of the Ascendant Saturn being in the 10th House in Natal Chart.
  • His birth was on the day of full moon. As the moon’s light peaks in full moon days, such days are considered highly auspicious for artistic careers as they’re capable of rising to glory.
  • The placement of moon in Ascendant in Michael Jackson birth chart owes to his creativity, but this also adds up to his mood swings often.
  • Michael Jackson had a famous turbulent and famous love life. He had twice married, and his relationships are seen through 7th House and Venus with 7th House of Michael Jackson being ruled through Sun, which was well-placed in the Leo Chart, but this was expected through Saturn.
  • Michael Jackson birth chart Vedic horoscope also suggested that although being a successful and talented person, he was troubled and isolated as well. The Square aspect between Saturn and moon in the chart also indicates that he was a lonely figure and didn’t emotionally get close to people.
  • Michael Jackson birth chart analysis indicated that mercury had a weak factor because of combustion and retrogression. Also it was Lord of 8th House in his birth Chart. It might have made his recluse, and he wasn’t able to express himself well to people. Also it was at the time of Mercury Dasha (1991 – 2008) that he soon lost popularity and began facing difficulties in numerous life areas.
  • Also he was under Ketu influence in major period and the Venus sub period, at the time of passing away.

If you’re thinking about the cause behind the tragic demise of Michael Jackson, the answer is suggested through astrology as well.

After getting exhausted with multiple years of negative publicity, accusations of minor’s sexual abuse and financial losses, his body and nerves got exhausted. Also he did use substances as he wasn’t sleeping at night and was well at day. However, his true cause of death was heart attack and medications administered before, would’ve or would not have affected his state, but the true cause here was exhaustion due to high amounts of stress consequently impacting his heart health.

In Vedic astrology, it is seen clearly as transiting Uranus and Saturn created exceptionally strong opposition at the time, and Saturn also crossed over natal Sun with Uranus transits over natal Moon.

Uranus took his soul and Saturn broke him…May the soul pop legend Michael Jackson rest in peace, and his glory enchant people eternally.

Is Michael Jackson a Gemini?

Michael Jackson is a famous American singer who was born under the sign of Gemini. He was most popular during his lifetime and was also considered a very talented musician. His career reached its peak during his prime and he was able to make a fortune. However, it seems that the pressures of fame and public attention led to a fatal heart attack. Although the medical staff did their best to treat his illness, the high levels of stress he was under had a direct impact on his heart. Furthermore, the transiting Uranus and Saturn in his natal chart created an extraordinarily strong opposition between these two planets. This opposition impacted the karmic and financial side of Michael’s life and eventually broke his spirit.

Michael’s Sun and Moon are the most important planets in his birth chart. The Moon is the most important planet, and both are in Gemini. They are in conflict with each other and form an sextile aspect. This makes him a true artist and a passionate lover. In addition, Michael’s natal Mars forms an in-conjunction aspect with Pluto. If you look at Michael’s natal chart, you will see that his Moon is in Pisces, the partner sign of Virgo.

The North Node of his Moon is in Gemini, the sign of the rising sun. Jupiter, the planet of fame and publicity, is in a position to help us understand his dharma. His natal Jupiter is in the eighth house, which governs his career and karma. His natal Mars is in Libra, representing his ability to create a legacy and gain popularity. While his Mars and Saturn are in the ninth house, they are in the same area as his natal Jupiter. This aspect makes him an extremely gifted artist.

The natal Mars and Saturn are in the same sign, so Michael’s astrological Mars is in Libra. This combination makes him more likely to be obsessed with fame and publicity. Similarly, his natal Venus and Rahu are in the eighth house, which is about his health. As a Gemini, you will feel tempted to overtax the system in autumn in order to get what you want.

As a Gemini, Michael was born in Virgo, and was a ruthless businessman who accumulated a $400 million fortune. He inherited his wealth from his mother, but he also had a natal Mercury in Virgo. He had no luck in the end. And while his virgo Sun was opposed to his Saturn, he was lucky to avoid jail.

The Sun and Moon are the most important planets in his natal chart. Both of them have their own meaning. While these planets are not in opposition to each other in the zodiac, they do affect Michael Jackson’s natal moon and sun. The Sun and Moon are the most important elements in Michael’s astrological chart. They are also the most vital in determining his career. If he is a Gemini, he is ruled by Mercury in Libra.

There are some signs in his birth chart that support his astrologer’s claims. The Sun and Moon are the most important planets in a person’s natal chart. In his birth chart, these two planets conjunct the Moon. Hence, it makes sense to consider the sign of the king of pop’s birth. He was born on the full Moon.

It is possible that Michael Jackson’s natal Jupiter and his ascendant in Gemini are both symbolic of fame and publicity. As a Gemini, he loved to wear uniforms and was known to be a ruthless businessman. The stars were close to his natal Venus and Jupiter, which symbolized his passions and his desire for fame. Interestingly, his natal Moon is in the eighth house, which deals with sexuality and phantasies.

A famous clairvoyant predicted that Michael Jackson would die at age 50. This prediction seemed unlikely, but it came true, and the star is now an enduring icon. It is also said that his natal Jupiter was in the eighth house, which represents death and deep transformation. It is his zodiac sign. There are various other signs that suggest his natal Jupiter was in the 8th house. So, is Michael Jackson a Gemini?

Is Michael Jackson a Virgo?

There are many theories as to what made Michael Jackson the most successful performer of all time. For one thing, he was born under the astrological sign of Virgo. This sign is known as the Harvest Maiden, and it is the third karmic sign. Virgos are best when they are serving others. They produce near-perfect work. But is he a purely Virgo? The answer to this question depends on the exact time of Michael’s birth.

The answer may lie in his eccentricity. Although Virgos are known for being more staid and reserved, his talent for performing and his charismatic personality are very striking. Several early Jackson-5 clips reveal the singer’s smooth, powerful lead voice. And he showed off his natural dancing style. But is Michael really a Virgo? Let’s take a look. This is a fascinating question to consider if you want to find out if Michael is a Virgo.

Interestingly, the singer’s natal planets have meaning for astrology, and the early footage of his band shows him with a powerful lead voice and flawless dance moves. While this is not a definitive answer, it certainly gives a hint as to what his star sign has meant for his career. As a Virgo, he has a very high level of self-awareness, which makes his success even more remarkable.

The astrological chart of Michael Jackson shows his sensitivity, as well as his perfection-driven nature. This is why some people believe that the king of pop is a Virgo, especially since his music was so influential in the culture of the early eighties. It is possible that he was a Virgo because of the high level of perfection in his charts, as he was haunted by this aspect of his zodiac.

There are other similarities as well. Michael Jackson was a Virgo, and his astrological sign was Virgo. His star sign is represented by the virgin, which represents purity. It is not surprising that he was a ‘Virgo’, as he was born under the sign of the Sun and was born during his twenties. It is important to note, however, that he was born in an unlucky time.

In his early days, the Jackson-5 showed his virgo-ruled nature. He was a Virgo, and the lead singer of the group had a powerful lead voice. While he was a Virgo, he was still a very talented performer. The early Jackson-5 video, “Leave Me Alone,” was a popular hit, which attracted fans worldwide.

The Virgo possesses high levels of intellectual energy. He has strong concentration skills and a high level of enthusiasm. He is considered to be reliable, and he believes in his abilities. On the other hand, he may be too stubborn and inflexible. So, his star sign is an astrological indicator of his personality. There are several factors that make Michael Jackson a Virgo.

In addition to the’striking’ Virgos, Michael Jackson was born under the sign of Pisces. His birth chart features a’sharp mind’ and a ‘hard-working’ personality. While the Virgo’s hard work and dedication would have made him a Virgo, he was not born under this sign. He was a Virgo at birth, and had a rising sign of Pisces. It is related to phantasies and flowing.

Despite the fact that Michael Jackson was born under the Virgo sign, it is unlikely that he was a Virgo. Nevertheless, his astrological planets are significant for him. The two Virgos’ prominent asteroid, Uranus, is the same sign as that of Jupiter. Its ruler, the Sun, is in Virgo, and the Moon is in Libra.

In addition to his natal Jupiter, Michael Jackson also had his natal Jupiter in Libra. This sign symbolizes fame and publicity, and it was close to his natal North Node of Moon and the fixed star Spica. The Virgo’s ascendant and South Node of Moon are in opposition to Pluto. Both of these planets are opposed to the Moon. So, in this case, the Virgo’s ascendant and the Virgo’s Sun are in harmonious relationship. The corresponding planetary positions are a bit different.

What is Jay Z Birth Chart?

What is Jay Z’s birth chart? This astrology study may help you determine how the rap artist was born. He was born under the sign of Sagittarius on December 4, 1969. This air sign has many positive attributes including friendliness, intelligence, optimism, and compassion. As a result, Sagittarians make great friends. However, negative characteristics of this sign include being unreliable, rude, and impulsive. Sagittarians are also prone to making decisions before thinking, and they don’t always ask for forgiveness when they make mistakes.

As far as his sun signs are concerned, Jay Z is a Sagittarius. The sign of Sagittarius is associated with freedom and adventure, which makes him very unique compared to Beyonce. While the two stars are similar in some ways, their differing sun signs can lead to intense friction. For example, Jay-Z’s sun sign is Sagittarius, while Beyonce’s is Virgo. The astrological traits of these two superstars are very similar.

If the Sun signs are opposite in their position, it could lead to friction and lack of understanding. For example, if Jay-Z is in Sagittarius, his relationship with Beyonce may be more intense. Because Sagittarius is ruled by the Moon, the relationship between these two stars will be unpredictable, but it is also highly compatible. While these two may have differences, they have a similar desire to express themselves creatively.

Jay-Z’s Sun and Mars are both in Sagittarius, which means he has an adventurous nature and thrives on freedom. Interestingly, Beyonce’s sun sign is Virgo, which suggests that the two stars are compatible. If they are, it will make the relationship between the stars much more intense. Beyonce is a sign of Virgo and she is a Sagittarius.

Mercury is in the natal sign of Scorpio and is conjunct with Jyeshta. This neo-Scorpio can be a good businessman, but it can also be a jerk. Beyonce is in Scorpio, and he has a lot of stubbornness, so he can be a difficult lover to break up with. Beyonce is a sign of a woman with a very demanding nature.

The planets in Jay-Z’s natal chart are in Sagittarius, with the Moon in Libra. Both Sun signs of this sign are highly compatible. Beyonce has a similar Sun sign to Jay-Z. Beyonce is a Virgo. Both have a very strong sense of independence and love life. They also have a rocky relationship with their parents. They have a lot in common.

Jupiter is the most important planet in Jay Z’s birth chart. It is located in the sign of Libra and aspects the 8th and 10th houses. Its position in the natal chart of a person’s Sun and Jupiter can help him to overcome his enemies and achieve success. Moreover, Saturn is in the natal sign of Aries, which is a debilitating planet for the Sun. This means that the man is likely to be stubborn and a bit stubborn.

The planets in Jay Z’s natal chart are Sagittarius and Virgo, both of which have their own unique personalities. The Sun in Scorpio is the sign of a relationship between two people who share the same values and passions. Beyonce and Jay-Z are also a good match. While their personalities are very similar, they also have different sun signs. This aspect is very important. In addition, both men are very impulsive and can be reckless.

The Sun and Mercury are both in their sign of Sagittarius and Scorpio. Both are creative and passionate. Neither is averse to fame or wealth. The Sun is in his 9th house, but both have their own unique passions. Beyonce is a natural leader and a talented performer, while Jay-Z is a very popular artist. If you’re wondering how the two of them met and how their differences influence their relationship, read this article.

The two of them are extremely compatible. Although their signs are not exactly opposite, their mutual attraction and closeness make them a great match. Beyonce is also a mutable sign, which means he’s flexible and can adapt to various situations. For example, the Sun and Mercury are a good match for a mutable sign. Beyonce and Jay-Z are very compatible, though their planets can create challenges at different times.

What Astrology Was Michael Jackson?

What astrology was Michael Jackson? The star sign Scorpio, his natal Sun, and his planetary placements in his natal chart all reveal some interesting things about him. His birth chart shows a lot of deep space and asteroid activity, as well as a very strong opposition between Saturn and Uranus. The Sun was at six degrees of Virgo, which is the opposite of Leo. The result was a very intense aspect that broke his body and tore it apart from his soul.

In his natal chart, Mars and Mercury are squaring in the 5th House, which indicates complications in his private life. As a result, his late-stage career caused him to feel frustrated and unable to cope with the pressures of his newfound fame. Despite this, his remaining loyal friends helped him through the difficult time and supported him until the end. This astrological configuration suggests that Michael Jackson had a love for women.

In addition, Michael Jackson’s natal chart reflects many archetypal energies, and it shows how his career and personal life were affected by these energies. His natal Moon, Jupiter, and Mars are all closely conjunct Neptune, which symbolizes fame and publicity. These planets are all situated in the 8th House, which is all about sexuality and death. Ultimately, the chart reveals that the pop star suffered from an overdose of Demerol.

Despite his celebrity, Michael Jackson was a self-centered man. His career suffered after he became a victim of bad publicity and public humiliation. It is no surprise that the media seized Michael Jackson’s career for his infamous “Thriller” video. His fame led to the end of his life, but the damage to his reputation is irreparable. But it is still too early to judge the fate of a person like this.

In addition to Mercury and Venus, he had many other important planets in his chart that are indicative of his sexuality. Interestingly, the moon was in his eighth house at the time of his death, and it is also related to fame. While a relationship with his mother was crucial to his personal and professional success, the star’s relationship with her mother was essential for Michael Jackson’s happiness and success. And it was also important to note that he had a lot of troubled relationships.

As a result of this aspect, his birth chart reveals his career success. His natal chart also contains a number of archetypal energies. His Mars and Saturn are squared his Moon, while his Venus and Jupiter are conjunct his natal Neptune. All these energies make Michael Jackson a very popular celebrity, but it is still important to note that the star’s natal chart also gives him a difficult time when it comes to his health.

The natal chart of Michael Jackson reveals that Jupiter is conjunct his natal Neptune, indicating that he was gay. While his natal Venus is in Leo, it is conjunct his natal Saturn. While this aspect may indicate that he was gay, it can also reveal his homosexuality. The planetary positions of Jupiter and Neptune in his horoscope also support the theory that he was gay.

In addition to the Sun, Michael Jackson’s natal Mars is conjunct Saturn. The planetary positions of both of these planets point to a fierce fighter on stage and a passionate lover behind the scenes. In this respect, his natal Mars is in perfect harmony with his Ascendant. The natal chart of Saturn and Mars is highly significant. The natal planetary placements of Jupiter and Saturn in the horoscope of Jackson are very similar.

Some astrological aspects of Michael Jackson suggest that he was gay. His rising sign, or Ascendant, reflects his outward style and his public image. The planets in his natal chart are the most influential in the life of an astrologer. A person’s natal planets and planetary placements in his natal chart can help predict his personality and the things he does in his life.